tagBDSMThe Making of Monique Pt. 03

The Making of Monique Pt. 03


Chapter 10

Monique's upper thighs burned as she knelt before Darian. Her back straight, she leaned slightly forward, allowing her hair to cascade forward to veil her eyes as she laced her fingers together behind her back.

"Better," Darian said, "but still not quite right. Try it again."

Monique fought down the urge to sigh and roll her eyes. Earlier in the evening, she had learned the follow of this response.

"That was pretty bad," he had said as the girl knelt before him, wearing only her collar, wrist and ankle restraints and her slut training belt. "Stand up and try it again. This time take a little pride in how you kneel."

She had rolled her eyes then.

Darian had been on her in an instant. The girl had been shocked at how quickly he moved as he brought her small wrists together in one large hand. Jerking them above her head, he had locked them together and threaded a hook through the D-rings before cranking a cable to lift them even higher. The photographer stopped when Monique's eyes were level with his, leaving her toes dangling almost a foot off the floor.

"Am I boring you, slut?" he asked, his voice dangerously calm. Picking up a flogger consisting of a short, thick handle and two dozen tails of soft, supple leather, he caressed her breasts with the tails, as he spoke. "I can make the evening more exciting for you if you like."

"No, Sir," the girl gasped, her nipples tingling from the gentle caress of the whip. "Your girl is not bored."

"Then you rolled your eyes because you're a disrespectful little slut," he said, brushing the thick, heavy strands of the whip along her torso until he caressed her bare pussy.

"No, Sir," she gasped out, trying to ignore the sparks of pleasure the whip was sending through her pussy as Darian nudged her labia open and stroked her clit. "Your girl ..."

"My girl what?" he asked, continuing to use the whip to toy with her pussy. "Tell me why you rolled your eyes. Be honest."

"Your girl thought it was ... stupid ... to expect her to take pride in the way she kneels, Sir," she said meekly. "Your girl didn't mean any disrespect, Sir."

Darian snorted and pulled the whip away from her pussy, slowly walking around behind the girl. Slapping her across her firm, round bottom with the whip, he chuckled.

"I'm sure you didn't," he said. "And I don't mean for this to hurt you."

With that, he lashed out with a long, flat stroke across her bottom.. The girl cried out, arching her back and wriggling her bottom to escape the lash. The second and third strokes crossed her bottom at differing angles, making sure she felt each strand of the whip as he slapped her. The flogger's thick, heavy suede tails didn't cut her flesh or even sting. It was more like a big, slow slap that caused her to sway in her bonds.

However, as Darian methodically flogged her, criss-crossing her entire body from her heels to her shoulders with hard, punishing blows from the whip, Monique felt her skin begin to heat up and burn as if she were receiving a full body spanking. As the girl begged for mercy, Darian explained the futility of her pleas.

"It won't do any good to beg or apologize," he said, punctuating each word with a long, slow lash from the cat. "I don't care if you're sorry or if you've learned your lesson. This ends when the back half of your lovely little body is completely reddened from the whipping. This way you can't con your way out of this with fake tears."

"They're not fake, Sir," she sobbed, humiliated more by the growing heat in her pussy than the actual flogging. "Your girl is really sorry, Sir. She won't roll her eyes again She promises."

He continued anyway, lashing every inch of her firm, young body until her skin glowed red from the punishment. Between strokes, he would step forward, giving her a break from the flogging as he toyed with her nipples and pussy, murmuring against her ear and praising her for being so wet.

"You are such a good little slut," he murmured, his teeth toying with her earlobe. "I love the way you juice for my whip."

Rubbing the butt of the whip against her pussy, he parted the labia, working it gently between them.

"Beg me to fuck your tight little pussy, slut," he growled.

"Siiiiiirrrrr," she hissed. "Please fuck your slut's tight little pussy."

The girl's eyes flew open as she realized what she had just said. Squeezing her thighs together, she tried to take it back, willing herself not to be turned on as Darian chuckled and pulled the whip away. Lowering her to the ground, he flicked the cat forward, lashing her breasts lightly with the tails.

