tagNonHumanThe Lust Of Centaurs

The Lust Of Centaurs


In that ambiguous time in Greek history, after the battle of Lapiths, but before their disappearance into the realm of myth, the centaurs were a scattered and divided race. Unable to live in a civilized manner beside humans, they existed in the wilds, largely unseen and nearly forgotten.

As the range of human influence grew, however, farmers and settlers would find themselves in a shadow war with the native dwellers of the land. Sheep and cattle would sometimes disappear, presumed victims of local predators. But even stranger, those who kept horses would find their pens opened, a single animal missing from the herd. Very often, this animal was recovered, wandering not too far from the farm. It was a puzzling development that suggested a more human agent at work.

Determined to discover the source of the disturbance, and to protect his own valued stock, Ilthid told his wife of his plan. He would hide just beyond the fences, keeping watch through the night. His wife plainly told him that such a plan was both too simple to be worthy of the name, and would keep them apart when they should be sharing the same bed.

Despite these protests, Ilthid pursued his vigil. He was no warrior, but was still young and fit, and kept his family's Kopis sword handy should he finally confront the source of these local troubles, man or beast.

After a fortnight, and about ready to give in to the protests of his spouse, his patience bore fruit. Awakened from a shallow slumber, he heard voices coming from the edge of the forest. Sitting up but remaining out of sight, he watched three figures emerge into the pale moonlight.

At first, he thought they were men on horseback. Something was very wrong though, and only as his vision adjusted to the night did he realize how these men's torsos merged with the bodies of their mounts. Incredibly, they were no less than centaurs. Ilthid never thought he'd see such fantastic beings in his lifetime, but there they were, striding boldly towards the pen of his solitary horse.

Ilthid's heart raced, unable to decide what to do. They were impressively large beasts, and even their human halves were quite muscular and imposing. Even if completely human, he doubted he could accost them alone and hope to succeed. Adding the lethal power of hooves at their disposal, Ilthid didn't warrant his chances were good at protecting his home. The saving grace in this circumstance was that the trio were neither interested in the house or the herd –it was only the horse, kindred of their kind, that they focused on.

Having liberated the brown mare from her pen, the centaurs led her away from the farmstead and back into the woods. Following behind, Ilthid watched as the three half-humans herded their equine sister towards a shelter of densely packed trees. All the while they laughed and spoke among themselves in a most lewd way, making Ilthid uneasy as to their intentions. He didn't like the prospect of taking on all three for the sake of saving his horse.

As one of the centaur males gently held and cradled the head of the mare, another stroked and petted her flanks while the last circled around them, watching. After a short while, the attending centaur moved his hands from her sides to the rear, and the bare dark skin of her genitals. The mare shifted disapprovingly, twitching her tail, but was given little room to move as the centaur's fingers rubbed and stroked along the long slit of her vagina.

Ilthid crouched as close as he could, barely daring to breathe. At this point, it was impossible to ignore the growing organs of the centaurs. Their penile length fell and engorged in an almost synchronized fashion. The mare, not naturally in heat, was encouraged into lubrication by the clever manipulation of its cunt. Unseen by Ilthid, the bulb of her clitoris began to wink in excitement, but her restiveness was obvious to all.

Where the centaurs had been jovial and cheery during the initial capture, everyone had fallen silent as the sexual tension rose. His equine organ completely stiff, the centaur sniffed at his wet fingers approvingly, taking in the scent of the mare's vagina. Ilthid, throat tight, was dimly aware of the way his own erection began to assert itself.

Suddenly, the centaur rose on his powerful hind legs, and launched himself up onto the mare. Forelegs embracing the barrel of her body, his human arms encircled the animal's warm neck while shifting his hindquarters into position. The fattened mushroom-like end of his penis swung repeatedly against the mare's rear, seeking the yawning opening. With a single brutal movement, he planted the length of his impressive member deep inside the horse's vulnerable cunt.

The sight of mating is not unusual for anyone raised on a farm. What made this experience so surreal was the face and body of these creatures, the human characteristics molded to the animal form. As the centaur rocked his penis inside the mare, his face was contorted into one of pure ecstatic pleasure, such as one would expect of a man enjoying his wife.

