tagRomanceThe Marquee

The Marquee


Sara Solomon, professor of religion at Vanderbilt University, was concluding a lecture on Jesus of Nazareth at the Ohio State University and in the audience is the infamous Casanova Leon Carlisle.

"In conclusion, while Jesus is not recognized as the Messiah, because he did not fulfill the qualifications as described by the Prophets Isaiah and Ezekiel; however, he is considered a righteous man, who brought the light of repentance, faith, and morality to the world. I thank you for your kind attention and will be pleased to answer questions at the receptions."

The audience applauded professionally as one would expect of an educated group.

"Professor Solomon is correct. A reception, in her honor, is being held in Woody Hayes Hall which is adjacent to the auditorium. Please join us for hors d' oeuvre and the famous OSU Punch."

Those in the audience laughed at the reference to Woody's infamous hitting of a Clemson football player at the 1978 Gator Bowl game.

At the reception, President Ghee asked, "Professor Solomon how did someone of your faith become interested in Jesus as a field of study?"

Sara sipped some punch before answering the question and observed a tall, handsome man with brown hair and a touch of gray observing her. She wasn't used to being ogled in such an obvious way. "Most fields of Jewish religious research are overcrowded and there were few who studied Jesus. My choice was dictated by opportunity."

They were interrupted by Professor Wainwright who introduced her to other VIPs and she and the president were separated. She couldn't, help but notice the good looking brown-haired man charming a number of ladies on the fringe of the crowd. His smile was dazzling and he laughed easily at their comments, several times they locked eyes, and she had difficulty dragging her eyes away.

She remained calm and poised with the multitude of introductions and questions, but was disappointed when her admirer left the hall with a blonde. She'd hoped to meet him. It wasn't often she felt attracted to a male.

Finally, the throng began to thin. From behind her she heard a deep baritone voice say, "Professor Solomon would you like another glass of punch?"

He stood in front of her with two glasses and an alluring smile.

"Yes think you, it's kind of you to think of me," she said smiling at him.

"I'm Leon Carlisle and I find it easy to think of you," he said extending a well manicured hand.

The smoothness and firmness of his grip was arousing. She shook it eagerly; they both held on longer than necessary. "Do you always cater to maidens under stress?"

"Tell me you're not returning to Nashville early in the morning?" He asked with concern in his voice.

"Why do you ask?" She asked fingering the broach over her right breast.

"It's too late to ask you for a coffee but breakfast is my favorite meal."

"I'm scheduled through lunch tomorrow, and I'm leaving at five in the afternoon. Is there something specific you'd like to ask me?"

"I'd be pleased to take you to Columbus International."

"I'm sorry, but my airport trip is also planned."

"Would it be too forward to speak with you later this evening?" He asked with an expectant stare.

She was impressed by a persistent handsome man who never answered a question directly, and who was interested in her. "It would be inappropriate for me to do that."

"Why? You're neither married nor engaged," he stated factually.

"How do you know that?" She asked.

"I do my research too, but if I've bothered or embarrassed you with my tenacity, then I apologize. It's been a pleasure meeting you and listening to your lecture. Have a nice evening and a safe trip home," he said turning to leave.

Sara was startled by the sudden turn of events. Deep down she wanted to know him better and thought she might be missing an opportunity to spend time with a man of obvious character and intelligence. "Mr. Carlisle, I believe my breakfast schedule can be rearranged. Where would you like to meet?" She said feeling good about her change of heart.

His smile light up the room like the flash bulb of a camera. The café at your hotel would be convenient. When should I meet you?"

"Would seven be too early? I rise before the sun."

"I'll be there."

Sara spent the evening thinking about the tall handsome man whose interest in her was apparent. At thirty-five, she'd spent most of her life being educated, doing research, and teaching, and she had little time for men but there was something intriguing about Leon.

* * *

Leon left Mershon Auditorium with a spring in his step. He'd met his first two objectives—meet Sara and arrange a one-on-one meeting. His plan to seduce her in Columbus wasn't going to work, so he'd have to plant seeds in the morning. He wasn't sure what approach to use, but he was confident he'd think of something by seven. In the mean time, he had a blonde waiting for him in the foyer. He wasn't going to get much sleep, but at least he'd have one piece-of-ass before leaving Columbus. His zipless fuck would be a platform from which to devise a way to make breakfast a meaningful meeting.

Sara was attractive but not beautiful. Her dark complexion, black hair, large nose weren't classic, but when he saw her on Good Morning America doing an interview--he was smitten. Watching her speak articulately, gesture with her hands, and nodding her head provocatively energized his libido. He couldn't explain his interest but the desire to get her into bed became an obsession. The internet was a helpful tool in learning as much about her as he could, and he used the information to come to Columbus to hear her lecture.

