tagBDSMThe Making Of A Slave

The Making Of A Slave


I walked down the basement stairs of the large house and opened the door. Groans and cries assaulted my ears as I stepped into Master J's dungeon. It was a remarkable sight! The room was stacked full of torture devices and several men and women were the objects of someone's torture, yet their sounds were coupled with pleasure and contentment.

Master J had been a friend and fellow Dom for many years. He had furnished a fully equipped dungeon in his house and occasionally held play parties there. Often he would invite me and I would visit but always alone. He always asked how come I never brought a sub or slave to the parties and I always told him that when I found the perfect slave, I would bring her to meet him and let him play with her. He would always laugh and say,

"You'll be waiting a long time, my friend!"

As I gazed into the darkened room lit only by red and blue lights, my eyes slowly became accustomed to the low level of lighting. Directly across from the door was a large wooden cross to which was chained a fat woman. Her feet and arms were spread and chained as she was bound to the St. Andrew's cross. Behind her stood a short pudgy man who I had come to know as Big George and he was swinging a thick elk hide flogger. Every lash sent out a loud "Thhwwackkk"! and the fat woman's ass jiggled as she jumped and twisted. Her alabaster back was striped with red welts and she shrieked with every lash.

I stood at the entrance and watched as he flogged her. As the lashes marked her back, a thin line of fluid dripped down between her fat thighs. He whipped her until the fluid gushed and her body quivered. Finally when he felt that she had enough, he embraced her from behind, rubbing her fiery red skin with his mink gloved hand. He whispered endearing words in her ear as his other hand sought her pussy between the large rolls of pudendal flesh.

His fingers found their mark and he began alternating between probing into her wet cavern and flicking her tubescent clitoris. His voice, steady and calming all the while, kept uttering soft words until she shuddered and cried out aloud again, this time in the throes of a blistering orgasm. He loosened her bonds and lay her on the floor, her body now soaked with perspiration. He covered her with a warm blanket and lay spooning with her, kissing her cheeks and ears, still murmuring to her as he slowly brought her back to reality.

Next to them was a small woman with both of her wrists chained to two rings on the wall so high that she was kept on tip toe. Behind her an extremely tall, masked man swung a single tailed whip which hissed and cracked loudly but only barely kissed her flesh. The man was good with the whip. Time and time again he cracked the whip and barely kissed her skin with it as she writhed in ecstasy. Her olive skinned back glowed red with the kisses of the whip.

The room was filled with several scenes just like this, women on padded spanking benches, men suspended on their toes with engorged balls and cocks tightly bound with twine.

Other men and women sat on chairs with male and female slaves at their feet waiting their turns. Some of the men were being sucked by their male or female slaves while they chatted with other Doms and there was one woman with her thighs locked around her slave's head as he feasted on her cunt.

In a far corner to the left, a man with a metal collar lay across a padded bench, both hands reaching back to spread his butt cheeks. Behind him a woman stood lubricating a massive ten inch long and three inch diameter black gel dildo that was tightly strapped to her loins.

She approached his ass and slowly pressed the massive didlo into him. He let out a long, low groan. Slowly she began to fuck him. His perianal tissue pulled out everytime she pulled the dildo back and sunk when she pushed it back into him. Gradually his ass accommodated to the large dildo and it moved easier back in forth inside him. She fucked him without mercy, all the while grabbing his turgid cock tightly and stroking it as his precum flowed between her fingers.

His loud groans undergirded the whacks and screams that emanated from the denizens of the dungeon. She fucked him unti his turgid cock spurted a copious flow of cum on the towel between his legs. When he was fully drained, she withdrew from him, leaving a gaping red asshole, that spasmed in an effort to bring its walls back together.

Whips, canes and floggers of all sorts were visible as were mailed gloves, Warthenburg spiked wheels , nipple clamps and a host of other pain and pleasure creating implements.

She stood behind me in the door way without making a sound. I turned to her and said, "Follow me...."

I was born an Alpha male but for years I didn't know what it meant. As I grew older I discovered that I liked being served by women especially women who were deferential and enjoyed serving men. This was exactly the type of woman that I chose to marry.

We had been married for about twenty years when it dawned on me that she enjoyed being submissive. She was submissive, not in the way of having no opinions or will of her own but one where she chose to be.

She was 5'8", 160 lbs. of solidly built chocolate when we were first married, kind of reminds me of Beyonce; large shapely thighs, bubble ass and "C" cupped breasts that were firm to the touch. Her nipples were inverted and only poked out when she became aroused, a condition I tried always to keep her in.

