tagBDSMThe Love of Pain and Submission

The Love of Pain and Submission

byPlayer One©

I just want to give all of you that are reading this, an idea of what a day in my life is like. My name is Terri and I am usually referred to as 'pain slut' by my Master and a few other select people in our lives. I have been given a few other pet names too, but this one is used more frequently than the rest. I know that most people wouldn't think that name sounds very dignified or respectful of me as a woman or as an individual. I am super proud of it. It took me over two years to earn it. I have a silver necklace with that name engraved on it in very beautiful script lettering that I wear 24/7. It is not on open display as I don't want to spend half of my life explaining to strangers why I have those words hanging around my neck. Several very select people know that the necklace is there. They have seen it many times. They have often watched me earn the name and have also frequently participated in my training and all were at my collaring.

There are two more newer couples we have met since my collaring who have been accepted into our little community, and who have turned out to be wonderful people and great friends. Do I mind having them watch while my Master whips my tits and my pussy? I do not mind at all. Sometimes, they even join in for the fun and frolic.

Here are my basic stats. I'm 5' 9" tall with very long legs. I believe the term most frequently used is 'legs to my ears'. My hair is auburn and is perfectly straight, without as much as a single curl. I keep it in a ponytail that nearly touches my waist. I am 35-24-35. My boobs are a complete handful without any waste. I have nipples that most men would kill for. I've seen a number of girls with long nipples but my nipples are nearly an inch long and over a half inch wide when fully erect from being chewed on, twisted and crushed, or just sensually stimulated. I have a clit that is pretty good sized too and my Master often puts it to really good use.

Master says I am gorgeous but I suspect he's a bit partial. I think I'm about a '7.5' and I'm serious about that. I've never had trouble getting a man but I haven't always been the first they've looked at, if you know what I mean.

I also want you all to know that I am not writing what you are now reading. My Master is writing down everything that I am telling you as I go along. I'm sitting on the edge of our bed and speaking as if you are all here in the bedroom with us. He won't change a single word, nor will he make any comments on what I say to all of you. But, he will be the final judge on my courage and honesty. He has ordered me to do this as a test of my ability to demonstrate these two personal attributes. I've got a closetful of courage but honesty, when it comes to putting who I am on display, is often lacking according to Master. I need to put a serious effort into correcting that problem. It was solely my idea to talk about me and what I have become during the last two years as Master's submissive pain slut trainee. I'm about to tell you all about a few of my most secret personal cravings. I also want to tell you about some of my most personal desires and needs that only my Master and the very special friends know anything about.

I have a completely bald pussy. I had every hair removed permanently from my pussy and my ass and everywhere in between and all around. I had a few hairs near the tips of my tits that were removed also. Master loves my bald pussy. I like it too. It is much more sensitive to touch without hair in the way. My ass is sort of heart shaped and I love to make it dance when I'm walking in a crowded area. I only weigh 132 pounds so I give the appearance of being skinny, but I have a lot to offer. I love oral and anal sex. I can orgasm while being fucked in the ass almost as easily as when my cunt is being jack hammered. I love being fisted and I really love large vibrating or inflatable objects pumping into both my pussy and my asshole, preferably at the same time.

The most important thing you need to know about me is that I absolutely crave pain, punishment, and sexual torture. I want you to know that I don't want any of the above to the extent that I am subjected to permanent physical harm, mutilation, or anything else to that extreme. I crave the pain that eventually turns to orgasmic heaven. I can cum from having needles inserted through my tits or nipples at the same time my huge clit is being sucked or twisted between a thumb and forefinger. I also crave being made to do humiliating acts or performances, both in private and in public. Don't get me wrong. I love all the normal stuff too. My orgasms from combining pain and sexual arousal into one event are considerably stronger and longer lasting.

I have been called a 'pain slut'. I've been called a whole lot of other things too. We will leave those out of this short summary of my daily life and life in general. 'Cumslut' has become the name that I most easily and quickly respond to. I love being called 'cum slut'. I am also a 'pain slut'. I am a 'pain slut' by design and a 'cum slut' by choice. I would crawl down a street, totally naked, and beg a perfect stranger to shoot a wad of his cream into my mouth or on my face just to be able to savor its taste or feel its heavy wetness on my skin. When Master whips me, and he follows a certain procedure of starting very light and working up very slowly to extremely hard strokes, I will transform into another space all of my own. A place where every stroke of a riding crop, a single tail, a cat, or various types of paddles and canes can cause unimaginable sexually electrified shots of pure mind bending arousal throughout my entire body.

Master once had me stand naked with my hands behind my head and my feet spread really wide and thrust my hips as far forward as possible so that my pussy was sticking out there all by itself, posing in the air in total exposure. Three couples, who are our closest and dearest friends, were seated around me in the playroom at the time. The three women were also naked and sitting on the floor at the feet of their Masters. My Master placed a two foot long riding crop with a double flapped leather end and a two foot long paddle that was only one inch wide and very flexible on the table in front of the main sofa. Master told me that I could only show these people expressions of pleasure on my face and sounds of strong sexual arousal from my mouth. If I could not provide for those two responses, I was to stay completely silent. I was to stare straight into my own eyes in the floor to ceiling mirror directly in front of me on the wall behind the sofa. Master told me that he was going to whip my pussy with the crop 25 times. They would be completely random in strength and frequency. It could be two soft strokes, one after the other, followed by one tremendously strong stroke directly onto the top of my clit that could come in 10 seconds, or up to a minute later. There would be no set patterns of strokes at any time.

