tagGroup SexThe Massage

The Massage


The elevator doors open, and I place my hand at the small of your back, guiding you to the end of the hall. The door to the hotel room is a deep, dark red, the color of the sun the last few moments before the horizon gobbles it up. I fumble with the key for a moment, trying hard to keep my eyes on the lock, and off the plunging neck line of your black dress. You smile at me, the thin fabric of your dress allowing the slightest glimpse of the lower curve of your breast. Swallowing hard, I slip the card into the slot, and a soft click allows me to turn the knob.

We enter the room, soft music ghosting from hidden speakers in the wall. As we walk into the room, you look around at our surroundings. The room is decorated with an obvious Asian influence. The floors were bamboo, with rugs covering the center. Against the far wall, between two floor to ceiling windows, was a platform bed covered in black silk blankets and pillows. The few pieces of furniture were against the walls. The floor of the room was a large expanse, empty of everything except for the two massage tables.

Standing between the two tables was a woman dressed in a white silk kimono cut off a few inches above the knee. Her deep black hair was up in a bun with two polished wooden sticks crossing through the tight wrap of hair. Her skin was a deep olive color, and she smiled at us, her green eyes crinkling. "Are you ready for your massages?"

You look at me, surprised. I lean close to you, and whisper, "I wanted this night as relaxing as possible." Plucking a glass off of a small table, I hand the champagne to you. You take a sip, and smile at me.

"I will wait while you disrobe. Please lay facedown on the table when you are done." She turns around, and folds her hands before her.

I hesitate at the idea of removing my clothes in the same room as the masseuse, but when I look over, you shrug playfully, and untie the knot behind your neck. Your dress puddles to the ground around your feet, and I gape at you as you step neatly forward. Now clad in nothing but your black high heels, a pair of black stockings and a sheer lace bra, you step close, nestling tight against me. You lean up and whisper into my ear. "Let's have some fun tonight."

I'm frozen, your appearance having snatched the breath from my lungs. Your fingers begin unfastening the buttons on my shirt. My chest is bare underneath, and as your fingertips brush my skin, small jolts of electricity creep through my skin. You push my shirt off, and my belt and pants join it shortly. Smiling at me, you turn and walk over to the second table, dropping your bra and kicking off your shoes. Walking straight past the masseuse, you lean down and peel off your stockings. At first she seems motionless, but as you bend over to pull off your second stocking, her head tilts down as she looks over your nude body.

You lay flat on the table on your belly. She speaks, her voice still soft and melodious. "Sir, are you ready?" Her words jolt me out of my reverie, and I push my boxers down to the ground. The room is warm, and I walk over to the first table. Laying down on the firm padded table, I shift around for a moment to try to become comfortable, my erection pressing into the table.

"Sir, I'm going to massage your wife first. I'm going to light some incense around the room and play some soft music. Just relax, and it will be your turn soon enough." A scent of lilac drifts through the room. I turn my head, and turn to watch you.

You have your face pressed into the hole. My eyes trace over the curve of your back, down to your buttocks, and my cock stiffens further. She is standing on the other side, working hot oil into her palms. The shockingly scarlet nails tipping her fingers stand out, and she lowers her oiled hands down to your shoulders and begins rubbing. I can see your body tense at her first touch, and then settle down in relaxation. She begins working the muscles of your upper back, and slight murmurs of pleasure begin slipping from your lips. The entire scene is intensely erotic, and my breathing becomes heavier.

Her hands begin to work lower, to your lower back. All you can see is her feet. They're bare, her toenails painted with the same vivid red as her fingers. Her slippers lay discarded to the side, and you watch her feet rock gently back and forth as her oiled fingers work deep into your muscles. She pauses for a moment, and you feel a spurt of hot oil spray on your lower back. Most of it pools into the hollow of your spine, but a small trickle wound its way between your buttocks. She slides her finger between, catching the oil and pushing it up. As you feel the tip of her finger brush against your ass, your entire body stiffens.

She begins working the oil into your lower back, but it's different now. You can feel your body begin to tingle with arousal, and your hips begin to move very gently, barely noticeable, in time with her hand movements. You know I'm watching, and the thought turns you on even more. You find yourself terrified that she'll notice your arousal, but simultaneously excited at the thought. She works her hands down further, and begins massaging your buttocks and upper thighs. I hear a soft moan emerge from you, and realize that you are really getting turned on.