* * *

Sara woke early, and tried to determine why she'd accepted Leon's invitation. Her entire morning schedule was rearranged which caused problems for her hosts. Nevertheless, she was eager to see him and find out about his interest in her. She knew his attention wasn't entirely academic, but she was a professional and not easily swayed by a pretty face.

After a shower, she took more time than usual to make up her face and to pick a white blouse that would emphasize her breasts under her dark gray business suit. With anticipation she left her room arriving in the lobby at exactly seven and was delighted when she saw Leon holding a bouquet of red roses. "I didn't expect flowers," she said taking them from him.

"I've changed the venue breakfast is waiting in my suite, do you mind?" He asked taking her by the arm and leading her to the elevators.

She didn't have a chance to protest.

"Do you like the roses?" He asked holding her close to his side.

"Their lovely, but I don't think it's appropriate for us to eat in your rooms."

"It's more convenient and efficient to eat there."

"Is there a rush to eat? I have plenty of time before my next appointment. The elevator stopped and she reluctantly allowed him to lead her to his suite. The table was set with more roses, lit candles, and silver covered serving pieces.

"Have a seat. Would you like regular or decaf?"

"Regular, why are you going to all this trouble?" She admired his organizational ability and efficiency. He moved his hands with dexterity and his body with the grace of a dancer.

He poured the coffee and indicated for her to sit. He placed scrambled eggs and hash browns on their plates. "Would you like to pray?"

Surprised at his request, she recited a Jewish prayer first in Hebrew and then English: "I offer thanks before you, living and eternal King, for You have mercifully restored my soul within me; Your faithfulness is great. Amen."

Her repeated, "Amen."

"You continually confound me, and thank you for asking. It's refreshing for a non-Jew to make such a request," she said.

They ate quietly. She was impressed with his table manners as well as his looks.

"Leon, this is a lovely setting, the meal is excellent, but what why are we here?"

* * *

He stood, dropped his napkin to the table, and walked to her side. I wanted to be alone with you so we could make love," he said confidently

She was shocked. Why do you think I would sleep with you?" She said standing.

"We're attracted to each other, and you want me as much as I want you."

"Why would you think that? I'm a university professor of religion and a Jew who teaches the Torah. It's against God's law for an unmarried couple to be joined sexually," she said putting her napkin on the table and turning to leave.

"I was infatuated with you when I saw you on TV, and last night you were looking for me when I left the room. Later, you could have allowed me to leave, but you stopped me, and agreed to have breakfast. Aren't those signs of interest?" He asked moving to her.

"You're the most baffling man I've ever met. Yes, I could have let you leave, but I thought you were a man of character and intelligence. Now I find out you're debauched."

"Yes don't you just love it when someone comes along and changes your perception?"

"No, I don't," she said feeling his warmth and smelling his cologne

He took her in his arms held her close. "Tell me you don't like this."

She struggled. "I don't like you holding me."

He leaned toward her and said, "Tell me you don't want to be kissed."

Before she could speak his lips covered hers.

She was astounded. His lips made her light headed. In thirty-five years she'd never been affected this way by a kiss. She didn't protest when he kissed her again. His lips, his strength, his scent, and his bulge against her body were arousing. She was dizzy, confused, and she returned his kiss.

He carried her to the bedroom.

* * *

She offered no resistance as he removed her clothes, because his hands were electrifying. Every fiber of her body tingled as he rubbed her back and ass, massaged her nipples erect, tickled her pubic hair and vulva lips. She gasped when he sucked a nipple into his warm mouth and his finger found her G-spot.

Moaning, she said, "Stop," but when her clitoris was massaged, she pulled him close as her body and brain responded instinctively to the pleasurable stimulations. She was perspiring, her heart racing, and her breathing labored. Her ability to think logically was overcome by the arousal and excitement of his expert hand and mouth. She was in paradise as feelings of joy flowed from her clit and nipples to the rest of her body.

"Do you want me to stop?"


The mattress groaned as Leon moved between her legs his body hovered over hers with his cock poised at her entrance.

They moaned as he slipped into her.

Her flesh was spindled and his encased. It was heavenly; she'd never felt so invigorated and energized. He filled her and she felt complete. She watched him smiling down at her and felt the silk-like movement of his cock along the ridges of her vagina. Instinctively she arched her back and writhed under his relentless stroking. Her eyes closed, a smile spread across her face, and she lay in a cloud of enjoyment as her pleasure increased.

"Give me a breast," he said smiling at nodding his head at her right boob.

She lifted it to him.

He took the nipple in his mouth ran his tongue over and around it until she sighed at the pleasure he was giving her. As he sucked her right tit, he fondled and massaged the other gently and with loving care.

The sensations his mouth and hand gave her added to the enjoyment of his cock buried deep within her core. It was a circuit of pleasure surging back and forth from her breasts to her pussy. It was marvelous.

