tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThe Making of Cuckold Ch. 02

The Making of Cuckold Ch. 02


Next morning Sally woke up first. She went to the bathroom and locked the door before getting undressed and slipping into the shower. She stood there with her head leaning back allowing the warm flow to cascade over her body, washing off all of the sex she had enjoyed yesterday.

As she soaped up her body she could not stop her mind floating back to her encounters on her wedding day. All three made her feel horny all over again. As the washing reached her waist she gently lowered the fingers of her left hand down to her soapy pussy. She began to gently play with her lips. As they got rapidly fuller she slipped a couple of fingers inside and started to strum her clitoris. The other hand was rubbing her breasts. She lost herself in self pleasure for she did not know how long but she could feel herself approaching orgasm and her handwork got more urgent, more penetrating. The closer she got the faster her fingers worked. Suddenly her muscles began to twitch and she got that most delightful of internal explosions that only a woman in orgasm can experience. She forgot herself and let out a moan or two.

'Everything okay in there hon?' came a voice from the bedroom.

'Err, yes, I, err, I just stubbed my toe. I'm okay' she stuttered, quickly collecting herself. Her shower finished, she dried herself and got dressed into her jogging gear. Sally always went for a jog in the morning. This morning her plans were very different.

'Just going for a jog my love' she whispered as she leant over and kissed him before walking out of the room.

There was a knock on the door. Dave grumbled to himself 'Who the fuck is that at this time of the morning?' He was very hung over, he was not used to partying so hard these days so finishing at three in the morning was alien to him. He dragged himself out of bed, hair dishevelled, dressed only in white pair of boxers. He opened the door slightly, keeping it on its little chain, and squinted through the gap. There before him was a vision in Lycra. Sally wore a tiny vest top and what could only be described as jogging hot pants, all very pink. He was instantly hard, so much flesh on show this time of the morning. He smiled.

'Do you want to come for a jog?' she laughed.

'What do you think?' he grinned.

'Oh well, how about my first married blowjob?'

'I think I could manage that.' The door opened and she walked in. She did not even wait for him to finish closing the door before she whipped down his boxers. Dave just about managed to get the door closed before Sally had his rock in her mouth. She immediately started to deep throat his length, sucking vigorously. After a couple of minutes she eased off and started to play her tongue around his tip whilst massaging his balls with her right hand and grabbing his hairy ass with the left. Dave's mind was blown, her technique was amazing. Now she was licking up and down the shaft, still working the balls and ass. Dave put his hands behind his head and closed his eyes, relishing every single second.

Sally moved her head lower so that she could take his balls in her welcoming mouth. She gently sucked on them whilst rubbing his shaft with both hands, building up pace. Her head comes back up, his cock slips back into her mouth and she started bobbing her head back and forth. Dave suddenly springs into action as he grows closer to orgasm. He grabs her head and starts pumping her face. He gets closer, he gets faster and faster. He is so into this he really started fucking her face hard. Oblivious that he is really quite hurting her mouth as he rams his cock fast and hard into it he continues to get faster and harder until he shoots his white strings of sex into her. Sally almost chokes on his first big load but she just manages to control herself as he pumps his cum down her throat. It feels to Dave like more cum than he has done in one go for as long as he can remember.

Once finished, Sally leans her head back and shows Dave all of the cum in her mouth. Feeling slutty she plays it around her moth with her tongue before swallowing it all. 'See you when we get back from the honeymoon.' She gave him a naughty wink and left. She did actually go for jog so that she would appear a bit sweaty when she got back to her room.

The rest of the day was pretty uneventful. They had breakfast in the hotel before packing up their luggage and heading to the airport. Gus spent a couple of hours at the bar whilst Sally spent some time shopping. They caught their flight and landed five hours later in Gran Canaria. The hotel they were booked into was really plush and luxurious. If you can't have a bit of five star luxury on your honeymoon then when can you? However, they were both really tired when they got to the hotel so they just grabbed a quick bite to eat before retiring for the night. As she slipped gradually into sleep Sally knew she had to find someone to seduce tomorrow. She had every intention of having a very full sex life for the next week.

