tagBDSMThe Mansion House Series Ch. 04

The Mansion House Series Ch. 04


"Hmmm... that's good boy, keep doin that. Seems the wake-up call I gave you worked nicely. Next time, don't let me have to warn you though boy. I mean exactly what I said. Your butt will be beaten so badly you'll not know what hit you. And hey -- I don't just stop there. Oh no, honey. I also like to rub salt in the wounds. Get me? What boy, I can't hear you. What's that?"

Ethan mumbled, "yes, Mistress."

Allison turned her attentions once more to Sabrina. "Girl, come, get your ass up here. I want to finger your snatch properly this time."

Sabrina stopped slurping at her Mistress's breast and got up onto the couch on all fours. She then lowered her head and pushed her bottom towards Allison in order to provide free access to her sex trench.

"Okay baby, that's close enough. Hmmmmm," Allison started to buck her hips onto Ethan's face.

"Come on honey, you gotta open up for me," she said to Sabrina, "knees further apart. What, do I have to fucking beg you or something?" Allison slapped at the girl's upturned bottom cheeks.

"S... sorry Mistress," Sabrina stuttered.

"You will be fucking sorry. Now come on, I haven't got all day, girl!" Allison moved her right hand in between Sabrina's legs and started to gently massage at the girls swollen cunt lips. "Girl, does Mistress Teana ever fist you?"

"Erm, yes Mistress. She erm does like to do that, Mistress."

"That's good cos I'm gonna do it too. First, let' s get you warmed up though. Can't be fisting a dried up pussy hole now, can we... Hey, here's an idea. Maybe Mistress Teana can do your butt, while I do your dripping hole. Now that's a great idea, don't you think girl? Come on, tell me what you think about it. I can't hear you. Good idea or not good idea? Are you fucking deaf as well as dumb?"

She didn't wait for Sabrina to respond. "Boy, get your tongue in deep. I want to come all over your face. Then this fucking blonde-haired witch can lick it all off. Ooooh yeahhh..."

Teana reappeared. "Hey honey, how are things progressing? I see you have the bitch exactly where you want her. Good for you!"

"Yeah darling. She tells me that you fist her quite often. How does she take it?"

"Yup, she's good. She'll come good for ya. And she's fairly loose too, as you can probably tell by now." Teana smiled at Allison.

"Darling, you look gorgeous." Allison complimented Teana on her appearance. She had changed into a bright red baby doll which barely concealed her over-sized chest. The ribbon trimmed hem complimented the see-through bodice. Teana was also sporting a very large black strap-on, fitted tightly around her hips and ready for action.

"Thanks babe. I just got this outfit about a month ago. Been meaning to use it but just never had the occasion. Well, today's the day. Time for a blast." She picked up her tumbler of whisky and swigged down half the contents in one go. "Time to see some combat, I think." She put her glass down.

"Chia, where the hell are you?" she shouted.

A moment later, a very pretty little Chinese lady appeared in the doorway. She was short in stature -- only about 5 feet or so. She was naked except for a blue crotchless lacy thong. Small pert breasts. Small nipples. Short dark hair in the style of a bob. Skin as white as cotton. "Ma'am, wanted me Ma'am? I busy kitchen."

"Don't bother about the kitchen now, dear. Let the other girls deal with the preparations. Come to me." Teana beckoned the girl to follow her. She walked over to a large recliner seat that was positioned in the corner of her living room then sat down and lay back. "Let me lube my equipment. Then you can perch on top and enjoy the good hard fucking you're just about to receive." Teana picked up a bottle of lubricant she had lying on a table beside the recliner. She snapped open the top and squeezed some of the contents into the palm of her left hand. She then smeared it up and down her black 12 inch strap-on dildo. The Mistress replaced the lube on the table. Teana then motioned the Asian cutie to sit on her lap.

Chia lowered herself very gently on top of her Mistress's pleasure tool. She let out a moan as it slipped inside her valley of love. "Hopefully this whopper doesn't fuck you up too much, little darling," Teana grinned wickedly.

Meanwhile, Allison was making quick smart progress. "Ah that's it boy, keep it, keep it there, keeeeepppp... ahhhhhhh," she climaxed over Ethan's mouth. The Mistress pushed Ethan's head from between her legs and slumped in the sofa, dropping her hand from Sabrina's now dripping love hole.

Over in the corner, little Chia was busy pumping up and down on her Mistress's strap-on dildo, moaning loudly with pleasure. Teana had her hands planted firmly on her sex slave's hips and was aiding the petite Chinese girl's efforts. "Yeah baby, ride my big fat dick. That's a girl, baby. Yeah, get it right inside. Get all 12 inches of my fat black dickie right inside your beautiful little twat." Teana slapped viciously at the girl's breasts. The girl pumped harder, egged on by the painful tit slapping her Mistress was intent on giving her.

Allison regained her composure. "Hey Teana, you got it good girl!" she laughed.

"Yeah baby, this little one is a real hottie so she is! They always say that the best things come in small packages. Well, in this case, that's only too true." She continued to slap at the Asian girl's reddening titties. "You wanna fist that fuck bitch, honey?" she pointed towards Sabrina who was patiently waiting her Mistress's next move, still with her bottom thrust upwards towards Allison. "Here, I have some lube you can use. Boy, come over and get it."

Ethan picked himself off the floor and walked over to get the lube for his Mistress.

"Come boy, squirt some on this dripping pussy." Allison instructed him. Ethan snapped open the lid and proceeded to drizzle some lubricant onto Sabrina's upturned nether regions. "Okay, now rub it over and get some inside." Allison directed him. Ethan did as he was told, savouring the experience of touching up the pretty girl's sex.

