tagBDSMThe Master's Fruit

The Master's Fruit


He walked into the lobby with long, purposeful strides. He was dressed in a manner that would suggest he had no hesitation in spending money. That was supported by the fact that the hotel He secured accommodations in was very select in their clientèle. There were no doubts in anyone's mind that He was a powerful man, just by the way He carried himself. But if there was even a glimmer of skepticism, it was washed away by the sight of her.

The woman who followed modestly behind Him was stunning. She was dressed very elegantly in a long red flowing dress, cut provocatively low. Her only form of decoration or jewelry was a simple red ribbon around her throat. The dress was intended to grab one's attention, and yet, the woman did not flaunt the obvious beauty that she had. Instead of scanning the room to confirm that all eyes rested on her, she kept her eyes solely on the Man in front on her. She cautiously remained 1-2 feet behind him, and followed his every step. Her carriage was graceful, respectful and demure, which made her sexy as hell. She was not common. But the interesting detail is that all eyes were fixated on her, she was oblivious to everyone but Him, and He seemed to not be concerned in the slightest about her actions or her existence for that matter.

The concierge at the front desk entered His information into the hotel computer, and retrieved the room number. He picked up the room keys and handed 2 to the Gentleman. The Man returned one, "I only have need of one," He said.

"Perhaps the lady would like to keep one with her, Sir," the concierge replied, motioning to the woman standing behind and to the left of the Gentleman.

"No, my pet will not be venturing anywhere without Me. I will only be requiring one key, thank you."

At this reference to her status, the woman blushed profusely, but she smiled for the first time in the hotel. "Thank You, Sir, for allowing me to be in Your presence."

The concierge, a bit flustered, recovered quickly and motioned for the bellhop to take the bags to His room. The Gentleman nodded at the man behind the counter and began walking towards the elevator, still seemingly oblivious to the woman following closely at His heels. Although the bellhop attempted to engage the Man in conversation, they rode in silence. The bellhop observed the woman close her eyes, lean into Him and breathe in His essence. She regained any composure she had lost when He spoke of her earlier. As the elevator reached the desired floor, the three exited and headed towards their room. The bellhop unlocked the door, unloaded the bags from the cart and turned to bid farewell to the couple. The Gentleman turned His attention to the young man and passed along a tip for his efforts and brusquely ushered him out the door.

Immediately after the door closed, He turned His attention to her. Until this moment, He had not acknowledged her presence directly. When she felt His gaze fall upon her, her body responded. "I want you to go into the bathroom and prepare Yourself for me. When you come out, I will have something laid out for you to wear this evening. you will dress yourself while I shower and then you will assist me in dressing."

The young woman did as she was bade and cleansed herself in preparation for her Master. she shampooed her hair with His favorite scent, shaved herself appropriately, and ensured that she was thoroughly bathed. she then drained and rinsed the bathtub and started the water for His shower. When she stepped out of the bathroom, He entered and shut the door behind Him, locking her out of His world for the moment. She found a beautiful silver dress displayed on the bed. The fabric wisped through her fingers as she caressed it. On the floor next to the bed were silver sandals that laced around her calves. A black box was open to reveal an antique silver hair comb adorned subtly with diamonds. And of course the ribbon, which she never went in public without. It was the ultimate symbol of her submission to her Master. A simple reminder that she belonged to Him, but it was conservative enough to allow her to move in His world without drawing too much attention to their lifestyle. she slipped the dress on and gave a little swirl, loving how the fabric flowed around her. Then she stepped into the sandals, laced them up, adjusted her hair and wrapped the comb up into it. When she reached for the ribbon, she inhaled deeply as she always did at this moment. she still gets butterflies when she contemplates the significance of it, and the decision she made 5 years ago. she doesn't exhale until the ribbon is tied and she has a final look in the mirror. The simple elegance of the outfit He chose was perfect, as usual. Though simple, it was not understated. He never faulted when it came to choosing an appropriate way to display His creature.

Very shortly after entering the bathroom, He emerged. Water still beading off His body. she immediately went to Him with a towel and dried Him off. Then she reached for the clothing He laid out for Himself. Very classic, a black shirt with an upright collar, black slacks and black shoes. He wore no jewelry save for a small earing, and silver cuff links. The cuff links had been a present from her, the only thing He wore regularly. But He had to be clear with her, He wore them only because he enjoys them. she had chosen them carefully, to appeal to His tastes, but they do not hold any undue sentiment to Him.

When He had dressed to His satisfaction, He had her turn for Him. Then He reached up under the dress and caressed her pussy. His pussy. He scrutinized her thoroughly and nodded His approval. she melted for Him. He brought His fingers to her lips and she sucked them clean, savoring the taste of her own passion, brought forth by His touch. He opened the door and they headed down to the restaurant in the lobby.

