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The Massage


"Thanks for agreeing to see me on such short notice," Eron said as she walked through the door and placed her purse on the chair by the desk.

"Sure," Marissa said. "I was wondering when you'd call again."

"I know. It's been way too long. But my hamstrings are really sore after that run a couple days ago. I think I overdid it. It's not feeling much better, even after some rest, and I have to be ready for the race on Saturday morning." Eron rubbed the back of her right leg as she said this.

Marissa threw a sheet over the massage table in the center of her living room. "I'll be back in a few minutes. You can undress and put this sheet over you."

"Okay, thanks." Eron watched as Marissa walked down the hallway to her bedroom. She quickly removed her clothes, folded them, placed them on the sofa, and hid her bra under her shirt. She climbed onto the table and laid on her belly while drawing the second sheet over her body. Eron glanced at her nude-colored lace panties to make sure that her ass looked good. The bottoms of her ass cheeks peeked out from beneath the see-through fabric.

Marissa walked back down the hall. "All ready?"

Eron replied, "Mmmhmm" through the hole in the head of the table.

"Good. I'll put on some music, and we can get started." She clicked a button on her laptop and turned up the speakers a tad once the gentle music began. "Are you comfortable?"

"Yep." After a pause, "You're going to work on my whole body, aren't you?"

"Of course. I'll give your hamstrings special attention, but I'll do my best to make you feel relaxed all over."

"Good. Thank you."

Marissa rubbed the sandalwood-scented massage oil between her palms to warm it up. She put her hands on either side of Eron's neck and rubbed her shoulders. "Relax, Eron," she said in a calm voice. "Let me do all of the work. Just relax and enjoy it."

Eron took a deep breath in and let it all out. She felt Marissa's hands massage deeper into her shoulder muscles. "Good..." Marissa's hands moved to Eron's arms, hands, and back. She lifted the sheet and placed her hands on Eron's smooth calves. She worked the muscles and kneaded harder once she reached the hamstrings. "Does that hurt?"

"No, it feels good." Eron felt increasingly relaxed. She noticed herself tensing up as Marissa's fingers traveled up the back of her thigh. The side of Marissa's hand brushed against her vulva through her panties. "Was that an accident?" she thought. When she had decided it was, in fact, an accident, she felt the masseuse's fingers brush against her lips again, but more slowly this time. No, that was not an accident. Marissa continued kneading the woman's flesh without saying a word. Eron sensed her wetness and hoped that she wouldn't be found out. Marissa moved her hands up and down Eron's hamstrings and came close to or grazed Eron's crotch every time.

"Is that good? Do you want me to continue, or do you want to roll over?"

"That's good, I think." Eron held the sheet over her breasts as she turned over onto her back.

Marissa moved to Eron's head and massaged her scalp with the pads of her fingers. "Close your eyes. Relax." Eron did as she was told. "Let go of all of the stresses you're keeping in your head."

She bent over Eron's face as both of her hands rubbed the insides of her arms, from her shoulders to her fingers. Eron opened her eyes and found Marissa's C-cup breasts in her face. She spied the exquisite cleavage peeking out of the black v-neck t-shirt. The wetness dripped out of her. "Great," she thought. "I'm going to leave a wet spot." Marissa deliberately ran her hands back to Eron's shoulders. Eron lifted her chin as Marissa's hands again unhurriedly slid down Eron's arms. As she migrated towards her elbows, Eron's lips brushed against Marissa's shirt. Marissa continued to massage and leaned further over Eron's face, pushing her breasts into the woman's lips. Eron could not believe what was happening. Her lips were on a woman's breasts — through her t-shirt and bra, but still. Marissa pretended that nothing was out of the ordinary.

"I'm going to massage your breasts, if that's okay. We're trained to do it, so don't worry. It'll help move things around in your lymph nodes and get the toxins out." So professional, Eron thought. I must be imagining things.

Marissa's hands held two small handfuls of Eron's breasts, and she kneaded in a circular motion. Eron's nipples hardened against Marissa's palms. She heard a small moan release from her mouth. Marissa leaned forward and pushed her breasts against Eron's face as she massaged her client's chest. Eron suddenly became brave and arched her back a bit to let her lips touch the masseuse's breasts held over her face. Marissa continued the kneading of Eron's breasts but Eron noticed that she leaned further so that it was easier for Eron's lips to touch her. Eron let out a small gasp and ached to have her tongue touch the masseuse's skin.

