tagBDSMThe Making Of His Submissive

The Making Of His Submissive


Having spent half her life wondering what was wrong with her and why she could not find or have the one thing she needed most. Thinking she was doomed to spending the rest of her life not fitting in. That is until she meet Him and He rocked her world. Neither knew that from a single compliment their worlds would never be the same. Instant attraction, a bond of kindred spirits, a day neither will forget that they had met their match.

He recognized in her something she never dreamed was inside her, that she longed to be His. Not just giving of her body to Him, although that would be great in itself. But she felt that was not enough, she wanted to give Him something she had never given another person. And yet she trembled in fear, not fear of Him, but fear of the unknown. To give of ones self to another so completely that you could not tell where one ended and the other started.

More then anything she wanted to give her heart, mind, body and soul to Him to take care of, to hold in His hands and to let Him be her world. To honor Him in everyway and to earn His favors as He agreed to be her Master and train her to be His and His alone in the ways of a submissive. Could she do it, could she be who He knew she was in her heart. Yes she could, for He promised to take care of her and be her Master forever.

Does she still have doubts as to give Him all that she is and will be in the future, to have Him caress her soul as He does her heart? Yes those doubts pop up from time to time, but are quickly deflated amidst His love, honor, kindness and respect, His soft spoken sexy voice, His unwavering of them reaching their goals. She has never felt the kind of love He has shown her in just a tear drop in time, she wants to be His everything as she will be His.

His to mold, transform, to blend into His submissive was and will not be an easy task that He has undertaken. He has gained her trust which is fragile and brittle, He has command of her body, He holds in His hands her tender loving heart and her soul which was lost until He found it. He is her world and yet He is gentle in His teaching.

To please her Master, she will learn to trust Him even more and as each new day unfolds before them her flower grows and blooms under His love. The day when they will met and she is His to bind to Him will be her happiest day.

To be waiting as she has been trained, she will greet Him without fear or embarrassment. To be naked before His eyes as He walks in the door, kneeling before His throne with her palms up resting on her thighs, head held high while eyes downcast waiting for Him to claim her as His own and His alone.

Kneeling as her Master comes up behind her, kissing her on the check as He sits before her. Putting His hand out He brings up her chin and He sees the hunger and love in her eyes and she sees the love and happiness in His eyes as they finally meet. Pulling her closer He kisses her softly on her lips and they wrap their arms around each other for the first time, glowing in the love they feel for each other. It felt right, it felt like home after a long journey.

"Tonight kitten you will be Mine, do you trust Me?" He asked of her.

"Yes Master, i am ready to prove to You how much i trust You, love You, and how submissive i will be for You", kitten murmured.

"Good, for I have special plans for us tonight kitten", He whispered in her ear.

Shivering in excitement, trembling at His touch, a little nervous butterfly in her stomach, but she was beyond ready to give of all she had to be His tonight and every night. Kneeling back down in front of Him and resting her palms on her thighs, she gave a smile that warmed Him to His heart. Yes tonight would be special for both of them, He thought.

Reaching out behind her, He touched her ponytail, she had not forgotten that part of her training. He traced her lips first with His fingers and then His tongue, wetting them and making them part for His pleasure. A moan escapes her lips only to be lost in His moan. Taking her right hand in His left hand, He held out before her touch a single silver chain of knots. Lovingly running her hand across it, she glanced up with a question upon her lips.

"Now kitten, you have done well in your training and I am very pleased with all you have given Me. So tonight I will place this chain around your neck to bind you to Me and to show that you have graduated into My submissive kitten".

"Thank you Master, i am prepared to give You the one thing no one else has ever possessed. To You Master i give Thee me, my body, my heart and my soul for You to take care of as You see fit, to trust You in all things, to be Your submissive kitten forever".

He gently placed the chain round her neck and made her His forever. But the night was not over for she had a present for Him also, to show Him that she truly meant what she said.

Reaching up and unbutton His shirt, enjoying the feel of His skin under her fingers. "Master, i have taken the liberty of getting Your shower ready and would like permission to bath You tonight" she asked as she bite her bottom lip in anticipation of His answer.

"I would enjoy you giving Me a shower tonight kitten".

He stood up and only then realized that she had tied to her left hand a short length of soft cotton rope for Him to lead her by.

"Ahh kitten, you are pleasing Me very much tonight."

Taking the other end of the rope He lead her to the steamy bathroom. He turned to her and kissed her softly on the lips as she sunk down to her knees to remove His shoes. Reaching up she slowly unbuttoned His pants and pulled down the zipper. He stepped out of His pants as she stood up and removed His shirt.

