tagErotic CouplingsThe Luscious Lawn Ch. 02

The Luscious Lawn Ch. 02


(See The Luscious Lawn for the intro, or better yet, start at the Oily Bus Ride Heaven)


She lays collapsed across my legs as I lay on my back on the luscious velvety lawn. The grass tendrils reach around and engulf my body. She is folded down my legs, her ass deliciously in full view. I feel her breathing steadily. Even after our full body orgasms I remain aroused and ready for more. I let her breathing ease and start caressing her oily ass with the fingertips of each hand. My cock is still inside her, yet quite soft. Gently running my fingertips across her ass is all it takes to start flooding my cock with anticipation. I feel my cock starting to throb ever so softly again. It doesn't take long and I am starting to expand inside her. Getting wider. Waking up inside her satiated pussy. I start rubbing her ass harder with my hands. Squeezing her ass cheeks, one in each hand, alternating, and sliding my thumbs up and down between her cheeks at the same time. I feel her hips wake up and move slightly.


I can't believe it. I thought I was so exhausted already. I have no idea how long I lay collapsed across his legs with his cock still nestled inside me. But now I feel him caressing my oily ass and his cock waking up inside me. What a delicious feeling.

His cock begins throbbing and expanding inside me. I have never had a cock expand inside me before. The delicious pressure of his fingers massaging my oily ass and running between my ass cheeks, coupled with feeling his cock grow ever bigger causes my ass to start moving on its own.

My body moves on its own will, just accepting and responding to this gorgeous cock stirring deep inside me. My hips start rotating around in small circles. This helps milk his cock back to life as I feel it pushing towards full length. I feel his cock expanding into my pussy. This is much different than his hard cock pressing into me. I feel it growing to full length already inside me. His cock warms up as it surges throughout my pussy. It expands, heats up, and builds to a hot flame inside me. My pussy squirms with the heat and pressure building within me. I feel full. I feel plugged in and charged up. This cock is electrifying me from the inside out. My whole body is tingling and burning on fire again. I moan out a lusty growl, "Fuck me from behind".


I can feel my cock having reached max length again inside her. That has got to be the sexiest feeling ever, growing hard while inside her. Feeling my cock pulse awake. Feeling it press against her velvety pussy walls. Having her hips circle around the base of my cock as I rub her oily ass. And then I hear her moan out a lusty growl, "Fuck me from behind". I am electrified.

Without disconnecting from her with my cock, we both lift our hips, connected by my now stiff cock. I lift up my body and bend over her. My legs press around her as she keeps her chest low. I can tell she has raised her breasts enough to feel her nipples squirming around on the grass. I bend over her, pressing off the ground with my hands. I spread my legs out, away from her. The only connection we maintain is my cock deeply embedded in her now dripping pussy.

I start pumping my cock. Slowly at first. Sliding out of her, feeling each straining vein of my cock exit her sucking pussy lips. I bring the tip of my cockhead to the mouth of her pussy and press back in. Slowly. I feel the crown of my cockhead strain into her pussy. She squeezes her pussy around me as I press in deep. I press all the way down the length of my cock. My cock head comes to rest against the furthest reaches of her pussy.

My balls come to rest engulfing her clit and resting against the top of her pussy. It is such a delicious feeling. My straining cock wrapped up in a hot, velvety, moist pussy. Our juices squish together as I press deep into her. I start speeding up my rhythm. Our bodies are still soaked in our mixed juices from moments before. The hot sun has kept us warm and sweaty. I feel her moist lining pressing onto my hard cock. Our rhythm is steady.

I can feel her breasts swinging across the grass, sending her nipples into an electrified broadcast to the rest of her body. This seems to electrify her pussy even more. Her lips drip and ooze over my cock. Sucking me in, squishing me out. Sucking me in. Squishing me out. I reach underneath, up and back with one hand and on the next push in, rub my hand up and over the length of her pussy.

She lets out a louder moan of ecstasy. My hand follows my cock as I push in and out of her pussy. As I pull almost all the way out, my hand glides down her pussy, meeting my cock as it poses at her wet entrance. As I push in my hand presses and glides up her oily, wet pussy, following my cock as it presses deep within.

I want to feel more of her. I lift my torso and bring both hands down and over her ass as I push into her again. My hands are sandwiched between us. I massage my fingers in pulses around the outside of her pussy. On my next stroke in I pull her pussy lips apart as I push my cock deep inside her. My pinky finger on each hand nestles up to either side of her clit and gently rubs across it in alternating circles. I keep this up as I continue to slide in and out of her.


OMG! How many OMG's can I feel today? OMG! My entire body is still on automatic. My chest moves just enough to swing my nipples over the grass. I push my ass up and back to accept his throbbing cock. I feel him squat behind me after that tantalizing pussy rub, and then his hands grip my ass. He rubs them down against his cock and against my pussy lips. His fingers come up against my clit and start rubbing it with juicy intention.

Each hand cups my ass cheeks as his cock head stands at my entrance. As he pushes into my wanton pussy he pushes both hands down, around my ass cheeks and up over my pussy. I press back into him and feel his hands sandwiched between the two of us. His fingers slide back and forth across my entire pussy. They move quickly from side to side as he pumps his cock in short bursts once he's plunged all the way in. It's his fingers that sets me off. Feeling full with his cock plunging in and out of me is delicious, but his fingers light my fuse.

My pussy feels on fire. It feels like it's pulsing with abandon. His hands roam down and around both my ass cheeks. On his way around each cheek he rubs his fingers over and around my pussy. He circles around his cock that is pumping deep inside me. My nipples are sliding around on the velvety grass. I am sucking on one of my thumbs while my other hand slides up to my clit and focuses on making my pussy burn hotter. Our fingers all intertwine as we both bring my clit to a screaming point of no return.

It hits me again. I am flooded with electricity. My body just shakes. Uncontrollably shakes. My head pushes into the floor and my ass just convulses with my orgasm, shaking around his cock. I pound my pussy back and forth over his hard cock. I am just shaking uncontrollably in orgasm. My toes curl. I feel him pull his hard cock out of my shaking pussy. His thumbs both dive in and pull my pussy apart. His fingers pawing at my ass. His cock has bounced up and slapped down onto my ass.


I was going to explode again. This time I want to keep our juicy cocktail alive. As I pull out of her gushing pussy I rotate my hands and plunge both thumbs deep inside her. I press my oily hands into her ass cheeks as my hips press forward and up. My cock bounces out of her pussy and lands with a loud smack onto her ass. I start pumping my cock and balls over her pussy, ass, and between her cheeks. It doesn't take much of this for my cock to explode.

I erupt up the length of her back. Streams of cum fly out of my straining cock and up her spine. I pull my thumbs out of her pussy and run them up and down her back, rubbing the mixture of cum, sweat, and oil into her back. I circle my hands around her body and over her nipples, breasts, neck, and slide a finger into her mouth. She licks and moans over my finger. It is my turn to slump over her. I fall forward across her body. Still squatting behind her. Still deep inside her pussy. I wrap my arms down her sides and hold her breasts with each hand. I feel her relax and press her body down into my hands.

We stay like that...

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