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The Magic Number


One thing you should know, about me and the man I describe here, is that we've never really been 'together'. What we have had is more than ten years of friendship, the best and worst of shared experiences and, most importantly, the most insatiable, uncontrollable desire for each other that either of us had ever experienced.

On this particular day, we were heading out to a concert, but I also happened to be introducing him to one of my best friends for the first time. I arrived at his place just as he was getting home from a run. Another thing you should know about us is that the man in question has a girlfriend who lives a couple of hundred miles away. Judge me if you will, but I've never been in that situation with anyone else and can't imagine I ever would be again. This one was special - I couldn't have stayed away from him if I tried. But as such, we always had to be careful to remain hands-off in public - which was easier said than done. The minute we got through the door I was all over him, my hands on his chest holding him against the wall, kissing him . He complained, grumbling about being all sweaty and disgusting, but that was what was doing it for me. I didn't think I should say that seeing him all sweaty now just reminded me of the last time I'd seen him sweat like that, lying delectably naked and exhausted between my thighs a few days earlier...

But he insisted on winning this time, and shot off up the stairs for his shower while I wandered out into the garden for a smoke. I perched on the wall, the late afternoon sun on the back of my neck, pondering on how this evening might go. Every guy I introduced Sarah to fell in love with her, and for good reason. She was gorgeous, intelligent, sweet and disarmingly funny. But much to all of their dismay, Sarah was definitely gay. She would flirt with men all the time, just because she could, but I'd never known her go further than kissing one. Finishing my cigarette, I went back indoors and, leaning my elbows on the counter, started to text Sarah to confirm arrangements for the evening. I heard him come into the room, but resolved to finish my text before I looked up. He was a terrible distraction at the best of times.

"Now what do you think you're doing little lady? Keep standing there like that and we're going to be really fucking late." he said, reaching his hand up under my faded denim mini skirt and squeezing my backside. He'd proven my point effortlessly. A huge distraction. I glanced back over my shoulder at him, his hair still damp from the shower, smelling practically edible. My self control was going to be seriously tested if we weren't going to be massively late. I could feel him against my hip as he kissed me just below my right ear. I turned around, slid my hands into his back pockets, pressing my breasts against him. Then I kissed him teasingly, just once, on his lips.

"Nope. We're going."

When we met Sarah at the pub she was wearing a long summer dress that flattered her figure perfectly. She had the most gorgeous body: slim and athletic but with curves in all the right places.

As they got talking I could see that he'd gone the way of so many others before him. Infatuated already. The best thing about Sarah was that she genuinely didn't court this kind of attention. It was completely natural. She and I have a naturally slightly flirtatious friendship, and he seemed to have fallen in with it easily. After the concert we headed back to his place for a couple of bottles of wine and a smoke and, naturally, the barriers came down and the conversation became increasingly personal.

"So have you never even thought about being with a man?" he asked, flickering his eyes up, just for a second, to meet mine. I smiled, lit another cigarette and tried to act like I had no idea what he was getting at. He knew that I knew, but I decided it would be much more fun to let him see how far he could go. I retained my position, perched on the kitchen counter, and watched their interactions. We were all slightly drunk, slightly stoned, and given that we'd had years of reading each other's cues I knew that he and I were one as rampantly horny as the other.

She sat for a while, thinking. "I don't know, I guess I've never liked a guy more than a girl enough to bother..."

"But how do you know for definite if you've never tried it?"

He really was trying, it was bordering on adorable. Surprisingly, considering the fact he was trying to get into my friend's knickers, I didn't feel affronted in the least. He wasn't mine to get jealous over. And besides, I was completely secure in what we were about. The distant girlfriend was mostly theoretical to me, but even so I'd never really minded all that much knowing that I was sharing him. Whatever it was that we had, it surpassed all the rules. As fucked up as most people would think our situation was, we'd probably outlast them all. There's something to be said for that kind of magnetism, you can't ignore it, can't hide from it and most exquisitely of all you just can't resist it.

"I mean, I can appreciate when a man's attractive, obviously." she said "Even I would have a go at Robert Downey Jr., for example, because he's clearly fucking beautiful."

