tagBDSMThe Making of Mary Ch. 02

The Making of Mary Ch. 02


Mary sat at her desk and sighed. She was tired and her breasts and pussy were painfully tender from the previous night's abuse. She wished she was still in bed asleep, or better yet, in a nice hot bath soaking her poor, bruised flesh. It was a cool, sunny Sunday yet she was at work trying to catch up on paperwork. Her job was tedious and it bored her, but she couldn't stand to fall behind and lately she had been covering for another person on vacation as well as doing her own job. The volume of work had been a bit overwhelming. At least it was quiet and there were no distractions from the phone or associates straggling by for visits. Once her computer powered up and she popped a CD in the player she settled into a rhythm, entering demographic information and pricing to the beat of the music.

She didn't realize she wasn't alone. Another co-worker had arrived at the office a few hours after Mary. His intent was not to work, but to begin fulfilling a desire that had only been shared in secret emails. She'd heard someone walk by, at the end of her aisle, but had thought it was just the security guard making his rounds. The walls of her cubicle were tall and she did not have a direct view of the walkway past one side of her work station. She jumped and stifled a cry of surprise when her phone rang. The screen on the phone only displayed the words "private number" so she thought that someone had probably just misdialed and reached her private line. At first she wasn't going to answer. After all, no one knew she'd come into work and if it had been one of her friends or family the screen always displayed the number from which they were calling. After the sixth ring she became annoyed and picked up the handset answering with a terse "Hello?"

"Are you wearing panties today?" the caller whispered.

"What?" The caller's question did not immediately register. Suddenly Mary's stomach churned and her heart thudded against her chest. She felt confused and pissed off, thinking this was some kind of perverted prank call.

"your cunt better be naked because you must be ready for Me at all times."

She laughed nervously. Her mind spun with various, crazy thoughts. Humiliation chilled her at being spoken to in such a dirty manner by some prank caller. But, in honesty, the humiliation was brought on from the excitement that rushed over her at the possibility that it was her Master! She wondered how this could be. She had never told her Master where she worked or given him the number to her private line. In fact, they had never written about actually speaking. Since he'd told her he was married, she'd assumed their clandestine relationship would always be carried out online. The logical side of her brain rejected the idea of it really being him. She was surprised at the anger and disappointment she felt that it could not be him.

"You've got the wrong number, creep!" she hissed into the phone. But she couldn't make herself hang up. For several moments there was only silence.

"mary, is that any way to speak to your Master? Disrespect is definite cause for punishment. Answer the question, slut. Are you wearing panties?"

"I...I..." she stammered into the phone. "How did you get this number?" she blurted out.

"Tsk, tsk...you must really enjoy making things hard on yourself. So much the better for Me. I promise you I dole out punishment very well. So, tell Me, what is My naughty slut wearing today, every piece that is touching your horny body."

"Is it You?" her voice was soft with disbelief. She slowly sat back in her chair, her mind whirling, wondering how he could have discovered the number of her private line. Had she told him more about herself than she remembered?

"Who in the hell do you think it is? mary, my patience is wearing thin," he growled into the phone. "Answer the fucking question!" The tone of anger in his voice filled Mary with apprehension.

"I'm wearing a white tee shirt. I...I've got on a white bra and white panties. And jeans. Socks and tennis shoes." She sighed as the realization hit her that her Master really was on the other end of the phone and she had admitted she had panties on. Dread of his disapproval welled up in her and the thought of getting anymore work done quickly evaporated. The stretch of silence further exacerbated her anxiousness, waiting for his reaction to the description of her apparel.

"I'm disappointed. But you can do something to make Me feel better."

"Yes! Anything! What do you want me to do?" Her heart beat faster at the chance of redemption.

"First, turn off your computer. you are done for the day. Then go into the women's restroom, into the handicap stall. Close the door but don't lock it. You have two minutes to remove your panties. Stay there." Then she heard the precise click of the call being disconnected.