"You're not some big titted cow who giggles every time she moves. Don't kneel like one," he said. "These small, firm breasts shouldn't wobble all over the place when you kneel. I want to see a lithe, graceful slave presenting herself to her master. Now stand up and do it again."

Sniffling, Monique had risen to her feet and knelt again. Darian still hadn't been satisfied, blaming the rising and falling of her chest on clumsiness rather than her aroused state.

"Again," he had commanded. "When you kneel for me, you not only offer yourself to me, you represent me to other people. If you look like a clumsy, resistant bitch, it makes me look bad."

Gritting her teeth, the girl rose and knelt again. It went on for an hour until the muscles in Monique's upper thighs burned from the exercise. She was actually kneeling properly after 15 minutes, but Darian continued, letting her work the muscles as she learned her lesson. The whip in his hand was an ever-present reminder of the need to obey.

So right up until the end of the session, Monique was careful never to sigh or roll her eyes.

Standing, the girl took a deep breath and sank slowly and gracefully to her knees. Darian smiled as he realized she was now moving so smoothly that her breasts truly didn't jiggle even the slightest as he sank to her knees. He was also pleased by the hardness of her nipples and the glistening dew between her labia as she spread her thighs wide and clasped her hands behind her back. When she leaned forward, her hair sweeping forward to cloak her face, he reached down and stroked his fingers though the soft, lush locks and smiled.

"Excellent work," he praised the girl. "You have the potential to make your master very proud."

Chapter 11

Monique's training gradually became more difficult. Each time she came to his studio, he would teach her a new position to kneel and make her practice holding it until he was satisfied with her efforts. The girl had begun to think of the sessions as slut yoga. Each position was designed to reinforce her position as a slave.

And each session left her frustrated and angry that she was in a situation from which she could not escape. There was no way for her to remove the chain training belt and ball that lay just below her clit. One phone call was all it took to bring her to her knees. And one phone call was all it took to send those awful pictures to her parents. She kept thinking that he would remove the chains and she could somehow escape this trap, but at the moment she knew he had her.

She learned to kneel with her hands clasped behind the small of her back, leaning forward and allowing her hair to drape over her face to show humility and submission. With her hands clasped at the back of her neck and her back arched, she knelt to present her breasts to her master. Kneeling with her back arched and her hands palm up on her wide-spread thighs to display the girl's clean-shaven pussy, marked her as a slave, offering all she was to her owner.

She learned to spread her legs and lean forward, grasping her ankles as she offered Darian a clear view of her firm little bottom. She also learned to crawl on her hands and knees when her master desired it. Darian had spent a great deal of time on this lesson, teaching her to sway her hips and breasts with each movement.

"Every movement, every gesture, every expression," he told her, "every breath should be taken with the intent to entice anyone watching into wanting to fuck you silly. Even the sounds you make should drive me wild with desire and compel me to touch you."

She could not roll her eyes; she could not sneer. She knew he would increase the jolt to her pussy if she did. She just had to listen to these words and accept them for the moment. She hated the thought of being treated like an animal, and being taught like a pet to obey her master's every whim.

Monique was kneeling before him, thighs wide-spread and fingers laced behind her neck as she proudly thrust her breasts forward. If she had to obey, at least she could flaunt her assets. From time to time as he spoke, Darian would brush his fingers over her nipples, her sex or even her lips. Each touch was met with a sweet little moan or whimper as the girl tried to move her body into the touch before pulling away, trying to avoid admitting that her need was great.

From time to time, she favored her master with a secretive smile as she caught him leaning forward to move with her. Monique had realized she might not be able to free herself of Darian, but she had also realized that by learning his lessons, she could become irresistible to him and that might give her the power to improve her position.

"Sir," she whimpered as he stroked her pussy. "Will you please remove these training chains? Girl cannot escape as long as you have those pictures and her parents' cell number. She promises to obey and come immediately when you call."

Blinking, Darian had gazed at the girl with genuine surprise.

"Excuse me?"

"Sir, you have taught girl how to serve and obey and she does not need these slave chains."

Monique kept her eyes lowered, feeling the burn on her face as she waited for his answer. For a moment, she felt she had made a mistake in speaking so boldly.

"Stand up," he said, instead of answering.