Again, as they strolled through the lobby, all eyes were drawn to the couple. They were very striking, indeed. They enetered the restaurant, and the hostess brought them to a secluded room in the back. He had reserved the room earlier, and for the entire length of their stay at the hotel. All meals would be eaten in their room, or in this room. When the waitress came to take their order, He ordered for the two of them, steak-rare and grilled shrimp, and directed the waitress to bring both plates to Him, hers first. He also requested some peeled plums to brought before the main course. The waitress gave Him a slightly puzzled look but did not question Him and retreated into the kitchen to confer with the chef.

The two made idle conversation while they waited. One of the reasons why His interest was piqued with her more than any other woman He dated was due to her intelligence and her ability to carry on a conversation. He did not like intellectually stunted woman. He wanted to be challenged, at least mentally. However, their conversation abruptly halted when the waitress came back with 5 peeled plums. He nodded His approval to the waitress and she excused herself. Then He motioned for her to come to Him and she complied. He picked her up at the waist and lifted her onto the table in front of Him. she looked deep into His eyes and held her breath. He reached over to the plate of plums and bit into it, the juices running down His fingers. Still she held her breath. As He ate away the meat surrounding the pit, she sat there mesmerized by His actions. When the majority of the fruit was eaten away from the first pit, He discarded it. Then He reached for a second plum. But this one He did not bite into. Instead, He motioned for her to lean back a little and raise her skirt. He inserted a plum into her pussy. He met her gaze with a clear unwavering look. Then He inserted a second plum, and finally a third. she shivered slightly, but whether from the coolness of the fruit or from the way in which she was being displayed, she didn't know, nor did she care. she was His, to do with as He pleased. The truth of that knowledge humbled her, but even more, it excited her.

"Do not drop your dessert." Then He helped her down off the table and applied gentle pressure to the back of her neck. This led her down to her knees beside Him, where he raised the hem of her dress and exposed her pussy and the dripping plums. He ate the final plum, then He had her cleanse His fingers with her mouth and when He was satisfied that nothing was left for her to cleanse He stood up and approached her. "Do not drop your dessert," He repeated. Then He proceeded to assail her with heavy handed blows to her backside. SMACK SMACK SMACK The sound echoed in the little room. She struggled to maintain her composure. When He was satisfied with the color He had achieved He sat down and took a sip of water. He tipped her chin up and through lowered lashes, she looked at Him. He wiped away a tear with His thumb and brought it to His lips. The Gentleman stroked her hair and whispered "Good girl, that's my girl, my lil one" in a soothing, hushed voice. she whimpered softly but nuzzled into His hand, kissing His palm.

It was at this moment that the waitress entered with her meal. She placed it in front of the Gentleman and tried very hard not to look in the direction of the young woman kneeling on the floor, her face flushed, and tear streaks down her face. Nor could the waitress avoid seeing the very prominent red welts appearing on her backside. But to give her credit, the waitress did not display any noticeable reaction and excused herself immediately. The Gentleman lifted his steak knife and cut up her meat into bite size pieces and pulled the tails off of the shrimp. Then He picked up a piece of steak and offered it to her. her lips wrapped around His fingers as she pulled the tender piece of meat into her mouth. she loves her food almost as much as other carnal pleasures, and a moan escapes her. The waitress enters then to bring Him His plate, which He cuts into slightly larger pieces and begins to eat, alternating between having a bite and feeding one to the young woman. All the while she is sitting at His feet with 3 plums trying desperately to keep them from slipping out.

When His hunger is satisfied, He asks her if she has had enough to eat or if she still has room for dessert. her eyes widen and she becomes very excited, but a little apprehensive as well. He takes the plate that the plums had been brought out on, and sets it on the floor. "Serve Me your plums," He commands. Her face reddens as the full reality of His demand hits her. But she obeys.... Carefully, so as not to damage her dress, she squats over the plate and expels the plums. They slide out very easily, but it is the indignity that she is having difficulty with. Then she picked up the dish and offered it to the Gentleman. He picked up one plum off of the plate and lifted it to her mouth. "Eat, taste your sweetness." And she did. she bites into the flesh of the fruit and the juices explode in her mouth and down His hand. He helps himself to some plum as well, and between the two of them, they finished the "dessert". she cleans His hand once again and they rise. He signs for the meal to have it charged to His room and leaves a generous tip for the waitress.

They exit the restaurant and He walks across the lobby with long, purposeful strides. There were no doubts in anyone's mind that He was a powerful man just by the way He carries Himself. The woman following modestly behind Him was stunning. She was dressed very elegantly in a long silver dress; her only form of adornment was a simple ribbon around her neck and a hair comb sweeping up her brown locks. It was clear to all in the room that she was not common. But the interesting detail is that all eyes were fixating on her, yet she was oblivious to everyone but Him, and He seemed to not be concerned in the slightest about her actions or her existence for that matter. Yet as she moves, she can feel the sticky juices between her thighs and she smiles softly to herself.

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