Her heart pounded and she looked around her work station wondering if she was delirious. This was some kind of joke, it had to be! Was he there, in the building? How? She suddenly felt mortified to think...was her Master a fellow employee? That must be the explanation as the only way in the building was with a security badge and only someone who worked there would have a badge. She was stunned. She heard a door slam, alarming her into action. Mary nervously waited for her document to save as it seemed to take forever, so she could shut down her computer. She slammed the power button and quickly walked from her desk to the hallway, then rushed to the restroom.

Hurrying into the handicap stall she pulled the door shut and tried to catch her breath. She felt ridiculous, her mind trying to refuse this as reality. Yet her body seemingly acted of its own accord as she pulled her tennis shoes off then slid her jeans and panties off, hanging them on the hook on the door. She giggled at this exercise in neatness when she suddenly realized she'd done it so her clothing would not impede any activity that might be taking place. Her face flushed as she shamefully acknowledged her expectation of something actually happening. She stood facing the door, trembling with anticipation, silence her only companion. She heard a distant sound and recognized it to be the flush of a toilet or urinal from the men's restroom next door. Then she abruptly remembered that there were two or three females in customer service who could walk in on her furtive rendezvous with her Master. No matter that the stall door would be closed, whoever entered the restroom would hear whatever was going on in the handicap stall.

Time seemed to crawl by as she waited. Surely two minutes had already passed. She began to think this was some kind of cruel joke. But in her heart she knew this was very real. He was there, in the building, who else could be conducting this perverse adventure? The sound of the restroom door opening caused her to jerk her head up, looking in the direction of the entrance. Mary softly whimpered, fear of the unknown causing her to shiver with apprehension. She listened to the footsteps leisurely approaching the stall she occupied. She looked down at the tiled floor, straining to see any sign of him, his shoes, his shadow, beneath the door.

"Are you ready?" a disembodied voice floated to her. She wracked her mind trying to recognize the voice. However, the words had been spoken in a quiet tone, just above a whisper, yet not enough for her to identify its owner. She felt chagrinned, what made her think her Master was someone with whom she was in contact, on a regular basis? The burning question was how did this person discover it was Mary with whom he'd been emailing and chatting in IM?

"Yes," she responded softly, timidly.

"Turn around and face the wall behind the toilet. Place your hands flat against the wall and spread your legs wide."

Mary sucked in her breath and turned around assuming the position he commanded. The coldness of the tile caused her to shudder, but perhaps it was trepidation of what might be coming up. She heard the door of the stall squeak as it was being opened and she inhaled deeply, trying to rouse some modicum of composure. The door slammed shut and the lock was thrown home. She winced and tried not to think of him staring down at her naked ass.

"Well, now that you've shown you actually can follow instructions, in the future, you have no excuses if you disobey my orders. Did you come last night?"

"No!" her voice cracked.

"I bet you thought about disobeying, though, didn't you? I bet you were practically distraught over that whole exercise and thought you could come without me knowing it. What harm would that have caused, right?" His fingertips grazed her ass cheeks and she flinched away. He smacked her in displeasure. "you will learn not to pull away from me, slut. I will be more than happy to teach you how to properly behave for Me. Now, answer Me. Did you think about coming without My permission, and trying to lie to Me about it?"

"No! I..." Mary's answer was interrupted as she screamed when he slapped her ass hard, several times. He was rather amused the way her cheeks jiggled from his harsh castigation. Then he grabbed her hair and pulled her head back. She shrieked and began to cry.

"Bitch! Don't try to fool Me! you are untrained and it would only be natural for that thought to go through your little head. In fact, it would not surprise Me if you were not able to control yourself and did come. Being untrained you are weak-willed and cannot contain yourself," he growled into her ear.

"Ahhhh," she moaned at the pain in her scalp. "Master, please!" She was breathless, barely able to get her words out. Her ass and scalp were stinging. Anger welled up in her, as well as dismay at the arousing effect his severe treatment was causing in her. "Yes, I admit I did think about having an orgasm and not telling you. But, God, I was so desperate. It hurt!"

