tagBDSMThe Manor Ch. 02

The Manor Ch. 02


As i exit the lounge i remember a time, not so very long ago, when i was the one kneeling before Master for the first time. Of course, i did not call Him Master then. He was "Sir" to me…

i remember being so nervous i could barely control my thigh muscles as He instructed me in the way He wanted me to kneel. i was dressed in a sheer silk shift, with a smooth soft length of rope tied loosely around my waist. His gentle touch reassured me as He molded me into the shape He was pleased with. He aroused my nipples so they were more prominent and He was pleased, and so gentle with me, i felt at ease almost immediately.

It seems so long ago, and yet it has been no more than a few months. A pang of jealousy runs through me as i wonder whether Master is touching her too…

Glancing at my watch, i see it will soon be time for lunch. i need to get things going in the kitchen if Master is to have His meal promptly at 1:00, as He likes it. i proceed down the hallway to the spacious kitchen. This is one of my favorite rooms in the Manor. It is so bright and airy, and i do so love preparing Master's food for Him. Slowly warming on the stove is a large pot of French Market Soup....mmm, it smells wonderful! i give it a thorough stirring, and after ensuring that the heat is not too high under the pot, i turn my attention to setting the table.

Gathering the dishes and silver, i enter the adjoining dining room and set the table for One. i have gotten into the habit of setting only Master's place at the head of the table, and waiting to be asked to join Him. Most of the time He wants me at the table with Him, but with O/our "company" today, i am unsure of His preference.

i hear the door to the lounge opening, and Master’s footsteps approaching. As i finish setting His place at the table, smoothing out a small furrow in the crisp tablecloth, i hear Him enthusiastically call out, "Something smells delicious!" i smile to myself, recognizing His good mood. From the sound of His footsteps, i know He has gone to His library across the hall. i return to the kitchen, again stirring the gently warming soup. Turning the burner lower still, i turn my attention to cutting thick slices of crusty bread made fresh this morning.

"kitten?" i hear my Master beckon me. i dutifully hurry to the library where He is seated behind His large desk. i halt in front of the desk, awaiting His instructions. "kitten, I'd like you to show her to her room, please...the one next to yours. I think she will be very comfortable in there, don't you?"

"Oh, yes Master. An excellent choice." With so many bedrooms in the Manor, i wasn't sure which one He would choose as hers. Actually, i don't spend a great deal of time in my own room, as i usually share Master's bed. Perhaps this will all be changing though, i think ominously to myself.

"I left her in the lounge. Would you also inform her that after lunch I'd like for her to remain in her room until dinner time, My sweet?"

"Yes Master, right away."

"Good girl." He studies me closely for a moment, and i think He is going to say something, but He just smiles. i return it. "Go on." He grins. i turn on my heels and silently exit the room, turning down the corridor toward the lounge. Master prefers a quiet step and i do my best not to disturb Him as i move about the house. As i approach the lounge door, which Master left just slightly ajar, i hear her voice. Is she talking to someone? i hesitate just outside the door, straining to hear bits of the broken conversation.

"....i know, but... well, i don’t want... i agreed, yes, but i don’t imagine it will be long."

i push the door fully open and enter the room. she has her back to me, looking out the windows into the lush gardens. i see the cell phone pressed up against her ear. "...yes, i miss you too", i hear her say as she turns around. her face quickly pales when she sees me. For a moment she is speechless, then as if remembering her phone call she quickly says "i have to go." she stuffs the tiny device back into her pocket. "i didn’t hear you come in." i suppose even she is aware how lame that sounds, as we both know she was unaware of my presence.

Looking her in the eye, i ask her, "Does Master know you have a cell phone?"

"Um, well, no, i don't suppose He does. Is it important?"

“Do you remember what i told you about honesty?", i ask her. "It doesn’t matter whether i think it is important or you think it is important. It is a matter of trust and disclosure. A matter of omission rather than of lying. Unless you have something to hide?” she looks shaken and a little confused, so i remind her. "It is vitally important that you be completely honest with Him about everything, otherwise there is no basis on which to build a relationship. you must tell Him about it, and quickly."

"Oh, alright, i didn't realize it was a big deal, it’s just a cell phone after all and i was just talking to my...sister."

i study her countenance for a moment, wondering if my feelings of suspicion are warranted. she seems uncomfortable under my gaze, but i decide to let this drop for the time being. "Master has asked me to show you to your room, and then W/we will be having lunch."