Next morning they awoke, got showered and dressed and headed for the pool. Sally took in the opulence of their surroundings on the way; everything was marble and drapes. They had four pool areas to choose from. Sally led them to the largest pool, an oval shaped one with about two hundred sun loungers around it. They picked one with a big parasol next to it; the sun was already high and it was getting hot. Sally and Gus laid their towels on the thick cushions of their loungers and Gus lay down. Sally stood for a while a surveyed the scene. There were a lot of couples their already. There were a lot of gorgeous people but they were all couples. She began to wonder how she was going to manage to get the experiences she so desired without causing a scene and Gus finding out. However, all she wanted to do for the next few hours was sunbath, read and chat to Gus. So she slipped off her pink sarong to reveal her bright pink bikini. Gus, and a quite a few other guys, had a good long look. Sally looked incredible. She had been applying layers of fake tan for weeks before the honeymoon and she was beautifully bronzed, this was only exaggerated by the brightness of her hot pink bikini. On top of that her curves were enough to make any man horny. Sally loved her curves and so had never tried to lose weight. She kept fit and did quite a bit of exercise but never with the intention of losing weight and risk losing her curves, she loved her size 12 body. She also loved food and drink.

Sally laid down on her unbelievably comfortable lounger. She was on her back with her head raised slightly so she could observe the scene and people-watch through her designer sunglasses. In this position, Gus could not help but glance at her big round tits every few seconds, they really were stunning. He felt a stirring in his Speedos and so had to force himself to look away to save himself the embarrassment of a massive erection in those tiny Speedos. They spent the rest of the morning there soaking up the sun, chatting and sipping cocktails. They were both in heaven.

At lunch time Gus headed to one of the restaurants to secure a table whilst Sally went off to the spa to book herself a treatment for the afternoon. She arrived in reception and was immediately hit by jasmine fragrances and a wave of heat. 'Good morning, can I help you?' came a sweet voice with a heavy Spanish accent from behind the desk.

'I want to book a treatment for later today.'

'Our spa menu is here. Please sit down and browse through and let me know when you have chosen.' Sally took the brochure and sat down flicking through it. 'Can I get you a drink whilst you choose your treatment?'

'Oh no thanks. I will have one waiting for me in the restaurant. Anyway I have chosen what I want. I think I want a full body massage.'

'Oooh lovely. They are very popular, very relaxing. Now, let me have a look.' The spa assistant looked through the computer booking system. 'Okay, the only appointment we have free today is at four thirty, would that be okay?'

'Yes, that would be great.'

'Now that will be with our male therapist, is that okay?'

'Is he hot?' Sally laughed.

'I am sorry madam, I do not understand.' The assistant had a puzzled look on her face. This made Sally flush a little with embarrassment, made worse by the sour-faced looks she also received from a couple of older ladies who were waiting in a queue behind her.

'Oh nothing. Yes, a man would be fine.'

Sally finished her booking and then went to have lunch with Gus. She was beginning to fantasise a little about the potential for extras with her massage.

Sally and Gus shared a lovely romantic lunch of shellfish and champagne. She was quite tipsy by the time they got back to their sun loungers. She was beginning to get very horny. The drink had loosened her up and she was imagining what might happen during her massage all the time. By the time that four fifteen arrived she was a little drunk, they had continued on the champagne all afternoon, and she was quite damp inside her bikini briefs. She made her way to the spa.

She was greeted by a well muscled blonde Adonis. He introduced himself as Mig and led her to a treatment room.

'Hello Sally. I will be giving you a full body massage today. Is there any area you want me to concentrate on?'

Sally was now very horny. 'My thighs could do with some work and maybe my butt.'

'Okay Sally. I will leave the room now. If you would like to get undressed and get under the towel face down I will be back in a few minutes.'

'Do I remove all of my clothes?' Sally really was trying to be naughty.

'You do not need to madam. You can leave our underwear on. Whatever you feel comfortable in.'

'I think I will take it all off.'

There was no reaction, just 'Okay madam I will be back in a minute.' Mig left the room. Sally removed her sarong and slipped off her bikini. She then positioned herself beneath the towel on the massage table.

