tagBDSMThe Mailboy Ch. 02

The Mailboy Ch. 02


Nancy placed a package on Laura's desk just as Laura looked up. Highlighter poised in the air, Laura questioned, "What's this?"

Nancy sighed and rolled her eyes toward the ceiling. "It's a package, Laura. Honestly, how did you become partner?" Laura laughed, turning the box around to read the label.

"Well, smarty pants, we'll see how amused you are when you look at the Turner proposal. I've made several changes."

Nancy was immediately serious. This proposal was her baby. Laura had supervised its construction but the aspiring assistant had done all the work. "How bad is it?"

"It isn't bad. Just needs some tweaking. The graphics were too busy. Keep your charts and graphs simple. It's always about the numbers."

"Ok," Nancy nodded, "What else? You said several changes."

"Just in the text. You should leave out some information. You'll be presenting this to a board of very busy people. Don't waste their time by repeating what they've already read. They should read the prospectus, get intrigued and want to know more. That's when you blow them away with researched answers to their eager questions."

"Alright, so maybe you did earn that partnership," said Nancy.

"Nah, I slept my way to the top." Nancy and Laura exchanged a good laugh.

"I'll leave you to that whatchamajig on your desk." Nancy left Laura Buchanan's office. Nancy still marveled at the change in her boss' demeanor. It had started several weeks ago. Nancy thought her glowing good moods could be attributed to a fantastic lay. If she only knew.

Laura noticed the red lettering below her name and title:


She wasn't expecting any documents, and they always came FedEx, anyway. She looked to the upper left hand corner of the label and found it annoyingly empty. She picked it up and put an ear to the small box which was mysteriously wrapped in plain brown paper. At least it's not ticking, she thought. Then again, Anthrax doesn't tick.

"Oh quit being silly." Laura ripped the tape and removed the wrapping. A plain white box with the letters SS interlocked on the top. Not recognizing the label, she slowly pried off the lid to find deep purple undergarments and a card. One side read Scandalous Skivvies. The other side, was written in a boxy, masculine, scrawl:

Put these on now. Meet me at the loft after work.

Laura smiled. The lingerie could only be from her new honey - Jamal. Mmm, that man, she thought. What was supposed to be a one night stand had blossomed into a full blown relationship, complete with a very kinky twist. Laura ran the show in her high rise office overlooking the city, but with Jamal, she bowed her head and gracefully acquiesced. He was teaching her the art of submission.

The phone's ringing startled her. It was the distinctive ring of her direct line. One not routed through the company switchboard or even Nancy.

"This is Laura."

"I said to put them on now. Are you trying to anger me?"

"No Jamal. I was just um…er…I was sitting here thinking of you and my mind started to wander and I got to thinking of tonight and…… I'm sorry, sir."

"I didn't call to hear you ramble on with some sorry excuse. I don't like repeating myself, Laura. Your training is taking longer than it should. You will either learn to comply with my requests without question or delay or you will be dismissed."

"No, please sir. I'll do my best. I won't disappoint you tonight."

"I'm glad to hear it. Now, don't you have something you are supposed to be doing?"

"Yes, sir." But the line was already dead.

Laura changed in her private bathroom. The panties were crotchless and cut very high on the sides. The small triangles that covered her trimmed mound and full ass were sheer, delicate lace. The bra pushed her large breasts up and out and enhanced her cleavage. Her breasts left mostly uncovered by the minimal fabric of the push-up bra. Laura looked in the mirror and appreciated Jamal's choice of color. The dark, eggplant color complementing her warm brown skin. Laura wondered what was in store for her. She could feel her bared pussy becoming moist. She dressed slowly, luxuriating in the way the silk blouse felt sliding over her exposed breast flesh. The satin lining of her skirt feeling smooth and cool on the revealed globes of her ass.

Laura returned to her desk and buried herself in her work, trying to take her mind off of the expectations of the evening to come. She looked up only as Nancy said goodnight. She looked at her watch and figured 5:30 was a good time to leave for the loft. With traffic, she'd arrive about 6. She had no idea what time he expected her, but she didn't want to anger him further by making him wait.

She arrived at the converted warehouse shortly before six. Walking slowly to the door, she was aware of her mounting nervousness. She found the door slightly ajar. She pushed it open, taking a tentative step inside.

"Hello? Jamal?" Laura slowly entered, looking for signs of life as she closed the door behind her.

