tagBDSMThe Making of Mary Ch. 03

The Making of Mary Ch. 03


After Mary felt sure he was gone she stood up and got dressed. Her ass was still stinging from the intense spanking she'd received. She was feeling a chaotic mixture of abashment and guilty excitement. The insides of her thighs were sticky from the slick juices that had flowed from her and her pussy shamefully ached in need of being fucked. As she was tying her tennis shoes she heard the restroom door swing open and she froze, her heart began to pound thinking he'd come back after all. But then she heard the person going into a stall and bang the door closed. Mary calmed herself and remained silent, waiting for the other woman to finish and leave. Once she was alone she emerged and went to the sink. Her mouth tasted vile and she cupped the water to her mouth and gulped it in, vigorously swishing it to wash any remnants of him from her. She wondered if he'd punish her for that, too, if he'd still been there. Then she looked up at her reflection.

Her face reddened as she thought of what she'd just done with him. She felt somewhat degraded and tried to soothe her conscience with the thought that she'd had no control. She tried to ignore the fact that she'd enjoyed it. The whole experience had been frightening yet thrilling, rather like a ride on a roller coaster. How strange that people got a rush from being scared. One reason had to be because one knew the outcome would be to find oneself back in a safe place. Also, the adventure allowed one to let go and feel that primal emotion rage up, to be stored back in its proper place within one's mind once the ordeal was over. That is exactly what Mary had begun to feel with her Master commanding her, spanking her, fearful of discovery, humiliated to be punished by his hand and hear him calling her a dirty slut. She choked on a sob and looked away from the mirror. Now, she needed to find a place in her mind to store these feelings or else be prepared to endure a perpetual roller coaster ride.

Mary quickly left the restroom and retrieved her purse from her desk and left her workstation in slight disarray. As she drove toward home she suddenly decided to stop at a shopping mall just to window shop and get grounded, let her mind think of more frivolous things. Yet, she could not get him out of her thoughts, wondering what he might do with her. In one of the larger department stores she found herself in the lingerie department and bought a red lace bra and matching panties. Simply thinking of the reason for her purchase made her feel sinful but sexy. She wanted to dress up (or was it dress down?) to enhance her frame of mind for her 7:00 phone date. If the cashier could have read Mary's mind she might have been shocked at the scenarios weaving through her customer's thoughts. Images of tied limbs and delightfully painful spankings and whipping played through Mary's mind. She rushed back to her car and barely remembered the drive home.

To her disappointment it was only 3:00. She had four hours to wait. Four hours to fantasize having her Master's hands on her, or using a crop, or forcing her to suck him off again but perhaps coming all over her breasts. She tried to lie down and sleep away some of the time, but she was too wired, the adrenaline coursed through her veins with reckless abandon. At one point she had to laugh at herself for feeling so wantonly naughty. Around 5:00 she tried to eat some dinner but was too distracted to feel hungry. She was restless and could not settle to read or watch TV so she busied herself with changing the sheets on her bed, ironing some clothes, anything to make the time pass. Shortly after 6:00 she took a nice, hot shower to help her relax.

As the water rushed over her shoulders and down her breasts and belly she began to wash herself with a softly fragrant soap. Rubbing it between her palms into a lather she smoothed it all over her upper body. Her hands and fingers moved with slow deliberation, lingering on her breasts and nipples. They were quite sensitive, still tender from using the clips the night before. But every time she moved her fingers over her breasts she teased her nipples, pinching them between the length of her first and middle fingers. She felt the currents of pain and pleasure zip from her breasts down to her pussy, stirring her desire. After she dried off she stood in front of her dresser mirror and slipped on her new bra and panties. Her skin was starkly white against the deep red, but it looked sensuous and she was pleased with how she appeared.