"Thank you, i would love the chance to freshen up a bit."

Returning to the foyer, we gather her things and ascend the wide staircase. Once upstairs, we continue in silence down the hallway. Passing several doors, i pause in front of one on the right. "This is my room," i say simply as i push the door open for her to see. she nods and smiles at me. "...and down here," i say as we continue to the very next door, "is your room."

i push the wide door fully open, and she proceeds into the room ahead of me. she is quite taken aback by the opulence…the large four poster bed, the heavy drapes, lush landscapes painted on heavy canvas, the delicate mantle clock which has just announced the quarter hour, the thick, dense carpet padding the floor...just, everything. "Wow" is all she can manage. i smile to myself, remembering just how young she really is!

i notice that she is examining the door handle, looking dismayed that there is no lock. "your privacy will be respected, as long as you remember to respect O/others' privacy” i reassure her. "you are not permitted in my room, nor any of Master's private rooms, without permission."

she looks at me incredulously. "Private rooms?"

i explain, "His library, His bedroom....the playroom."

"Are you permitted access to these areas?" she smugly inquires.

"Only with His permission," i tell her. she has an expression on her face which she is not trying very hard to conceal from me. i can't shake the feeling that something is very peculiar about her. Of course i have no particular basis for this feeling, so i decide to just keep some mental notes. "Oh, and one other thing," i tell her. "After lunch, Master wishes for you to remain in your room until dinner."

she stares at me in disbelief, but when she sees i am serious, she petulantly acknowledges. "OK, if it is His wish. Um, are you going to tell Him about my phone?"

"i will have to if you don't." i tell her with a stern look.

She turns her back and says "Oh... ok....", as a child who has been told they must return the candy they have shoplifted.

"Well, if you will excuse me, i need to finish the preparations. Feel free to make use of anything you find in here. you have your own private bathroom, and you should find everything you need. If not, let me know and i will see about getting it." i turn quietly and slip from the room, pulling the door closed behind me. i pause for a moment, tempted to press my ear up to the door, but decide i am being paranoid and return to the kitchen.

As i reenter the kitchen, Master is stirring the soup. He glances up, smiling broadly at me, then looks a bit sheepish. "I stole a bite... you have outdone yourself, kitten. Perhaps the best you've ever made." i blush at the compliment. mmmmm, there it goes again...His pleasure is making me all wet and tingly. As He puts down the spoon, He opens His arms to me, and i gladly step into them.

Being enveloped in His warm embrace is the safest feeling i know. i close my eyes, my cheek against His broad chest, O/our bodies pressed firmly together, my arms gently encircling His middle. With one hand pressed against my back, He slips his other hand up behind my head and gently begins running His fingers through my hair. Quite suddenly his gently caressing fingers become a fist, my short hair locked in His grip. He tugs my head back, forcing my face upward, His lips suddenly crushing mine in a breath-stealing kiss. His other hand moves to my breast, gently rolling the nipple between His thumb and forefinger. It hardens immediately at His touch, and a soft moan escapes my lips. i feel Him begin to stir, His cock thickening as it presses against me.

Releasing His grip on my hair, His touch becomes gentle. His hand moves to my face, fingers beneath my chin, urging me to look up at Him. Gazing into His eyes i feel myself go weak. His lips press firmly against mine, and i melt into Him. His tongue resolutely explores my mouth. He thrusts His hand down inside the front of my slacks …i am not wearing panties today at His request. His fingers begin to explore my folds, so slippery with my juices. He easily slips two long fingers inside me and is quickly bringing me to the brink of orgasm. Just as i feel myself beginning to tumble over the edge, He abruptly withdraws His hand. i groan in frustration, until i hear it…she is coming down the stairs. Master looks at me with a combination of amusement and sympathy, a soft smile spreading over His face. “you’ll have to keep it simmering for later, kitten”, He says as he slides one of His dampened fingers into my mouth. i suck it gently first, then more purposefully, cleaning it thoroughly. He smiles, obviously pleased with my efforts. The other finger He slides into His own mouth, tasting my passion. “Mmmmmmm, yes, definitely keep it simmering, kitten” He whispers, and kisses my forehead, stepping to the sink and washing His hands in preparation for the meal. When He is finished, i do the same.

she enters the kitchen as i am drying my hands. “There you are,” Master greets her, as He passes behind me out of the door, stopping briefly to slap me on the butt and say “I am famished, kitten, L/let’s eat!”

