tagLoving WivesThe Lottery Changed Everything

The Lottery Changed Everything


My name is James Boozer and I met Katherine Williams when the RA's for our dorms decided to have a meet and greet for new residents. I was a junior who had transferred from the large state university eighty miles from my home town to the smaller state college twenty miles from my home to be closer to my mom who had been diagnosed with lung cancer. I had to live on campus to fulfill a requirement of one of my scholarships. Katherine, who I started calling Kat later in our relationship, had transferred from another state's large university when her dad's company had transferred him to the city our state college was located in. Kat had lived at home while attending the other university and wanted to experience dorm life her final year in college was her explanation for dorm living.

The RA's had provided refreshments and planned some activities that required the two sexes to interact with each other. One of the activities they had for us to do was to past an orange from under the chin of a girl to under the chin of a guy without using hands. Katherine and I were the only couple to do it successfully and I was taken by surprise when Katherine jumped into my arms with a shout of glee. I kissed her on the mouth on impulse. When she didn't try to break away, I kissed her harder. She and I were breathing hard after only a couple of moments of kissing each other. I took her hand and led her outside for some cooler air and to talk. We were together from that day forward much to my surprise. I didn't think I was in Katherine's league because of her beauty. Katherine was 5'5" tall, weighed 115 pounds, and had a near perfect figure (36DD-26-38). She had shoulder length, naturally blonde hair, beautiful green eyes, a pert nose, and a very kissable set of pouty lips. I was/am 5'9" tall, weighed 190 pounds in college, and had a stocky build. I had brown hair I kept cut short, blue eyes, and an average face.

I took Kat to dinner and a movie for our first date then drove to a secluded spot on my uncle's farm not too far out of town. Katherine surprised me by letting me fuck her hot pussy in the back seat of my Buick on that first date. I had had sex with girls in the past, but usually had to wait till the third or fourth date. Kat was the best fuck I had ever had and I was hooked on her from that night onward. She was very active, vocal, and demanding when we fucked, but I loved her for being like that. I ate her to one orgasm after she had sucked my 7.5", 2" thick cock all the way to my pubic hairs into her mouth and down her throat and she was the first girl to swallow my salty load. When my member was erect again, I had been able to slide it into Kat's moist center in one stroke; something I had not been able to do with past girlfriends. I knew I wanted to spend the rest of my life with her. Strange how plans made in youth can change so drastically several years later.

Kat graduated and found a job teaching fifth graders with the local school system. She moved into her own apartment and I spent every weekend there while I finished my degree. We were married in July after my graduation and honeymooned in Florida. I met some of Kat's cousins and one, Becky who was the same age as Kat, went out of her way to tell me about Kat's wild child days at the university she attended in Florida.

"Did Katherine tell you she was a slut at the university, James? She didn't have a steady boyfriend and fucked any guy who asked her to." Becky asked me when we were alone at one of the several family gatherings that they managed to squeeze in that week.

"No, we didn't talk about our past relationships or sexual involvements after we became serious about each other. I knew she was more experienced than me from what happened on our first date."

"I have something you need to see so follow me."

Becky took me to her father's den while pulling a VHS tape from her large purse. When the TV was on and the tape was playing, it showed Kat at a frat house dancing in the midst of at least a dozen guys. After ten minutes of shaking her ass and tits at them and them feeling her up; she took the hands of two of the guys and started walking up the stairs pulling them with her. Halfway up she asked the rest of the guys if they were coming. Whoever was running the camera brought up the rear and by the time the camera made it to the bedroom; Kat was already naked with one cock in her mouth and another in her pussy. I counted fifteen guys who fucked her before I reached up and stopped the tape.

"How did you get this and why do you still have it, Becky? Did the frat boys get her drunk or drug her so she would do that?"

"I was running the camera and I kept it to show to any man Kat might try to marry. No, she wasn't drunk or drugged; she did it because she wanted it. That wasn't the first time it happened and wasn't the last. I was totally surprised when I heard she was getting married. Then I figured she met a guy who could live with her slutty ways or who was a pervert and got off watching her fuck other guys. I could tell you're not one of those and I thought you needed to know. I wish I could have shown it to you before the wedding. Do you want it?"