Mig came back in and repositioned the towel so that her back was exposed. He dripped some scented oil on her and began working her back with very warm hands. Sally was instantly relaxed. He worked wonders. She was not a stressful person but he worked away what little muscle tension she had. She was really quite turned on by her nakedness and Mig rubbing his hands over her body. He replaced the towel over her back and exposed a leg. He began rubbing it. He got higher and higher up her thigh. She could feel herself getting wet. She was sure she could smell her own sex slightly. Mig must be able to smell it too. She parted her legs a little more to try and give him a little unexpected treat. However, Mig did not bat and eyelid. He simply positioned himself so that he could not see anything and manipulated her legs back together.

To Sally's disappointment Mig was completely professional. There was no hint of sexual interest. By the end of the hour Sally was frustrated and a little annoyed. Frustrated that she did not get what she hoped for and annoyed that she had been so silly to assume that he would risk getting fired for her. She thanked him, tipped him well and went to the ladies changerooms.

Sally was so incredibly horny when she got there. The frustration just heightened her desire. So she locked herself in a cubicle, got naked and began to rub her fingers gently over her wetness. It felt good. She almost instantly lost herself in her own world of self-pleasure. Her rubbing got faster and a little harder. She rubbed her clit between two fingers and then slipped those fingers inside herself, finger fucking herself before pinching her clit again. She was getting close, she could feel it building inside her when she suddenly saw a head above the cubicle wall. She stopped, tried to cover herself. 'Errr sorry, err....'

'Don't stop for me.' The face was pretty, very pretty and her voice was sweet as honey. 'That looks like fun. Do you want me to help finish you off?'

Sally was dumb-struck. She just stared at the beautiful face above her. She has ceased trying to cover herself and was fully exposed to this beauty.

'So gorgeous, shall I come in there or what?'

Sally still said nothing but she unlocked the cubicle. This would not be her first lesbian encounter but it was the first for many years.

The girl walked in and locked the cubicle. She was a skinny, almost model type. She wore jeans and a tight vest top. Sally could see her erect nipples through it. She was stunning.

The girl pushed Sally against the wall and kissed her. Gently at first. A lot of quick pecks on the lips, with a little bit of tongue play. The kissing got steadily deeper as her hands started to explore Sally's body. The girl ran her finger around her nipples before pinching them softly then hard, causing Sally to gasp. All the while their tongues played with each other.

A hand found its way to Sally's big round ass. It squeezed it, the girl marvelling at the softness and fullness of it. Then the hand made its way in between her buttocks and a finger toyed with Sally's anus. Sally was shivering with pleasure. This was amazing. Sally was doing nothing in return other than kissing. Her hands were limp by her side as she was consumed by he own pleasure and this mystery girl seemed happy with that.

Finally the hand made its way to Sally's pussy. By now it was soaked. Without warning four fingers were plunged deeply inside. The hard kissing was matched by the hard finger fucking. Sally felt full and very aroused. She was fast approaching orgasm. It was building like some unstoppable force deep inside her. The hand pulled out and started to flick her clitoris. Sally's breathing quickened and shallowed. Then she exploded and even let out a little scream as her body convulsed and she came all over this girl's hand. She shuddered uncontrollably as her clit was flicked over and over again. This girl obviously knew how to make other girls cum hard.

When Sally eventually calmed down. The girl pulled her fingers out of Sally and licked them seductively, tasting Sally's moisture. Then she ran her fingers round Sally's lips so that she could taste herself before holding her face with both hands and kissing her softly. The girl said 'You really need to meet my husband. He will blow your mind, baby.'

'I would love to' Sally replied eagerly.

The girl looked at Sally's wedding ring and said 'Maybe bring your hubby along and we can all have a party.'

'Oh no, he does not get to have sex' Sally smirked wickedly. 'He just doesn't know that yet.'

'Okay, no sex for hubby but you come and have fun with us tomorrow afternoon. Hubby will never know what he has been missing. In fact we should all have dinner together. Me, my husband, you and your very own cuck.'

'As long as you are discreet. We are on honeymoon and he must not find out.'

'Oh don't you worry about us. See you at nine?'

'See you then....Oh, what are your names?'

