tagInterracial LoveThe Lost Wallet

The Lost Wallet


Sally Anne was walking through the multi story car park in the early afternoon, after dropping her car there to go shopping in the city centre.

It was also to pick up her dress for her hen night that very evening, she was getting married in a weeks time to her life long childhood sweetheart, the only boy she had ever loved even though they had broken up two or three times over silly quarrels, they had got back together stronger and more in love than before.

They had been together for as long as she could remember. Sally Anne had grown into a beautiful 20 year old young woman, fully developed in every sense of the word, 5ft 6" tall, a gorgeous face , huge green eyes, full lips turned down at the corners that added to her sensuality, with a built in knock em dead smile.

Long silky thick and super soft blonde hair, her breasts were just perfect for her young body and not too overly large, her best friend always said that if a tit is more than a handful then it's a waste.

Her narrow waist was just right to support her lovely upper body, slim hips and legs to die for, and in the last year or two had found out how to really keep her man on his toes, by wearing all the nice soft lacy things that sexy beautiful women wore.

The only breach of conflict was lack of sex, or rather her refusal to have it before her marriage, Ricky (her husband to be) was over zealous about it, but as their marriage neared he was becoming more at ease with having to wait.

She did allow him to fondle her and already knew how sensitive her nipples were by the fact that she could have orgasms when he twiddled and sucked on them.

And last week she found out about the eruptions her pussy would cause when he fingered her for the first time.

For her part she acceded to wanking him off, it kept him in line and had got used to the spouting upwards of his sperm when she did, and the power she felt while he was in her control was amazing.

What she didn't know was that while Ricky had remained faithful to her and that he was truly bisexual, he had strayed from the straight and narrow with his best buddy Trent, who was a practiced homosexual, born of extremely rich parents; he had his own pool house in the grounds of their mansion.

But one night while play fighting over the remote for the TV, Trent had overpowered him and face down on the carpet and him on top hands underneath holding cock in one hand and balls in the other Ricky had submitted, that night he got fucked 3 times, and fucked Trent twice.

While Sally Anne knew he was effeminate in lots of ways, it sort of gave her more control too, so she accepted Ricky's ways wholeheartedly, although she had no idea he had carried out his feminine side so far.

As she walked to the elevator to take her to the ground floor she noticed a man's wallet lying on the floor, she automatically stooped to pick it up, the first thing she realised was how thick and heavy it was and she could also see sticking out of the top lots and lots of bank notes.

Quickly glancing around her to see if anyone had seen her pick it up, no one was nearby so she turned on her heel and hurried back to her car, inside she looked inside and there was 12500 dollars in 100 dollarnotes.

She was shocked to see so much money; never had she held such an amount! Her first thought was to go and turn it over to the police, her second one was to keep it and share it with her new husband.

Also in the wallet were credit cards, business cards, and sundry bit and pieces. The owners name was on a card and it read Albert Johnson followed by an address.

She suddenly felt an indentation in the wallet and found after a brief see through what appeared to be a thick gold pendant wrapped in a very soft pouch of velvet leather, and without a chain.

It looked quite old but she had no idea of its age or value.

After much more thought she decided that if this Albert Johnson was stupid enough to drop his wallet and not know of it then he deserved to lose it too! Especially the cash she thought wickedly.

She started her motor and said to herself that if anyone stops her and asks her about the wallet she would just say that she was taking to the police station.

She drove down the exit ramp and onto the street, all clear she beamed to herself, but she felt deliciously naughty too.

She stopped in a quiet place, took out the money and the gold pendant, and tossed the rest unseen into a rubbish bin. She returned to the town parked in a different area and went to do her shopping and pick up her dress.

She was a little nervous but everything went by according to plan.

She was on her way out of town when she passed a local gold dealer and seller of hundreds of items in the window; it was a well known and appointed shop.

She pulled over and took the pendant in and asked an attendant if he could tell her of the value of it. He disappeared for a few minutes and she began to get nervous as it was taking quite some time.

She was just about to leave without the gold pendant when a voice said. 'Good evening Madam, this pendant you have, can you please tell me where you got it from?'

Oh god she thought, why did I come in here?