At precisely 7:00 she was sitting on the edge of the bed, phone in hand. Her heart fluttered in her chest as she took slow deep breaths to keep calm. But the phone remained silent. By 7:15 she was lying on her bed wondering if it had all been some kind of ugly joke. The thought gripped her that perhaps he'd been turned off by her size and maybe he'd decided she wasn't worth his interest. She replayed their encounter in the bathroom in her mind. She'd been shocked at being spanked, feeling the warmth grow hotter with each slap, the heat spreading down to her cunt. It seemed her pussy wept as much as her eyes, then her mouth had watered as his iron-hard rod fucked her face...fluid flowing from almost every orifice of her body. She rolled to her side and glanced at the clock by her bed, surprised to see it was already 7:25. Still no call. Mary began to feel angry, thinking she'd been made a fool. Just when she was about to put the phone down and abandon hope of hearing from him the phone rang loudly. She was so startled she nearly dropped it. Her anger was still riled but before she could mouth off her displeasure for being treated so rudely she heard his voice.

"Let Me hear you come for me now, mary."

She swallowed hard and slowly brought her hand to her breast and squeezed the nipple through the lace of her bra. She had no idea of what was expected from her. What could she offer him that would make him proud of her, as he had charged her to do? She stretched out on her back and softly stroked each nipple into erection with her fingers. Mary breathed deeply as the sensations queued her pussy to tingle and begin lubricating. Her hips squirmed and she held her legs tightly together as her labia quickly swelled. Her thoughts focused on his cock in her mouth, his hands in her hair forcing her to suck his bulging dick. The idea of her Master spanking her elicited a moan from her as she pulled her bra straps down her shoulders to expose her breasts for easier access. She intensified her attention to her swollen pearls, pulling and pinching them, sending delightful shivers down her torso to her cunt. She now regretted the lingerie she had thought so provocatively charming and roughly pushed her pretty, red panties down her legs to her ankles.

"Ahhh...my nipples hurt but it feels so good to squeeze them between my fingers and thumb. Makes my cunt flinch each time i press harder and harder. i'm spreading my legs wide and settling my hand on my pussy. Oh...i'm already so wet, drawing up from the well of my juices, coating my slit, stroking up and down. Ahhh...this feels so good. my pussy is so tender and hot. i need to be fucked, i ache to feel Your delicious cock stretching my cunt. i'm flicking my finger all around the little folds of my juicy vulva imagining it's Your tongue." Mary paused as she pictured seeing his head down between her pale thighs. Her body jerked from the electric shocks her fingers seduced from her sensitive, swollen nub. She quickly re-focused and continued, "i'm sliding my fingers in and out of my pussy now..." she grunted with the lusty pleasure she felt fucking herself. Not satisfied with the depth she could get she reached under her pillow and brought out her vibrator. "i've got my toy, so thick and long...mmmm...sliding it into me. Oh, God, it feels wonderful stroking the inside of my pussy, i'm so tight and it fills me up. Ohhhhhh..." she groaned as she slowly thrust the vibrator in and out of her, her hips rolled in languid movements.

He quietly listened, but the rhythm of his breathing increased as he pictured her body writhing, relenting to the pressure building up inside her. His cock was rock hard but he refrained from touching himself wanting to absorb the tension from her, it was nearly palpable over the phone. Her sultry voice excited him. He imagined digging his fingers into the soft, white flesh of her breasts, unmercifully pinching and twisting her engorged nipples between his hard fingertips, slapping her tits until they were hot and red.

"Oh, i wish i was tied up and You were doing this to me. To be at Your mercy, that excites me, Master. Knowing that i wouldn't be able to do anything to stop You. Mmmmm." Pressing the small button at the end of the vibrator she turned it on to medium speed, continuing to fuck herself. "The vibrations feel so good, as I pull it out of my cunt i'm sliding it up to tease my clit now and then. i'm so hot, i'm so close, now. Uhhhhh..." a deep throated moan escaped her, signaling her eminent melt down. "Yes, to feel Your tongue stroking my hard clit...ohhhh...Your teeth nibbling and biting. i want to feel Your tongue in my pussy. Please!" she whimpered and played the head of her vibrating cock just inside the mouth of her cunt, trying to simulate what his tongue might feel like. She fumbled to turn up the speed, it buzzed forcefully. "Yes! Oh Master...oh...i'm crushing my swollen clit with the vibrator, ooooh, then lightly teasing, then hard again, grinding! Uhhhh...i can't hold it much longer. Now! Ok...now! Oh, oh, Oooohhhh! i'm coming nooowwww!" her moans projected loudly into the phone as her climax consumed her. Exquisite explosions of energy spread out and grew into convulsions from her clit, her pussy, her ass, her stomach...continuing to spread up to her breasts as well as down through her legs. Her body pitched and yawed as if a small boat on a sea of storm driven waves. Mary cried out, her voice rising and falling with each wave of her orgasm. She felt totally out of control!