"Drop your coat, Laura," said a disembodied voice.

Laura turned toward what she thought was the source, but found no one there. That was her first mistake. Her second was when she called out, "Jamal, where are you?"

"The coat, Laura."

"Yes, sir." she instantly removed the trench and let it puddle on the floor at her feet.

"Take a few steps forward."

She did as requested, still trying to locate Jamal. Then she saw him. He stepped out from behind the glass blocks that hid the large bed she knew so well. Laura's face lit into a smile. His muscular frame clothed only in loose fitting pajama bottoms. When he neared, she caught the scent of soap and after shave. Laura longed for the opportunity to shower. To smell fresh and new for Jamal. She knew her pussy was quite aroused and would soon perfume the air.

"Good evening, sir."

"Yes, it will be." the muscles in his chest and arms flexed as he pulled out a chair facing Laura. She watched him closely as he settled in. She knew enough to stand still and wait for her next instruction.

"Remove your blouse, and don't make me repeat myself like with the coat."

Her nipples hardened before the silk hit the floor. Jamal's gaze admiring her ample breasts.

"Touch your breasts. Get your nipples nice and hard for me." Laura ran her hands over the soft skin above the lace, around the outer curve of each breast and curved the underside. She squeezed them together running her thumbs over the nipples. As they firmed, she pinched and rolled them through the lace.

"Drop the skirt." Laura stepped out of her shoes while her hands went to the zipper in the back of her skit. Jamal shook his head as the skirt went the way of the rest of her clothing.

"Laura, just the skirt, leave the shoes on."

"Yes, sir. I'm sorry sir." Laura began to tremble lightly. She had just arrived and she was already on his bad side. She took a deep breath and told herself. Do as your told.

"Would you get me a drink, Laura?"

She swiveled to the kitchen island, aware of Jamal's gaze on her ass and the growing heat between her legs. She returned with a rum and coke on shaky legs, hoping she'd gotten it strong enough.

Jamal sipped, "Mmm. Thank you baby." Upon hearing the term of endearment, some of the tension left Laura's body.

"Sit on the couch and play with yourself. I want to watch you." Laura was self conscious about masturbating in front of him, but she knew how much he enjoyed watching her and did not want to refuse him the pleasure. She sat on the couch, placing a leg over the arm and slid her ass towards the edge.

She could smell her own arousal as she ran her hands over her breasts, teasing the nipples briefly before her hands ventured lower over her waist, then hips and onto her thighs. She moved her hands along the outside of her legs, down to the knee and then up her inner thigh leading to her now throbbing sex. Her pussy lips framed by thin wedges of purple lace. She ran her fingers along her slit, opening her pussy. She held her lips open with one hand as she teased her flooded hole with the other. She pulled her fingers upward, moistening her clit and rubbled lightly, emitting a soft moan.

Jamal sipped and watched, his dick rousing at the sound of her pleasure. Now Laura's other hand lowered to her flowing entrance, this time drawing the moisture down toward her puckered asshole. She moaned in earnest as her finger slipped inside the tight ring of muscle. Her other hand increasing the cadence of the small circles she pressed onto her clit. She slowly fucked herself in the ass. Her pussy so wet, it leaked down to her ass allowing enough lubrication for her to insert a second finger.

"Talk to me, Laura."

"Oh, Jamal. My pussy is so wet. I've been thinking of you all day, baby. Mmm. You've turned me into such a freak. I like it when you fuck me up the ass. Your little slut wants your big dick up her ass. I want you to fill me full of your cum. I want you to use me. I want to cum for you. Can I come, sir?"

"No, slut." Laura slowed her hands , she was so close. He raised the hand from her clit and licked her fingers. She was very aroused, the feeling of her ass being stretched always took her to the next level. The taste of her own pussy excited her even further.

"Come to me Laura." Laura approached Jamal as he patted his lap.

Oh shit, she thought. Does he want to spank me or cuddle? Does he want me over his knee or in his arms? She took a guess and sat in his lap, curling into him. She stroked his erection through the thin material of his pants.

"Good choice, baby. I don't want to smack that ass just yet."

"You knew I was undecided?"

"You still haven't learned to gauge my moods or what I might desire from you accordingly. Not all directions will be explicit. I'll trust you to make the right decision."

"And earlier? How did you know I hadn't changed?"

Jamal laughed, "I invaded your space. At work, you always have the upper hand. I knew you would hesitate."

