tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThe Making of Cuckold Ch. 01

The Making of Cuckold Ch. 01


Sally had a past, a particularly slutty past. She was a pretty girl at school. Cute face, long brown hair and always a short skirt. She carried a little excess weight but this only enhanced her look to the eighteen and nineteen year old boys in her class. It gave her a big round ass and big tits. She flirted like crazy and got a lot of attention; she loved it.

She lost her virginity three months after her eighteenth birthday. Everyone already assumed that she had lost it years before but the time had never been right for her. However, that night felt right. She was at a party and she set her sights on a football player. She flirted with him, danced with him and took every opportunity to touch him. Before long he kissed her and after a doing that for what seemed like hours he led her up stairs to a free bedroom.

He took down his pants and she looked greedily at his already hard cock before she took it in her hand and jerked him off a while as she kissed him some more. He had his hand inside her bra roughly squeezing her tits. Neither of them were sophisticated or experienced love makers.

She then hitched up her skirt and slipped down her panties and laid on the bed. He got on top of her and after about six attempts finally managed to get his cock inside her damp pussy. She gasped with the pain. The next ten minutes were clumsy and messy but she found that she really enjoyed it. When he had finished she pushed him off, wiped herself and rejoined the party. She had not cum but she was already addicted.

Over the remainder of her time at school she got through a lot of boys and became well known as the school bike, but she did not care. She was loving life and getting very good at sex.

Then she went to college when she was almost twenty. She spent three years there and she partied hard. She picked up two or three guys a week. By the time she had graduated she had fucked over 140 boys and pissed off a whole heap of girlfriends. She was a well known slut and she loved it.

When she left college she began to settle down a bit. She got a job, partied less and had less partners. After two years she began dating a man named Gus. He was a lovely straight-laced boy who had worked for the same company for a year or so. He was reasonably handsome, well paid and he cherished every moment with Sally. He made her feel like a princess, the only girl in the world.

They dated for three months. Restaurants, bars, cinemas, walks in the park. It was romantic and lovely. They kissed quite a lot but he never pushed his luck. Then one day they had that talk, the one about previous partners. Gus had slept with three women at college and none since. They had all been proper relationships.

Gus was shocked when Sally told him how many men she had been with and how much of a slut she had been. But she told him that her life had changed now, that was all in her past. He accepted it because he knew it was true. She said that she wanted to wait to have sex until she was with her life partner. Again Gus understood. He was, of course, frustrated but he respected her wishes.

What Gus did not realise was that, as time progressed and they got closer, Sally became more and more horny but she also got turned on by the fact that she had been with so many more people than Gus and that all of those people had seen her naked and he never had. This thought began to increasingly turn her on. So she never let him see her naked.

Whenever they made out, which they did quite a lot in those early months, the lights were always off before the clothes came off. She let him go down on her and pleasure her with his tongue but he could never see anything as the lights were off and he was under the covers. He did every now and then make her cum. She never repaid. The most he got was a partial hand job, she never made him cum.

As the months past her thoughts got more and more naughty and she thought about having an affair. She absolutely believed that the ultimate turn on would be for other guys to fuck her when Gus had never even seen her naked. Every time she thought of it she masturbated until she came. However, she wanted it to be special so she waited.

After they had been together for one year Gus asked Sally to marry him. She immediately said yes and kissed him passionately. She was so happy. It was what she wanted. She also knew that she had her special time....her wedding night. They set the date for three months time.

Over the next month Sally developed her plan. She wanted to have sex with three guys on her wedding day and none of them would be Gus. But she needed to be careful. So on the two months leading up to the big day she set things up. She insisted that Gus and her spend a lot of time with his two groomsmen and Gus's single dad (who she knew had an eye for the ladies).

She always made sure that she wore sexy outfits when she was with them. Not too obvious but enough to catch their eyes. She would do a few more obvious things when she got the opportunity like hitching her skirt up to adjust her stockings, and bending over to pick something up. Always ensuring that Gus saw nothing but one of the others saw plenty.