"Fuck me! Fuck me, now! Pleeeeease! Mary screamed as the intensity of her orgasm engulfed her. "Oh, God...i want..." she gasped, "i need to feel You fuck me, now!" She sobbed as her body was conquered with overwhelming pleasure. She had never come so hard in her life. She suddenly realized how thankful she was that her Master bade her to endure teasing herself without coming the night before. Now she was grateful for that nerve-wracking experience in the restroom earlier in the day. She could not imagine ever being this high from an orgasm. But he had given her this magnificent gift, this wonderful delectation! She panted heavily, trying to catch her breath. Her limbs were useless appendages falling away from her body as she slowly relaxed into a puddle of spent flesh, as if her bones had liquefied. She could not even hold the phone and let it rest on the pillow next to her ear.

"Well done," the whisper came to her. Then the click of the call disconnecting. She did not even mind that he had left her. She felt physically and emotionally drained, lost in a sweet oblivion.

He had not intended to say anything more than to tell her to come for him. But he was pleased with how she had responded, in fact, surprised with her sensuous narration. He felt compelled to leave her with those two words of praise. Setting the phone in its base he grabbed his throbbing dick and began to slowly pump it. He pictured her in his mind, trussed up like some sacrificial offering with his hands manipulating her to the surrender of orgasmic energy. His balls tightened at the thought of her huge breasts bouncing up and down as he banged into her cunt, drenching him in her juices. As he imagined coming inside her, his thick semen burst from his cockhead, splashing down on his chest. Oh, yes, she was well suited for his needs. Already he began to think of the things he would teach her and treat her to. This unassuming woman was just waiting for someone to turn up the heat and make her boil with sexually tormented bliss. Yes, a lot of passion in her, to be used in whichever way he deemed. Life was becoming interesting, again.

Monday dawned as bright and cool as Sunday had offered. Mary had awakened before her alarm clock was set to go off. She lay warm and cozy under her covers, her body naked, her mind wandering to the day and night before. Then she remembered her chance to discover the mystery man and she threw her covers back, ready to get the day started. In the shower she went over the possibilities of who her Master might be. Yet that effort proved to be frustrating as none of the men she worked very closely with had the matching voice. She thought of the prince in Cinderella, trying on the glass slipper on countless feminine feet only finding his princess in the last woman, the most unlikely woman he came upon. So, she switched her thinking to who the most unlikely man might be. This theory did not help at all. It disturbed her to think he knew who she was, but she was oblivious to his identity. She was still puzzled as to how he obtained her home phone number, which was not listed in the public phone book.

From force of habit she went to her underwear drawer but as her hand touched the neatly folded panties she pulled back. She had no intentions of getting caught again and left the panties in the drawer. A bra, however, was a must at the office. She was well endowed and it would be tacky, to say the least, for her to flounce her huge tits in such a professional atmosphere. The slut in her wondered, why not? But the proper side won out and she fed her large breasts into the cups of the red lace bra she'd bought the day before. If she couldn't go free, then at least her tits could be caressed within the confines of sexy lace. Not being able to wear panties she assumed pantyhose would be out of the question, so she put on a garter belt and stockings she'd bought on a whim during a past relationship. These sexy underclothes would certainly remind her of her naughty nature and that he was near her, watching. Hair dried and pulled back off her face with barrettes, a little mascara, and her navy blue dress with the lace collar and buttons all the way down the front and she was ready to face the day.

At her desk she let her work absorb her thoughts, trying to hold back the anxiety of wondering the whereabouts of her Master. Almost every man she encountered during the morning was suspect. Just before she was about to go to the cafeteria for lunch her private line rang, the screen keeping the secret of the caller. She smiled as she answered, keeping her voice cool and professional.

"This is Mary, how can I help you?"

"Nice dress. A good choice for a sexual rendezvous. Is that what you were hoping for?" The masculine voice still a mystery.

