tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersThe Man I've Become

The Man I've Become


I don't remember exactly when she had first appeared beside me. Almost as if I woke up, and there she was, hanging on my arm, laughing animatedly at anything I said. At the very least, she was a barfly. She was on a first name bases with several patrons and the bartender. She may have even been a professional. I don't know. I was not from that area. I only stopped into the club to get drunk.

I was turning thirty-eight tomorrow, and my girlfriend had decided to walk out on me last week. She couldn't take me anymore. I had become too much of a man for her. Years of using testosterone had given me a hard, rugged physic, an insatiable sex drive, and a shiny bald head. My girlfriend didn't mind when I use to dressed-up with my strap on in order to "pass" in public, but now, there was no longer any girl under all that gear. I was all man. My breasts were long gone, not that they were ever large, and my body seemed to develop muscles in places I never knew it could. Hair grew on every inch of my body except, ironically, on top my head.

The woman squeezing my arm leaned in to offer her name. I could see down her low cut blouse. Each breast was cupped by a red satin bra. I had to ask her to repeat her name.

"You are a dirty dog!" She smiled and swatted my shoulder. Sticking her chest out, she offered me a better view. "I said, buy me another drink, and you can call me Roxy."

My eyes never left her cleavage as I raised my hand for the bartender. Yes, this woman certainly knew how to work a man. I really didn't care. I was so fucking horny; I could've screwed a knothole.

We sat at the bar for several rounds. Roxy teased me with more glimpses down her shirt and seemed to have no boundaries where she placed her hands. My upper thigh seemed to be a favorite resting spot, where she could discreetly rub my package through my jeans. I, on the other hand, kept a more acceptable distance. I enjoyed the attention Roxy offered, but no matter how drunk, a woman was still a woman to me. I was too much of a gentlemen, not to respect her personal space in public. In private, however, I would not be so gentle.

She convinced me to shell out the dough for one of the club's swanky little semi-private booths. Honestly, it didn't take much to persuade me, just her tongue in my ear. We sat on the quant half-circle couch overlooking the dance floor. An electric fire glowed on the back wall, and a small round table held our "complementary" beverage. I let her pick a bottle of wine. If it isn't beer or whiskey, I frankly won't touch it anyway. The first thing she did was pull the curtain closed. Except for the sound coming in from the dance floor, we were virtually secluded. I poured her drink and she clinked it against my beer.

"Bottoms up!"

She tipped back the entire glass, and then straddled my lap, her arms crossing behind my neck. She leaned in for a sloppy kiss. My hands ravaged her butt as we devoured each other. I was contemplating how drunk she really was as she started dry-humping the bulge in my pants. Decidedly, I figured the bad lighting would afford me some cover, as long as she didn't get the chance to spend much face-to-face time with my dick. A quick fuck was in order, and, I must say, I've always preferred it doggy-style.

"First, you show me what you've got, little lady."

After she got up, I immediately turned the lights off. Only the glow from the fake fire remained. Hopefully, that would keep Roxy in the dark, so to speak. She turned and shook in front of me, slowly taking off her blouse and skirt. In just her satin panties and hose, she hovered just above my crotch and treated me to a lap dance. Her ass rippled and bounced lightly off my thighs. Naturally, I developed a raging hard-on, which was uncomfortably crushed by my packing equipment. Trying to get some relief, I slouched and attempted to rearrange my package.

"Alright, big boy," Roxy had turned to see me holding myself. She must've assumed I was getting ready to whip it out. "It's time I get some of that cock you've been hiding in there."

"Turn around then. I want you to do more of that booty dance on my hard dick." It worked. She turned and waited for me to prepare. First, I ripped her panties off, and then I unzipped my jeans and pulled out my cock. It was my favorite: An ego-boosting, eight inch long, super thick cyber-skin mind-blower, complete with balls. Not incredibly easy to pack, but well worth it when it comes time to play. Roxy started to turn when she heard me unzip, so I pulled her roughly down on my cock. Her butt thumped against my hips with a delicious thud. Normally, I would've tried to work into a woman's pussy, making sure she's lubricated enough, but this time was different. There was no way I was going to risk losing her now. I had come too far.

Her head fell back against my shoulder as she bobbed up and down in my lap. I groped her breasts, pinching each nipple. She responded by grabbing my head and moaning praises to her god. That woman was one wild ride. When she was on the edge of cumming, her hips bucked and vibrated with such intensity, I was glad to be sitting. Had I been riding her like I usually preferred, she would've surely thrown me off. I had to grab her hips as it was, just to hold her on. Such a massive pounding was bringing my own body to orgasm. It was like fucking a giant vibrator. Mid-bounce, she arched her back and screamed out in release. I thrust my hips off the couch to slam my dick deep inside her. My orgasm tore through me as I held her tight, our bodies frozen together.

"Wow, I was not expecting that." Roxy relaxed against my body, her pussy still filled with my dick. Running her hands through her hair, she attempted to regain some composure. Her hips began rocking lazily over my lap. Gradually, she picked up speed, licking her lips and seductively purring. "I'm sorry, babe. I thought you came too." More sexy noises dripped from her lips. She was back to working me again. She bent forward to make a show of her butt. "You are still hard as a rock, aren't you?" I really wasn't listening at this point. Before I realized what she was intending, she dismounted my cock with a pop, and assumed the position for a good old-fashioned blow job. "Don't worry; I know just how to help."

"No! Wait, you don't..." But it was too late. She had one hand firmly locked around my shaft while she sucked the tip into her mouth. "Oh... my... God!" What could I do, but sit back and let her work me like the tool I was. Her head bobbed in the fire light. Never had my girlfriend been able to do this for me. It was too much like having sex with a man, she would exclaim, but that's exactly what I was now. When Roxy's nose hit my groin, the beast within me came out. I came off the seat with a growl. Roxy made for the curtain, but before she could escape, I whipped her around and pushed her across the back of the couch. She looked over her shoulder, fear and excitement mingling in her eyes. With one hand, I pushed her deeper into the cushion while inserting my cock into her with the other. In no time, I was pumping full tilt, hands pulling her hard into my pelvis. I didn't care what she thought about me anymore. There would be no doubt in her mind tomorrow that, while she nursed her bruised ass, she had been thoroughly fucked by a man.

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