As she finishes massaging your legs, she leans forward and her lips brush against your ear as she murmurs, "You may turn over now, miss." You pause for a moment, and then take a deep breath. You lean up, and turn onto your back. Your bare breasts are gorgeous, and I can't help but begin moving my hips slightly, my cock painfully stiff. She begins working the muscles of your upper arms and shoulders. As she reaches across your body, her upper arm brushes against your stiff nipple. You gasp, your back arching slightly as the sensation ripples through your body. She immediately pulls her hands back. "I'm sorry, miss. Do you wish me to stop?"

"No." Your voice is throaty, and trembling slightly, but there's no indication of doubt in your tone. "No, I want you to keep going."

She considers you for a moment, and then smiles slightly. Nodding her assent, she resumes rubbing your arms, but this time she makes no attempt to avoid occasional contact with your nipples, which are now stiff. Indeed, every few seconds, the smooth skin of her forearm brushes against you, and you moan each time, the sensations intensely erotic. As you begin to moan more and more, I see her lick her lips for a moment. Her eyes meet mine, and there's a question in her expression. I nod, and she smiles.

Reaching down, she cups your right breast in her hand. Your eyes snap open, and she smiles down at you. You don't say anything, but keep your gaze locked on her as she begins rubbing your nipples and breasts with her oil soaked hands. Breathing hard, your moans get louder and more intense. As she rubs, I see your hand drift up to the back of her leg, the tips of your fingers slipping underneath her robe. She smiles lazily, and leans down, taking your nipple in her mouth.

I can't help myself at this point. I reach beneath myself and begin to rub my cock as I watch her suck on your breasts. You are now writhing on the table, your moaning loud and intense. Boldly, you grab her hand, and guide it down between your legs. She responds immediately, and you feel her fingertip slip between your pussy lips. When she feels how wet your pussy is, she gasps slightly, her hot breath against your breasts. You reach over and tug at the knot of her robe. It falls open to reveal a white bra and thong.

"I want you naked, please." Your voice is insistent, and she nods. She begins to straighten up, but you grab her hand, keeping it between your legs. She keeps rubbing your clit, and you say, "Don't stop, please..."

"I thought you wanted me naked." Her voice is like molten chocolate, sensual and warm.

"I do. But you can't stop." You turn your head, and look over at me. "Come take her clothes off, honey."

I roll off the table, and walk over, my bare cock throbbing. As I get closer, I get a better look. Two of her fingers are slipping in and out of your pussy, slick and shining with your juices. Her lips and tongue are still dancing over your nipples. As I move around, I lean down and kiss your lips. You press your mouth hard against mine, and as your tongue snakes into my mouth, she does something with her thumb that I can't see, and you orgasm, hard.

Your back arches, you thrust your hips upwards, and you cry out into my mouth. Your body trembles, and I rub the palm of my hand against your other nipple. She doesn't stop fingering you, and your entire body convulses as you cum. You tilt your head, and moan into my ear, "Please, strip her body naked!"

I nod, and move behind her. As I work to unsnap her bra, she presses her ass back against my erection. I gasp, and she starts rolling her hips, grinding against my cock. You see this, and a guttural growl comes from your throat. Your eyes are hungry, and I rip the snaps to her bra. When you see it fall to the floor, you pull her close. Her hand keeps working at your pussy, but you pull her nipples even with your mouth, and begin suckling her large breasts, taking each brown nipple into your mouth, biting it, and then sucking hard. I hook my thumbs into the waistband of her thong, pushing it off her hips. As she naked before you, you look past her body and groan, "I want more..."

In one motion, I reach around her waist and grab her hips. Lifting her off the ground, I maneuver her body around, spinning her so that her head is between your legs, and her pussy in mere inches above your lips. You freeze for a moment, and I crouch down, my lips on level with your ears. "You want more? Taste her."

You hesitate, staring up at her bald pussy, which is glistening. A drop of her cum falls on your lips, and you lick it off. A wild look comes in your eyes, and you lick your lips. The tip of your tongue extends out, but when it's only mere millimeters from her clit, you suddenly stiffen. Standing up, I see that her face is buried in your dripping cunt, and she's devouring you with an almost animalistic hunger. There is no more hesitation, and you begin lapping the tip of your tongue up and down her slit.