"Fine. Now come sit next to me and watch the action. You'll be getting the same soon enough so you may as well see what you're in for." Allison smeared her right hand over the girl's sex in order to lubricate her fingers. "Teana, darling, here goes. Gunning for glory so I am." Allison slipped two fingers inside Sabrina's pussy hole and started to prod around, teasing the girl, getting her wet. Sabrina moaned with pleasure. Allison then thrust in a third finger, then a fourth. "Oh, she's so easy. Big girly you are, aren't you, dear. I'll soon have my whole fist in your juicy fuck trench. Maybe I'll go for both hands, what'dya say, dear? Up for that? Think that would be nice? Want to have both Mommy's hands fucking your twat, do you? Or... what else? Hmmm... maybe one hand in your juicy fuck, and the other in your tight rose bud. Hmmmm.... yeah, I like that idea. Ethan, what do you say, boy?"

Ethan did not know what to say. He was riveted to the action. His dick as hard as iron.

"Boy, say something will ya! Geez. Am I talking to myself or what?" Allison goaded Ethan for an answer.

"Eh, well, erm," Ethan stuttered, "emmm, well..."

"Oh golly da gosh," Allison said, "is it really so difficult. Simple answer is all that's needed." The Mistress now had her whole fist stuck up inside the girls pussy and was pushing and pulling, back and forth. The girl groaned and bucked her hips in tandem with her Mistress's thrusting. "Okay, let's make it a bit easier for you, shall we," she said to Ethan. "Imagine you had two holes. Which would you prefer? Both hands in your gaping pussy, or one hand in your da pussy and one hand in your ass? Think about it for a moment, boy. I mean, look, this slut obviously loves me fisting her cunt, right? So, that means, chances are very high that she'll enjoy two hands in there even more than she does one hand. Question is, can I get both my hands in there. Hmmm... does seem so, doesn't it, boy?"

"Hmmm, I think both, Mistress," Ethan replied. "I think she will enjoy both hands in her, erm, pussy. And she will also enjoy one hand in pussy and one hand in her emm, other hole."

"Ah yessssss. You see boy. This is why I like you. You're on my side every time. I like that answer. Clever boy. Move to the head of the class!"

The moaning over in the corner of the room was growing ever louder. Allison looked over. "Ah look at the girl go," she said to Teana.

Chia, the petite Chinese girl, was bouncing around wildly on Teana's 12 inch strap-on dildo. Her head swinging from side to side as she climaxed over and over.

"Yeah babyyyyy. Look at this little cutie go. Isn't she marvellous, Allison?" Teana beamed.

"Wah hell yeah. She's fantastic. Just purrrrfect! I'd love to have a shot with her too, darling. Okay with you?" Allison asked her friend.

Teana nodded. "Oh yes of course, darling. She's all yours. Use her and abuse her in any way you feel inclined."

"Later baby, later. And thanks! I have to attend to other matters at the moment, as you can see. I don't think this whore would be too grateful if I dropped her in favour of the Asian lesbo. Best I fuck her up good and proper, then later on, I'll do some intense work on that Asian cutie."

"Sure baby, sure. I think after I'm finished with her, she'll be so pooped that she'll not be capable for much more," Teana laughed. "Talking of poop, I think its time we swapped holes, darling. Your love tunnel has had more than enough attention for now. Hop off and let's get started on your shit hole," she instructed the little Chinese. The girl stopped bucking, and eased herself up. "Honey, best you lube or there may be some damage, and we don't want that to happen, do we? Catch your breath for a bit. Take a moment. There's a good pet."

"Yes Mistress, I lube," the girl smiled at her Mistress, her face now reddened due to the exertion.

On the other side of the room, Allison was already hot in pursuit of getting both her fists fully into Sabrina. "How does that feel, girl?" Allison asked.

"Oooooooohhh, Mistress, ooooommm, I....."

"Oh, I see. So what you're trying to say is that you are enjoying the experience, is it? Oh well then, seems we have that in common. I'm rather enjoying my time with you too," Allison chuckled. "Now honey, come on, you need to do more of the work here, okay? I mean, look, its me who had to push to get in in the first place, so its your turn to do the pushing. That's it, push and pull, push and pull. Get a nice rhythm going. Oooh yeah, honey. You got it good now. That's it. Keep pushing and pulling. Ride my fists. Yeah, yeah, good. Keep the rhythm baby, you is doing good! Hey, boy, get me my whisky. You'll have to put the glass to my lips. I'm a bit caught up at the moment," Allison laughed. "You enjoying the action, boy? I bet you are. I bet you can't wait till I get my fists in your tight little ass. But don't you be worrying, baby, Mommy Allison will take care of you very soon. Mommy Allison never forgets what she promises, you know."

Ethan picked up Allison's whisky and gently put the rim of the glass to her lips. She sipped and then drew her head back. "Mmmm... nice." The Mistress continued to enjoy fisting Sabrina for over 10 minutes. She then slowly eased out. "Wah, my hands are soaking. Girl, come, lick this goo off me. Gee, its all over my arms too. You are one wet whore, aren't you. Erm, and don't you be dripping none of that goo of yours on Teana's lovely settee. Your pussy hole is gaping kinda big. I think we ought to get you a fucking diaper or something."

Sabrina slowly turned around, trying to recover from her ordeal as quickly as she could in order to continue to please her Mistress to the best of her ability. Allison held up her hands and Sabrina started to lick and suck as she had been ordered to do. "Taste good, baby?" Allison smiled. Sabrina nodded. "Ah, I thought you'd like that. You're a real pussy juice loving girl, aren't you," Allison derided her victim.

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