tagFetishThe Making of a Young Nylon Foot Slave Ch. 01

The Making of a Young Nylon Foot Slave Ch. 01


It was a typical Saturday of March 2007 in the suburbs of New York for the Walsh family. Young Mark was in the family room sitting on the leather couch watching T.V. Mark was channel surfing and was keeping himself occupied with programs here and there. Mark's parents, Adam and Danielle Walsh were in the kitchen and discussing how rude and out of control Mark was. Their uncontrollable son has been behaving unacceptable to his mother and father and was starting to affect their lives too in a negative way. The discussion was kept at a low tone as for Mark not to hear.

The discussion between the parents was becoming lengthy as Danielle kept asking Adam in a drawn out manner, "Why won't your son do as I tell him?" She claims that,"Every time I ask him to clean up after himself of tidy his part of his bedroom either he totally ignores me or storms away from me?" Adam responded,"He's always my son when he's like this, not yours. I've talked to him but it's no use any more. He just will not listen to you. Maybe we should talk to your sister, get him out the house to do chores at her place. Maybe he'll grow up a little and get out of his poor attitude towards you and see how life could be and that right now he has it easy. You remember how Sean made a "360" in his attitude towards Susan and she had him eating out of her hand just before the divorce."

Danielle agreed that maybe the boy needed to take on responsibility. Danielle's sister Susan was younger than her sister by 3 yrs. She was a stern, no nonsense woman and self established. She made a lot of money flipping houses when the market was good, but her persistence in jumping into this line of work caused her a divorce. Her then husband Sean Anderson tried to push her into not making this career decision and made Susan feel belittled and small. Susan vowed after the divorce that no man would ever be more domineering towards her as to never let this scenario happen again. Since then Susan has led a single carefree life and enjoying what she wants.

As Danielle and Adam's discussion was coming to an end, their younger son Michael entered the kitchen. Michael who is 5 yrs. Younger than his brother Mark, came into the kitchen for snake break from playing video games upstairs in the boys' bedroom. Both parents instantaneously changed their mood and asked Michael,"How are things." Michael replied,"I did as you told me mom and my side of the bedroom is cleaned up and I'm playing video games." Both parents couldn't understand why Michael was the opposite of his brother Mark that always gave them a hard time and fought them tooth and nail.

At 3o'clock aunt Susan had dropped by to say hello and chit chat with her sister Danielle. Susan had announced that she had arrived and proceeded to the kitchen where her sister said,"I'm in here sis." Both sisters had caught up on gossip and Danielle decided to tell her sister about Mark's predicament. She told her sis that,"He thinks he's so macho and doesn't want to listen to either one of us. Maybe he could do some odds and ends at your place, knowing how you are. You could probably break him out of this way of thinking. We are about to send him to a military school and just give up on the matter." The reason that Adam and Danielle came up with this idea was that just before the end of Susan's divorce, she had her husband Sean eating out of her hand.

Susan told her sister,"Give me a couple of days and I'll let you know." Susan told Danielle that,"she would be back." and Danielle said,"I'll start with dinner." As Susan left the room she entered the family room where Mark was still watching TV.. Susan knew how to make a dominant appearance and stood next to Mark. Susan was dressed in a brown blouse with a matching Brown pair of pants, dark suntan reinforced heel & toe stockings clad in black high heels.

Susan sat down on the "L" shaped leather couch and proceeded to take off her heels. Her nylon-clad feet were sweaty and tired from shopping and showing houses to potential buyers. As soon as she elevated her feet on the couch Mark yelled," What are you doing, those things stink and are making me sick!" Susan was annoyed by the fact that he nearly screamed at her. Susan commented that,"They're only feet, it's not like they're touching you."

Susan wanted to push the envelope and see how much Mark disliked feet, so she lifted her right nylon-clad foot and poked Mark in his left ribs. As soon as the smelly foot made contact with his left side, he smacked her foot away with a forceful slap. Mark then yelled,"What's wrong with you!". He then turned the TV. off and stormed out the room saying,"That's disgusting!"

After Mark stormed out of the room, a light went on inside Susan's head. Susan remembered that just before her divorce she had read books about domination and the psyche of it, and dominant people always hold something over the other in the scenario. Susan knew her nephew hated feet and this wasn't the first time with this reaction towards her. When she wore nylons her feet smelled more than usual, and this might be the one thing to put Mark in his place.

Susan thought about her close friend and business partner. Claire worked under Susan flipping houses, but Susan remembered that Claire stated on her resume that she had a bachelor's degree in sociology and psychology. Susan also liked that she is open and always into new things and sometimes gets eccentric, but Susan thought this was alright because of her passed predicament and now she wants to enjoy life to its fullest. Susan also knew that Claire dabbled in the s/m scene at the clubs once or twice.