"NO! Hell no! You can erase it, burn it, or tape over it if you want, but please get rid of it somehow! I don't want it coming back up sometime in the future and ruining our lives! Please destroy it for me, Please!"

"I'll destroy it as a wedding present to you, James. I just hope that side of her doesn't come out in the future."

"Why did you tape this and did Kat know you were?"

"I taped it to try and scare her into stopping what she was doing. I was afraid she'd get hurt or worse if she didn't stop. She didn't know I taped it until I showed it to her. I promised her I'd get rid of it if she'd change, but she didn't. I don't know why she changed when she met you, but something about you made her stop being a slut for more cock. She and I have talked a lot since she met you. She does love you with all her heart. I can see that you love her and it did happen before you met her so I hope this doesn't change how you feel about her."

After seeing the tape, I did begin to worry if Kat could and would stay faithful to me. I had seen a couple of women like Kat at the large university before transferring to the smaller college and they didn't change from being sluts to one man women and I had my doubts about Kat having changed either.

I got a job with Alabama Power after graduation. Kat was able to obtain a teaching certificate from the state of Alabama and got a job teaching in Mobile, the town we settled in. We decided to wait on having children and Kat was on the pill for birth control. Our first two years were the happiest of our marriage. I was an entry level engineer and didn't have to travel for my job. That all changed in the third year of our marriage. I was promoted and would have to take trips to other power plants in the system that lasted from four days to a couple of weeks. Kat assured me I had nothing to worry about in terms of her fidelity, but my previous worry made me paranoid, so I installed video cameras in the living room, the two bedrooms, and the master bath of our home. They were motion activated and I put the recorders in my work room that I had built in our garage. Kat never went in there and didn't think it strange that I kept the door locked and had the only key. My first trip away from home was for four days and three nights and I was apprehensive at what I might find on the tapes when I returned.

Kat was a good girl that first trip and didn't bring anyone home or stay away from home for extended periods of time outside of work hours.

I sat and watched the tape on Saturday after my return from my second trip away from our home as my wife rushed into our bedroom at daybreak on the previous Thursday morning and stripped off her dress and bra. Her panties were gone and when she sat on the edge of the bed to remove her thigh high hose, the camera in our bedroom had captured the reddened, enlarged, and leaking condition of her pussy and I knew she had been fucked recently by another man. She quickly showered, changed, and left for school. When she returned from school, she soaked in a hot bath then douched before going to bed. She was all over me when I returned home the next day. She was wearing one of her many see-through teddies and a matching pair of crotch less panties. She gave me one of her better blowjobs in the living room as soon as she had guided me to the couch and removed my shoes, slacks, and briefs. I ate her pussy not knowing what had happened two nights before. I fucked her hard on the couch when she begged me to. We retired to the bedroom and I made slow easy love to her when my flaccid penis was rejuvenated.

I knew she had been unfaithful and was caught between two thoughts: ignore what I knew and live with it or divorce her. I was still in love with my beautiful wife and the thought of divorce was almost as painful as her betrayal. I did talk to a lawyer friend of mine off the record and the cost to me personally would be pretty steep in a divorce. He assured me that I would get the shaft even if I filed using adultery as the cause. I decided to live with the situation for the foreseeable future, but decided what was good for the goose was good for the gander. I began picking up women for sex on my trips away from home. I wasn't picky when it came to the woman either, if she was interested in me, I would have her back in my room before the night was over. White, black, or brown; fat, anorexic, or in between if she showed she was willing I bedded her. I always used condoms even after the secret vasectomy I got on one of my two week "work" trips. The first week was work and the second was for recuperation from the procedure. Kat didn't say a thing about my naked balls when I returned from that trip and never noticed the tiny scars from it either. If I did decide to divorce her, I didn't want child support on top of her alimony. I lied and said I couldn't father any children due to a childhood accident when Kat insisted we get medical exams when she decided she wanted kids a couple of years later. She couldn't afford to get pregnant and I assumed she went back on the pill. The year we were trying to make a baby was the only time Kat made her lover use condoms.