"I hope for whatever You desire," her 'office' voice belied the elation that bubbled up within her.

"I'm sure, being the slut that you are, you are wet right now," he teased.

"You will have to feel me to know that, won't you?" she boldly countered.

"Oh, I will feel you. I left an envelope for you in your mailbox. Take it out to your car and wait for Me. I'm sure you'll know what to do with it." Then the connection was cut off.

Mary gently replaced the phone receiver and turned off her computer trying to maintain her composure. She sat there for a few moments as excitement rushed throughout her. Retrieving her purse from the desk drawer she did her best to calmly walk by the bank of metal mail slots and found an interoffice envelope that was thick but soft as she grasped it in her hand. Strolling out of the building and across the parking lot it was all she could do not to turn around to see if any man was watching her. As she reached her SUV she thought of that old saying, "Curiosity killed the cat". But then she smiled as she remembered the comeback of "Satisfaction brought her back". She glanced behind her as she unlocked the driver side door and scanned the parking lot. A few people were coming and going, but no one looked remotely intent on approaching her.

She climbed in and got comfy, resting her purse on the floorboard at her feet. Then she opened the envelope to find a soft, black blindfold, the type that was formed like a pair of eyeglasses with an elastic band to fit around the back of one's head. The sunscreen propped in her windshield prevented her from seeing anyone coming toward her car, and anyone getting a direct view of her as well, unless a person was standing next to the car doors. She sat back and hit the switch on the door panel to unlock all the doors then pulled the blindfold over her eyes. She tried to relax, but her nerves where in turmoil.

Suddenly she heard a click and the passenger door open. She took a deep breath and held still as she listened to someone getting into the SUV with her. She jumped as the door slammed shut. Her heart hammered within her chest and her stomach tightened in anticipation. She could hear heavy breathing, but was it her own or her guest's? She felt the buttons at the top of her dress being gently pulled free of the embrace of their holes, slowly, one by one. A warm hand cupped her left breast and gently squeezed. Her lips parted with the escape of a soft sigh. As the mysterious hand reached down and under the hem of her dress she heard two female voices outside, passing by her car. She quickly reached down to halt the hand suddenly fearful of being seen by passersby.

"Do you really want me to stop?" he whispered. She let go of his hand and shook her head, unable to find her own voice. "I enjoyed listening to you last night. From the sound of things, you liked it too, didn't you?" Mary could only nod in agreement. "Such a nasty girl, fucking yourself over the phone like that." She could feel his fingertips traipse up her thighs and her pussy began to drool, longing to feel his fingers deep within her. "Open my pants and take my cock out, you know you want to feel it in your hands again."

Mary shifted in her seat to face him and unconsciously stretched her right leg over the console to give him freer access to her cunt. Frustration wash over her when he did not accept her blatant offer. Yet, she continued, and reached over to find his belt buckle and release it, unbutton his pants, and drew the zipper down. She reached into his pants and found he was not sporting underwear arousing her all the more at the thought that he had premeditated this tryst. She wrapped her fingers around his growing flesh and gently pulled it free. She slowly stroked his shaft, reveling in the feel of it swell in her hand. She gasped as she suddenly she felt his fingers sharply twist her nipple through the lace of her bra.

"Suck it."

Mary froze. Masturbating him was bad enough, out here, with the possibility of being seen by anyone walking by and glancing in at them! But the thought of giving him a blowjob almost made her recoil. He dug his fingers into her breast to urge her to fulfill his request.

"Do as you're told or it can end right here. I'll just leave. It's that simple." His soft voice was calm, almost nonchalant.

She sighed, unsure of what to do. She didn't want this to end! But to be humiliated by someone discovering them in such a lascivious act in her car, in the parking lot of where they worked, was almost more than she could bear! On the other hand, how shocked would someone really be, peering in and watching her Master fuck her mouth? It was more likely that person, particularly a male, would be intrigued by the whole scene. Surprisingly, the thought of a voyeur gazing in on them, getting hard or pussy wet from the little sex show began to appeal to her. Knowing she could incite that reaction from a mere spectator spurred her on to yield to his demand. She slowly pulled her right leg back to her side of the console and shifted her body down to comply with his request.

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