tagBDSMThe Making of a Mistress Ch. 01

The Making of a Mistress Ch. 01


This is my first attempt at a story for this site. I appreciate any feedback that people can give me to help me improve the story or my writing and I'll try to incorporate it in future chapters.


In many ways their relationship had started just like any other relationship. They met at a summer job and started flirting. There was obviously mutual attraction, and they were both single, but neither of them took it very seriously at first. It was just the hormone fueled fun that kids in their early 20's like to have. Before too long though it became real interest in one another.

They got along well. Similar personalities, similar interests, and similar attitudes about what they world should be like meant that they had a lot in common and naturally enjoyed each other's company. Soon it was clear to both of them that a relationship could be a really special one. Before long they were dating.

They were a perfect couple. They never fought, they always had fun together, and each date was one they hoped would never end. The sex was great too, always passionate and often lasting for hours, neither one of them was ever left unsatisfied. They loved each other's bodies as much as they loved each other as people.

Nick was tall, about 6'3", a little on the skinny side, but still in good shape. His high cheek bones and slender face combined with his neatly combed brown hair gave him an intellectual look that she liked. Some people would call it a little nerdy, but she thought it was cute, and matched his personality well. Besides, even if he did look a little nerdy to most people they didn't know what she knew about his body. She marveled in his cock. It was almost 10 inches when he was hard, and for some reason it always managed to hit her g-spot.

Cathy was short, only 5'2", but she had a good body. She was relatively thin, but wouldn't have been described as having a flat body. Her 34B boobs and round ass gave her seductive curves, especially in Nick's eyes. Her skin had a perpetual look of being slightly tan, a gift from her Korean ancestry, and her black hair and brown eyes gave her a beautiful face that completed what many would call a girl next door look. Nick loved everything about her body, especially her perky nipples and tight pussy.

By the time that Nick and Cathy had been together for about 2 years their relationship was pretty much a well oiled machine. They knew each other very well and each knew what the other liked and disliked, both in and out of bed. Their sex life was active, and they enjoyed mixing things up to keep it interesting. While they would still have pretty straight forward sex from time to time, most often "mixing things up" meant one or the other of them being dominant. They each liked light BDSM themes in the bedroom, and would take turns taking charge of the other for their own sexual pleasure.

When Nick took charge Cathy loved for him to be rough with her. This would include tying her up, spanking her, lightly slapping her, pinching her nipples, and "forcing" her to suck his cock amongst other things. She loved when Nick would talk dirty to her. Hearing him call her a slut and make her beg for permission to orgasm would make her melt in to sexual bliss. She always knew that if he went too far he would stop the moment she asked, but she never had to ask, and part of her was a little disappointed about that.

When Cathy was in charge of Nick it was all about her pleasure, and his pain. She would sit on his face and "make" him eat her out until she had 3 or 4 orgasms, she would spank him, slap him roughly, choke him a little, and dig her fingernails into his chest while she rode his cock. Once she had actually drawn the tiniest drop of blood, and though she apologized for it after they finished having sex, if she was honest with herself she knew that it had turned her on to abuse him like that. Nick would fantasize about the way Cathy talked dirty to him, belittling him by calling him her bitch, when they weren't together. Though he usually hid it, he always enjoyed being submissive to Cathy more than being dominant over her.

The system of taking turns being dominant was one that worked well for them. But after a few months of this kind of sex it started becoming clear to both of them which sexual relationship was more enjoyable. Nick pretty much stuck to a script when it was his turn to be dominant. Pretend to force Cathy to suck his cock, spank her for a little bit, and then talk dirty to her and occasionally slap her gently while he fucked her to his own orgasm. It got Cathy off, but it was never very exciting, and he never tried to make her do things that she wasn't sure she wanted to do. While that would probably sound like a good thing to most people, Cathy needed a sense of adventure in her sex life. She wanted her and Nick to push the boundaries of what they were each willing to do in bed. She had even taken to fake resisting Nick a little more, hoping that it would cause him to do something new in response, but it never did.

Instead Cathy had to fill her need to push boundaries when it was her turn to dominate Nick. It seemed that each time she took charge of him she would push her pussy on to his mouth a little harder, she would call him meaner names than the last time, and would try to leave his body a little redder where she hit him. Once or twice she had threatened to leave Nick blue balled at the end of the night. Though she didn't do it, she thought she noticed him get a little harder when she suggested that he wouldn't get to cum. Finally, on a night where Nick was pretending to be particularly resistant to her instructions, she pushed their boundaries further still....

"What if I don't want to climb on top of you and fuck you?" Nick had said in a defiant tone, "I mean, you've got me tied to the bed, maybe you should just ride my cock if you want it. If you untie me I might just have to go get my clothes and watch TV, after all, you said I'm your prisoner, and you don't let prisoners free."