The copulation of beasts is so automatic and natural it barely warrants speculation. But these centaurs, possessed of human intellect and reason; what must their nature be to seek sexual congress with lesser beings? To Ilthid, it seemed a perversity. Were there no centaur females for these stallions to court? Was that the reason why?

Within a few moments, the centaur thrust himself as deeply as he could and his body shuddered visibly. A broken gasp betrayed the moment of his orgasm. As he pulled out his slackening penis, thick white fluid drained lewdly from the mare's abused channel. Barely was she given a moment of reprieve than the remaining centaur, who had been circling and watching all this time, immediately mounted the poor horse and sought to penetrate her as well.

The mare protested in the only way she could, with pathetic whinnies and huffs, but to no avail. The sated member of their party took control of her head while she continued to be mated. The sleek dark hide of this second centaur shone in the dim light of the moon, his tense muscles perfectly outlined. He rudely tugged her mane, slapped at her sides, fucking her with deliberate and controlled strokes. Then he too finally succumbed to the inevitable, and more wet semen spilled from her tender insides.

With little else to do but watch, Ilthid stood by as the last creature rose up over his horse and planted his engorged member within. The mare, unused to such vigorous attention, rolled her eyes and tried to get away. The other two centaurs hemmed her in, making such movement impossible. At last, and with merciful swiftness, the third centaur enjoyed his climax and implanted his seed.

Laughing again, the three vagabonds slapped the mare on the flanks, urging her back towards the farm. They didn't linger, but left the soiled animal alone to find her way while they disappeared further into the deep woods. Ilthid, slipping from his hiding place, quickly attended to his frightened and maltreated horse. Once he settled her down a bit he led her back to the pen.

As he observed, her genitals were flush and wet with the stranger's semen. It was a heady and strange scented mixture of uncouth fluids. What could have motivated them? Was the primal urge to sate their sexual desires so great that they would forgo a more complex relationship with one of their own kind? Did the cruelty of exploiting a helpless beast play into their pleasures? Nevertheless, however strange it was to witness, it was also perversely compelling. The scent of their sex assailed Ilthid's nostrils.

His thoughts drifted to that of his sleeping wife, waiting for him in their bed. Unable to do anything more for his mare, and certain that she was safe and secure behind the fences, he crept back inside the house. Quickly disrobing, Ilthid found his mind filled with images of those impressively large centaur members thrusting in and out. His penis, not nearly as large, was just as stiff and longing for equal satisfaction.

His slender wife, turned on her side, dark hair covering her face, had no idea what awaited her. Pulling back the sheets, Ilthid rolled her onto her back. Still unconscious, her white cotton nightdress was pulled up past her waist, and her pale naked legs spread apart. No time was wasted as he lay over her, guiding the tip of his stiff organ over the soft petals of her cunt and pushing between them.

Hardly had his prick penetrated the insides of her vagina then her eyes flickered open. Her hands grasped his forearms but there was no moving him. With strangulated grunts, he pushed deeper and deeper inside. She was so startled and frightened she had no idea at first it was her own husband taking part in this nocturnal act of rape. Only after a few moments did her sight adjust to the dark, and she recognized the familiar movements of his body.

Never had he taken her in so brusque and selfish a manner. She'd always thought him a bit soft, but the light in his eyes now was fierce and determined. She opened her thighs wider, her body responding to his quick and urgent copulation. Ilthid, biting and tasting the flesh of her neck and shoulder, pressed himself down on top of her. He was fully within, pumping in short fast strokes.

He offered no words to explain his actions, and she didn't seek to find them. As a wife in these times should, she let her husband enjoy her body as he pleased, finally resulting in the emission of his seed.

"My little mare," he whispered to her in the dark, holding her close. "My darling little mare."

Ilthid's wife smiled to herself, reaching down between their bodies.

"Um, care to go again," she asked playfully.

The explanation that finally came revealed the strange fact; the sexual secretions of centaurs act as an aphrodisiac of high order.

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