tagBDSMThe Making of a Mistress Ch. 02

The Making of a Mistress Ch. 02


The next morning neither Cathy nor Nick said anything about the night before. They were both happy to just ignore that anything out of the ordinary had happened and carry on with the days they had planned. For Nick this meant going to a baseball game with some friends. He was awake and out the door early so that they could have a few drinks before actually getting to the game. This was one of the few days he had off work, and he wasn't going to waste a minute of it.

Cathy was left home alone. Nick had been planning a boys' day with his friends, and since she had no particular interest in baseball she was happy to let him have his fun without her. She had fun of her own to get to.

With Nick out of the house Cathy was free to search the internet for ideas about how to go about making Nick her sex slave. For hours she sat at the computer watching videos of femdom, dominant women, and submissive men. She read erotic stories written by both women who controlled their men and by men who loved being controlled by their women. Cathy got more and more ideas of things that she could do with Nick. Some of them would take some work to get Nick to agree to, but others seemed like they were doable right away.

Watching all of those videos and reading all of those stories got Cathy really hot. She was completely enthralled by what she was reading, and was losing track of time. Outside of brief breaks for lunch and dinner she had done nothing all day but learn about femdom. Well, she had done one other thing. All of the thinking about femdom made Cathy so horny she felt like she was going to lose her mind. She had stopped on four separate occasions to masturbate. Each time her mind was filled with images of Nick serving her every sexual whim. As the night got later Cathy was working herself into a frenzy and was about to masturbate for the fifth time.

At that moment Nick came home. It was later than Cathy had realized. The ballgame that Nick had been at was long over, it had ended so long ago in fact that Nick was worried that Cathy would be mad at him for being so late. That worry wasn't too strong of a feeling though because he was also drunk. The guys had kept ordering more and more drinks, and while Nick was a reasonably heavy drinker, even he had his limits, and he had reached them that night.

When he walked in the door he was sure that Cathy would be furious at him and would really yell at him for coming home in the condition that he was in. He felt bad and had spent the ride home thinking about what he could do to make it up to her, but hadn't come up with much. He would just have to say he was sorry and then try to sleep it off. That was his plan as he walked in the door and started looking for Cathy.

"Cathy!? I'm home." Nick shouted louder than he realized.

Hearing Nick come in Cathy panicked. She was worried what he would think if he found her with her pants around her ankles and different femdom stories and videos on the computer screen. Quickly she closed out the windows she had been viewing and pulled up her pants. She would have to find another time to get herself off. Then Cathy went out in to the hall to say hello to Nick.

When she found him he was stumbling around the living room looking for her. Nick hadn't seen her enter the room, so she quickly stepped back around the corner and quietly watched him. It was obvious that he was drunk. Initially Cathy was mad that Nick would come home like this, especially as she realized it was late and he had never called to tell her that he was going out after the game. She was getting ready to yell at him for acting like this when it dawned on her what she really wanted to do.

"Nick! Are you drunk? Where have you been all this time, the game must have ended hours ago? I think you have some explaining to do." Cathy said as she entered the room.

"Baby I'm sorry. The guys wanted to drink some more, and I didn't want to say no, plus it was my day off, I didn't think you'd mind if I was a little late." Nick answered. He was rambling now and he could tell. Cathy looked mad and now he thought that he might be in real trouble so he was searching for any answer that sounded good, but even as he said them he knew they didn't sound good at all.

"So what you're saying is that you were selfish and did what you wanted and what you enjoyed instead of thinking of me?" Cathy asked in a scolding voice.

Nick didn't know what to do. He could tell she was upset, and he knew that he had done the wrong thing. No good ideas about how to make up for his mistake came to mind so Nick decided to just own up to his mistake.

"I guess so, I'm sorry Cathy." Nick said with his eyes on the floor.

"Then for the rest of the night you're going to do what I enjoy and do what I want you to do to make it up to me." Cathy said. Her plan was working so far, but this would be the test of whether or not she could take charge of Nick tonight.

"Cathy can't I just go to bed, I'm still kinda drunk. I promise, I'll make it up to you tomorrow. I'll take you out to dinner and a movie." Nick just wanted to get to sleep at this point and he was hoping that Cathy would let him.