Oh the first sight of Him naked in front of her was more then she had ever dreamed. He was not perfect and for that she was more grateful, for she would delight in learning every inch of His body, yes to her it was the most sexist sight she had ever seen. She opened the shower curtain and He stepped in. The water was just right.

she kneeled down before Him again, taking a wash cloth and soap in her hands she slowly started at His toes and working her way up His thighs. She seductively washed every inch of His body except for His private parts, saving the best for last.

she turned Him around to face her, taking a new clean wash cloth in her hand and soaping it up. Stretching up she washed His left nipple, grazing the cloth across the hardening bud before sliding over and washing and teasing the other. The whole time she was kissing Him where ever her mouth landed but not where He wanted her mouth to be.

Slowly, almost in awe, she lowered her gaze as her hands slide down to His quickly hardening cock. Softly taking His balls in the soft cloth she rolled them across it, teasing Him with the soap and cloth. She tried to wrap her hand around His cock but found she needed two hands to fully encompass His thick shaft. Slowly sliding her hands up and down, twisting and turning gently several times before taking her thumbs and sliding them across His sensitive head.

Oh just a little taste, she flicked her tongue across the head as she slide the wash cloth between His legs towards His ass. Teasing those puckered lips which made Him thrust forward His hips, pushing His cock into her mouth.

The water cascading down upon them, the steam swirling about them. As much as He didn't want to he pulled her up off His cock, He didn't want to cum yet as tonight was going to be special and He wanted it to last. Was the whimper His or hers?

He removed the wash cloth from her hands and rinsed it off before soaping it back up. He started at her toes also, having her raise her leg up to Him. Working His way up her thighs and teasing her as she had teased Him. He washed every inch of her except her private parts.

Having her sit on the edge of the tub and spread her legs wide for Him, He brought down His razor and gently slowly shaved her bare except for a small diamond that He trimmed. The diamond in the rough was His richest jewel and marked her again as His, and His alone for no other man would ever touch her again.

Taking some oil in His hand, He rubbed the sensitive skin He exposed and watched as her clit engorged and her lips puffy under His touch. Using His thumbs He spread her lips apart and found nestled there waiting for Him a glistening drop of her essence a sign of her submissiveness to Him.

The hunger in our eyes grows stronger, uncontrollable with each passing moment. You hold me in Your arms and our lips and tongues exploring, demanding, tasting. Somehow we make it to the bed. You pull me in Your arms. You are bold and brazen, a mirror of myself and at times we even shock ourselves. We begin kissing each other with wild abandonment. Savoring each kiss as our bodies hunger for more.

Driven beyond our wildest desires. Minutes passing into hours, old treasures tried and true and adding new. i offer You my body and heart, You take it gently in Your hands. You trace the lines of my body with Your fingertips leaving behind a trail of desire that You follow with Your hot tongue and kisses.

Igniting a flame that will never ease. You offer me Your body and i gladly do the same to You, leaving You breathless. You are licking my wet pussy and taking me higher when You slide Your tongue inside along with a finger while i slide Your hard cock deep in my mouth. We take each other to a new level of ecstasy. Our bodies quivering in need of release. Fire and passion like this we have never known and yet it builds. With an explosion that rocks our worlds we cum together.

Smiling, i slid to my knees between Your spread knees, eyeing You like a hungry wench while gripping Your penis in my small, soft hands. Your ass muscles clench on the soft bed quilt as You sit looking down at me, anxious for more. Keeping steady eye contact, i lean down to lick Your stiff, throbbing cock slowly. Your mind fills with pure lust as You watch my talented lips and tongue engulf Your aching cock. i am practically eating on Your manhood, repeatedly as no woman had before.

You reach out slowly to place Your hand on my head, lacing Your fingers through my hair. At first it was to help and then, maybe, to force just a bit. A groan reverberates in Your mind watching me perform on You. Bracing Yourself with Your other hand on the bed behind You, You rock forward a bit harder into me, knowing i can handle it with no problems. Aside from a half choke, i accommodate You, Your thick cockhead penetrating my throat.

i dig my nails into the flesh of Your muscled thighs before running them down to Your knees, making You wince. my left hand slides back up Your inner thigh to cup Your hanging balls, tickling and teasing You softly while my other hand slides downward out of sight. Your eyes widen when You see the muscles on my arm bunching and rolling in that unmistakable rhythm of self-pleasure. i shut my eyes tightly and moan into Your raging cock, sending shivers rippling through Your entire pelvic region.