The girl rose graceful to her feet, hands clasped behind her back as she waited for her next order. Leaving her alone, Darian rooted around in his shop for a moment before returning with a series of items.

"Lift your foot," he said sharply as he knelt before her. As she carefully obeyed, balancing on one foot while raising the other and pointing her toes daintily, he slipped the opening of a silk stocking over her foot. His palms caressed her soft, smooth skin as he unrolled the cool black silk upwards, massaging every inch of her leg until he reached her mid thigh. Despite herself, Monique felt her pussy becoming wetter as his palms caressed her thighs. By the time he had repeated the process on her other leg, Monique was openly whimpering. A pair of black sandals with five-inch heels where added next.

Stepping back, Darian admired his handiwork. The slender Asian's naked body glistened with a fine sheen of sweat from her slut yoga. Gleaming black leather straps and silver chains criss-crossed her torso, accentuating her small, perfect breasts rather than hiding them. The gentle brush of the slender chains against her aureoles each time she moved kept the nipples permanently hard and the slight friction of the training belt between her labia assured that her clean-shaven pussy was also slick with her arousal. The soft, silk thigh-high stockings and fuck me pumps seemed to lengthen her shapely legs and force her firm young bottom higher. She was a vision of pure sex, waiting to be taken.

"But something is missing," Darian mused aloud. "Wait. I know what it is."

Thigh restraints followed. The thin leather straps were cinched against her soft, round thighs just above the stockings. A padlock then locked the restraints together so that Monique could no longer part her legs.

"Sir, what are you doing?" Monique ask with a sense of panic in her voice.

"Silence, slut!" Darian stepped back a few feet and ordered her to come towards him.

Walking was difficult as she was forced to take small, hobbled steps or shuffle along. Naturally, she was ordered to walk and kneel for her master as he put her through the paces of learning to move gracefully in the restraints.

"Your posture could be improved," he said after five minutes. "You keep looking at your feet."

"This girl must!" she argued indignantly. "She will fall and break her neck if she does not." She was not exaggerating. Every step was precarious and now she wished she had said nothing about her pussy harness.

Chuckling, he disappeared again, returning with what appeared to be a huge, gleaming silver hook.

"Does Sir plan to become a pirate?" she giggled nervously, trying to bring something light into the moment.

In answer, Darian held the hook to the girl's lips.

"Warm it and get it wet," he ordered.

Monique stared at the device in horror. Trying to imagine the uses Darian might put it to, she recoiled from him, backing away and shaking her head wordlessly.

Growling in frustration, Darian narrowed his eyes and clenched his jaw. Monique could see an internal struggle playing out across his face for a moment ... but only a moment. Then he was on her. His large hand shot out, tangling through her hair and spinning her easily as he forced her chest against the wall. The large man pinned her there easily as he bent down to hiss into her ear.

"You may ask questions about a command, but you will not disobey me. Has anyone ever fucked you in the ass?" he asked, teasing the cold, blunt tip of the hook against her rectum.

Squeaking, Monique shook her head violently.

"No, sir! Your girl is a virgin! Please no!"

"Truly?" he murmured, ignoring her plea and gently working the blunted point of the hook into Monique's rear end. "Then it should be very special when I finally decide to fully enjoy your body, shouldn't it?"

Gasping at the initial intrusion, Monique tried rising onto her toes to escape the slender metal rod. She could feel it stretching the firm little ring of muscle at the opening of her bottom, working it's way deeper inside her. Making an attempt to stifle her moans, she wriggled her bottom.

"Please, stop Sir, please, you will hurt your girl," she begged.

"If you had obeyed me, the hook would be warm and lubricated," he said, jerking the hook, making the metal cruelly probe her ass, stretching it. "It would have slid in more easily and it wouldn't feel like your skin is sticking to it, being torn by it as it forces its way deeper. I want you to understand the pain you're feeling comes from disobedience. Next time, you will obey me and you'll feel the difference."

Without waiting for an answer, Darian gathered her long, lustrous hair into his hand and wrapped a cord around it to form a long pony tail. Each tug on the cords pulled against the girl's hair and the hook fitted into her bottom. Tugging and tightening the ropes, he continued until Monique's back was straight with her shoulders back and her head held high.