It all worked perfectly. All three of them obviously wanted her and in the last few days she stepped up the flirtation. She even arranged for Gus's dad to catch her naked in the bathroom on the day before her wedding. He was obviously embarrassed but very obviously turned on if the bulge in his pants was any indication, Sally just smiled at him.

The day of their wedding arrived. She had already asked Gus's dad to give her away as both of her parents had passed on years before. David (Gus's dad) had a key and so he let himself into Sally and Gus's apartment. He shouted ' I am here Sally'.

'I am as nervous as hell. Why don't you fix us both some drinks and help me with this dress Dave?' she replied.

David prepared two single malt whiskeys on the rocks and made his way through to the bedroom. All he saw when he got in was Sally's large frilly white dress lying on the bed. Sally was obviously in the en suite shower room. David could not help thinking back to when he saw her naked yesterday. She was a gorgeous girl. He was a little jealous of his son and he was beginning to get a semi.

The semi did not last long. Sally opened the en suite door and walked out looking David in the eyes. David could not believe his eyes. She looked amazing. Long blond hair, beautifully made up face but most of all she was only wearing her brand new bright white skimpy wedding lingerie. Lace bra amply filled by her large pert boobs, tiny white lace panties and suspender belt and white stockings. Dave semi immediately turned into a rock hard erection.

'Do you think I look pretty?' she asked with a naughty little smile.

David could not stop himself and immediately replied 'Fuck yeah, you look amazing'.

'Do you realize that Gus has never seen me like this and he certainly has never seen me like you did yesterday? What do you think about that?'

'I don't know what to think about that' David said, he was getting so turned on by this semi-naked beauty standing in front of him. He had fantasized about her a lot over the last two months. She had been the muse for many of his masturbation sessions and he had even imagined he was fucking Sally last time he was fucking one of his 'ladies'.

Sally walked up to get a drink making sure that she pushed up against David. 'Oooh, what's that?' she giggled.

'Err, um err...'David mumbled.

Sally just smiled and took his package in her hand. 'Oh my, you really do think I look amazing'. David blushed and his cock felt like it would explode it was getting so hard. Sally began to rub it gently through his suit pants. 'Do you realise that I have not had sex for over fifteen months?' she whispered in his ear.

David found himself whispering ' Oh that is just not right for a girl as hot as you'.

'So what are you going to do about it Dave? Or should I call you BIG Dave?' she said in her sexiest voice as she grabbed his cock really hard.

Her face was so close to his that David just learned forward and started to kiss Sally. He could tell that there was a small sense of guilt in the base of his stomach about what he was about to do with his son's bride to be on his son's wedding day but he was just too turned on to stop and Sally obviously wanted him.

The kissing started off gently but quickly progressed to full-on passion. David's hands were all over this curvy beauty who had been seducing him over the last two months. Her skin was soft and smooth. Sally never took her hand off his rock hard cock.

After a few minutes of passionate kissing, Sally got down on to her knees. She unbuckled David's belt, opened his pants and took them down. 'Wow, like father like son is obviously not always true...you are certainly bigger than Gus'. The mention of his son made David feel even more guilty but this somehow made his excitement even stronger, as did the fact that he was doing things with Sally that his son had never done.

Sally took his hard cock in her mouth. She had given a lot of head at college and was still an expert. She deep throated him at first before pulling off and licking his tip and down his shaft before taking his balls in her mouth while she used her hand on his cock. David was in heaven. Sally took his cock back in her mouth and David could not control himself, he grabbed her head and started to fuck her face hard and fast.

After a couple of minutes Sally pulled herself off, looked up at David and whispered 'I want you to cum in my pussy'. David did not need asking twice. He lifted her onto the bed and pulled down her panties. Her pussy was completely shaved and she opened her legs wide. He could see her lips were swollen, very red and obviously wet. He got straight on top and entered her welcoming pussy.