"No, you can't just go to bed. You're going to make it up to me tonight or I'm not going to talk to you for a week. You understand me mister?" Cathy answered in an increasingly dominant tone.

"I understand." Nick said meekly.

"Good, now start by taking off your clothes." Cathy commanded.

'What?' Nick thought to himself. Had he heard Cathy right? Here he was, expecting to get yelled at and she was telling him to take his clothes off? She was going to have sex with him to make up for his coming home drunk? If that was her plan he wasn't going to complain, and he would have to come home drunk more often. He was getting off light!

"Well, get to it!" Cathy said forcefully.

This snapped Nick out of his thoughts, and he quickly started taking his clothes off. Within a minute he was naked and looking forward to what Cathy wanted to do next.

She started to approach him slowly. Though Cathy was still fully dressed Nick was pretty sure that it would only be a little while before they were having wild sex on a table, couch, or chair right there in the living room. Cathy stuck her hand out and started to jerk Nick's cock as he stood stunned at his good luck. She had always been good at giving him a handjob, and they hadn't done this in a while, so Nick was loving every second of it.

As she jerked his cock Cathy leaned in close to Nick's ear, "You're going to do whatever I say tonight. No matter what I tell you to do you're going to do it, and you're going to do it well so that I don't have to make you regret it. Tonight this cock, as well as the rest of your body, belongs to me. I'm going to use it to make myself feel good. How does that sound to you?"

"Amazing." Nick half whispered. Cathy was being dirtier than she usually was and it was getting him really horny.

"Good. For the rest of the night you're going to call me Mistress, and I'm going to call you whatever I want, because it turned me on so much last night when you called me that." Cathy continued.

"Ok." Nick answered.

Cathy squeezed Nick's balls hard, making him gasp, "Ok what?"

"Ok Mistress. Sorry Mistress." Nick answered as Cathy released her grip on both his balls and his cock.

Before he could react Cathy had grabbed Nick by his hair and was starting to drag him upstairs to the bedroom. She was starting to think that making him her sexual slave was going to be easier than she thought, at least for tonight. Nick had seemed quick to agree to being used by her for the night when she was stroking his cock. It seemed that the sites she had been reading were right, if she controlled his cock and his orgasms then he would be easy to control too.

When they got to the bedroom Cathy threw Nick down on the bed. She then went to the drawer where they kept their ropes, handcuffs, gags, and other sex toys. Without saying a word she scanned the drawer and considered how she could use some of the items on Nick tonight.

While still considering exactly what she was going to do to Nick Cathy grabbed four sets of handcuffs. She walked over to the bed, and still without saying anything started to handcuff Nick to the bed posts, spread eagle, while he was lying on his back. Nick didn't resist at all, and as Cathy handcuffed him down his cock got even harder. He was totally under her control now, and he was thrilled, if still nervous, about what she was going to do to him tonight.

Once Nick was secured to the bed Cathy started to take off her own clothes. She slowly slipped out of her pants, then her shirt. Next she took off her bra and gave her nipples a little squeeze so that they would stand up. Lastly she took off her thong, noticing as she did that her pussy was already wet. The whole time Nick didn't take his eyes off her. Even after all the time that they had been dating he still loved watching her do something as simple as undress.

Once she was naked Cathy walked back to the bed and climbed on top of Nick's chest. She positioned herself so that her pussy was close to his face, but not close enough for him to reach out with his tongue and lick it.

"Tonight we're going to have some simple rules," Cathy started, "First, I don't care if you cum or not, so don't think that it is bound to happen eventually. You'll have to work for it, and you'll only get to cum if I think you really deserve to and if you ask my permission. Second, like I explained downstairs, you're going to do everything I tell you to do, when I tell you to do it, or you're going to be punished. I'm not in the mood for your little pretending to resist me game. Do what I say or you'll regret it. Lastly, I know how good you can be in bed when you're really trying. If I think, even for a second, that you're not trying as hard as you can to pleasure me tonight then I'm going to squeeze those little balls of your until they feel like they're going to pop. Do you understand my rules?"

