tagMind ControlThe Master Program Ch. 04

The Master Program Ch. 04


The idea for this story comes from JR Parz and the Master PC stories. I write this inspired by his original work.

Chapter 4: Ruth Jones

Waking up at exactly 11am, Stephen figured that meant that Imogen and Alex were still together. Still feeling the resolve to wait, he instructed the program to alert him when the recording was done and then went to check on Sophie, as he hadn't seen her for a few days.

"Morning Sophie," he said, knocking on her door.

"Hey Stephen," replied a slightly croaky voice. He slowly opened her door to see her still laying under her covers, "thought I'd have a lie in day, since it's Sunday. Plus I'm kinda feeling a bit crap."

"What's wrong?" he replied, thinking that even with her golden hair in a big tousled mess she looked anything but crap.

"I miss Robbie. Well not really. He's been really immature about this whole break-up, so I don't really miss him, I just miss... having a boyfriend I suppose."

"Maybe you need to find someone new then?"

"I agree, but I'm just not ready yet. I'd still be remembering things about Robbie. I'd be too scared of hurting the other person."

"Well, let me take you out for lunch then. We can pretend we're on a date. Or can even be a real one if you like?"

"Oh Stephen, that's so sweet. I should revise though; I'm really behind because I've been moping."

"Oh, OK, just thought I'd help you get your mind off Robbie," replied Stephen, feeling slightly disappointed.

"No, you're right. Let's grab dinner," she said, and then rolled out from under her quilt. She walked over to him and gave him a peck on the cheek, just left of his lips. Being as subtle as he could he tried to check out her entire body; she was dressed in a loose mid-length strappy top and a pair of pink pants. The pants were quite modest, but they allowed him to check out the lower half of her very shapely bum as she went to fetch a towel from her radiator.

"Well, I'll pick you up at seven then?" replied Stephen, then continued, feeling a little bolder, "make sure to wear something sexy, in case you get lucky."

"Excuse me?" questioned Sophie, her eyebrow raised. Stephen was about to reply apologetically, when she gave him a cheeky smile and continued, "I always look sexy. And I think you'll find that you'd be the lucky one to get some of this." She turned round and shook her bum a little then giggled before telling him she needed to shower. Stephen returned to his room and opened up his Macbook. A bubble had popped up in the corner of the screen altering him to the fact his video was finished recording. He looked over at his phone to see a text message from Imogen.

"OH MY FUCKING GOD!! Best sex ever! And she's a massive slut too! Call me ASAP!"

As soon as she picked up the phone she started talking, with the pace of an excited schoolgirl, "The sex was awesome, I'll tell you about it when I next see you, but just before we left we saw we both got texts from guys asking us if we're busy today, so we agreed to go over, fuck our respective guys; we've got invitations from three each, and then meet up again later and decide which one to go have a threesome with! I did say we could go have sex with you, sweetie, but we both decided it might be more fun to try a threesome with someone new. But I promise I'll come and fuck you later today or as early as I can tomorrow. Got to go nearly at the first guy's house his name is James, for your list. Bye!"

She hung up before he could even say a word but that was fine by him, because what little she described had made him even more eager to watch his video. Before starting it, he opened up a Word document and noted down the names of all of Imogen's sexual partners and the dates they first had sex, where he knew them, using the Master Program to jog his memory. After entering the 24th name, he saved it under 'Imogen List' in the same folder as his new video. From the file details, he could see it was in highest definition his computer could support, taking the filesize to nearly 100GB. He made a mental note to buy an external hard drive or two, and then started the video. He immediately noticed it was a 17 hour video, and realised that a lot of this video might be of them sleeping or doing other mundane things. He opened up the Master Program and asked it if it was allowed to edit videos, remembering the earlier conversation he had had with the program when he first used it. It responded by telling him it could edit images only to reconcile changes to subjects' memories and physical appearance, unless itself had created the image, which in this case it had. He asked it to make a second file from the first full video, to make it 'look professional' and to cut out any bits he would find boring. Instantly a second file appeared next to the first, which was just over 9 hours long. He clicked it and it began to run.