As her pounded he pussy hard and fast he could not take his eyes off her full boobs. Their wobble was so sexy to him. Before long he was ready to cum...and so was Sally. This whole experience was just what she had hoped for. Having sex with another guy when Gus had not even seen her naked was turning her on so much she could hardly stand it now that she was actually doing it. The fact that it was Gus's dad just made it even more naughty and sexy.

She began to orgasm. Her back arched as she began to spasm. She was in heaven and David was there with her. As soon as Sally began her orgasm moans he could not hold off any longer. He began shooting his thick love juice deep inside her. It felt like he shot it into her about a hundred times (it was probably more like ten in reality).

When they had both finishing cumming they kissed gently for another few minutes. Before Sally pulled on her panties. 'Aren't you going to clean yourself up first?' David asked.

'No, I want to feel your wetness on me whilst I get married' she said as she smiled at him wickedly. David found himself getting hard again. Sally notice but said 'I would love to go again but we really do not have time'.

'I know'

'Don't worry though, this will not be the last time this happens' Sally promised.

David help Sally into her wedding dress, making sure that he took one more opportunity to squeeze her amazing boobs.

They made their way to the wedding venue (a posh local hotel) and Sally whispered into David's ear at the start of the aisle 'My panties are soaked with your cum, I think a little is dripping down my leg...I will be thinking about your cock inside me as I say my vows'.

David could not believe what had happened or what Sally had just said. His walk down the aisle was a little uncomfortable as he had to try and hide his developing stiffy.

Gus felt so happy as he watched Sally walk down the aisle and marry him. She was beautiful, sexy and sweet (or so he thought). He was completely in love and could not conceive of the possibility of there being someone else in the world he would be happier with. Yes, he would have preferred to get some sex once in a while but being with Sally made the frustration worthwhile.

Sally also felt incredibly happy. She wanted to be married to Gus more than anything in the world. Despite what she had just done and what she had planned for later she was deeply in love with Gus. She just had different sexual desires and she saw no reason why her desires to be with other men whilst Gus got very little should be incompatible with her spending the rest of her life in married bliss with Gus.

The wedding progressed without issue and she gave Gus an unusually demonstrative display of affection by giving him a slow French kiss when the minister said 'You may kiss the bride'. They spent the next four hours having photos taken, showing her wedding ring off to all the girls, eating, drinking and hearing the speeches.

Once all this had finished the DJ started the music and the lights went down slightly. This is what Sally had been waiting for. She now had 45 minutes before the 'first dance'. She made her way over to grooms-man Steve. After all of her pre-wedding planning she was 100% certain that he wanted her. He was alone at the bar getting drinks. She sidled up to him and whispered in his ear 'I want you to be the first man to fuck me as a married woman'.

He turned round shocked and said 'Yeah right, don't tempt me'.

'I'm going to the wedding suite to get changed. Be there in five minutes or lose your chance big boy' she said whilst staring unblinking into his eyes. With that she walked off to Gus and said 'I am going to changed into my evening outfit. Enjoy yourself and I'll be back in half an hour or so. Love you' and with a gentle kiss on his lips she turned and left.

When she got back to her room she removed her dress and hung it up carefully, she loved that dress. After two minutes there was a knock on the door. She looked through the peep hole and saw that it was Steve and he was alone. She opened the door wide and stood in front of Steve in her skimpy white lingerie. Steve stood opened mouth looking her up and down. Her stunning large round boobs in that tiny lacey bra, her very curvy hour-glass body, the lacey suspender belt, the little white panties and the white stockings on those lovely shapely legs. He was instantly hard.

'Fuck me now. Do things to me that Gus never has. I wanna feel your cum soaking my panties and dripping down my leg when I do my first dance. Can you handle that?'

'Err, y..yes' is all that Steve could manage to stutter. The she reached over, grabbed Steve's suit jacket and pulled him to her. They immediately started kissing passionately and deeply. Steve was overwhelmed and almost uncontrollable. In his excitement he could not get her bra off. Sally pushed him off onto the four poster bed. She turned her back to him and slowly undid the clasp and removed the straps before turning around holding the cups in place with her hands. She dropped the bra to reveal he full, pert breasts. Her nipples were rock hard with excitement. Steve could not control himself and he got up and started to kiss and lick her boobs, giving her nipples little bites causing Sally to squeal with pleasure.