"Amen to that." I interjected from my corner, raising my glass.

"So maybe you'd think about it if there was a woman involved...?"

In an effort to alleviate some of the building tension, I hopped down from the counter to open another bottle of wine. Picking up both his and Sarah's glasses he wandered around until he was standing just behind my right shoulder. Reaching over me to put the glasses down, I suddenly felt the fingers of his left hand trailing gently up the inside of my thigh. My heart was pounding, the skin he had just touched still tingled as his fingers moved higher. This was one thing we were both guilty of enjoying. Covert exhibitionism. The kitchen counter shielded us from Sarah's view, but we were definitely over stepping the bounds of decency. As I refilled all three glasses, his hand reached the turquoise blue lace of my panties. Innocently, making as if towards the sink, I took half a step to the left, parting my legs a fraction more. It was all the encouragement he needed. He slid his middle finger underneath, stroking me through the lace, his fingertip finally exerting the most torturously delicious pressure on my clit. I swayed forward slightly and, catching my breath, steadied myself on the edge of the counter. He picked up the glasses crossed back over to the table, raising an eyebrow at me over the top of Sarah's head as he put her glass back down in front of her. The whole encounter had lasted ninety seconds at most, but it left me desperately craving more.

"Men are so...angular. I can't imagine wanting to get that close to a man because they're all bony and hairy and hard edges." she subconsciously gestured towards me as she continued. "Women, on the other hand, are soft and cuddly and smooth and...just nicer!"

I could see him searching his brain for an argument. Unfortunately for him, she loved all the same things about women that he did. I was suddenly conscious that they were both looking at me. Her, questioningly and appearing vaguely uncomfortable. Him - well, I was sure I was looking right back at him in exactly the same way - like he was the only thing I could see at that moment. I was starting to care less and less whether Sarah was there or not. If she wanted to get involved then she was welcome to, but I was immediately and completely consumed by a burning desire to tear his clothes off and lick him all over.

There was a slightly awkward silence. I was absent mindedly trailing my fingers up and down the stem of my wine glass - and he'd definitely picked up on the subliminal cue. He gave me a look that said one thing: you are in for some serious trouble. But Sarah had made her decision.

"Well. I guess I'd better get going. Work tomorrow and all that..." she got up to leave, looking from me to him and back again.

"Have fun" Sarah whispered with a smirk as she passed me on her way out.

He walked her to the front door and I leaned my left shoulder against the kitchen door frame, watching him. I'd found it impossible to stop watching him all night. He caught my eye as he turned away from the front door then crossed the hall far quicker than I'd expected, pushing me back into the kitchen until I was up against the table. Nowhere to go. Not that I wanted to.

His forehead was against mine, and his hands had already found their way under my shirt. The instant his fingers touched my skin I was lost. Our hearts were racing so fast we were rattling each other, our breathing erratic, eyes burning into each other in a way both of us had seen before. This - was about to get intense. Then his mouth was on mine, his hands ran from my waist, down over the curve of my hips, pinioning me tightly against his. His tongue was insistent; he tasted of wine, cigarettes and desperate, unbridled lust. My left hand was in his hair as my right sneaked up under his tshirt so I could stroke a particularly sensitive spot on his side that I knew drove him completely crazy. I was right. As he gasped and with both hands grabbed my arse, holding me tighter against him, I pulled away slightly to bite that delicious bottom lip of his. I could feel how hard he was. I wanted him so badly I could feel myself unravelling from the inside out.

Obviously thinking he was going to play as dirty as I was, he decided to exploit one of my more immediately accessible weaknesses and started kissing my neck. My body then betrayed me entirely and my legs began to shake. Wrapping one arm around my waist, as good as holding me up, he lifted both of our shirts and pressed his abdomen against mine. I must have looked at him slightly quizzically.

"I just love feeling your skin against me." he murmured, kissing me again.