“As You wish Master” i call after Him, blushing at the swat given in front of this newcomer. i pour Him a large glass of iced tea and ask her to take it to Him in the dining room. i pour two more for us, then ladle the steaming soup into bowls. Placing His bowl and the bread onto a serving tray, i proceed into the dining room, halting in the doorway, startled by the scene laid before me.

Master has taken His place at the head of the table, and she has seated herself to His right. He glances at me, and then turns to her, speaking softly but firmly. "It is My preference that you join Me at the table only after being invited," He says simply.

she glances at Him, then over at me, then back to Him. she is obviously confused, then realizes He means for her to leave the table. she returns to the kitchen, looking a bit stricken. He looks over at me, giving me a soft smile which i return. "kitten?"

"Yes, Master?"

"Perhaps the two of you would like to join Me here in the dining room for this fine lunch you have prepared."

"Yes, Master, as You wish," i reply, with just enough volume for her to hear. i serve Him His soup before returning to the kitchen to retrieve our bowls and silver. i beckon her to bring our drinks and follow me. she looks a little put out, but returns to the dining room with me.

we take our places on either side of Master, waiting for Him to begin eating before we eat. He spoons a bit of the fragrant broth into His mouth, closes His eyes and smiles broadly. Obviously He approves! i pick up my spoon and begin to eat, motioning to her with my eyes to begin eating as well. For several minutes W/we eat in silence. Master asks me about the bread, commenting how delicious it is. i tell Him it is from the new bakery which has recently opened in town. W/we fall silent again. Squirming in her chair, she is obviously becoming uncomfortable with the quiet. Somehow i feel i should stop her because i know she is about to overstep again, but decide the lesson is better learned from the error.

"i noticed the beautiful gardens, Sir, " the silence broken by her inane comment. “Do You enjoy working outdoors, Sir?"

Once again, He looks at me, and then at her. i catch her eye, giving my head an almost imperceptible shake, just as Master addresses her again, "I realize this is your first day with U/us, but you should know from the outset...you are not to initiate conversation unless specifically asked to do so.” He continues sternly, “Do you understand?"

For a moment, i think she might cry. Then, something else washes over her, just for a second. It almost looks like resentment, but is quickly gone as if she remembers herself. she lowers her gaze, as He has no doubt instructed her and simply says "Yes Sir."

His voice softens, "Good girl."

W/we continue O/our meal in silence. When Master has finished, He rises from the table and comes over to kiss me on the top of my head, thanking me. i smile sweetly at Him, my gaze following Him as He retreats to His library on the other side of the house. i collect O/our dishes, returning them to the kitchen. she follows me, looking at me quizzically, obviously a little intimidated to speak. i reassure her, "you will learn what is expected of you very quickly. Don't feel too bad, it is hard at first to remember everything." she frowns slightly, opening her mouth as if to say something, then closes it again, her words unspoken. "The next time you are with Him, you must tell Him about the cell phone," i remind her.

"you were serious about that?" she asks.

i turn quickly, looking her directly in the eyes, and summoning all the authority i can i say to her, "Yes, very serious. It is important that you are completely honest."

Stomping her foot slightly and looking like a spoiled little girl she whines, “OK, then i will tell Him at O/our next visit.”

"kitten?" Master calls me from His library. Without hesitation, i turn away from her and trot quickly to the Library...i do not like to keep Him waiting!

He is again seated behind His desk. i notice a large box, a package which i suppose was delivered while we were upstairs. Curious about its contents, but knowing it is not my place to ask, i stand before Him awaiting instructions. He is busy reading over His mail, and as He does i study Him. He has the most amazing body….fairly tall, slim, yet firm and muscular…but not TOO muscular! My mind drifts back to the play W/we started earlier in the kitchen, remembering the feel of His cock pressed against me. i feel my pussy dampening all over again, feeling the flush rising in my cheeks. i close my eyes for a moment, doing my best to compose myself.

"kitten, are you all right?" i am drawn back to consciousness by the sound of His voice. It is a most pleasing sound to my ears, which only flusters me more! As i open my eyes i see Master studying my face. i think perhaps He is toying with me. He knows how easily i am aroused.

"Oh, yes Master, i am fine, thank You." My words are spoken truthfully but my countenance gives me away.