"I'm sorry. Some of my makeup came off onto your shirt," Eron said.

Marissa stood straight up and looked down at her shirt. "Oh, you're right. Maybe I should take it off so that no more gets on it." She stared into Eron's eyes as she spoke. Her tone was still professional, but her words were crossing the line, weren't they? Eron gulped as she heard the t-shirt fall to the floor. Marissa bent over her client again as her hands moved down her belly. Her hands ran back up Eron's torso and stopped at Eron's large nipples, which were completely hard now. Marissa touched Eron's nipples in a circular motion, and another moan came from Eron's lips. Now Eron knew for sure that this wasn't a normal massage.

She wanted more, but she didn't know how to start. She'd never been with a woman before, but she'd often fantasized about it while masturbating. Now a woman was finally touching her, and she froze. Marissa bent over her again and ran her hands down Eron's arms as she leaned her breasts into her face.

Eron finally reached up with both hands and held the large, perky breasts hanging over her face. She rubbed the nipples with her thumbs through the sheer black fabric of the massage therapist's bra. She saw Marissa's nipples harden under her touch. The masseuse unhooked her bra and let it fall to the floor. Marissa lowered her right breast over Eron's mouth. Eron hungrily slathered Marissa's tits in saliva, and Marissa returned the favor by nursing on Eron's tits. Eron had never 69'd like this, but her warm juices proved that her body loved the sensations. Both of the women moaned with pleasure. Eron's hands searched behind her for her masseuse's body, grabbing a handful of the woman's thigh and pulling her closer so that she could hold her firm ass in the slim-fitted black yoga pants.

Marissa moved to the side of the massage table. She pulled out her hair tie and let her long, brunette hair fall over her shoulders. She smiled at her client and bent over to kiss her, letting her hair fall over her face. As their tongues intertwined slowly and lightly, Marissa ran her fingertips down Eron's body from her cheek to her neck, to her breast, to her belly and down to her mound. She let her fingers linger momentarily on Eron's shortly-trimmed hair before putting her middle finger to Eron's clit. She barely touched it while moving her finger in a circular motion.

Eron stopped kissing the woman and looked into her eyes. "More," she pleaded. Marissa used more pressure on the clit and put her mouth over Eron's left breast. Her tongue flicked at her nipple as she sucked. Eron moaned, and Marissa moved down to the end of the table, kissing Eron's body lightly as she traveled. She tugged on Eron's ankles, and Eron scooted down and put her feet flat on the end of the massage table. Marissa bent down to flick Eron's clit with her tongue as she sucked on it, just as she had done to her nipple. Eron moaned even more now. She grabbed Marissa's hair and pushed her face into her vagina. Marissa licked more furiously and dove two fingers inside Eron's dripping cunt. She hooked her fingers to rub Eron's G-spot, and Eron quickly exploded as she felt her orgasm shock her whole body. Marissa felt Eron's thighs tighten around her head. She continued licking her client. Eron grabbed her own breasts and pinched her nipples. She felt another orgasm building as she looked down and watched the hot brunette pleasuring her. A woman was sucking her clit. She still couldn't believe it and was so turned on that she thought she would never stop cumming. Her second orgasm was even harder than the first, and she cussed. "Oh, fuck! Oh, yeah! Oh, fuck! Shit, don't stop!"

When the waves finally stopped, she pulled the masseuse's hand out of her sopping cunt and brought it to her mouth. She licked her juices off of it and ran her tongue around the woman's finger. Marissa walked back to the side of the massage table and slid her yoga pants and black boy shorts off. Eron reached out and touched the masseuse's wetness. Marissa licked Eron's tits all over as Eron rubbed her clit. She loved licking Eron's large, hard nipples while having her clit rubbed. She couldn't get enough of her client's tits. She moaned and sucked and licked and pinched Eron's nipples. She wanted to devour her tits as she felt herself getting closer and closer to the edge. She squeezed Eron's tits with both hands as the orgasm ran through her body. She'd been bent over and fucked before, but never like this.

Eron used the wetness dripping from Marissa's cunt to rub the outside of her asshole. Marissa used her own finger to rub her clit as she enjoyed what her client was doing. She continued to lick Eron's tits as both women moaned. Eron pushed her finger into the masseuse's anus, and Marissa came again.

Eron smiled. "I love your technique. The tension in my body is completely gone."

"I'm glad," the masseuse said. "Now, let's get to the shower."

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