The screen was white, then in a faded wipe, text saying 'Imogen Daniels' appeared on the screen. 'Alexandra Leyland' appeared next, underneath it, finally followed by yesterday's date. A view of Imogen from behind replaced the text, clearly showing how inappropriately short her outfit was, before the 'camera' panned round to her front. The time was showing in the bottom left hand corner of the screen, indicating it was 7:10pm, just after she had sent him the pictures of her outfit. She was examining herself in the mirror; she was inspecting the silver chain which was around her neck, evidently checking to see it matched her earrings. She then let her hair down and shook her head so it all flowed freely. Next she pulled down her top below her nipples, and twisted her rings so that the ball bearing was correctly orientated at the bottom of the ring. Seemingly satisfied, she lifted up the front of her dress and examined the hood piercing. She started to rub it against her clit for a few seconds; she started to moan a little before moving over to the bed. She searched in her purse for a minute to pull out her mini-vibrator, which she pressed against her clit.

As it began to buzz, the screen faded to Alex's bedroom. She was lying on her back legs spread, wearing a pink dress that was hoicked up to her waist. She was rapidly gyrating her vibrator, which she had inserted deep into herself. She cried out loudly and tensed her whole body for a few seconds before rolling of the bed lazily. She stepped into the black heels she had worn during the night of their threesome, or at least a very similar looking pair, and then stood up, looking unbalanced for a second. She pulled the skirt of her dress down; hers was just long enough to cover her ass, unlike Imogen's, but it was still far too short to be going commando in. The top half of the dress was also revealing; the front was huge scoop neck that came down below her belly button and left most of her sideboob on show, the back was very open too; the dress was halter-neck style and cut so low that it just stopped above her butt cleavage, leaving the middle part of her tramp stamp on show, though the rest was still just visible through the light colour fabric. She grabbed her vibrator from the bed and walked through to her kitchen, where another girl was cooking something on the hob.

"Hey Kate, sorry, didn't realise you were in," she said, speaking to the other girl. Kate was only on the screen for a few seconds but Stephen was not bothered about her, as she was plain-looking and a little bit chubby round the waist.

"I knew you were in; the noises you make with that thing are ridiculous," replied Kate, pointing to Alex's vibrator, which Alex was washing in the sink.

"Sorry! I'm just excited about my date." giggled Alex.

"Oh I wondered why you were all dressed up, or not dressed," he heard Kate snigger, "Is this with Doug?"

"No, I saw him earlier today," she replied, dabbing the vibrator clean with some kitchen roll, "tonight I'm seeing that girl from my threesome. Her name's Imogen."

"What, for an actual date date?"


"So are you gay now?!" she asked, as Alex started wiping juices that had overflowed from her vagina down her thighs. Kate caught sight of this and continued before Alex could reply, "Girl! We have a toilet for that!"

"Whoops, sorry, we were talking."

"Well, yeah, but at least you kept the action to the bedroom this time."

"Oh yeah," laughed Alex, presumably about being caught somewhere in the flat.

"Anyway, are you bi now?"

"Dunno, I mean it's not the same feeling as I have for guys. I just really enjoyed the sex I suppose."

"Wow... well, I suppose the more you're getting laid, by either gender, the less I'll find you around here playing with yourself."

"I got laid three times today and still had room for my little buddy here, thank you very much," replied Alex, waving her vibrator.

"Three, wow, fuck. Well, if there is one addiction I can understand, it's a sexual one."

Alex faded out back to Imogen, the time now 7:25. Imogen, was still sitting on the edge of her bed, groaning and huffing, whilst fingering herself with her left hand and holding her bullet vibrator to her clit with her right. She took a further minute to complete her orgasm, after which she checked her time on her phone; 7:28. She grabbed a face-wipe from her desk and wiped down her vibrator then dropped it in her bag and headed for the door.

As she opened the door to exit her flat, Stephen heard her flatmate's voice call out, "Enjoy your lesbo date!"

"Will do!" replied Imogen and the screen faded to 7:35; Imogen was now heading down into Camden town underground station.

What followed was a compilation of both girls' journeys to their destination. Imogen got chatted up by three guys, all of whom she swapped numbers with, and Alex did with two. He noticed that Alex had tried to sit in the most deserted carriage on the tube, but by the time she had sat down and slipped her hands between her legs she was passing through Euston and her train filled up with Saturday night party goers. Imogen arrived at Charing Cross Underground Station first, and waited by the station's main entrance until Alex called her 3 minutes later. The two open-mouthed kissed for a couple of seconds, which drew even more attention to them than Imogen's butt cheeks had already. The two walked down the Strand, arms embracing each other around their backs, hips and bums swinging in unison. They entered Zizzi, an Italian restaurant, where they were seated by an ogling waiter.