'It belongs to a friend of mine, why?' She said. 'Well madam if I am not mistaken this is an extremely rare and valuable artefact of a religious nature, and it is astronomically valuable.'

'Is it really?' said Sally Anne. 'Yes, and you should tell your friend to have it locked into a bank vault for safety.' 'I will,' replied Sally Anne, 'I will tell her tonight.'

Taking the pendant back she hurried from the store got to her car and sped off, but not before the attendant had taken down the car number as directed by the store owner.

The owner went into his office at the back and dialled a number.

It rang 4 times before it was picked up 'Mr Johnson?' 'Yes this is he,' sounded a deep, baritone voice. 'This is Roy Dwight of Dwight's Jewellers., Mr Johnson.'

'Ah good evening Mr Dwight, what can I do for you?' 'Well sir, I have just been handling (I think) that gold pendant you purchased 3 weeks ago, have you sold it on?'

'Absolutely no, it is far too valuable to do that, and indeed far too religiously valuable to sell?'

Then a worried note crept into his voice, 'please wait a moment Mr Dwight.'

He was back on 1 minute later, 'Mr Dwight I have misplaced my wallet and the pendant along with a substantial amount of cash.'

'Well Mr Johnson I have just had a young lady in my shop trying to have it valued, I recognised it from the catalogue I showed you, but couldn't be truly certain, until now!'

'Jesus fucking Christ, I can't lose that!' He exploded down the phone.

'I think I may be able to save the day, I had an assistant take down her car number, would that maybe of help to you?'

'Mr Dwight if that is so and I retrieve the pendant there will be a good reward in it for you I promise.'

Mr Dwight gave him the number and make of car, and then put down the phone, he was well pleased with himself, a good reward? Wonderful he thought.

Albert Johnson was/is a very successful business man, terrifically wealthy, black, over 6 ft and powerful with it, didn't drink or smoke and kept himself fit, not always on the side of the law, but sometimes, a lot of his business was on the edge of the law and many times over it.

He was known to close associates as AJ, and a much feared man, he was ruthless with his enemies, and word had got well known that you didn't cross AJ; but that if you did it was at your peril.

The police knew of a lot of his dealings but he was a stalwart supporter of the Mayor and the city, gave and raised millions for charities, so he was usually left alone as long as his dealings didn't cause problems.

He was an extremely powerful man and had many elite connections in the country, and was able to organise lots of deals normal men would be unable to.

He called his subordinate Jamal, gave him the car details and told him to find the owner fast, real fast, he went off and an hour later he was back.

'Owner is one Sally Anne James, 20 years old, a real looker too,' he told his boss, 'you will like her.' And he added her address, phone number along with an e mail address.

'Good work,' he told his man, 'now I want to know her personal life, all about it, everything.'

That night AJ had her followed, her bag went missing along the way to see if the pendant was in it, it was, but not the money.

The pendant was immediately taken back to a very happy and relieved AJ.

'Right, by tomorrow I want her life on my desk in front of me by 5:00pm okay,' he told his man.

'Yes sir Mr Johnson,' said Jamal his first lieutenant.

Jamal called his boss at 3; 00 and told him he had all the information he wanted and went to meet him.

The stand out in formation was that in just less than one week she was going on her honeymoon for 2 weeks to the Caribbean, amongst the info were several photos of the erring girl, AJ was impressed, his cock twitched.

His mind made up in an instant, he was going to have this girl, this newly married woman and fuck her into submission.

'Jamal find out for me where they are going and where they will stay,' Mr Johnson told his man.

'Yes sir,' he reiterated.

'Mr Johnson they are staying at the Sands beach resort in Antigua, right on the beach, bungalow No 101.' He told his boss that day.

'Okay book flights and accommodation at that resort and I want the best 4 bed bungalow they have!' 'And I want them moved next to ours, even if it means paying an upgrade, got that?'

'Yes sir,' was his response.

The following Friday he and Jamal were on the same flight as Sally Anne James and her new husband, though they didn't know her new married name.

But AJ and Jamal were in first class.

They were met at the airport by a limousine and driver, and didn't have to wait for the airport formalities that the rest of the passengers had to suffer, thereby getting to the resort well ahead of anyone else.