'I'm Ruth and my man is Doug'

'Hi Ruth' Sally smirked 'I am Sally and my cuck is Gus.'

When she saw Gus she kissed him. He gave her a strange look. Sally's face smelled a little funny. He had no idea that she had just made love to a strange girl who had then rubbed Sally's own juices on Sally's face whilst she kissed her. She told him about dinner plans. He was a little disappointed as he had really wanted Sally all to himself. He did not say anything though as she obviously liked this girl she met and he wanted her to enjoy herself.

Sally suggested that they head to the bar for a few drinks before they got ready for the evening. She had mocktails whilst she made sure that Gus had potent cocktails. By the time it got to seven Gus was very tipsy. Sally led him back to their room where she fixed him another drink. This time she also fixed herself one but she did not touch it. Gus was happy. He was married to the stunning girl of his dreams, he was on holiday and he was drinking during the day (which always made him feel a bit naughty).

Sally got herself ready. As always she looked stunning in her short tight dress. She wore no bra and panties so she avoided any unsightly lines. Her dress simply clung to he figure, showing every curve. A vision in orange. Gus had helped himself to another couple of drinks whilst Sally was getting ready. Sally knew that he had long since past the point where he could rationally decide whether or not to continue. He was at the point where the only choice that made any sense to his drunk mind was to have another drink. This suited Sally perfectly. If she could get Gus in such a state that he would pass out then she could spend some quality time with Ruth and Doug without Gus knowing.

They walked to the restaurant, or Sally walked and Gus staggered. Ruth and Doug were already at the bar. They did their introductions and Doug looked Sally up and down 'Wow, you are stunning. You're a lucky man Gus.' He smirked at Sally wickedly and grabbed Gus roughly around the shoulders. After yet another round of drinks Doug led them to a booth. The tables were high with high stools beneath them. Doug positioned Gus and Sally opposite each other next to the wall. Then Ruth sat next to Gus and he sat very close to Sally. They began to chat and browse through their menus.

After a few minutes the waiter came over to take their order. This was the moment that Doug chose to place his hand on Sally's thigh. She was a bit shocked and worried that someone would see but it was obvious that Gus could not so she went with it. His touch sent tingles all through her body. The four of them chatted about work, the hotel and the weather weather. Gus was finding it increasingly difficult to keep up as he was getting very drunk. He did not notice that he was the only one drinking alcohol. He also did not notice that under the table Doug's hand was working its way up Sally's left thigh. He was easing her dress up and was drawing little circles with his fingers on her inner thigh, dangerously close to her dampening pussy. The public nature of Doug's violation was really turning Sally on. Ruth smiled at her knowingly.

Suddenly Doug's fingers found Sally's moistness and began to massage her inflamed lips. She could hardly stand it. It was such a struggle to keep her pleasure hidden, but she must. Doug did not even stop when the waiters periodically came and went with food and empty dishes. His fingers played with Sally, slowly bringing her to climax. This felt so naughty, so dirty. To be cheating on Gus right in front of his eyes and yet for him to still be oblivious. This is what she wanted.

As desert was delivered by the waiter Doug's fingerwork got more concentrated on her clitoris and her climax got closer and closer. That familiar wonderful feeling emanating from quim was starting. She worked so hard to not scream or moan too loudly. The restaurant was packed. She had ceased worrying about Gus, he was almost passed out. Doug increased his pace and Sally gasped hard as her body shook a little. The feeling was intense, heightened deliciously by the public setting. As her climax waned she knew she had to have Doug inside her tonight.

As they got up to leave, Sally could feel her wetness down her thighs. 'I'll take Gus back to your room, you two go and start and I'll come and join you' Doug ordered the girls. All the way back to Ruth and Doug's room they were like two giddy schoolgirls. They were excited and were being very naughty. When the entered the room Ruth immediately slipped off her little dress. The was the first time Sally had seen her naked and she was stunning. Tall, slim, small but perfect breasts and surprisingly curvy give her slightness. She was very bronzed. Sally whipped off her own dress and walked over to Ruth. The two girls kissed with a vital urgency, as if they could not wait to go further. It was deep and hard. Tongues practically down each other's throats. Their bodies pressed hard against each other.

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