tagGay MaleThe Mage and the Bear Ch. 06

The Mage and the Bear Ch. 06



Uncle Blair thought Nettie was someone named Victoria, that I was her beau, and Roger was a chauffeur. Needless to say, I didn't expect to get much out of him, but he was very happy to see us.

He had an upper-crust English accent, which was something I didn't expect from Nettie's family. But then, if there was a Raj from India involved...damn my sex-crazed, slow brain. We sat calmly drinking tea. Roger stood in the doorway, out of the way.

"Victoria, do sit here. That's a good girl." Blair looked up at me. "He does look rather thin, my dear. I hope the trip was not too tiring for you."

"Uncle Blair," Nettie said, slowly and patiently, "tell me the story of the Raj and my gr-- your brother."

"Story? I don't know anything about a story."

"Shit," I hissed under my breath.

"Alfred had seen the Raj of some temple or other."

I said quietly, "A Raj is a king."

Blair turned to me. "Who's telling this, young man?"

I bit my lip. Roger snorted a chuckle. Blair reached over and took Nettie's hand. "It changed him, my dear. It changed him and made him very unhappy. He lost his dearest wife because of it, and sons."

Nettie opened her mouth to say something but I butted in, "He was married twice?"

"Twice? No, young man, the only woman I know that he was married to was Emma."

Nettie looked confused and Roger said, "I take it that's not your grandmother's name."

Blair was shaking his head, lost in a memory, "Sad, so sad. The war, you know."

"Of course," said Nettie, and patted her uncle's age-freckled bony hand.

He smiled at her. "Who are you again?"

I put the teacup down. "We'd better get going."

Nettie kissed her great-uncle on the cheek and we left the nursing home. As we walked out of the sliding doors, someone hailed Nettie. "Wait! Excuse me, miss, wait."

Nettie stopped, and a young African-American nurse came out. "You've been the only person to visit Mr. Ward in ages. We found something valuable, and we wanted to give it to someone in the family before one of the residents took it upon themselves to take it, but we couldn't get anyone to come down."

"Oh, that's fine, I'll take it," Nettie said.

"Please come and sign for it."

Nettie went back in, and we waited outside. Roger leaned up against the car, and I leaned up against him. One of his hands reached down to the small of my back, and tucked under my waistband.

Blair. Raja. Temple. Family gold.

He leaned forward, kissing my neck. "Not helping, Roger." So he thrust his hand down the back of my pants, fingers teasing my crack. I gasped, "So not helping, Roger."

"What can I do to help?" he kissed my neck again, and a finger found my well-abused and sore hole.

"There has to be a connection."

Nettie came back, and Roger pulled his hand out of my pants. We both tried to look innocent. She studied us for a minute, then unlocked the car. "Here," she said, and handed me something.

It was a crystal-shaped item made of gold, flat on the bottom. It was damn heavy, too - solid gold. No wonder they wanted someone from the family to hold onto it.

"I think, after all this," said Roger, "you'd better talk to your mother."

Nettie turned around to look at Roger in the backseat. "Will you be my boyfriend?"

Roger chuckled, and squeezed my thigh. "Sorry, I'm taken."

I grinned. I know I did. His hand moved up my thigh to my crotch, and he started rubbing it. I put my hand on top of his, but he didn't stop and my crotch swelled.

Nettie had the radio on and was bopping to the music, while I was trying to look nonchalant and keep my breathing even. My cock started to ache, pressed as it was against the zipper of my jeans, leaning ever so slightly to the left.

"You're awful quiet back there," Nettie said, and glanced in the back. Roger gave her a toothy grin, and then she glanced down to see where his hand was. She looked back up at me. "I'll...um..." She turned back to the road. "Yeah."

I didn't know whether or not to take that as it was okay for him to continue, if it was okay for me to start moaning like I really wanted to do, or if it was okay for him to take it out. Roger assumed the last.

"Oh, God," I sighed, and he undid my pants, fishing my soaking wet and hard cock out of my pants.

Nettie looked at me through the rear view mirror. "Wow," she said, "that has got to be the most erotic sound you've ever made."

Roger was stroking me and said, "Want him to make more?"

Nettie was watching me, then watching the road. "Yeah," she said, and it came out as something husky and lustful. "Just keep your seatbelts on. I don't want to get a fine."

I said, "You're worried about a fine when we don't have seatbelts on and here I am with my dick hanging out?"

"It's in my hand," Roger said, his thumb pressing on my vein. A nail scratched my head and I crawled backwards up the back seat. "I'll cover you."

"Jesus, don't do--" He caressed the head, smearing pre everywhere. His thumb played with my slit, and then he started to stroke again. I thrust my hips down on the seat, moaning, no longer looking at Nettie, not caring what was around me.

"This is so hot," I thought I could hear Nettie say.

Roger was kissing me as the car moved, making my body slide a little to the left. Then, he was sucking me again, and my head was rolling around the back seat. I moaned loudly, not caring if Nettie was in the front seat. I heard nothing but the sounds of my own moans, Roger slurping, and somewhere, from a distance, a higher pitched moan.

"Roger, now...oh, God." I thrust my hips upward, into his mouth and came again. It wasn't as hard as the last time, and part of me wondered where the hell all this cum was coming from.

He lifted his head, and kissed me saying, "I love the taste of you."

"I'm fuckin' jealous," came Nettie's breathless voice from the front seat.

I opened my eyes to notice we were parked in an empty parking lot. I looked at Roger and smiled.

"Now, Roger, will you let me get back to work?"

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