"Actually, fuck it." he said, pulling my tshirt up over my head, followed quickly by his own. He'd always had the softest skin for a guy, it often took me by surprise. He bent his head down and ran his tongue slowly between my tits, kissing first one, then the other before pulling the lace of my bra down and licking my hard, electrifyingly sensitive nipple. It sent sparks of the most intense pleasure all over my body. I moaned and tangled my fingers up in his hair again, keeping him there, aware that my knickers were now completely soaking with my desire for him.

I turned him round, pushing him backwards until he was sat in one of the kitchen chairs. I kissed him again, then slid down on to the cool tiles on my knees. Pulling on his shorts just enough, his big, beautiful cock sprang free and I could hardly contain myself. I licked him, slowly, from base to tip, loving the taste of him, loving his reaction to me. I looked up at him, giving him my most devious smile before taking him completely in my mouth. There was nothing I loved more than this; he made it so much fun merely by virtue of the fact that he always let me know just how much he loved it. He leaned his head back, catching his breath every time I switched from sucking him deep in my throat to lightly flicking my tongue over the most sensitive spots.

Pulling me up from the floor, he grabbed me round the hips and yanked me forwards until I was sat astride him in the chair, my skirt hitched up, bare thighs exposed to his now wandering hands. He pulled my underwear aside with one finger, and the head of his cock rubbed against my tingling clit. There was absolutely no way I could stand any more of this. I needed him. Now. Looking him right in the eyes, I slid down onto him, slowly, delighting in every last luscious inch until he was deep inside me. He always got this genuinely gorgeous look on his face whenever he was inside me. It was a combination of absolute happiness, sweet vulnerability and downright reckless abandon that I never, ever saw on him at any other time. He felt so good that, for a moment, I was completely transfixed with the sensation and couldn't have moved if there was a gun to my head.

He ran his fingers through my hair, pulling my head back slightly so that he could kiss my neck again. I started to rock my hips against him, his hard cock inside me satisfying every lustful thought I'd been having that night. I was so wet, so sensitive, and the fabric of my hastily pushed aside knickers was rubbing against my clit in the most heavenly way that it wasn't long before I felt my muscles starting to tighten around him and my breathing get more shallow. I was just about to reach the point of no return when he held my hips still and stopped me.

"Come on." he said "We're taking this upstairs." and he pushed me up off him and half-dragged me up two flights to his bedroom.

Kicking the door shut behind us he pushed me backwards onto his bed until I was lying stretched out looking up at him and wondering what he was thinking. He leaned over me, kissing me more gently than before, running his fingertips down my neck, over my collar bone, trailing along my side. Torturous, but oh so good. I tried raising myself up onto my elbow, but he pushed me back down onto the bed again, holding both my hands down at my sides.

"No. You just stay there."

I was slightly surprised. This was unusual.

As he started to kiss my neck again he reached underneath me and unhooked my bra, sliding his hands back around, squeezing my tits before throwing my bra to the floor. He continued to kiss me, down over my chest, until he was licking and sucking on my aching nipples, his fingers stroking the curve of my waist until he reached the top of my underwear. He looked up at me with the most beautifully mischievous look in his eyes. I lifted my hips off the bed and he sent the knickers off in the same direction the bra had gone. I felt salaciously exposed, lying there completely naked with him still mostly dressed, gazing at me like he was wondering where to go first. The anticipation was driving me insane. My own fingers strayed to my right nipple, tugging at it briefly, desperate for him to touch me again, before wandering over my ribs and down over my stomach. I never took my eyes from his. I was watching him, watching me. He knew all of my weaknesses, and I had a feeling every last one of them was about to be exploited. I was yearning to feel him inside me again, but he clearly had other ideas as he unhurriedly kissed every last inch of my body - except where I wanted it most. It was as if the sensation in every single nerve ending in my skin had been magnified ten fold. He paused, kissing me on the inside of my left thigh, his fingers languorously tracing over my hip bone...

"And you thought you were the only one who could tease..." he said, his kisses drifting higher but still staying away from where I was burning to be touched. He began kissing my stomach, flicking his tongue over my belly button ring and I moaned involuntarily, writhing underneath him. Then, finally, his tongue was on my clit and he was making me feel more desperate for him than ever. He was so good at this, always kept me guessing where he was going to go next, never predictable. Then suddenly waves of intensity washed over me and I had to put a pillow over my own face to keep the noise down. Ripples of pleasure and relief spread across my body from the inside out and my heart was hammering against my ribs.