"Like this?" he asked as he began to spank her. The sound of his palm slapping her ass and her cries reverberated on the tiled walls around them. He was relentless in his painful chastisement of her.

"Stop!" she couldn't help scream. "I swear I didn't come! Please believe me! I didn't come!" Mary sobbed, the tears coursed down her face, like trails of liquid fire. He discontinued her punishment, satisfied she was now being truthful. He released her hair and her head fell forward. He saw her sides heave as she deeply gulped in air, trying to pull herself together. She started to jerk, then stiffened in response to the feel of his fingers lightly touching her tender labia. He dipped his fingers just inside her lips, trying to discern how wet she was. He was very pleased as his fingertips were instantly coated with the juices of her pussy.

"Yet, you cock hungry slut, you did think about it, and thought about whether or not you should try to pull a fast one on Me. Didn't you?" He yanked on her pussy hair and she squealed. "Isn't that as bad a transgression, to merely think of doing something you are not supposed to do...isn't that as bad as actually enacting the deed?"

"Ohhh..." she moaned in sharp discomfort. "Yes, yes! I thought about it. Oh, God, I'm sorry! Please stop hurting me," she sobbed.

"you forget, mary, that this is what it's all about. It's all about My pleasure in your pain." Then he jammed three fingers up into her sopping pussy and she grunted loudly. He slowly sawed his fingers up and down then reached with his thumb to test the hardness of her clit. She winced as he pressed and manipulated her tender nub. She was incredulous that it responded and hardened for him, even through the sharp pain. He had to give her credit for remaining still, even if she did clench her ass and thigh muscles to accomplish it. In time, he would see to it that she remained still and kept her muscles relaxed. She would need to learn that to be able to take his cock inside her ass. But that was a lesson to be learned in future meetings. She showed promise, being so willing, and this experience demonstrated her ability to learn quickly. He pulled a scarf from his back pocket and circled it around her face, covering her eyes, and tied it tightly behind her head. She gasped but did not try to resist him. Then he turned her around to face him and he pushed on her shoulders to force her to her knees. She heard the sound of a zipper and guessed what was about to happen. "Now, you will show your appreciation of your little lesson today. Tell me what you think that lesson is?"

"Not to...not to lie to you" she whispered. Her tears began to soak the scarf over her eyes. The thought cruelly crossed her mind of someone coming in and hearing this mad sex scene being played out in the restroom and she shuddered. She was acutely aware that her pussy was drooling as the juices seeped down the insides of her thighs. She felt ashamed of her sexual excitement. Most people would consider what he was doing to her as abuse. At the very least it could be thought of as being just plain mean. She was taken aback to admit she was as much, if not more, turned on by what he was doing now, than what she'd gone through the night before. She felt wicked as she hoped that if she satisfied him with a blowjob he would reward her with her own orgasm.

"What? I didn't hear you," he said as he took a fistful of her hair and yanked her head back. He pulled his rigid cock out of his jeans and skimmed her lips with his head.

"Not to..." Before she could finish her sentence he forced his cock between her lips and past her teeth. She sucked in her breath and strained not to pull away. She remained perfectly still, not even playing with the thick shaft lying on her tongue.

"you are my slut, I am your Master. you're going to suck my dick, mary. I want you to show me how much you appreciate your first lesson. I'm going to train you well and you are going to show me how grateful you are after each session, whichever way I see fit. Clasp your hands together behind your back and keep them there." He pulled her face toward his crotch, burying his shaft deeper into her. He delighted in the hot, wet flesh of her mouth wrapped around him. "Suck it, you nasty girl. Admit it, you like the taste of me, the feel of me fucking your dirty, little mouth."

Mary whimpered as she tentatively licked his shaft, playing her tongue around his meaty tube of flesh. It was thick and long and she tried to hold the back of her tongue up to protect her throat but the head of his dick pushed hard and poked at her tonsils. She gagged and heard him chuckle as he held her in place, both of his hands tangled in her hair to control her head. She tried to resign herself to the fact that she was helpless; she was entirely his to dominate. In the back of her mind she had the faint idea that being powerless to prevent what he was doing to her gave her the freedom to release her self-control. How could it be naughty or wrong to please this man when he was taking her choice in the matter away from her?