After the 25 strokes of the riding crop, I would receive up to 50 strokes from the soft flexible wood paddle that would impact directly onto my pussy lips and my clit head. On occasion, I would be told to reach down with my hands and hold my labia lips as wide open as possible so that the paddle could impact on the soft wet sensitive flesh of my inner pink. Each of these strokes would either repeat the previous impact, or increase in strength, and the timing of the strokes would always remain the same. It was always during this phase of this kind of session that I would begin to enter into my other world of existence. A world where each stroke began to create an orgasm or add to an orgasm that was already in the process of making its climb toward erotic bliss. He has, in the past, frequently maintained steady impact strength for a random number of strokes before increasing them to a greater level, but they would never decrease in strength at any time. I have never met another woman who fully understands what my body and mind are experiencing. I know many who like and enjoy a reasonable amount of pain while they are being aroused in the more standard methods. But I know none who can turn a world of pain into a world of non-stop nuclear orgasm. Many have watched me go through this process and are both amazed and super envious.

Master is clearing his throat and that tells me that I'm either rambling, or getting off topic. He has already told me that one of the punishments I will receive, should he not be happy with my little story, will require me to masturbate one hour per day while sitting on the cement floor in the basement, alone, and not allowed to cum. I will have to do this 'no cum' routine for 10 days. I would rather have my clit cut off than have to endure a punishment like that.

He has also told me that if I do really well with this story, I will be rewarded with a party to which I can name up to 10 people to invite. They will each have complete and total freedom to do anything they want to me until the sun rises the next morning. Master has advised me that I will have prior permission to cum any time I want, without pleading or begging. I will also have two complete hours during which I will be allowed to tell anyone what I would like them to do to me. That would be the ultimate party and I'm not about to screw that up.

I am never allowed to wear clothes in the house. And that includes when we have visitors or friends over. If one of my female friends comes to visit, she has to strip naked at the front door before she can enter the house. That rule applies whether I am alone or Master is home. Only once has one of my girlfriends refused to obey the rule so I had to tell her that I couldn't let her into the house. Our friendship is still good. We just meet somewhere else. I will get her in here one of these days.

When this all began, a couple of years ago, I was just your average everyday girl you would take home to Mom and Dad's for dinner. I used to sit on my bed, when I was a young teenager, and do things to myself that would cause both pain and stimulation. I started simple. I put a clothespin on each nipple and then fingered my clit. The nipples hurt like hell and the clit became the center of an orgasm. I suddenly discovered, after about two weeks of doing this, that when I put a clothespin on my nipple, my pussy instantly became aroused and wet. The pain was still there but I was getting hot and wet without any hand or finger action on my cunt. Needless to say, I became curious about this and started trying other forms of pain activities.

My tits are 35C's. I'm tall and somewhat thin but that still doesn't make my boobs appear to be oversized. They are firm and solid and don't droop in the least. They stand up pointed and proud and still aim outward and upward. I'm proud of the two girls. And they've gotten a lot of attention over the past few years as Master's trainee and now, full collard slave.

I love being whipped. It doesn't matter if its with a leather belt, cat-o-nine tales, single tip (the worse), wood paddle of any shape or size, floggers, or riding crops. I've even had soft willow branches used on my ass, thighs, pussy, and tits. I love then all. I love being forced to count each stroke and then thank Master and ask for another stroke that is even harder. I love being whipped so much that I have had to be really careful in the past about who is doing the whipping. I have had a couple of occasions where the skin on parts of my ass was almost completely removed because the guy got carried away with the whipping. I love being whipped in different positions and not tied up. This is my proof that the whip really turns me on and that I am totally obedient, because I always stay in the position I'm told to get into.

I like being tied up on occasion, for variety's sake, but that lowers the sense of submission when I am being restrained instead of accepting the pain and punishment completely by my own need. I get so turned on by complete willing submission without being restrained that I have cum, on a number of occasions, when just my pussy has been the target of crops, whips, or paddles. I can't explain where this comes from. It's just there all of the time. Submission is my fantasy come true and Master knows that all too well. He often tests my ability to receive unconditionally. I have absolutely no idea what my limits are. I just totally trust Master to know when I have gone far enough.

I love my Master with such passion and commitment and joy and faith that just being with him fulfills many of my craving desires and emotional needs. It's hard to put this all into words that another person can understand. Master is smiling at me again. And he just stuck a finger into my vagina.

A major part of my daily life is based on instructions that Master has given to me, and which must be followed exactly to the letter. One list applies to my duties and responsibilities that I have to perform and carry out each and every day. That list is hung on the wall in the kitchen. It is framed and covered in glass and hangs right next to a picture of me. I am naked and standing with my legs spread wide apart and my hands behind my head. The only things I am wearing are leather ringed cuffs on my wrists and ankles and a black leather collar with a large ring attached to the front and a leash attached to the ring, which hangs straight down between my tits and nearly reaches my knees. I used to worry that someone would see that picture. I was afraid that a visitor or a repairman would see as I really am displayed on the wall in all my naked glory.