Jamal was dispatched to the reception where he asked for the manager, he was given 10.000 dollars to arrange for both bungalows to be fully stocked with food and drink.

And security to make sure no one disturbed them during their stay. What was left of the 10.000 was a bonus to the manager, but was warned not to let Mr Johnson down!

At 10:00pm the newly weds arrived, and were watched from the adjoining bungalow, as Ricky picked up and carried his new wife over the threshold, AJ and Jamal left theirs and crossed the lawn, as Ricky was walking towards the bed room so he could have his wife, they were both over powered in a moment.

'Good evening Mr and Mrs?' AJ asked. Ricky stuttered at the surprise of being held tightly by Jamal, and Sally Anne held by AJ.

'It's Walling.' He stupidly relied, 'what the hell do you want?'

'Sally Anne here knows don't you baby?' said AJ.

'I don't know what you mean, let me go right now,' she demanded. 'But you stole my money and my gold pendant when you found my wallet didn't you?' 'Oh my god, I'm so sorry, I didn't mean to I was going to return it honestly.' 'Liar,' roared AJ.

AJ quickly filled in a very confused Ricky of his wife's indiscretions.

'Jamal strip him and tie him to that chair,' ordered AJ, 'and if he shouts, silence him.' Jamal punched Ricky in the stomach very hard and he collapsed.

He was stripped off and tied and gagged in moments. AJ had Sally Anne around the waist and a hand over her mouth.

'Now young lady, because of what you did you have a price to pay,' AJ told her.

A very scared Sally Anne shivered in fear. 'What are you going to do?' she begged.

'Do?' AJ said.

'I am going to do you, and Im going to do you for the next two weeks, whether you join in or not won't be of any consequence to me, but you are going to be fucked from pillar to post to teach you a lesson.' Came his devastating reply.

'Bbbut I have just got married; I am saving myself for my husband.'

AJ gaped at her, 'saving yourself, you mean you are a virgin,' he laughed.

'Yes I am, please let me go?' she beseeched. 'Not a chance now honey,' he told her. 'Jamal drag that chair into the doorway and let him watch as his wife gets fucked,' laughed AJ.

Jamal did so. 'Now,' said AJ, as he ripped Sally Anne's little dress off along with her underwear.

She struggled and managed a small scream until she received a sharp slap to her lovely face that quietened her.

Jamal held her while his boss stripped off, what Sally Anne saw almost struck her dumb, his cock was hanging down and it was bigger than her new husbands by about 2 inches.

She just gaped at it in awe; never had she imagined a prick so big or thick. He grabbed her and got her on the bed on her back and told Jamal to strip too. But Jamal's eyes were on Ricky, he was staring at AJ's tool too, and the look in his eyes was lust!

AJ told him to get his head between her legs and lick her out while he went to work on her beautiful sexy body,

'My my girl you are one sexy beautiful bitch, I sure am going to enjoy you baby.' He said into her ear.

She snuffled a yelp as his fingers touched and gently squeezed and rotated her nipples one after the other, she couldn't believe the sudden onslaught of arousal that took her over, and she gasped in surprise.

Jamal had buried his head between her shapely legs and was delighted to see a shaven pussy just waiting to be eaten; he was greedily slurping, licking and sucking at her increasingly moistening pussy.

'Please stop,' she whimpered, as her hips bucked involuntarily, she had never had this done to her and it was irresistible.

'Sorry babes, but you have a need, I can see that already, you need a cock baby, a real one too, not like pencil dick over there.' AJ gloated.

He was kissing her now and forcing her to respond to him, her nipples were on fire, there was fireworks going off in her pussy, and her belly was aching with the need for this, but it wasn't her new husband that was doing it to her, she was being raped and her body was going for it!

While Jamal was cleaving her pussy, he looked over at Ricky who was staring at his bare round tight arse, he raised himself up on his knees allowing his big black prick hang on view and Ricky's eyes went straight to it.

He's a fucking homo thought Jamal, or a definite bi, I will have to check him out after this he thought happily to himself, because there was nothing like a young whitey to excite him self with, but he would have to ask AJ, he would never take liberties with his boss.

Sally Anne was on a high now, she couldn't deny what her body was demanding and the feel of that thick heavy cock lying on her thigh was too much, AJ's kisses were denying her control of her body; his tongue was like a snake lapping its way around her mouth uncontrollably.