He raised his eyebrows and looked down at her head as he felt her tongue suddenly begin lick him with enthusiasm. This pleased him very much. She sucked hard as he pulled out of her mouth then swished her tongue around his shaft as he pushed back in. He could feel her teeth lightly scrap along his flesh and the tip of his cockhead brush against the back of her throat. He moved her head back and forth a little faster. His cock was so hard it strained against the skin, the crown of his dick was stretched taut. Saliva drooled out from between her lips and the thought of his bulging prick making her mouth water excited him. He could feel her breath puffing out of her nostrils on his slippery shaft. He softly moaned and began to thrust harder and faster.

Mary groaned, sucking and licking as best as she could. The weight of his balls bounced against her chin as he pumped her mouth. She wished so badly that she could masturbate her clit while she sucked his cock...oh yes, she thought, his luscious cock. She was so horny now. She could feel the ridge of his head massage the top of her mouth, the smoothness of the underside of his head slipping along her tongue. She imagined this same feeling in her cunt, his fat cock stroking the inside of her. Her knees were killing her, pressed into the cold, ceramic tile. Her thighs quivered with the strain of being kept in this position. But all she could think of was his delicious cock ravaging her mouth and the torrid need to rub her clit to orgasm!

"Yes, you slut, you enjoy sucking my cock, don't you? Here it comes...just a moment baby. My cum is going to spew into your sweet, hot mouth and you will enjoy drinking every drop. Oh....here...it....comes!" He grunted and pushed all the way to the back of her mouth. Mary moaned in surprise at the feel of his thick, milky cum burning down her throat. She gagged from the head of his shaft jerking against the back of her throat. "you are such a dirty slut, aren't you, mary? Oh, you did that well, almost like a pro!" He praised her and released his hold of her hair. She slumped back against the toilet and gasped to catch her breath. As soon as he calmed down a bit he shoved his semi-hard dick back into his pants then stared down at her. He sighed, feeling the heat of his orgasm slowly subside.

"Keep your blindfold on and listen to Me. That minor spanking a few minutes ago only addressed the fact that you entertained the idea of coming and lying to me about it. I still have to deal with you for wearing panties today and for being so disrespectful on the phone. But I'm feeling a bit gracious now, so I'm going to show you some mercy. After all, you've just started your real training. However, I have already been lenient once before and I can't make it a habit or you will expect it all the time. Then how would you ever learn your place?

"So, Mary, tonight I'm giving you My permission to come. I'm going to call you at home at 7:00 and you'd better be ready because if you miss that window of opportunity who knows when you'll get it again. When I call I will just tell you to come for me and that's all I'm going to say. I want to hear you work up to it then let it go. Are you a moaner or a screamer?"

She could only kneel there and nod. She had never swallowed before and the taste of his cum was overpowering. She was concentrating on not vomiting, desperate not to embarrass herself or insult her Master.

"Great, because I like to hear a good slut scream, whether in pleasure or in pain. Make me proud of you."

Mary heard the lock being pulled back and the door open, then listened as his steps receded back to the entrance, the door squeaked open, then only silence. She turned and held her face over the toilet as his ejaculate pulsed back up her throat and splashed into the water. She pulled the scarf from her head and used it to wipe her mouth. She felt like a nervous wreck. She honestly wasn't sure if she threw up from being overwhelmed by what he just put her through or if it was just the semen that her stomach could not accept. But she was also extremely aroused and focused on his words...7:00 could not arrive fast enough for her. She had just had the most wildly erotic experience of her life and she prayed there was more to follow. She was hooked and she could only hope that she would live up to his expectations so he would not leave her in disgust and disapproval. Now that she knew his voice she was looking forward to Monday so she could discover who the mystery man was who had just unequivocally given her a new life as a sub.

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