Sitting down caused Alex's dress to ride up, but any angle that would allow someone to see her naked pussy accidentally was blocked by the table. Imogen's, on the other hand, was too short at the back to properly reach the seat of the chair and so her naked ass was making contact with it. She had also chosen to cross her legs, which forced her dress even higher at the waist and held up the front flap, accentuating the fact that Imogen was just wearing what really was a top, and nothing else. Imogen shuffled her chair around the table so the couple were sitting at adjoining edges of the square table, as opposed to opposite each other.

The two leaned in for a deep kiss, allowing their pierced tongues to wrap and caress each other. This kiss lasted for at least half a minute, during which time a middle-aged woman walked behind the table, totally unfazed by any of the happenings at the table; Stephen presumed this was the Master Program at work. They stopped kissing but continued to hold hands, whilst they started to make small talk. Alex was telling Imogen that she worked at a bar, whilst she was deciding what to do as a career, when the video faded forward by fifteen minutes.

"So, what about your spare time?" asked Imogen, as she ate some salad, which looked to be their starter.

"I masturbate a lot," replied Alex, in a totally matter-of-fact tone, "if I get the chance to, I'll touch myself, especially with my best friend here." She pulled her pink vibrator out of her bag long enough to show Imogen then dropped it back in.

"Ooo, nice I have my bullet in my purse. She's small but she gets the job done. So how much is a lot?"

"Well, without fail, I'll do myself once in the morning and once at night. If I think I'm gonna get some action that night, I'll do my evening session before I head out, then have one as soon as I get in or on the way back to mine. I also make sure to have at least one more during the day, but I have to be incredibly busy for it to be just one; I often end up giving myself a dozen."

"Wow," said Imogen, giggling and looking at Alex with genuine admiration, "I feel stupid saying I like masturbation now! I mean if I've gone an hour or two without being pleasured in some way I do end up pleasuring myself, but that just happens. I'll always try my best to get laid first. How do you have time for anything else?"

"Practice. With the right mental warm up I can come to orgasm in less than five minutes. As long as I get myself horny and worked up before I start the release comes fast. And I'm pretty much always horny. Just looking at you right now is making me so wet. If we were in even a little more secluded a spot, maybe that table," said Alex, pointing at a table in the corner, "I would definitely have started to rub myself."

"Oh I'd love you to slip your hand up my dress," moaned Imogen.

"Yes, please. The idea of touching myself and you at the same time is making me hornier. Then you touching us both. I love the feeling of being so horny I can't focus on anything else. I love it and hate it."

Both girls eyed each other, breathing very deeply and subconsciously separating their legs by about an inch. Alex was playing with the hem of her dress, tugging on it in frustration; he noticed her sigh a couple of times when it looked like she had managed to reach her clit with one of her fingers for a second or two. Imogen trusted herself even less, and was holding onto the corners of her table, desperately trying to control her breathing. The two tried this for a few minutes, before Alex suggested they talk about something less arousing. They settled on talking about non-sexual things they liked doing and the video faded forward by half an hour to show a large plate sitting between them; empty for all but a couple of pizza crusts and a half eaten slice. The couple started to kiss but Alex pulled away, reluctantly.

"Don't start kissing me again, it's taking all my will power not to fuck you on this table right now. Let's just get the bill and go," said Alex.

They held each other's hands and gently rubbing fondling each other's fingers as they waited to get a waiters' attention. Out of shot, Stephen could hear a group of people moving, quickly followed by the entrance of a girl into the scene. The 'camera' panned round to get a better view of the new girl. She had strong features, which made her strikingly attractive, but in an odd tomboyish sort of way. Her bright blue eyes contrasted with her very dark almost black hair, to add to her distinctive look.

"Hi, sorry to disturb you two, but me and my friends are about to head to Pink, it's a bar where... well girls who like girls can go and I thought you two might want to come along?"

"Oh, wow, but we're..." started Imogen, and Stephen presumed she was about to finish with 'we're not gay' but then realised she was on a date with a girl.

"We really want to get back and... finish our date..." said Alex, most of her attention focused on Imogen, or rather focusing on suppressing the desire to pounce on Imogen there and then.