Kat brought her lover, Michael Johnson a fellow teacher I had met while attending a faculty social event, home with her on my next four day, three night trip away. At least she used the guest bedroom instead of our marital bed for her extramarital activities. I watched the tape of Michael fuck her in both her holes the first night I was away. I was shocked at his cock size, at least ten inches long and twice as thick as mine. Kat took him up the ass easily. Michael and Kat slept the night away in the guest bed and had another fuck in the morning before he left. He returned the next night and Kat allowed him to fuck her pussy twice before they went to sleep and once the next morning. I was due back the next day after their second night together so Kat spent the third night alone repeating the routine from my second trip away. I waited a week on my next trip before eating Kat's pussy remembering what I saw on the tape after my third trip. Kat wasn't happy, but didn't argue with me when I got angry after telling her I wasn't in the mood to eat her. It would always be a week after my return from my trips before I would perform oral sex on her.

That became our routine for the next seven years, Kat and Michael fucking every time I was away from home and me fucking any willing piece of ass on my trips. I didn't catch onto the fact that Kat never gave Michael a blowjob until about a year into our situation. I assumed she saved that for me because she allowed Michael to do everything else sexual to her. I had tapes of him tying her to the bed and tickling her with feathers until she was begging for him to fuck her. I had tapes of him spanking her ass until it was red before he fucked her. I even had tapes of her tying him up and teasing him for hours before finally impaling her snatch on his huge erection. Of course we didn't do any of those things in our sex life, I was afraid to mention any of them knowing she would guess as to where I got the idea. We did role play some, but our sex life was fairly good without any outside influences. Kat never refused me anytime, anywhere, anyplace I wanted sex. We had sex on the beach in Florida, in an elevator that "accidently" stopped between floors, and numerous times in the backyard at home. We may have remained in our dual lives until she either quit seeing Michael or she decided she wanted a divorce if I hadn't bought the sole winning ticket for a three hundred million dollar Powerball drawing in the latter part of our ninth year of marriage.

I was not in love with Kat by that point and wanted rid of her, but didn't want to split my winnings with her. That was when I devised the plan to kill her and her lover and I knew the perfect person for the job.

My fraternal twin brother John Boozer spent ten years in the Army before receiving a medical discharge from wounds he suffered in Afghanistan. He disappeared into the wilderness of Alaska on his return to the States. The only way I could contact him was to send a general delivery letter addressed to Brawn to the Juneau, Alaska post office. Brawn was the nickname he got in junior high because he was 6'1" tall and built like a tank. He was 6'4" tall, weighed a solid 290 pounds his senior year in high school, and had the talent to play college ball; but not the grades, so he joined the Army after graduation. He did visit me in Alabama before heading to Alaska after being discharged and told me of some of the things he had done while in the Army. He was proficient with all types of weapons and even his bare hands when it came to killing. He always called me collect within a week of my letters reaching him in Alaska. When I asked him to come to Alabama because I needed his help, he told me he would be there in a couple of days. I met him in a KOA campground not far from Mobile where Kat and I lived. I told him what I wanted him to do and he assured me he could do it and not get caught. I knew even if he were caught, he'd never tell the authorities I had any involvement in the murders. I knew I would be the prime suspect, but I planned on being far enough away for it to be impossible for me to have done the deed.