"I think perhaps My girl has been having some playful thoughts...I am right, aren't I, kitten?”

i drop my gaze...my body has betrayed me once again. In His presence, i am so weak. "Yes Master," i reply quietly.

Softly he commands, "Kneel before Me, little one." i move quickly before Him, my actions ceremonial. i gently sink to my knees before Him, my thighs widely parted, my back straight as an arrow, my chest presented. As i lay my upturned hands lightly upon my thighs, i feel my nipples harden in anticipation, and i lower my gaze awaiting instruction. "i hope You find me pleasing, Master," i offer weakly.

"Oh yes, very pleasing indeed, kitten." Leaning forward He takes my chin in His hand and raises my head so that i might look at Him. He is staring directly at the hardened peaks which are thinly disguised beneath my shirt. " My girl wants something from her Master, doesn't she?"

Sitting back on my heels before Him, His swelling cock is at eye level as it strains against His jeans. i can't stop the reflex and i lick my lips and say "Yes, Master", grinning at Him wickedly.

"And what would that be?" He is grinning wickedly right back at me!

"i want to suck Your cock, Master." These words are also a reflex. i absolutely cannot help the fact that this is my passion, and i make no apologies for it!

"Have you earned it? Have you been a good girl today?" i seriously consider His question, though i don't think that was His intention. He is merely toying with me, but i am thinking perhaps i have not been as good as He might imagine...my doubtful thoughts about "her” creep into my brain...

"....and you did prepare a most delicious lunch, kitten." i realize i have not been listening, but think He is in the mood to forgive just about anything right now! "Touch me, little one. Pleasure Me with your mouth." Sweet words to my ears!

i slowly rise up to my knees, my eyes locked on His. i unbuckle His belt, then unbutton His jeans. i reach for His zipper, slowly lowering it. i curl my fingers into the waistband, also taking hold of His silk boxers. He lifts up for me, and as He does i tug His clothes all the way down.

As He again makes Himself comfortable in His chair, i examine His beautiful cock. It is thickening, hardening, but no where near its full size and stiffness. i take it into my left hand, giving it a gentle but firm squeeze. He smiles down at me, and again i lick my lips. To me, there is no greater pleasure than pleasing Him, and it would be difficult to say which of U/us enjoys this more. i extend my tongue, running the very tip up the underside of the shaft. i repeat the motion, this time flattening my tongue against Him and licking all the way up, like a big lollipop. i swirl my tongue around the head twice, getting my first taste of Him. Still holding Him in my left hand, i move down and begin caressing His balls with my tongue. His hands move to grasp my hair, and i suck His balls into my mouth. He gasps sharply, tightening His grip on my head. i know He is ready for more.

Releasing His balls, i lean forward and begin planting soft kisses on His belly, being careful to keep the contact with His cock to a minimum. i “accidentally” graze its tip with my chin as i continue to spread gentle kisses all over his belly and groin. my tongue leaves a wet trail all over Him, and i give Him an occasional light nip which makes Him gasp. i take Him in my hand again, slowly rubbing my cheek up and down the full length of His cock. God, i love the contrast! His cock is rock hard, yet the skin is so soft, like velvet. i find myself getting lost in the feelings, but am snapped back to reality by a soft groan from somewhere deep inside Him.

i lean back, once again looking up into His eyes. He is looking a little…desperate? i realize i will be losing control of this situation quickly if i continue in this manner. i grasp Him firmly, giving Him a few good strokes. i slowly move toward the head of His cock with my mouth wide open and my tongue slightly extended. He is beginning to squirm, knowing what is to come. As i reach the head of His cock, i slowly push it into my mouth, but keep my mouth open and do not touch Him with it. i continue to push Him deeper, deeper, until i feel Him touch the back of my throat. With my mouth still open, i hold His cock in this position, breathing around Him. Soon neither of U/us can wait any more…i press Him deeper into my throat, causing a gag reflex. As i do, my throat opens a bit more, then closes on the head of His cock. He groans as if in agony, but i know they are the sounds of pure pleasure! Pulling my cheeks in tightly around Him i work my mouth up and down His shaft, feeling His grip on my hair tighten. i continue in this manner for several minutes, gradually increasing the speed. i stop rather abruptly at the base of His cock, once again holding Him still and letting Him feel my warm breath. i peel back my lips, my teeth now in direct contact with His cock.

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