I always loved kissing him right after he went down on me. I grabbed a handful of his hair and pulled his face up, kissing him hungrily, tasting myself on his tongue, sucking on his lower lip as I reached down to undo his shorts. Thankfully, this time, he was letting me get what I wanted.

Between us, and without breaking our kiss for a second, we got him as naked as I was. He held my hands down above my head, interlacing his fingers with mine as I felt his cock nudge at me where I was hot, wet and longing for him to be. His self-control abandoned, he pushed all the way into me and we both moaned. I arched my back and tangled my fingers back into his hair, pushing his face down so that he was biting and sucking on my nipples as he fucked me slow, deep and hard - exactly how I liked it. I wrapped my legs around his back, squeezing him with my thighs, intensifying the exquisite pressure he was putting on my g-spot from the inside. One of the things I loved about him was that he had plenty of stamina and we would almost always cum together. Often, like now, it was a second or third time for me but I was already starting to feel myself losing control, my head was spinning and now every sensation was amplified. He felt incredible, my muscles went into complete spasm, squeezing tight around him and sending him over the edge too. He lay his face between my breasts and got the giggles - just like he always did.

We lay there, breathless and sweaty, he blew on my chest to cool us both down. I would need a minute to recover from that. My legs were still shaking.

"So, what do you want to do about this?" I asked "The idea of two women at once was obviously working for you when we were with Sarah...

He looked slightly taken aback but replied with "Obviously!"

"Well obviously I'm not enough for you...seeing as you've already got all these women on the go and now you want another one as well, greedy boy!" I teased, tickling his side and kissing his neck.

"You're making me feel bad!" he said "And I think you know you keep me more than happy. But it could be fun...?"

"Darling, you know I'd be up for it. So how about we make it happen?"

"I have no fucking clue. Last night it could've just happened...but how will we find someone who'll do it?"

"If I have a think about that, would you do it?" I asked

"Damn fucking right I'd do it!" he said pulling me on top of him and kissing me, hard, his fingers digging into my thighs.


We decided to chance our luck and spend a weekend in another city, where nobody knew us. I knew that between us we'd make an epic pick-up team, he seemed more doubtful. We checked into a hotel and I decided my best bet was to wear a black strapless jersey dress with some killer heels. Simple, yet effective.

The first bar we tried was not our scene at all, so we abandoned it after one drink and a pair of bravery shots. The second seemed much more promising and I settled in to my favourite pastime of people watching.

"What about her?" I suggested, looking in the direction of a tall, curvy woman with long, lustrous, almost black hair at the far end of the bar.

Admittedly, she was much more my type than his but I couldn't see him arguing. He was getting way too into this, completely absorbed in the whole experience. He looked from me, to the woman and back at me.

"You can try..." he said, and laughed, giving me a skeptical look.

I downed the rest of my Chablis and pulled down the hem of my dress.

"Be a dear and go get me another drink." I said, winking at him as I crossed over to her.

Now to test my powers of persuasion. I knew, even if we had no success, we would still go back to the hotel and fuck each other senseless until we were both completely incapable. So there was no loss either way, but if this worked it would be a truly memorable night.

As I got closer to her I realised just how gorgeous she was. Hazel eyes and olive skin, she had a tiny diamond stud in her nose and the perfect hourglass figure in a red knee length dress that showed just enough cleavage to be sexy without too much given away.

Her name, it transpired, was Lucia and she was a postgraduate student of linguistics from Seville. She had been stood up by a friend at the last minute, so joined us for a drink.

We talked about her course, about my various travels around Spain and the fact that I was constantly trying to improve my Spanish but every time I visited people insisted on using me to practice their English. She complimented me on the flower design I had tattooed on my back and showed us the hummingbird she had inked on the back of her left calf. He was unusually quiet, watching the situation with curiosity.

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