tagNonHumanThe Lust of A Wolf Ch. 02

The Lust of A Wolf Ch. 02


Note to Reader: I apologize for any tense issues. When I get into the swing of writing I forget everything and just live in the moment. I re-read each entry twice before submitting it so that I might catch the mistakes rather than wait for an editor to do their thing. If you are interested in editing this story feel free to email me :)



I woke to the sound of yelling and growling coming from somewhere inside the house. I glanced at the clock a second before I was out the door, racing down the hallway to deal with whatever problem seemed to be so important that it couldn't wait till morning.

I understand that werewolves are temperamental, but 3:47 AM is not a good time to show it.

Clad in last nights' clothes I made my way down the north wing and arrived at the infirmary where a small handful of people had gathered to observe something going on inside.

"Get away from me!" Someone inside the room screamed in a shrill, obviously female voice.

A growl released its self from within my chest.

The anger radiated off of my body as I realized that someone had disturbed the half werewolf girl. Someone was going to die.

The small crowd parted, knowing my intent by the murderous look on my face.

I was a blur of motion as I entered the room and threw off the beta that had dared to touch the precious child that was so obviously hurt.

Her screamed filled the room as I punched and kicked the dumbass that disturbed her. I saw nothing, but red. Maybe it was his blood; maybe it was my rage that clouded my vision. He may have fought back, but I felt nothing. The ringing in my ears drowned out any growls that I would have heard.

The rage hit me so hard that I couldn't fight it. I must protect her. She is precious and small and fragile.

I will kill this son-of-a-bitch for even looking at her.

I felt a sharp prick near my spine and then I passed out.



Damn, my neck hurt. My head was pounding, but my neck felt like fire was searing my skin.

I was so tired... so why was I not asleep? Then I felt it.

Someone was touching me. Their hands were gliding over my face. It was like nothing I had ever felt before. It was calming. It made me want to curl up around that feeling so that it never stops. The hands were everywhere.

They moved down my neck and over my arms, removing some small blanket that covered my torso.

I felt the air hit my skin almost painfully.

I then realized that this was probably not a dream and some creepy pervert was molesting me.

Please be a dream, please be a dream.

I opened my eyes and screamed. A man was straddling me, and touching me. His face was pressed against me neck, sniffing it. He instantly took a guarded stance as if he were protecting me from some near danger, almost like something an animal might do to protect its food.

His face was beautiful, like some ancient artist had carved him out of stone. His dark, ebony hair shined under the florescent light and his eyes... oh his eyes. The greenest things I had ever seen. Those eyes held every dream and every nightmare that I had ever had. They glittered with wisdom and danger. He wore sweats and no shirt, his impressively muscled chest baring no hair. Damn he was hot.

I snapped out of my daze and realized that I was topless and being straddled by a complete stranger, in some weird white room that I certainly didn't fall asleep in. And I was in pain. My neck throbbed and pulsed, but that didn't matter quit as much to me as getting this brute off of me.

"Get away from me!" I screamed at the top of my lungs hoping that someone would come and rescue me.

The large mass of a man wrapped his arms around me and lifted me into his arms as if to protect me. He growled like an animal, deep in his throat. I screamed again. He can't be human.

I could barely see anything around him, but what I did see shocked me. A small group of people surrounded the doorway. None of them entering or even trying to help me. They just stared in shock at the person holding me.

Another large man, slightly larger than the one holding me, raced into the room so fast that I could barely see him. He gripped the back of my captors' shirt, pulled him into the air and then I was falling. I screamed again, more from shock than anything else, as I landed on the bed.

I turned my head quickly to see the smaller of the two men hit the wall... hard. The wall dented but miraculously didn't break. The larger man then pounced on the smaller one and pound on him so fast that I never saw his arms move.

Blood was flying as the room filled with growls and screams that I realized were coming from me.

The smaller man fought back but, caught by surprise, could barely get his limbs working.

A man in scrubs came in with a syringe filled with a clear liquid and immediately plunged in into the rage filled mans spine.

He instantly slumped to the ground.

Another massive male came in and dragged him outside somewhere.

