tagLoving WivesThe Making of a Cuckold

The Making of a Cuckold


I was ordered to sit and write this story, while he and his buddy fucked my wife in the bedroom. "We'll be done in a couple of hours, and I expect it to be done when we are." So here I sit, completely humiliated, with a rock hard cock in my hand, listening to my neighbor and some unnamed friend of his fuck my wife silly in the next room.

Alicia and I moved out west three months ago to start our new life. I knew she was a slut when I married her three years earlier; that was one of the things I liked best about her. We've had a few experiences outside of our marriage, with both guys and women, but when we got here things became very different.

The third weekend after we arrived, Alicia was out shopping, and came across an email from my cousin to her. He was talking about how much he missed fucking her while he'd been helping us move, and couldn't wait to come for a visit. I was shocked. I had hired him to help us pack and that little bastard had been working in my house for two weeks before we left. Apparently, they had been fucking while I was paying him to pack our stuff! When I thought back to that time, I knew it was all true and that I had just ignored the clues. I felt so humiliated that she would do it with a member of my family especially when we had discussed how family (and especially him) was off limits.

After she got home that day I confronted her. That's when I saw a side of Alicia I didn't know existed. She looked me straight in the eyes, "Listen Steve, I'm going to fuck whoever I want, whenever I want, and you're going to deal with it or I'm out of here. You'll never find another slut like me. I know you love it, and I know you're a cuckold, so shut the fuck up about it."

She was right on all counts, but, "Why did you do it with my cousin, for Christ sake? Now my entire fucking family will know you're a slut and think I'm a fucking wimp" I cried almost in hysterics.

"You are a fucking wimp" she responded calmly. Alicia pulled down her pants, "and just to prove my point you're going to suck all of Brett's cum from my pussy."

Alicia easily pushed me down to the floor on my back. "Brett? Our rich neighbor with the bi house down the street? The guy with three kids and a pregnant wife?" I was shocked.

"That's right" she said as she straddled my face pinning my arms under her legs. "He's more of a man than you'll ever be. His cock is twice as big as yours and he can last twice as long!" She spread her pussy lips and I saw thick white cum begin dripping out of her. "Now open your mouth nice and wide," she ordered as she lowered her bare pussy covering my nose and mouth. "Now lick and suck me clean, baby!"

I felt her push, and a gush of come mixed with her juices filled my mouth. "He waved me over to his driveway this morning and invited me in for a beer. He said everyone else in the house was gone for the day and he was hoping we could talk and get to know each other."

I swallowed the salty bitter goo that had been forced into my mouth thinking of the guy who it had belonged to. Brett was at least 40, 15 years older than Alicia and me. He was tall, extremely hansom, and built like a body builder. Alicia sat down further on my face making it hard for me to breath. "I agreed to the beer and then he gave me this wicked grin that made my pussy wet before turning and walking into the house. I followed knowing exactly what we were going in for. He led me to the kitchen and handed me a beer from the fridge. He stood really close to me and GOD he's so tall and strong. I obviously scanned his body from head to toe."

"'Do you like what you see?' he asked me."

"'Looks good so far', I told him. Without another word he took my beer and put his big hands around my waist then simultaneously pulled my shirt and bra off over my head. Of course, I offer no resistance and my hard nipples gave away my excitement. That's when I noticed how huge the bulge was in his pants.

"He pulled his shirt off over his head exposing his hairless well defined chest. 'Take off my pants,' he ordered. I wasted no time undoing his belt buckle and letting his pants drop to the floor. 'I could tell you were a slut the first time I laid eyes on you,' he told me as I stroked his ever growing cock. 'And GOD you are so gorgeous, I've been waiting to get you alone for weeks.' I dropped to my knees and worked his huge cock and balls with my hands and mouth. Soon he pulled me up and almost tore my pants off. He easily lifted me onto the kitchen table and slowly slid his big cock into me, and baby, I got to tell you that it felt way too good. We've been fucking me for the last three hours all over his house and in every conceivable position."

Alicia stopped long enough to come smothering me in more of her juices and pushing her pussy hard into my face. "At one point he was fucking me doggy style on his bed and he asked me what you'd think of me being in this position with him. I told him that we have an understanding and that you wouldn't mind, and in fact that you would probably enjoy it. He ask me if you were a cuckold. I told him that you were and he said, 'Good, then I'll bring the family over for lunch on Saturday, around twelve, and make sure he cooks.'"