"Excellent," he said, patting her bare bottom. "Now walk for me."

Monique gasped as the first step tugged her hair. Jerking her head in reaction, she felt hook sink more deeply into her ass and cried out sharply. Darian chuckled. She saw no reason to beg any more. He would do what he would do to her and she could not stop it.

"Keep your posture correct and you'll feel no discomfort," he grinned.

For another 15 minutes, he made her walk around the studio. As she moved about the room, he reclined in his chair, stroking his cock as he watched her. For some reason, Monique felt herself becoming more and more aroused with each hobbled step. The combination of the restraints and the sensations of the probe moving in her bottom while tugging at her hair and the sight of Darian clearly becoming aroused by her movement was making her wet.

By the time he commanded her to kneel before him, Monique's pussy was glistening and streaks of her liquid desire were trailing along her inner thighs. She held her breath as she gazed at the thick, hard cock just inches in front of her face.

"Touch it," he said, moving his hand way.

"Sir, please. Don't make your girl do this," Monique whimpered.

"Wrap your hand around my cock and jerk me off or I'll shove your slut ass out in the street and you can walk home looking like a little Asian slut who's just dying to be fucked by anyone who wants to her use her tight little pussy. I'll even gag you so you can't argue with them."

Trembling, the girl took a deep breath, tears welling up in her eyes as she realized she had no choice. Monique closed her small hand around the shaft, able to cover less than half of it's length. Her other hand closed around the top, making him shiver as it stroked his sensitive head.

"Are you ready to be my obedient little slut?" he asked, his voice tight with the effort to control himself.

"I ... your girl ..."

Monique stumbled for words, not sure what to say. She didn't want to be a slave, forced to serve this man. But she had wanted this. So much time had been spent practicing and posturing to make herself irresistible. She wanted to know that work was for something. She needed him to show his desire, to justify the time she spent training. But to admit that, even to herself ...

She lowered her eyes and continued stroking his cock.

"Your girl wants to please you, Sir," she said finally, her voice barely audible. "Isn't this what she is being trained for?"

Darian laughed, the sound cold and menacing as he watched her stroke his cock.

"No, slut. You were trained against your will, you were trained to be humiliated to be used like a slut in heat, to be enslaved and collared and chained and used like the little bitch you are until perhaps you are willing to beg to be fucked, but just to please me by jerking me off? I don't think so. Suck it, slut."

Recoiling in horror, she returned to pleading.

"Please, Sir. Your girl has never done that. She cannot. It's is too much."

With a frustrated growl, Darian shoved Monique's hands away from his cock, jerking himself off until his cock began to pulse cum into her face. Monique whimpered as the hot cum splattered over her face. Drawing her close, he rubbed his cock over her, rubbing his cum into young woman's skin as she struggled weakly.

Standing, he grabbed a coat from his wardrobe closet and threw it at Monique.

"Put this on," he spat, his face dark with anger.

Meekly, the girl shrugged into it. The coat was just long enough to cover her to her knees, hiding the thigh chains. She looked like any other Berkley student as he took her arm and half-dragged her to his car. Driving in silence, he took her to a bookstore. Holding up the cell phone, he said, "You know what happens if you disobey again. Wait five minutes and come inside. Tell whoever is at the counter that you're a pathetic little slut who needs lessons in cocksucking and ask if they have any good how-to books or DVDs. If they think you're joking. Remove the coat and show them how serious you are. Do not disappoint me, slut."

With that, he left the car, slamming the door behind him and going inside to wait.

Chapter 12

The next five minutes for agonizing for Monique. She wanted to disobey the order with every fiber of her being. But she also knew how badly the shock would hurt if Darian chose to punish her.

Tears streaked her face as she made her decision. Gingerly wiggling out of the car, she was intimately aware of the hook moving inside her ass, tugging at her hair with each motion. She felt the hunger in her pussy, the constant stimulation arousing her despite all her conscious efforts to stop it.

With a deep breath, she opened opened the door and entered the bookstore. Fortunately, it was late at night and the building was almost deserted. The only people she saw were Darian browsing the magazine racks and a fairly hot college kid behind the front desk.

Steeling her courage, Monique approached him, chewing her lower lip as she waited for him to ask.

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