His fingers were driving her nipples to distraction, Jamal feeding on her increasingly hot pussy, sent her over the top into a monumental orgasm, never had she had one such as this, she screamed into AJ's mouth.

She had never kissed a black man, or boy come to that but this was different, his thick soft lips were wonderfully demanding of hers and she gave her kiss back, Ricky could never ever kiss her like this she thought miserably.

She managed to break his kiss and gasped as she really looked up at him for the first time, oh my, she thought he is so good looking and powerful, this is a real man, Ricky will never aspire to this, she considered.

He was leaning sort of over her keeping her trapped under him but not hurting her Her beautiful blonde hair scattered around her head, dishevelled, but still wonderfully soft.

Mmmm, thought AJ, that's gonna look real good when she's sucking me off on her knees before me, her man.

AJ kissed her again and Sally Anne responded completely, she couldn't help her self; she wanted to be kissed by this big strong black man that was capturing her heart and mind

Jamal was watching Ricky watching him; Ricky had a hard on to match all hard ons, although his pecker was on the smallish side it would do for Jamal to toy with and decided to ask AJ if he could try something with him.

He lifted his head and indicated to his boss that Ricky was in heat, and could he take him away?

AJ smiled nodded his head and said yes, and don't come back until the morning.

Jamal grinned at his boss happily, got off the bed and grabbed the back of Ricky's chair and hauled him off down the hallway to another bedroom, closed and locked the door.

Sally Anne's pussy retracted at the withdrawal of Jamal's tongue, it felt lonely, now she knew what she wanted, what she needed desperately, she knew that this was her destiny; she wanted a cock in there even if it wasn't her husbands.

AJ's fingers invaded her pussy now, as he continued kissing her soft submissive lips, it was wet and moist and wonderfully hot, he found her little man in its boat and stroked it, and she came in seconds, another wave of emotion washed over her.

It was time to get his prick in where it belonged; he hefted his powerful frame over her and told her to guide his big and now very hard prick into her pussy.

She took hold of it for the first time and nearly feinted at the weight and girth of it, her hand didn't fit round it properly, she used both, but begged him to be gentle with her because this was her first time, she knew her hymen had broken because of sports and horse riding, so she wasn't bothered about that, it was just the sheer size of AJ's cock, AJ? She thought to herself, WOW.

Her mind was actively thinking of him and what they/she were about to embark on, here she was just married, the marriage not consummated by her new husband, but by a large powerful black man, who she was now about to give herself willingly.

She was overcome with that strongest of aphrodisiacs, male musk, male power, male dominance, a hard prick wanting her, needing to fuck her, all the things that make a woman give her self to her man, AJ is a true alpha male, she knew.

She needed to be taken the way only an alpha male can take a woman in need, she had no sense of right or wrong now, no sense of fidelity, no sense of denial, all she wanted and needed was to be taken by this man of men.

She slipped the mushroomed head of his prick into her wanton receptive pussy, all thoughts of Ricky and her marriage were gone now, and gone forever although she didn't know it just then.

AJ slowly pushed his prick into her, he was passionately thinking of this girl now, he had already thought of keeping her for himself when he returned, such was her beauty, her softness, the way she had reacted to him, and was now giving herself to him, this was the first time in his life that a woman had responded to him in this way, they had always given them selves to him because of who he was, this girl had no idea of him.

She let go of his prick now and placed her arms around his thick neck, her legs floated up into the air and over his back in total surrender to him, and marvelled at the feeling of his prick working its inevitable way to her womb.

He took forever to get there, his last wish would be to hurt this woman, he would teach her over the next two weeks what loving a man was really about and how a man such as he could love a woman such as her, it was her inalienable right to be loved completely he thought, and now he was deciding he was going to do it and be her man

AJ was falling in love, but he had no idea of what love was, it was something that she would teach him over the next two weeks but he didn't know it, the great and powerful AJ would be taught by Sally Anne how to love her!

The soft beautiful woman below him was responding in ways she didn't know about, her response to him was purely natural, he was working his prick slowly and gently in and out of her now sopping pussy, and he loved it, as did she.

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