She stood up quite satisfied, "I'm going to take a shower and relax, and you my love, have some grocery shopping to do. By the way, his family is never to know about this!" Alicia left me wet and lying on the floor and I realized my life was about to change, but I had no idea just how much.

The next day my stomach was tied in knots, "how could I let her treat me so badly?" kept repeating in my head. But in my heart I knew that my dick was in control and so by the end of the day I had decided to let it play out and see what happened.

Saturday morning Alicia prepared for our guests with a long hot bath, having me shaving her body bare, and then giving her a long massaging with lotion. I made sure her young skin was silky smooth before wearing a sexy strapless sundress with nothing underneath. After that I prepared by shopping for the food, getting it ready, and cleaning the house. As I prepped in the kitchen Alicia sat at the table, not allowing me to touch her, and masturbated. At one point, as I was marinating the chicken and Alicia was cramming her dildo deep inside her, she instructed me to make sure I gave his wife a tour of the house by herself, so, when Brett asked me to show him the house, I was to pass him off to her to give the tour. "Do you understand?" she asked harshly.

"Yes, I understand." I replied staring back at the beautiful wet pussy I wasn't being permitted to play with.

When they arrived, Brett, a massive guy at 6' 4", made himself right at home, kicking back on the patio with a beer, Alicia and his kids. Stacy, his wife, and I got to know each other while we worked in the kitchen preparing the meal. She was beautiful, very nice, very pregnant, and obviously had no idea her husband and my wife were fucking. As planned, I gave her a tour of our house. Soon we all had had lunch and their kids had run off somewhere. "Steve," Brett said, "I've never had the official tour of your house. Why don't you show me around?"

My heart jumped into my throat, "Uh, sure...but let me clean up a little first. Or...Alicia, you could show him around."

"I help you," Stacy kindly offered. Alicia led Brett off the deck starting in the backyard. I thought I was going to throw up I felt so nervous and guilty that I was helping he husband two time on her. Stacy and I made small talk while she handed me the dishes to dry. From our place at the kitchen sink we watched as Alicia slowly led Brett through her garden pointing out all her plants and flowers. My heart was racing fast when I caught myself mindlessly rubbing my hard cock against the kitchen counter. When they disappeared around the corner of the house I almost passed out. I dropped a dish and it crashed in the sink.

"Are you OK?" Stacy asked me.

"I'm sorry," I said trying to regain my composure. "It just slipped."

Then one of her boys came running into the house screaming something about his brother beating him up back at their house. Stacy tried to calm him down but with little success. She politely excused herself telling me she would be back soon and went to her house to deal with the kids.

I took this opportunity to try to discover what was going on between the lovers and quietly crept through the house to locate them. As I approached the bedroom my breathing was horribly erratic, I had never felt such fear and anxiety. I could hear Brett through the door quietly talking to her as I slowly and silently pushed it open just enough to look in. I glanced in and could only see Alicia's sundress in a pile on the floor, so I knew she was completely naked. I could hear Brett, "Oh baby, you are so good at that! Oh yeah...just like that...I want to cum all over your face." As the door opened further Brett come into view. He was standing in the middle of the room without pants, and Alicia was right, he was in really great shape. His ass was completely shaved and was probably the best looking ass I'd ever seen on a man, really round and firm. I pushed my head around the door just far enough to see Alicia on her knees sucking on one of the largest cocks I'd ever seen. Now I've had a few of bi experiences in the past, but, they infrequently lived up to my expectations. However, the sight of Brett's perfect body and that huge cock made my cock throb just a little. I watched undetected for several minutes as he continued encouraging her at her task.

Then I looked up at Brett's face and he was looking right at me smiling. "Do you like what you see?" he asked. I nodded my head, "Well come here and get a closer look at your wife sucking my cock." I stood beside him and my heart was pounding in my throat. I watched Alicia as she licked the shaft up and down from his balls to the head of his cock. Then she cupped the head gently in her mouth and bobbed back and forth over the head. My cock was straining to be sucked just like that so I started to undo my pants. Brett put his large arm around me, "Put that little thing away, she's working on me right now, but keep watching how much your wife likes to suck on my big cock."