The doctor-man then knelt down by the unconscious brute and seemed to be evaluation his injuries.

A very tall, 20-something year old woman walked through the door and moved toward me, careful not to frighten me.

"I am here to help you. I know you don't understand anything that just happened, but I am going to help you and take you somewhere safe." She assured me, with a kind smile. Were all of these people drop dead gorgeous?

She grabbed my hand and removed the I.V. that had been placed there. Am I in a hospital?

I was speechless by what I had seen, hoping that this was all a dream and that I would just wake up in my room. Of course it's a dream, I chided myself. What if it wasn't though? Damn. One fucking thing after another.

My mom is going to be pissed.

The lady then picked me up into her arms as if I were a pillow. Damn these people are strong. What the actual fuck?

She quickly carried me out of the room and away from the wounded man. The people outside parted for her, gaping at me. My neck and head throbbed in protest of my movements. What happened last night? I am obviously hung over.

I was too in shock to care that I was being starred at, that I was topless, or that everyone around me was more than a little attractive and insane.

The lady carried me down the beautiful, lavish hallways. The cream colored walls were covered in extravagant paintings and pictures of faraway places. I imagined myself there now, lying on a towel, on a beach, sticking my toes in the sand and washing it all away in the ocean. Anywhere is better than here.

What had just happened? Is that man okay? Where am I? Who are these people? Damn, my neck hurts.

"I will answer all of your question as soon as we get to your room" She said, as if reading my mind.

Her face displayed little emotion as we glided down the hallway, passing door after door.

"My room?" I asked, confused.

"Yes," She replied cautiously, "You must stay here until we figure out what to make of you. It seems that not only has our Alpha taken a liking to you, but his second in command has as well. You are also half werewolf which is a very rare thing in our world."

"Werewolf? You have got to be joking! You think werewolves exist?" I laughed as best I could with my raw voice. I must be in the nut house! That might explain the doctor.

The woman sighed dramatically. "By your reaction to this whole thing, and your situation entirely, I am going to assume that you know nothing about what you are, let alone what we are." She paused and turned into a room on the right.

It was huge to say the least. Coming in from the well lit hallway, and seeing as how it was still dark outside, I could barely see anything, but what I could see over whelmed the inner creative demon inside of me. It was beautiful.

The walls were white, with small details that I couldn't make out. As the lady sat me carefully on the bed I took in the rest of the space. One wall was black and checkered with mirror squares. The four poster bed that I was placed on was covered in the most beautiful quilt I had ever seen. It was also adorned with an assortment of different pillows that complimented everything nicely. A canopy draped the posters of the bed and made everything seem more fairy tale like.

The expensive dressers and chairs, all made from some lavish wood, lined the walls.

Somebody is making bank! Were all the rooms like this?

The lady stared at me, watching my facial expressions and smiled at my amazement.

"When can I go home?" I asked, running my fingers over the quilt beneath me.

"I don't know. I know that your neck probably hurts and you have a ton of questions, but I am very tired. Our hunt ran late last night and as soon as we got back Ian started acting weird. I promise to answer any questions that you have later. For now, try to sleep."

I was not even going to ask about the "hunt" or this Ian guy so I just nodded and moved back lying my head on the pillow and placing my feet on the bed.

"I'll bring you some water and pain reliever." She said before slipping out of the room and returning with a glass and two small white pills.

I swallowed them, trying not to tilt my neck too much, and chugged the water after suddenly realizing how thirsty I was.

She left with a "good night" and headed back to wherever they keep the crazies in this place. Apparently it wasn't too far away from medication and glass. I shuddered.

I laid my head back down and, as the pain in my neck faded, so did the world.

Note To Reader: Thank you SOOOOO much for reading. I know it took me a while to bring this one, but the need to write was just not present until tonight. Keep in mind that these chapters take hours to write so it does take a bit of influence from my muse to get me to begin one :) Thanks for the support. All of your feedback, not only helps me construct the new chapter with a better state of mind, but also helps me make it better and easier to read for those grammar natzis like myself. And again as mentioned in the beginning of this chapter, if anyone feels frogy, email me to let me know if you want to edit my chapters as they come.

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