"You know me so well. I'm afraid I'm not that fortunate. You're still a mystery at times."

"Then tonight, pet, I'll explain some things. Hopefully it will increase your trust in me. That's essential in this type of relationship. You need to know I would never do anything to damage you. Emotionally or physically."

"Damage? I'm not property, you know."

"But you're wrong. If you want to submit to me. I mean really submit, then you give up control. You belong to me. I am responsible for your well being. If you want that, I'd become your Master."

"And that would make me your slave?"

"But not by force, by choice. You give me control of your body and mind. I own them. I promise to take good care of you. You're a prize I cherish."

Jamal stroked Laura's hair as she cuddled into him further. She felt protected in his strong embrace and couldn't help but to lean in and lick the skin behind his ear. Laura put her hand underneath the waistband of his pants and enclosed his penis in her tight fist. She rubbed her thumb over the sticky precum she found on its head. Laura nibbled then sucked his earlobe into her mouth.

Jamal grabbed a handful of Laura's hair and pulled her away from him. Her mouth opened in an 'O' of surprise. Jamal's lips landed on her mouth roughly, forcefully pushing his tongue inside. He put a hand on her chin, maintaining her position as his other hand left her hair to unclasp her bra and pull it down her arms. He took hold of a nipple with his teeth, flicking his tongue back and forth, bringing it to attention. Laura moved her mouth to grasp one of Jamal's fingers. Fellating the digit as if it were a miniature version of his dick. Laura's hand on the real thing matched the up and down motion of her mouth.

"That's a nice trick you little freak."

Laura nibbled the tip of his finger and met his gaze. He cradled her to his chest and stood with Laura in his arms. He made it quickly to the bed and deposited her there. She immediately put her hands on the headboard, ready for the rope she knew was coming.

"No, Laura. We don't need physical restraints tonight. You'll give me your mind while I take your body. And you'll hold still for all of it."

Jamal caressed Laura's cheek. She turned her face into his palm and kissed it. She closed her eyes and tried to ready her mind for the pain.

Jamal moved down the bed so his hip was flush with hers. He massaged Laura's shoulder, feeling the tension release as her neck relaxed. Her head pressed deeper into the pillow as he moved down to her collarbone, stroking…touching gently now. He moved lower still, a hand on each breast. He kneaded them with determined pressure. Laura's nipples hardened and she arched her back. A moan escaped her lips, low and husky.

"You know I love to hear your pleasure. The sounds of the pleasure I give you."

She opened her eyes and they locked onto his, feeling overwhelming desire for this man. He wanted to control her. Can I really do this?, she wondered. He moved lower on the bed and rubbed deep circles into the muscles of her upper thighs. Her hips pushed forward, making movements similar to his hands.

"Right now, you'd like it if I touched your pussy. I love giving you pleasure. Hearing you scream when you cum. But if I wait and let you simmer in this desire, this need, it will be much more exciting when I do. Touch your pussy."

Laura knew, given the choice, he would wait. She stilled her hips, closed her eyes and controlled her breathing. Jamal took advantage of her lack of vision and swept in for a kiss. If Laura held any doubt about who was I charge, he removed it when he inserted his tongue in her mouth. She was his. Plain and simple.

He put a hand on her breast and found her hard nipple. He rolled it between his fingers as Laura let out a moan.

"Right now, you're wondering how much pleasure you'll get before I inflict pain. I enjoy watching you during both sensations. Sometimes you struggle with using your safe word. I know I push your limits. You don't want to disappoint me so you endure a little more, and then a little more until you've reached a new threshold. It proves your devotion and obedience and it's pleases me to watch."

Laura made eye contact with Jamal and smiled. "I'm glad I please you. I want to make you happy."

"I know, baby, I know. Now, close your eyes. I don't want you opening them until I give you permission. Also, keep your hands where they are."

Laura stayed in position, eyes closed.

Jamal pulled out a small flogger and began attacking her breasts. Laura screamed at the surprise of the pain. She had learned to breathe deeply and to relax her muscles, otherwise the pain would become overwhelming. She did it now, concentrating on not moving. Jamal worked the flogger down her body.

"Open your legs you nasty bitch."

Laura complied and felt the strips of suede sting her sensitive inner thigh. When the flogger hit her exposed, wet pussy, Laura instinctively pulled her legs together.

"Open your fucking legs. You've been relying on the rope for too long. You have to learn to control your urges to flinch. Don't try to avoid the pain I give you. The pain you need."