After three children, a few surgeries and a lot of living, her body was no longer the trim one of a twenty year old but that of a voluptuous forty year old, who ran the dial of the scale up to 180 lbs. Her ass and thighs were still shapely but larger and not as firm. Her breasts had enlarged to DD's and her stomach was nothing near as flat as it used to be but she was still a good looking woman and to me, still very sexy.

Our sex life was always a very active one. Even after twenty years of marriage we still had sex two to three times weekly. She never refused once and I never needed it any less. As many couples do, we developed sexual fantasies which we shared with each other to spice up our love making and keep our sex life interesting.

Some of them we acted out and some we didn't. On one occasion, she shared that she sometimes wondered what the touch of another woman would be like and I was able to find a willing friend to introduce her to the pleasures of bisexuality.

We broadened our sex life by engaging in swinging and occasionally involving others in threesomes and foursomes and found all of these welcome additions to our secure and solid marriage to be very enjoyable. While she enjoyed these occasional aberrations, nothing really seemed to fire up her enthusiasm to the point that she thirsted for it. Then one early morning, while we were basking in a sexual afterglow , she wondered aloud how it would feel to be whipped.

Being an Alpha male, the thought intrigued me and as I usually do before attempting something new, I read alot before beginning our foray into this new experience. I learned about caning, flogging and a whole lot of other things that I never knew even existed but came under the umbrella of dominance and submission. I even joined a local BDSM society and went to meetings to meet others who lived the lifestyle.

It came easy to me because after all, I was an Alpha male!

I bought a cane, a soft deer hide flogger, a rubber fronded flogger, some velvet ropes, a Warthenburg spiked wheel , some velvet wrist cuffs and one night as we were beginning to engage in one of our regular sexual escapades, I stripped her naked then tied her face down to the bed with arms and legs spread eagled. She went along thinking that I was just trying out some mild kink until I showed her the cane and floggers.

Her eyes opened wide and she momentarily struggled against her restraints. When she realized that she couldn't loosen them, she lay quietly, gazing at me. I stroked her back very lightly with the flogger and ever so often flicked her ass with the rubber one which stung slightly. I pause periodically to massage her ass and back with my bare hands and would start again, gradually striking harder.

Her eyes were now closed and I could see tell tale signs of moisture seeping from between her thighs. As I whipped her with my right hand, I slipped my left thumb into her pussy and slowly finger fucked her. My middle finger massaged around her clitoris as I alternated the lashes and the finger fucking.

As I felt the first spasms of her orgasm, I withdrew my fingers and flogged her hard. She was beyond caring at this point and her orgasm lashed her like the tails of the flogger as the pleasure–pain mix drove her. With every lash, sparks flew from her back to her pussy to her brain as she gasped and writhed. Thunder roared in her ears, her pussy drenched the bed and she screamed

"Oh God, oh God, Oh GAWWDDDD!

I stopped whipping her and lay beside her in the bed, gently rubbing her fiery back and ass with my bare hand. I whispered softly in her ears that I loved her as she shuddered and shuddered with post orgasmic waves that grew progressively gentler and gentler. I freed her limbs and drew her to me in the bed. She clung to me like a woman who had slipped off the edge of a cliff and was hanging on to the only life saving device that she could find.

I gentled her until she fell asleep. Hours later I awoke to find my cock encased in her mouth as she gave me the release she knew that I didn't get before. For the first time, she sucked me until I exploded in her mouth and swallowed every drop, then cleaned me with her tongue until no more fluid seeped from my sated cock before climbing back into my arms and whispering how much she loved me.

At first, the flogging was just another adjunct to our lovemaking but as we did it more and more she appeared to enjoy it to such a degree that just the mere mention of it brought a smile to her face.

I learned how to flog her better based on her responses and finally she took her first flight. I had taken her with me on a business trip to San Francisco and we stayed on for the weekend. After dinner we danced and drank glasses of Harvey's Bristol Cream, a drink that I knew made her horny. When we returned to our room, I told her that I had brought our toys with me. She smiled, stripped naked, lay on the bed on her stomach with her limbs spread eagled and awaited my binding.

I strapped her to the bed and gently stroked her back with the palms of my hands. She moaned with pleasure. Ever so often, I curled my fingers and dragged my nails down her back, hard enough to sting but not gouge her flesh. For fifteen minutes I aroused her flesh with gentle scratching and soft bites, then I switched to slow gentle flicks with the flogger that slowly escalated over an hour.

As I flogged, "Ooos and Aaahs" drizzled from her lips. It reached the point where I was really laying into her with and her cries began to morph into moans. Suddenly she began grinding her belly into the bed as if she were fucking. She gasped and shuddered and bucked in the bed and I realized that she was cumming.

Her pain induced pleaure rode the crest of fiery orgasm.