Wanting more, You reach down and cup Your hands under my arms, pausing me in mid-suck. With my lips still tightly sealed around Your throbbing cock, i look into Your eyes questioningly. You pull me upward and lean backward as i regain my feet. i know what You have in mind. my nimble body quickly rotating as i climb onto You, one leg lifting over Your torso before settling my body down on You.

You suck in a quick breath, as i straddle my wet cunt over Your face. i exhale a soft, sensual moan as Your warm, wet tongue first grazes my puffy, moist lips. i grip You at the base of Your penis, pulling the soft skin downward, extending You to full length. The veins on Your cock stand out proudly, bulging and raging. my warm, drooling mouth returned to its task, lovingly ministering to You in an indescribable way.

Your large hands roughly grip my soft ass cheeks, pulling and twisting them as You move me around on Your probing tongue. Your manhandling elicits a womanly giggle from me as i settle fully on You. Your nostrils fill with my sweet, hot, musky scent. You breathe deeply through Your nose as my dripping womanhood encompasses Your mouth. Your fingers join Your powerful tongue, parting my slit easily, dipping in to massage and tickle my favorite parts.

my hips began to grind downward uncontrollably, helping You, urging You to go deeper and harder. i open my mouth to moan around Your cock, not quite taking it all the way out. You feel the humid air graze across the fat head. Pulling back, i rub my face all over Your extended cock, taking You up one side of my face and down the other, spreading my own salvia and Your flowing precum across my cheeks, chin, and lips.

Your hips jerk spastically as my squeezing hand starts pumping You slowly. My other hand cups and squeezes Your tightening balls, spreading my wet lips across Your smooth balls. You take a deep breath and hold it, shutting Your eyes tightly, reveling in unbelievable sensations shooting through Your cock.

Unable to hold Your breath any longer, You blow it out in a huff against my hard, throbbing clit, and then suck it into Your mouth, flicking it softly with Your tongue. You slowly dip the finger of Your other hand down inside my ass crack, gently teasing my puckered opening.

Using my own juices, You lube my ass before slowly parting it with Your thick thumb. You hear me suck in a quick breath and hold it, pausing for a long count, before letting it go out with a whoosh as i thrust back into You, taking Your thumb inside my ass. my hips quiver uncontrollably as i feel You ass-fuck me with Your thumb. Working Your mouth and hands in unison You quicken Your pace to match mine, knowing You would not last much longer.

A deep-throated growl escapes from me with each thrust from Your fingers as i skillfully work Your throbbing cock with my hand and mouth. Together we move in an unplanned, unpracticed harmony. Instinct alone guides us as we pulse and throb from the pleasure, not thinking or knowing what to do next, only knowing we did not want it to stop, ever. The room fills with the smell of sweat, sex, and the unmistakable wet smacking sounds of oral sex.

Still struggling to hold back just a bit longer, You feel Yourself expand in my sucking mouth and the cum begins to flow from deep inside You. You feel the tight undeniable waves begin to ripple from deep within Your pelvis, radiating powerfully outward as they spread across Your body.

You draw in one last desperate gulp of air before Your orgasm totally engulfs You. Breath held tight and face beet red, You roar loudly against my drooling, engorged labia, and forcefully blast Your seed inside my mouth. i feel the first thick spurt of cum hit the back of my mouth before pulling back to swallow it down, not caring as my ropes hit my chin and neck.

Just the feeling of Your spurting cum racing through the stiff cock i hold in my hands causes my orgasm to peak. my wail of pleasure pierces the room as the waves of my intense orgasm crash through my body and mind. You feel my spasming pussy walls grip Your fingers tightly, milking them in a strange fashion, drawing them inward and holding them in a lust-induced grip. my sweet, tasty cum coats Your lips, tongue, and face. You lick and suck it reflexively, loving the taste of my precious offerings.

Our sweaty bodies lay together in a hot embrace as we both gasp desperately for breath. Ignoring the throbbing of burning muscles, we take full pleasure in the orgasmic buzz as we gently float down from ecstasy. Our lips and tongues kiss and lick salty skin softly as we hold each other closely. Both of us are content not moving, only breathing together as one, enjoying the feeling of afterglow.

We take each other again and again to try and put out the flame that is still burning inside us. We try every way and invent some of our own and still the fire burns out of control.

The whole weekend was spent in ecstasy and every room saw a couple who pleased the other in an effort to appease the flame that burned ever higher with each new release. When it was time to go and one last look around, they rested their eyes on the fire in the fireplace, mesmerized by the dancing, twisting and jumping flame we realized that like the flame our flame for each other would never die and vowed to each other that what he binded will never unravel. He was her Master and she his submissive kitten.

Love You Master


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