"I'd love to take your number though," interjected Imogen handing over her phone. The girl, whose name was Ru, entered her number, and said she'd love to meet up, then left as the waiter, still ogling, handed the couple their bill. The movie faded forward to the couple standing outside, where Alex asked if they could get a taxi to Imogen's flat because she was hoping they could mess around in the back. As soon as they decided, the first taxi they waved down enthusiastically stopped for them and the wide-eyed driver happily welcomed them into his vehicle. The two girls sat right next to each other, kissing passionately and stroking the others' thighs. He briefly wondered what the driver must have been thinking when hands started slipping towards pussies but when Alex's middle finger entered Imogen, Stephen forgot that they even in a taxi.

For twenty minutes, Imogen and Alex alternated touching each other, getting more excited but not quite daring enough to get full on in the back of the taxi, until they finally arrived at Imogen's flat. The two girls desperately darted out the taxi, almost forgetting to pay the driver, who looked like he too almost forgot they had to pay. Alex stroked Imogen's hips as she opened the front door to her building. They took nearly five minutes to ascend the two floors to Imogen's flat as the girls kept stopping to kiss and finger each other. Imogen entered her flat first to find Julie walking by; it had seemed she had just fetched a glass of water from the kitchen.

"Ooo, Imm, you're back! How was your girl-on-girl...oh!" Julie paused as Alex walked in behind Imogen, "Nice to meet you."

Probably because she was so desperate to fuck Alex, Imogen dragged her towards the bedroom, whilst acknowledging her flatmate just enough to say Alex's and Julie's names to each other in a hurried introduction. As the two girls entered Imogen's room the camera panned to show Julie's expression; half-shocked, half-amused. Alex and Imogen stood by the side of the bed and kissed passionately. Now that they were alone, they were far less inhibited about fingering each other, which they did without undressing or even breaking their kiss, for nearly 10 minutes. Imogen pushed Alex onto her bed, and separated her legs as she went down. The camera zoomed to show Imogen's tongue deftly stroking along Alex's labia; she was exhaling gently in time to the licking. Imogen wrapped her arms round Alex's thighs so she could spread the lips and move her tongue onto the other girl's clit. Imogen used both girls' piercings to stimulate Alex's clit as best she could, which brought her to a gasping orgasm. As the orgasm dissipated, Alex took Imogen by the underarms and dragged her up towards her face. Filled with gratitude she kissed the Imogen whose mouth, chin and cheeks were covered in saliva and girl cum.

"Your turn, I want to make you cum and scream for me," begged Alex.

"OK, but I want to sixty-nine, I can't stop licking you."

The two of them rolled onto their sides and buried their faces in each others' groins, both groaning and gyrating, whilst trying as hard as possible to focus on licking the other one out. Stephen watched in awe for nearly half an hour whilst the camera circled round the lesbian couple. He admired their writhing tattooed bodies and listened to four moaning orgasms, two for each girl, before they finally relinquished their love-making. As the two of them lazily crawled into the other's arms and gently kissed wet faces, Stephen chose to have his own orgasm and then closed the video. He checked his phone to see it was a little bit after four. He also had three texts from Imogen; the first two were the names of guys 25 and 26 and the third message informed him she was going to go revise before she slept with guy 27 to decide who she and Alex should have a threesome with.

Stephen dutifully filled in the list of Imogen's newest sex partners, somewhat feeling excited, somewhat feeling jealous about her threesome plan. Despite the jealousy, Stephen thought he should help the process along as it was inevitable that Imogen would indulge in regular group sex. He brought up the Master Program and altered the Attraction Routine so that it would preferentially arrange group sex opportunities where possible, at the discretion of the subject. He added the condition that group sex with multiple men was acceptable, but not where there would be intentional gay sex. After shutting the program he went to have a shower and headed out to buy an external hard-drive, ready to record Alex's and Imogen's impending threesome. Back in his flat by half past 6, Stephen had 30 minutes to set up the Master Program recording and search the internet for a nice place to take Sophie. A little nervous about his date, he initialised the Master Program on his phone so he could undo any stupid he might say or do. He also asked the program to suggest what he should wear based on her tastes, which lead him to grab a pair of dark jeans and a red and white striped shirt. Dressed, shaved and with a location in mind, Stephen took a deep breath and knocked on Sophie's door.

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