I slowly decreased the intensity of the lashes until I gently brushed her with the tails. Finally, I stopped. She quivered and moaned in the bed. The sheet between her legs was soaked.

Gently, I untied her and held her close to me as she curled into a fetal position. I pulled her back into my lap, talked softly to her, held her in my arms and let her know that I was there. A half hour later she had come all the way down and she lay curled up in my arms. Then she whispered, "Fuck me!"

I complied thoroughly. I entered her from the rear just as she lay on her side, gently sliding my big cock into her pussy. I was amazed as to how hot and wet it was. Slowly I stroked her, gradually going deeper and deeper until my balls were pressing on her ass. Just like I did when I whipped her, I slowly escalated until I was pounding her pussy.

Her orgasm manifested itself by a long wail of ecstasy that ended with body wracking sobs!

She gave up herself that night and for the very first time I used her for my pleasure. I was insatiable and fucked her until the sun rose and we both collapsed into a soggy, pussy drenched bed.

When we awoke, she was still nestled in my arms. She turned to face me and to my surprise said,

"Morning,Master" and chuckled. Apparently she had been reading too!

"Would you trust me to let someone else flog you?" I asked.

"No way," she responded. "You are the only one I would trust to do that."

I chuckled.

After that night not only did the whippings become a regular part of our love making but we began talking about a D/s relationship. For some inexplicable reason, even though she was submissive and admitted that she was, she did not want to have a formal D/s relationship. She would refer to me as Master only when she wanted to and avoided all formalization for any such an arrangement.

As a dominant male this didn't sit too well with me but I knew innately that the greatest form of submission is the one that a slave chooses, not one that is forced and so I took it on myself to be patient.

I was now committed to a D/s relationship but I had to wait for her to get there so I hit on a plan to help her along. It backfired!

On the internet, I read about a BDSM club which was opening its doors to the members of the group to which I belonged and I took her there with me. All of the people were very nice and she was settling in well. Suddenly we heard a tremendous "Whhhaaacccckkk!!!!" followed by a blood curdling scream. Everyone in the club stopped and turned to see what was occurring.

It was a man whipping his wife with such force that the lashes thundered like small explosions. She was shaken by the violent whacking and trembled as she sat by me.

"Oh God," she whispered, "how could she take such a beating?"

I calmed her down but she was too upset to enjoy enything else that night. Later when we returned home we talked about the episode but the seeming violence that she had witnessed had shaken her to the roots.

I had to take a step back in her training and concentrate more on her mind than her body.

Daily, without mentioning D/s, I gave her chores to do which without her realizing the effect they had on her until she performed them without complaint.

Sometimes I walked into the house, closed the front door, called to her, took my cock out and told her to suck it. At first she resisted and would grumble but gradually she would come and kneel before me and take my cock in her mouth without complaint. After a while she came as soon as I entered the house and knelt with open mouth, to receive my cock without even being called.

From time to time, I would tell her to leave her panties at home and meet me for drinks or dinner and even on some formal occasions, I told her to leave her panties at home and she obeyed.

Slowly I lead her back to the flogger and she accepted the flogging as a precursor to electric sex. I would fuck her hard after I had whipped her hard and her orgasms were so violent that they would sometimes force my cock from her pussy.

For six months, I encouraged her to comply with my demands, slowly ramping them up and becoming more demanding.

Finally one day as she knelt before me, I said to her,

"You know that I am your Master."

She responded, "Yes, I know."

"How much do you trust me?" I asked.

"With my life, " she responded.

"What do you call me then?"Iasked.

"M-m-mmmaster." She murmured and hung her head down.

"Look me in the face," I said to her.

She looked up at me.

"Who am I," I asked

"My Master," she replied.

"If you trust me with your life and accept me as your Master, then is it not true that you are mine to do with as I please?" I asked.

"Yes." She whispered.

"Will you trust me if I let another Master have you to flog you and teach you more about this lifestyle?" I asked.

Fearfully she looked at me and said, "Yes, Master!"

The following weekend, I had her get ready and wearing nothing else but a pair of black high heeled shoes and a raincoat, drove her to Master J's house. After we entered, I removed the raincoat, leaving her clad only in her shoes as Master J and I talked.

" I see that you have finally brought sdomeone to my party," he said.

" If you remember," I said, " I told you that I would when I found the perfect slave,"

"You did, you most certainly did," he smiled.

"Master J, this is my slave, Vee"

"It is good to meet you, Vee, welcome to my home," he added.

"Thank you, Sir," she replied.

He and I walked down the stairs to the dungeon and when I bade her follow me, she walked into a new world of total submission and trust in her Master.

To be continued.......

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