Instantly she responds, her hips swiveling slightly as she uncontrollably begins to grind her pussy on your face. Moans emerge from her mouth, muffled by your thighs and pussy. Enraptured by the display before me, I move over to get a better view of her going down on you. Her tongue is dancing over your swollen clit, first flicking it rapidly, then pressing hard against it, rolling it around. Three of her delicate fingers are deep inside you, and I can feel the back of her hand flex as she strokes your G-spot. You are soaking wet, your cum all over her face and hand, and a wild, hungry look is dancing through her eyes. As I watch, she stiffens slightly as something your tongue does causes a jolt of pleasure to skitter through her body, and she sucks your clit into her mouth, moaning loudly around it.

I begin stroking myself again, walking slowly over to your end of the table. It's warm in the room, and your bodies are dripping with sweat. Your slick bodies are entwined around each other, and as I get to the end of the table, she begins moaning louder. Sensing her orgasm approaching I see you slip two fingers into her bald pussy, and press the tip of your thumb on her ass. Your tongue never stops its frantic dance over her clit. When she feels your thumb on her ass, her breath catches in her throat, and there's a pause while you both prepare for her climax. In one smooth motion, you slip your thumb into her tight ass, remove your fingers, and bury your face in her pussy. You shove your tongue as far into her as you can, the taste of her clouding your senses and driving you wild.

And she orgasms.

It begins as a tremble that rapidly turns into an earthquake. Her hips and chest begin heaving, and she sits up, settling her soaked pussy fully onto your mouth. You welcome it with hunger and begin swirling your tongue around the inside of her pussy. Her moans explode into screams, and her eyes snap open, staring wildly into space as her climax tears through her body. Her juices flow into your waiting mouth, and instead of pausing, you resume your attack on her clit and pussy. As she convulses and howls, grinding into your face, you feel something probe at the waiting lips of your smooth pussy. Before you have time to realize what's happening, you feel my thick, swollen cock slide deep inside you.

I'm dizzy with desire, unable to stop, and I've climbed up on the table and began fucking your pussy in long, smooth strokes. You are soaked, and I can feel you clamping around me as I slip in and out. I look up from watching your pussy swallow my cock, and I see her eyes fixed on our hips writhing together. Without thinking, I lean forward and take your nipple into my mouth, biting it and rolling my tongue around. She reaches down and begins playing with your other nipple.

The total immersion for you is unbearable. You have her pussy grinding firmly on your mouth as your tongue probes deep inside her and your thumb slips in and out of her tight ass. One of your nipples has her fingers rolling it about, while the other is being suckled and nibbled. While all of this is going on, I'm fucking your dripping cunt hard and smoothly, filling you up. You can feel the tip of my cock rolling around deep inside you, pressing hard against your g spot. Feeling that you're close, I pause for barely a breath, and thrust hard and deep inside in one powerful thrust.

Your back arches, and you stiffen as if an electric shock had jolted through your body. Your pussy clamps down around my cock, and I press deeper. I can hear your moans, although they are muffled by her bare pussy still grinding over you. She lifts up for a moment, and swings her legs off, standing beside you. As you writhe around in the throes of your climax, she pushes me upright, and leans down. I keep thrusting in and out of you as she extends the tip of her tongue. When it touches your clit, you spasm powerfully, and scream. The sight of you cumming with her tongue rolling over your clit is overwhelming, and I moan out, "I'm going to cum."

In one motion, she pushes me back a step, and my cock slips out of you. She wraps her small hand around the base of my shaft, and reaches down with her other hand. Slipping two fingers inside of your still cumming pussy, she begins fingering you as she strokes me in long smooth motions. You stare wide eyed at the scene, breath still hitching as you continue to climax. Lights began to pop before my eyes as I feel my orgasm building, and I cry out as the first spurt of hot cum lands on your belly and tits. One hand working each of us, she smiles as we both moan and cry out. After a few moments, the strength floods out of my limbs, and I stumble to the large bed a few feet away.

As I collapse onto the bed, I look over to see her tongue rolling over your torso, licking up the drops of my cum. As your orgasm finally subsides, she straightens up, and smiles down at you. As she starts stroking your nipple gently, she looks over at me. "Are you ready for your massage, sir?"

To be continued....

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