That leash is not used all that often but it's terribly humiliating when it is. Master took me to a mall in another city we were visiting not too long ago and pulled me around the mall by the leash for several hours. I think every shopper in the place saw me at one time or another. No one said a single word that I could hear anyway, about my predicament. My leash has been attached to a stake embedded in the ground in our back yard and I have been left there totally naked for hours, and never allowed to touch the ground with anything other then my feet. I've been whipped, cropped, and paddled while positioned like that a number of times.

Master has used nylon ropes to place a slip knot loop over each tit and pulled them so tight that they formed into two huge purple balloons attached to my chest by cylinders of flesh only two inches thick. He's tied the other ends of the ropes to trees, fences, stakes in the ground, or used to lead me around when we are at his cabin up in the mountains. Master wants me to tell you about a couple of his specialty tortures that he used on my body earlier today. I have a very large clit. Not that it is so large but it is long and sticks its head up from its hiding place under its hood far enough that it can be rolled, squeezed, and bitten. There are many other scenarios involving my clit but this one is one of my favorites.

Master has me stand in front of his easy chair, when he's in it of course, and turn my back to him. He then orders me to bend over and grab my ankles with my hands. Then he tells me to back up until my calves are touching the chair and my ass and pussy are now only inches from his face and spread wide open as a result of having spread my legs. Master will dip his fingers into my pussy hole, which is almost always soaking wet when I'm with him, and begin pushing them in and out in a slow rhythm. He starts with only one finger and progresses from there to as many as three fingers. He'll often do this with both of his hands. When I'm bent forward with his fingers entering my love channel from the rear, they can easily press downward as they slowly slide in and out. What this accomplishes is that he can apply pressure to my clit from inside of my body. Have any of you ever had your clit stimulated from behind? It is a turn on you will never forget and beg for more on a regular basis. If your clit is being stimulated from the inside and the outside at the same time, that is orgasmic heaven for sure. Any woman reading this should definitely try that out.

My clit will stand up far enough for Master to put the loop of a slip knotted piece of heavy sewing thread over it and tighten so that it won't slip off unless pulled very hard. On occasion, he will pull my clit further out in a stretch and insert a needle through the center of the stem just behind the little head. The shock of that piercing is so tremendous that I have often screamed out in pain. He's tied a small weight onto the thick thread and made me walk for an hour in the backyard while the weight swung back and forth between my thighs the entire time.

Another one of my favorites is inserting needles through my nipples and breasts. The very first time Master did this, he had told me to finger my clit and not to stop for any reason at all. If I did, he would torture my clitoris for hours. I began the masturbation as ordered, and was definitely going to orgasm in a very short period of time. Right at this point, Master took my left nipple and began rolling it between his thumb and forefinger. It got really hard and stood up on its own with very little effort on his part. He took a sewing machine needle and slowly pushed it into the tip of my super sensitive nipple. The pain was immense but the masturbation pleasure quickly began to combine with the pain. Sewing machine needles are extremely thick. He slowly, and I do mean slowly, pushed this huge metal needle completely down through the center of my erect nipple and didn't stop until it was an inch into my tit flesh. When this was done, he repeated the same procedure on my other nipple. The same outrageous pain was again joined by the pleasure of my fingering my clit and pussy.

On one occasion, Master tied each end of a piece of kite string to each of the extra thick sewing needle ends that still protruded at least an inch out from the center of my nipples and had me bend my head forward. He placed the string in my mouth so that it was inserted into a couple of tiny spaces between some of my lower teeth and told to close my teeth together so that the string could not possibly come loose and fall out of my mouth. He told me that I would have 200 needles inserted into each of my nipples and tits as punishment if I lost my grip on that string. As a finishing touch, Master put an alligator clamp with sharp metal teeth over the end of each of the needle heads. The clamps were long enough so that the first two sharp metal teeth were able to embed themselves into the flesh of the tip of each nipple. This did draw a little blood from one of them. The alligator clamps were very effective in preventing the needles from being pulled out, either by accident or on purpose.

When Master was satisfied that I was perfectly clear on what would happen if I lost the string, he informed me that I had five minutes to straighten my head back to an upright position and to finger my clit to an orgasm. My first meager attempts to start raising my head up were met with strong shooting pain flashes that emanated outward from my nipples and tits throughout my chest. As I raised my head, the embedded needles would also force my nipples sharply upward. Because the needles were long enough to be at least an inch beyond my nipples and into my tit flesh, both of my firm mounds would also pull upward. The clamps prevented any possibility of the needles from being pulled out. Little by little, I kept raising my head just a bit further than the previous attempt. Each time I did this, the pain increased to another level. And each time I did this, I would move my finger faster and press harder on my clit. That little clit was sending orgasmic warnings throughout my body in no time at all. I was watching the clock on the wall and had to time my orgasm to the moment I raised my head back up to its normal position.

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