I was scheduled for a two week trip in Huntsville, three hundred and sixty miles from our home in Mobile, at the end of the month. John agreed to lay low in the campground until my trip and I gave him a couple of thousand dollars for spending money from a secret stash I had been accumulating from my expense money since my second trip and the betrayal of my wife on that trip. He did recon my house and neighborhood to get familiar with the routines of my neighbors. I didn't want any of the details of what he planned. I moved the tape records to a black Ford Econoline van that I bought for five hundred dollars parked in the garage of the empty house next door. I had the keys to the house so I could keep an eye on the water and gas in case of problems while my neighbors were on a six month trip around the world. I had brought the van into the garage in the middle of the night and didn't think any of my neighbors knew it was there. I installed a short distance transmitter to broadcast the signals from the cameras to the recorders in the van. I knew the police would search the entire house and find the cameras and transmitter. I stashed all the tapes of Kat and Michael in the van and hoped the police wouldn't find the van and the recording of Kat and Michael's murders. Even if they did find the van, they wouldn't be able to identify John from the tape because he would be dressed in black from head to toe.

"Hello, who's calling at this time of night?" I asked over the bedside phone in my hotel room in Huntsville. The beautiful brunette lying naked beside me groaned as she turned away from me.

"This is Detective Hughes with the Mobile Police Department. Am I speaking to James Boozer, sir?" The authoritative sounding voice answered me.

"Yes, I'm James Boozer and why is a detective from the police department calling me this late at night? Has something happened to Kat?! Is she alright? Can I speak to her?!" I ranted into the phone as my voice rose in volume and stress. The brunette beside me jumped from the bed and rushed to the bathroom.

"Mister Boozer, I'm sorry to have to do this over the phone, but your wife is dead. She was shot along with her companion in what appears to be a burglary of your home." The detective told me in a neutral tone.

"Companion! What companion?! My wife was supposed to be at home alone!" I bellowed into the phone.

"Your wife was in bed with another man and it appears they were in the act of intercourse when the intruder killed them. I'm truly sorry, Mr. Boozer. I know it's an inconvenience, but I need you to get back to Mobile as soon as possible."

"First you tell me my wife was murdered, second you tell me she was cheating on me, and now you want me to drop everything to get back to Mobile. Is there anything else you need from me detective?" I asked him before I broke down and started to sob over the phone.

"Mr. Boozer, I know this is difficult, but we do need your cooperation in this matter. When do you think you can get back here, sir?" The detective asked me after I had calmed down and stopped crying.

"I'll call the airline as soon as I'm finished talking to you. I'll let you know when I can be back when they let me know. What is your number?"

"Call your home phone, sir. I'm going to be here for a while." The detective informed me.

Sally, the brunette I had spent a good portion of the night fucking, decided to leave right about then. I did get her name and number for my alibi, though reluctantly on her part. I called the airline and explained my situation and was told if I could get to the airport in the next thirty minutes; they would get me on the next flight to Mobile. I barely made the thirty minute deadline. I managed to call my house and inform Detective Hughes that I should be home in a couple of hours in the twenty minute delay from my arrival at the airport and the departure of the plane. The flight was thirty minutes and my drive from the airport another thirty so I beat my estimate.

My wife and her lover's bodies had already been removed from the house, but I couldn't leave until I had walked through the house and pointed out what was missing. John had gained entry to the house by cutting a hole in the glass on the back door and reaching in and unlocking the door. He took the small piece of glass with him along with Kat's jewelry and another couple thousand dollars in cash I had stashed for him in a cookie jar in the kitchen. Nothing else was taken and after asking about the cameras, which I explained were installed during the time of a rash of burglaries in the neighborhood but disconnected when the thieves were caught, and looking around for another hour; the police left my home. They didn't even ask to be let into my work room in the garage thus not finding the transmitter.

When the large caliber bullet that John shot into the back of Kat's head exited, it had taken most of her face with it so identification by me wasn't necessary. I swore I didn't know her lover and the police believed me. The police got Michael's identity from his driver's license and his older sister gave them his dentist's name. She didn't want to see him with the two bullet holes in his face where John had shot him. As soon as the police released Kat's body, I had her cremated and scattered her ashes on an illegal garbage dump site outside of Mobile. Yes, I was being a bastard, but I felt like she was garbage for her infidelity all those years. She maintained that she loved me the entire time she was cheating on me. Maybe she did, but I didn't love her the way I had at the beginning of our marriage.

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