I was stunned! I stammered trying to protest, but he gave me a little shake with his massive arm, "Man, I think we are going to be best friends, Steve" he smiled. "I can see we're going to be spending a lot of time together. Oh, Yeah! Faster, baby!" When hearing that he planned to spend more time with us, Alicia had gone into a furious cock sucking frenzy engulfing almost half his cock. She was even choking on it which only served to make more lubricating drool. I'd never seen her suck cock with such enthusiasm and I watched in disbelief as she jerked the base of his huge cock with her hands and bobbed as quickly as she could up and down the other half of his shaft.

Brett moved his hands in front of me and took hold of both of my wrists. He then put one of my hands on his ass and the other on his hairless balls, "Squeeze my ass and pull on my balls, I love the way it feels when I come." I started to move away but he held me firmly in place. "I hear you're into men, Alicia tells my you've sucked cock, ah... how many times?" Alicia put up two fingers, "Two times" he said. I felt totally betrayed by my wife.

"How's he doing Alicia?" Brett asked. She put her hand on my hard cock, then gave him a thumbs up and went back to work. "You see Steve, this isn't so bad" he said putting his hands behind his head. I didn't understand why this humiliation and betrayal was getting me so turned on, or why his body felt so good in my hands. "I'll be coming over here on a regular basis to have your wife. You don't mind do you, Steve?" I looked down at Alicia and she gave me a look that told me I had better say yes, so I nodded my head in defeat. "Good" he sighed as his eyes role back. "I'll have to bring some of my friends over to meet you two" he added, "They'll really like you guys ..." Brett pulled his dick out of Alicia's mouth, "Jerk it faster, Alicia, and squeeze harder Steve," he grunted loudly as he came covering Alicia's face and tits. Alicia kneeled quietly, naked at our feet, scooping his cum into her mouth. She soon stood up and kissed me deeply pushing his seed past my lips while Brett chuckled with delight. When her mouth was clean she embraced Brett and they lingered in a long passionate embraced while he squeezed and fondled her large tits. After he put on his pants he wrapped his arm around me and walked me back to the living room as Alicia quickly tossed her dress back on while following.

"Now listen carefully to these rules. First, you will not get blowjobs and no fucking Alicia. Second, you are to serve her every other need, cooking, cleaning, massages, masturbating her, and eating her pussy whenever she wants. Third, while you're sexually pleasing her, you are to say things like, 'don't you wish Brett's big cock was inside you right now', or, 'the next time Brett comes over he's going to fuck you long and hard,' you get the idea. Fourth, you can masturbate all you want, and not in front of Alicia, unless, of course, that's what she wants, but you're not allowed to come. Finally, when I tell you to do something, I expect you to do it, no questions." He stood in front of me placing his large hands on my shoulders, his huge physique dwarfed my skinny five foot nine inch frame as he stared sternly into my eyes, "None of these rules are up for debate. Are we clear?"

I felt compelled to comply; I'd never been so emasculated or frightened, "Yes, I do," I answered humbly.

Stacy entered the house. "I love the house, Steve," Brett told me, "Hi honey," he greeted his wife, "I think Steve and I are going to be great friends. We have a lot in common. But, it's time to go. We don't want to overstay our welcome." He turned to me, "So, you get home around 6 tomorrow, right?" I nodded yes. "I'll see you then." We cordially said our goodbyes and off they went.

"I like those rules." Alicia said while taking off her dress and sitting on the couch. "Now lick. I'm unbelievably horny."

My mind was reeling as I got on my knees and began to slowly lick her pussy. Why would I let another guy control the sexual relationship with my wife? What's wrong with me? Am I really such a wimp that I'll let Brett and my wife humiliate me like this? As I pondered these questions I realized I hadn't felt so alive or so turned on in a long time. I felt anxious and nervous, scared and humiliated, but at the same time I was so turned on that I couldn't wait to see what was going to happen next. I began to imagine watching Alicia riding Brett's huge cock. I had visions me watching while he and his friends had their way with my wife. "Brett's cock is so big," I finally said to my wife, "I can tell you really like sucking it and I bet it feels really good sliding in and out of your pussy." Alicia moaned as she pushed my head back down to her pussy. I continued to lick away until she had several orgasms and finally pushed me away for her first break of the long evening of pussy licking and massage.