He switched from one breast to the other.

Her sighs turned to moans as his licking, sucking, and nipping her teat added to the feeling beginning to overwhelm her.

Slowly ever so slowly her thrills rose to a fever pitch before her body was swept by the adrenalin rush of an orgasm. She groaned as she felt his cock swell and harden just before his fluids were pumped into her by his constant thrusting and his continuing spasms added to her delight. She lay in ecstasy feeling his weight and warmth as she drifted into a deep sleep.

* * *

She woke to the sound of the phone ringing. He was gone having her calls rerouted to his room. Her escort for the rest of the day was on the phone. She apologized and quickly took a tits and ass bath, and tears streamed down her face as she removed his semen. I wonder where he is, she thought. Why would he leave without saying something or leaving a note? Was something wrong?

The rest of the morning and afternoon was lost in a fog; it was as though she was sleepwalking. She went through the motions of meeting people, of shaking hands, and of speaking with them. Her thoughts were of Leon and the gentle, sweet way he made love to her, made her feel like a complete woman. Finally, the ordeal was over. Professor Wainwright took her to the airport. She felt betrayed. He'd used her for his pleasure and left her as though she were a whore. By the time she'd checked into her flight, she blazed with anger and hatred for Leon--for all men.

She passed through the ticketing process, the security screening, and hurried to catch her plane. The gate area was packed. Out of the crowd walked a tall, handsome man wearing a dark blue suit carrying a bouquet of red roses. It was Leon. She was about to scream at him. Before she could, he took her in his arms and kissed her.

"I'm sorry Sara. I got what I wanted and left, but half way to New York something struck me. I don't know what it was, but it was as though a marquee was flashing before my eyes: SARA IS WHAT YOU WANT. I had the pilot turn the plane around with enough time to get here and buy the roses. I want you, to be with you."

"I want that too, but..."

He kissed her again, and led her to the other end of the terminal. As they walked she thanked God for the marquee.

He helped her board a private turbo jet.

"Who belongs to this plane?" She asked.

"It's mine."

Aboard the luxurious plane as soon as they were aloft the kissed passionately for a long time. Leon lovingly removed their clothes, sat her on a chair, spread her legs, and thrust his face into her groin.

"What are you doing?" She was surprised by his unexpected action.

His tongue licked her thatch of black pubic hair.

"That tickles," she said leaning back in the chair.

"It's supposed to," he said as his tongue slipped through her sopping wet hair to run back and forth over her labia lips.

She gasped and grabbed his hair.

His tongue licked her slit from bottom to top and back again.

"Oh God," she panted.

He spread her legs wider and slipped his tongue into her cunt between her outer lips, her inner lips, and finally he was fucking her with his tongue.

"Yes, yes, yes,' she moaned rising her ass off the seat.

.He left her snatch and moved his lips and tongue to her clit. Around and around his tongue swirled.

Faster and faster her sexual organs contracted. Unexpectedly she felt the heat within her body, she saw fireworks, and she heard groaning as she climaxed with the release of her fluids.

As her body writhed from an orgasm she felt herself being picked up, her legs spread, her body being lowered, until she was spindled on his erection. She groaned from the pleasure of being filled. "Oh my God, oh my God!

As she groaned, Leon attached himself to her breast with his mouth and sucked.

She groaned as his tongue massaged her nipples first one and then the other.

He pulled his body to his and thrust his long hard cock into her warm, moist, and tight pussy. Over and over again he rammed into her.

Her groaning turned into a scream as she exploded in and ecstatic orgasm. Indescribable joy coursed through her body and mind and the feeling of paradise swept over her.

The pleasure didn't end because Leon continued to slam into her over and over again.

She didn't want to simply be the receptacle of his loving making or his cum, but she wanted to participate in the process, so she got in sync with him. When he moved she moved. When he pulled back she did the same. When he pushed into her she met his dick with her cervix. She felt his increasing speed and the growing firmness of his cock just before he went rigid shooting spurt after spurt of his jism into her willing and waiting tunnel. Freed from her inhibitions she allowed herself to enjoy his ejaculation and claim her own orgasm.

They lay joined in ecstasy until he slipped for her. They slowly came down from their physical and emotional highs to enjoy the afterglow of incredible sexual release.

. As the lay cuddling in each others arms he spoke. "As long as I don't have to be circumcised; I'm willing to become a Jew if you're willing to have me?"

"Is that a marriage proposal?"

"I hadn't thought of it that way, but yes it is."

I can't believe I'm saying this, but I want you more than anything, my answer is yes. However, you have to bring me to another climax before we land."

Instantly she took his cock in her mouth. Thoughts about adultery and her career were lost in the pleasure that only two lovers can offer each other—the giving and taking and sharing of sexual ecstasy.


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