Laura spread her legs again as the flogger continued to ravage her. She tried to move her mind somewhere else. Not wanting to think of the immediate pain, finding it difficult to stay still as instructed. Her thoughts strayed to Jamal's words……The pain you need. Was it true that she craved this abuse? And could you really call it abuse if she condoned it? Asked for it. Some nights, begged for it. Hadn't his possession of her made her confidence rise. She walked with an assured step, confident in her sexuality. Her feminine power must exist and surely be great if just by giving it to another, it inspired the care and protection, the pain and pleasure she was now receiving. Yes, it was what she needed.

Another expertly placed blow on her wet pussy, brought Laura back to the present. The sound she made started as a cry of pain and quickly transformed into a moan of pure pleasure. The sting in her clit subsiding to a delicious warmth.

Jamal removed her panties, inhaling her scent, putting the lace to his lips and wishing it was time to lick her heated pussy. But not yet.

"Turn over Laura. Keep your eyes closed and your legs spread. Grab the headboard and hold on."

Hold on? Laura moved into the requested position and gripped the spindles of the headboard.

Jamal placed a pillow under her abdomen and stroked her ass. How lovely she was. The fact that she had no physical restraints, but stayed in place as she was instructed, spoke of her devotion. He knew she often felt like a failure, that her training was not going well. She fell short from time to time, but he could feel her submission, her desire to be his. Her want to have the comfort of ownership. He knew she would learn. He would have to test her in earnest. Maybe we'll start now, he thought

He inserted his thumb in her dripping pussy. "Oh sir, that feels so good."

"I know. In fact I know you can cum from my thumb alone. But you are not to cum. Is that clear, slut?

"Yes sir, I understand."

Jamal removed his glistening thumb and rubbed it over Laura's asshole. She had come to him an anal virgin and the gift of her ass, that she gave so willingly, pleased him like no other offering of her body could match. He pushed his thumb in and rotated.

Laura let out a deep, long moan. She moved her hips in circles similar to Jamal's. Then he slapped her ass with his other hand. He could feel the heat in his hand and knew the blow was beginning to echo on her skin.

Laura gasped and cried out. She felt the beginning tingling of an orgasm and willed it to stop. This was still a difficult task for her, but she was learning to control her orgasms with her mind, regardless of what Jamal did to her body. And now he had his thumb buried in her ass, his hand along her damp slit and his finger tips brushing her clit.

Laura's hips danced, bringing on a feeling she thought she might not be able to stop.

"Sir, I'm so close. I'm going to cum soon. Please stop, Sir, I'm not allowed to cum."

"No, Laura, you can't cum. Control it. I'll play with your pussy as long as I like, bitch."

Laura tried to concentrate on the feeling and make it subside, withdraw, retreat. But it was so close. She did not want to disappoint him. She leaned her head into her shoulder and bit down. Hard. The pain pushing back her orgasm.

"Nice, Laura. I know that caused you considerable discomfort. But you knew you had to do something that would stop you from cumming. You did well, little one."

Laura smiled through the pain. She had pleased him. The pride in his voice buoyed her resolve to endure whatever he had in store for her.

Jamal removed his hand and rose from the bed. She could hear him in the bathroom, moving things about. She hadn't been instructed to move, to open her eyes. Curiosity was eating at her. She heard the shower running.

"Open your eyes and come to me, Laura. You need to bathe, we're going to dinner."

Laura dutifully rose and entered the bathroom. Her eyes adjusting to the bright light. She stepped into the hot spray and felt her skin prickle where she had been flogged. She reached for the soap and began to massage her sore spots. The slick lather soothing the marks on her skin. Jamal stood in the door and watched her. Damn, she looked so hot. He wanted to take here, right then. Her body glistening and ready. But he had something else in mind for tonight. He draped a soft towel over the door and exited.

Laura was toweling off when she noticed the clothing on the bed. It wasn't the blouse and skirt she had deposited on his floor earlier, but a scarlet red dress. She approached the dress as if it could bite and touched the fabric. A soft chiffon greeted her fingers. She held it to herself noticing the high heeled red sandals on the floor. She stepped into them and found they were the perfect size. She saw a tube of lotion on the bed and put the dress aside. She rubbed the perfumed lotion into her damp skin. The smell was light and slightly sweet, a hint of vanilla. She looked on the bed, looking for underwear and couldn't find any.

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