The next day at work I couldn't keep my mind on the job, and my stomach ached with fear and anticipation. When I arrived home at 5pm no one was there. I anxiously waited trying to pass the time by reading, watching TV, going on line. The longer I waited the more worried I got. By 7:30 I called over to Brett's house and talked to Stacy. She apologized, remembering that he said we'd get together, and told me that Brett was called at the last minute to entertain some out of town clients from Japan and he didn't usually get in until late from those meetings.

For the next 6 hours the word, entertain, echoed ominously over and over in my head. I thought I was going to have a heart attack by the time I heard a limo pulled up to the end of our driveway. From my bedroom window, I watched as Alicia got out of the car and come into the house. She looked so hot and sexy in her evening gown with an exposed back. Her firm breasts bounced underneath the thin material. Even from inside the house I could see her nipples were hard and she wasn't wearing a bra.

She stood in the door of the bedroom and turned on the light. Her long ruffled hair cascaded around her flushed face. She looked so hot I almost came on the spot.

"OK..." she said pointing to the chair, "You're supposed to take off your clothes and sit in that chair." I noticed Alicia was pretty drunk by the way she staggered into the room. I got out of bed and did as I was told. She unceremoniously peeled off her dress leaving on her thigh high stockings, and heals. Her body especially her tits were covered by red marks like she had been recently ravished.

Kneeled in front of me, Alicia reached under the chair and uncovered handcuffs that were chained to the legs of the chair. "Brett and I put these here this afternoon, now put your hands behind you. Do you like them?" she asked as she cuffed my hands behind the chair.

She then rested her head on my thigh just inches away from one of the hardest cocks I think I'd ever had, and began to rub her clit. "I had the most wonderful time tonight," I was informed before she blew softly on my cock teasing me mercilessly. "We went out for a romantic dinner and to a club, and I was sooo naughty." She squeezed her tits hard and my leg vibrated as she shivered through a small orgasm.

"Brett is the perfect gentleman; he took such good care of me tonight." My body to shiver uncontrollably as she ran her fingernails roughly across my thighs and around my beckoning cock, "Ahhh, poor baby...you look like you need some relief, but, I'm not allowed to touch your cock, and, I'm leaving you in that chair until you're not hard anymore, or, when it's time for you to go to work. Now, I'm supposed tease your cock while I tell you what happened tonight." Alicia put her tongue out and air licked my making my cock respond just as though she had really licked it.

She looked up at me with the sexiest bedroom eyes and resumed rubbing her clit. "So, Brett calls me right after you left this morning and tells me to take a long bath, and dress up in a sexy outfit to go out, and that he'd pick me up at 5pm. I was so fucking hot all day long I just couldn't stop play with myself. I must have had 20 orgasms before he got here. Right at five a big limo pulls up to the house and the driver comes to the door to get me. Brett was inside it looking really HOT. He had on a tight designer T-shirt that really showed off his muscles. He gave me flowers and told me how great and sexy I looked, and just wouldn't shut up about it.

"I just couldn't keep my hands off him. I love the way his chest feels; he's so firm and solid and BIG... not like your scrawny ass." Alicia pushed my legs apart and ran her hands from my knees stopping at the base of my still rock hard cock, "Have I got your attention?" she asked. I nodded by head. "Good, because it wasn't long before I had his huge cock out of his pants and in this mouth. She opened her mouth and put it just above my cock, "I sucked his cock until it was really hard." She stood up and sat on my left leg instantly making it wet and slippery, "then I faced the front of the car and impaled myself on his beautiful cock all while the driver watched in the mirror." She began to fuck my leg and squeezed her tits right in my face, "I put my hands on the ceiling while he squeezed my tits and pulled on my nipples. Oh GOD..." she moaned as she came on my leg, "...that cock reached all the right places inside me making me come again and again." She was fucking my leg so hard my swollen dick was slapping against my belly and her ass taking me to the brink. I started to breath hard and I closed my eyes feeling the cum building up inside me getting ready to shoot all over.

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