Susan picked up her cell phone and called her close friend Claire. Claire answered the phone, "Hey what's up." Susan asked, "I have a question about dominance and how to get someone in line using, let's say an object." Claire knew that she could talk to Susan about anything and that they both played off each other. She asked, "What's with the question?" Susan said, "I want to know in depth, because if your education, can you make someone do something that they don't want to by using an object or objects?"

Claire responded with, "That is a deep, far and wide subject, but yes. It's sort of like torture in a different view. So to answer your question, of course you can, and most of the time it's effective! What's the matter, you want to torment your ex?" Susan in an angry tone, "No not that!@#$%, but I know someone that needs to be put in his place!" Claire started probing saying, "So it's a he. If you want my help give me the low down."

Susan took a breath then started, "My nephew Mark has an authority problem with his parents and with me. He does what he wants to when he wants to and his parents are pretty much done with him and want to send him to a military school. Today my sister told me that if he does chores at my place and sees the other side of the fence, then he might grow up and gain responsibility. Just before I called you I found out that Mark hates smelly feet with ferocity. So I was thinking if he gets out of hand at my place, then I could use my stinky feet to keep him in line since he is too big for me to chastise."

Claire laughed to herself and told Susan that, "This could be done but you need help in disciplining Mark. I could be a great asset in this." Claire had ulterior motives since she;

A) Could finally use her education

B) Explore the femdom side she liked so much

C) That it should be easy since Mark is young and naive and if need be, twist the psyche of him and others

D) Plus the situation was erotic and hot.

First off Claire told Susan," Tell Danielle and Adam that you need a lot done at your place since work has had you tied up. Propose that you pick Mark up after school and on weekends." Claire was determined to make these times of chores into sessions.

Susan agreed and said she would run this past Adam and Danielle. Susan said in a determined tone, "We have to make this work, Mark is killing his parents' marriage and Adam and Danielle belong together." In a Silly tone she said, "If not the parents would probably disown him." When Claire heard this she had many visual thoughts in a matter of seconds. She took the last statement seriously and a hot flash came over her. Claire responded flustered, "I'm with you all the way girl."

Susan said, "Goodbye" to Claire and then proceeded to walk to the kitchen to talk to Danielle. Since the phone call only took a couple of minutes, Danielle was none the wiser. Susan told Danielle that, "Giving Mark more responsibility sounds like a great idea and since work has her bogged down she could use his help. I could use him to run errands and run here and there for me." Danielle thought that thus was fantastic and said, "When do you want him!" Susan remembered her last remark with Claire and with the seriousness of Daniel's Statement, maybe they were about to disown Mark.

Susan told Danielle, "Starting Wednesday after school I could take him off your hands." Danielle was elated because she knew that her sister was no nonsense, stern woman. Danielle hugged her sister and said, "I don't know what Adam and I would have done, we were already looking at military schools and found a nice one for him." Susan told her sister, "Don't worry, I'll try my best."

Susan helped Danielle set the table for dinner. Danielle called Adam from outside, and Michael and Mark upstairs to come eat. Of course Mark was the last one to the table and sat opposite Susan. Conversations came and went until the topic of Mark arose. Susan could feel the tension at the table except for Michael who was only 11 yrs. old. Adam talked about possible military school and that Mark was incorrigible. He spoke of the two times he tried to run away from home but never made it too far since he had no money to eat. He also talked about his bad grades and one time the police came to the house with Adam stating that, "He was shoplifting and was caught and found with an illegal substance on him. The owner of the store does not want to press charges, but we are going to have to talk to him about the other." Susan could sense that Adam was fed up with Mark and that he felt that things seemed to start heading in the wrong direction with Mark. Susan was taken back by all of this and gave Mark an irate look. Susan told Adam about the arrangement between Danielle and herself and that she would take Mark off their hands on weekends and after school. Mark protested knowing how strict his Aunt Susan is and that he just pissed her off in the family room before.

Adam asked Susan, "How can you keep my son under control?". With that comment Susan slipped off her black high heeled shoe, exposing her moist nylon-clad foot and nudged Marks ankle under the table. Susan noticed Marks facial expression and just before Mark could yell something, Susan pointed her fork at Mark and said, "You just shut up little boy!" Adam and Danielle were surprised and impressed that Mark shut up, but mark knew no one would listen to his outlandish remark of his aunt's foot. With everyone against him he thought he'd be in more trouble.

After dinner Adam and Danielle were happy about the arrangement and Susan knew she had some work ahead of her, but she had great help behind her.

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