Nick had never seen Cathy this serious in bed before. This was more than just her taking charge like she had in the past. He was starting to wonder if this was still a game. Nick would have thought about that a little more if he hadn't been drinking that night, but in his still buzzed state it didn't bother him as much as it might have otherwise, so he quickly answered, "I understand Mistress."

"Such a good boy, remembering to call me Mistress even when you're all tied up and nervous," Cathy said mockingly, "I think you deserve a reward."

At this point Cathy climbed off Nick's chest and started to stroke his cock. Her hand was moving slowly and deliberately, squeezing just hard enough to work Nick up to a strong orgasm. She went on like this for several minutes before she started to feel Nick's cock tense up.

"Can I cum Mistress?" Nick gasped.

"No." Cathy answered. Immediately she let go of Nick's cock and took a step away from the bed.

Nick couldn't believe it. He had been so close to cumming and then Cathy had just stopped. Why would she do that? She had never denied him an orgasm before but now it was like she was taking pleasure from stopping him from cumming where as before she would have taken pleasure in having made him cum so quickly. Nick didn't understand what this could mean, but he also didn't have time to figure it out, as Cathy's next instructions came quickly.

"There's something I've wanted to try for a while now, but I thought you would think it was weird, so I never said anything. But now that you've agreed to do whatever I want it really doesn't matter what you think," Cathy said, "I'm going to sit on your face, and you're going to lick my asshole. I want you to stick your tongue way up inside my ass."

"Whatever you want Mistress." Nick answered instinctively. Even as the words came out of his mouth he wondered why he had agreed so quickly. Normally the idea of sticking his tongue in Cathy's ass would have been one he struggled with a little. He probably would have done it, but it would have taken some thought. Now he just did whatever she wanted without question.

While Nick wondered why he was giving in so easily Cathy was climbing on his face. She flipped herself around so that she was facing his waist, giving Nick better access to her asshole. Next she reached around with one of her hands and grabbed a good handful of Nick's hair. She then pulled Nick's face up and in to her ass by his hair while also sitting back, trapping his face between her ass and the bed.

Cathy's actions pulled Nick away from his thoughts about his submissive behavior. She was making it clear what she wanted from him. Partly out of guilt from coming home drunk and partly out of fear that Cathy might do something to hurt his cock Nick wasted little time. He started to slowly lick around Cathy's asshole, swirling his tongue against her opening and rubbing her asshole with slow, firm licks from his tongue. The taste wasn't bad, Cathy had clearly showered not long before he had gotten home, but the whole experience was still somewhat embarrassing for Nick. Still, he couldn't deny that having Cathy use him like this was getting him turned on. His dick was starting to get hard again, and the longer he kept licking the more interested he became in his task.

After a couple of minutes of licking the outside of Cathy's asshole Nick summoned up a little more of his courage. He knew what Cathy had said she wanted him to do, and while he was still nervous, he was ready to try it. He wanted to make her happy, and while she seemed to be enjoying what he was doing he could also tell that she was waiting for him to take the next step like she had said. Nick took his tongue, pressed it against the opening in her ass, and started pushing.

At first there was a good amount of resistance, and Nick wondered if he could even get his tongue in her ass, but after pushing for a little bit he could feel his tongue slide in to Cathy's ass. He pushed further and further in, burying his face in her ass and his tongue in her asshole. Once it was inside he started to swirl his tongue around, the same way he would when he was eating Cathy out. It was clearly having the intended effect as Cathy started gasping and moaning.

"That's it, that's just what I wanted Nick," Cathy said, "Oh God baby, this is so much better than I imagined it being."

Cathy started to stroke Nick's cock again as he continued to move his tongue around in her ass. She was loving the way he was making her feel, but she also knew that he was fooling himself if he thought she was going to let him cum this easily. As Nick kept licking Cathy started to have an unexpected feeling swell up inside her. She was starting to feel an orgasm coming on. Cathy had heard of girls having orgasms from anal sex and other anal stimulation, but had never known that she might be one of those girls. Cathy leaned back even harder on Nick's face. If she was going to cum then she wanted it to be a good orgasm.

Cathy could feel herself getting close. As she did she also noticed Nick's cock start to tense up again. He was close to cumming. The idea of denying him an orgasm again was enough to push her over the edge. She let go of Nick's cock, leaving him just short of cumming, and let out a low, moaning scream as her pussy and ass clenched and her own orgasm overtook her. She collapsed on Nick's chest as he took his tongue out of her ass and she tried to collect herself.