Cathy was in no mood for his games. She had made him eat her out to 6 orgasms tonight, and then had slapped him across the face pretty hard a few times. After she spanked Nick's ass until it was a rosy red she was so turned on that her pussy was practically dripping. She wanted him to climb on top of her and fuck her brains out, and she wanted him to do it now. What was his problem anyway? It was no secret that he loved her pussy, so why did he have to be difficult now? She would have to punish him for talking back, that was a normal part of their games, but she had already used her usual punishments earlier. Once again Nick was making it up to her to push the envelope in their sex life, and this time she thought she had a way to make him regret it.

Without breaking character she stared in to Nick's eyes and said in a stern voice, "That's right, you are my prisoner, and that's why you're going to do whatever I tell you to do."

At this point Cathy reached down and took hold of Nick's cock. Without breaking eye contact she started to squeeze it, gently at first, but before long she was squeezing it almost as hard as she could. The discomfort this was causing Nick was evident in the way his breathing quickened. He looked up at her defiantly still, but also a little worried that he may have made Cathy actually angry this time. Cathy continued, "You don't get to talk back to me like that when I tell you to do something, so now you're going to pay for it. I'm going to sit on that rude face of yours and you're going to eat me out until I cum. And to make sure you hurry up about it I'm going to keep squeezing this worthless cock of yours harder and harder until I do cum."

Nick practically came from her words. Once again she had found a way to incorporate a little pain in their bedroom games, and he was thrilled about it. Sure, his dick hurt, and he was a little worried about how hard she would squeeze it if he couldn't make her cum quickly, but that element of fear got him even more excited.

At this point Cathy let go of Nick's dick and climbed on to his face. She roughly pushed her pussy over his mouth so that her clit was right in the part of his lips. Once she was in this position she took hold of Nick's cock again and started to squeeze with both hands. Slowly but surely she was increasing the pressure as he licked and sucked on her clit trying to get her to cum. Obviously her first squeeze had motivated him, because he was tonguing her pussy more ferociously than he had in a long time. As she often did when she took charge, Cathy had lost her sense of how rough she was being with Nick. She didn't think she was squeezing his dick that hard, but the truth was that Nick was starting to suffer a little. His cock really hurt, and there was no sign that Cathy was going to let up. He was becoming more and more worried that she was going to actually hurt him and so he was trying as hard as he possibly could to get her to cum. It didn't take long for Cathy to start feeling her orgasm building. Soon she was cumming all over Nick's face as she screamed out in pleasure.

Once she had recovered she climbed off Nick's face, turned around and meanly said, "Now I'm going to untie you and you're going to climb on top of me and fuck me the way you're supposed to."

"Yes mistress," was the meek response from Nick. He wasn't about to risk playing hard to get again. His dick was still throbbing from the way Cathy had squeezed it, and he didn't want to go through that again too soon.

Mistress, that was new for their games, but Cathy liked it. She untied Nick's hands and feet and lay back as he pushed his cock in to her. The sex they had for the rest of the night was good, and Cathy came 3 more times before Nick emptied his load in her, but the whole time she couldn't stop thinking about how he had squirmed beneath her as she squeezed his cock harder and harder. She kept replaying the same moment when he looked up at her and responded to her instructions, 'Yes mistress'. It turned her on so much to see him give himself to her like that.

For his part Nick had loved the entire night. It had been trying to have his cock squeezed, but he had still liked the feeling. Even at the end of the night when he was on top of Cathy fucking her he knew she was in charge. It turned him on that the woman he thought was as sexy as any woman could be could be so forceful in taking what she wanted from his body.

After they had cleaned up they went to bed, both completely contented by the sex they had just had. Both felt as though a new line had been crossed in their love life, but decided to wait until morning to talk about it since neither of them felt it was a bad thing or that any harm had been done. Nick fell asleep quickly, he usually did after cumming as hard as he had that night, but Cathy couldn't quite find rest.

She kept thinking about the night's events and how it made her feel to take even more control than usual over Nick. She reached down and felt her pussy. It was getting wet again. This was the last bit of confirmation that she needed. She knew what she wanted to do, but was still nervous about doing it. What would Nick think? Would he go for the idea, or would it upset him? If it did upset him what would he do about it? He wouldn't break up with her over something she wanted to do in bed would he? Cathy had been thinking about it a lot for the past few weeks. It was pretty clear to her that Nick preferred when she took charge in bed. Even if he didn't admit it to her she could tell based on the way he acted when he knew she was going to take charge that night. How would he feel about her taking charge all the time? And just how much control would he give her? Cathy knew how much she wanted, or at least she thought she did, but even she wasn't sure how far she wanted to push things. The one thing she did know was that she had to ask Nick if he was open to the idea, and if he was she was going to try to make sure she showed him that she really was in charge of him right away. Maybe she would ask him tomorrow, at the very least she would visit some adult sites for more ideas about the topic.

Finally, after almost an hour of lying awake, Cathy fell asleep. She had big plans for the next day or two, and needed some rest before carrying them out. But even as she drifted to sleep her mind was filled with ideas of making Nick her sexual slave.

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