Steve circled his tongue around Sally's hard nipples. He was in a world of his own. He did not have a single thought or guilty feeling about Gus. I mean, Gus had been with Sally for well over a year and he had not even seen her naked; what a fucking loser.

After a couple of minutes Steve started to work his way down Sally's now-glistening body. She had a slight gleam of perspiration brought on by her heightened sense of sexual arousal. Steve gave her gentle kisses all the way down to her little white lace panties. He pulled them down and lifted her left leg over his right shoulder. Then he started to gently lick her wet lips. This was not what Sally had expected but she was yet again in heaven. Steve had no idea that he was licking David's dried on cum but Sally could not care less, she could feel orgasm approaching again. She pushed him away and whispered 'I can't wait any longer, fuck me now'.

With that she lay back on the bed and Steve was on her in an instant. He hovered his rock hard member above her soaking lips before slowly entering her. Steve was a bit bigger than David and it felt amazing as he forced his way inside her. She felt fuller than she had in what seemed like years. His large cock rubbed hard against her clit as her pushed in and out. Steve was so excited and aroused that he could not maintain the slow pace for long and soon he was pounding Sally very hard and very very fast.

Sally was close to orgasm. She was surprised by how quickly she got there. She realised afterwards that the excitement, naughtiness and danger of the situation must have heightened her senses. Steve was also close. He wanted this moment to last much longer but he had wanted Sally so much that his excitement overtook him. He felt like the king of the world as his cock was rapidly forced in and out of Sally's beautiful pussy. Within five minutes of starting Sally could hold it no longer and she began to spasm. She was tingling from head to toe. Her orgasm was building. She wrapped her legs around Steve's back really hard. He moaned a little with the pain but he did not care. Making Sally orgasm so quickly just made him feel amazing and so incredibly turned on that a minute after he started to shoot his load deep inside her. Both had to struggle to keep quiet so as not to get caught.

As soon as Steve was spent Sally kissed him and looked at the clock. She only had 10 minutes left before she would be expected back at the party. She pulled on a clean pair of black lacey panties being careful to retain as much of Steve's cum as possible. Steve then left (they could not arrive back at the party together). Sally took off her stockings and suspender belt and slipped into her favourite black dress. It was figure hugging above the waste and floaty below the waste. The hem line was about 8 inches above the knee and so she would flash quite a bit of thigh whilst dancing but it was still classy. She fixed her hair and make-up very quickly (thank god for the weekend job she had in a beauty salon as a teenager) and returned to the party.

As soon as she got back she went up to Gus and gave him a sweet gentle kiss on his lips. 'Did you miss me?'

'Of course. I miss you every minute you are out of my sight'.

Sally smiled at her husband and said 'It is time for our dance'. She led him onto the dance floor and the DJ started playing Whitney Houston singing ' I Will Always Love You', Sally's favourite song. As they slow danced together Sally kissed Gus long and slow and held herself very close to his body. Gus was in heaven now. Sally could feel Steve's cum soaking her panties and seeping down her leg. She had been surprised how much he had cum in her. He must have not masturbated for weeks. All she thought about through their first dance was Steve's cock inside her, just like it was 15 minutes earlier.

After the dance Sally led Gus to the buffet and got herself some cake with whipped cream. Gus got himself some cheese and crackers. They returned to their table and whilst Gus was looking at the guests dancing on Sally reached down and took the glob of Steve's cum that was dripping down her leg with her left hand. she quickly took a bit of whipped cream out of her dish with her right index finger and put the cum on it. She them purred 'Oooh Gus, you have got to try this cream, it is lush'. She held her finger up to his face and Gus obliged. He leaned forward and sucked her finger clean in what he thought was a seductive and sexy manner.

As a 26 year old heterosexual man Gus had never in his life eaten another man's cum up to that point. Little did he know that it would not be the only time he would eat cum. Far from it. It would not even be the only time that night.

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