Once Cathy had collected herself she climbed off Nick's chest. He felt confident that she was ready to let him cum now, and that she was about to start riding his cock. He had been denied the right to cum twice already after having never been denied it before. Then he had given Cathy one of the best orgasms she had ever had be licking the inside of her asshole. She was bound to end the game now and finish him off with some good sex. Cathy had other ideas though.

"Oh baby, you've been such a good slave for me tonight," Cathy said in a sweet voice, "I almost wish that I didn't have to do this to you. But I told myself when we started this game tonight that I would have to so that I could show you something about yourself and make sure that I was able to give you what you need. I have to do it, and even though I know it will be rough for you, I also really think you'll like it."

Without saying another word Cathy grabbed hold of Nick's balls and squeezed them hard. He let out a yelp, but that only got her to squeeze harder. With her other hand she started squeezing his cock. She was squeezing his cock and his balls as hard as she could as Nick writhed in pain. He let out constant groans and yells for her to stop.

"Please stop!" Nick implored her.

"Please stop what?" Cathy yelled back as she squeezed his balls even harder.

"Oh God, stop, it's too much," Nick continued, "Stop stop stop! It hurts so bad!"

"You're forgetting the magic word slave!" Cathy shouted back again. As she did she took the hand that had been squeezing Nick's cock and started slapping his cock instead.

"Mistress! Please stop Mistress!" Nick begged.

"That's more like it." Cathy said as she stopped squeezing his balls.

Next she started to slap them, sometimes as they just hung loose, other times while she was holding them still with her other hand. Occasionally she would mix in a slap of his cock and when she felt like she was going too easy on Nick Cathy would start squeezing his balls again until he screamed and begged her to stop. The whole time though Nick's cock stayed hard, confirming to Cathy that she should keep going and that she had been right about him the whole time.

Nick had noticed that his cock wasn't going down too. Even though the pain that Cathy was putting him through was almost more than he could bear he didn't really want her to stop. He was turned on by her actions. He wanted to continue suffering for her because it was obvious that she wanted him to continue suffering. Still, he hoped that she would stop soon. All thoughts of sex and getting to cum himself had just about left his mind, but his cock was still very hard, and very sore, and he wanted to rest.

After they had continued like that for nearly forty-five minutes Cathy finally let up. Her pussy was soaking wet because of how Nick had taken the pain she had dealt him. The whole time his cock stayed hard for her, only making her want it more. Finally, when she couldn't wait any longer to fuck him she had stopped. Without speaking a word she climbed on Nick and started to ride his dick.

It only took a few seconds for her to have her first orgasm. The second had followed about a minute later. As the third was building in her she heard the first words come from Nick in a while.

"Can I cum Mistress?" Nick asked.

He had remembered the rules that she had given him earlier that night. She was very pleased about that. However, her own orgasm was still a little ways off, and she wasn't going to pass up what she was sure was going to be a big one.

"Not yet slave, but soon." She said between breaths as she continued bouncing up and down on his rock hard member.

About a minute later, just as she was about to cum Cathy heard Nick ask again.

"Please Mistress, I really need to cum, please can I cum Mistress?" Nick begged.

"Cum slave! Cum in your Mistress' pussy!" Cathy screamed as her own orgasm overtook her.

With a low groan Nick started to cum, shooting his load in to Cathy's pussy.

"That's it, give it all to me, give me all that cum. Shoot it all up inside me slave! Cum for your Mistress!" Cathy cried out as she felt her orgasm start to fade.

It was done. Both Nick and Cathy had had some of the best orgasms of their lives that night. Cathy had learned everything she needed about Nick's desire to submit to her, and she had shown him sides of himself that would make him realize his desire to submit. After Cathy climbed off of Nick's cock and went to the bathroom to clean herself up she cuddled up to Nick in the bed. He was still handcuffed to the bed posts, but he had fallen asleep while she was in the bathroom, he was totally spent. She was exhausted too, and didn't even bother releasing him from the restraints before falling asleep. There would be time for that in the morning, but then again, she might want to use them one more time before letting him free.

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