tagBDSMThe Master's Lesson

The Master's Lesson


You have summoned me, Master. You have told me what I am to do. I will arrange for somewhere private and quiet for my Master. Somewhere where he will be peaceful and have all the time he wishes to use and command his slave for his pleasures. I will wear something that I hope will please you, but something that will not obstruct you in any way... the color will be Black, I think. Garters and stockings would please my Master, I think. I will kneel before my Master and patiently await permission to speak. If you would grant me this, I would pour out my heartfelt devotion to you; speaking from my heart of my boundless love for you, Master.

Your slave is nothing without her Master. I will look at your amazingly sensuous body (with your permission), and shamelessly beg you to allow me to taste you. If you will allow me to do so, I will love your hard cock with my mouth, sucking it just as you like for me to; hoping to give you pleasure with the touch of my mouth and tongue. I will spend hours doing so, if you wish it. If you were standing over your kneeling slave, I would kiss, lick, and touch your body... stroking your cock and balls with my tongue; moving around behind you to tease and lick your ass... wanting always to please my Master. Would this please you, Sir?

When you tired of that, Perhaps you might tell me you'd like to watch me for a while. I will stand up and remove my panties, laying them at your feet. I will lay down on the bed then, and slowly spread my legs. You can tell by seeing how wet I am how very much your slave desires her Master. I reach down and let my fingers brush my wet pussy; stopping to tease my clit for a moment. I will get one of my toys and you watch as I slowly slide it inside. I moan with pleasure... it feels good, but not as good as you would. Although this makes my body feel very good, the real pleasure of your slave comes from knowing that I am doing as my Master wishes.

You watch as I fuck myself; getting hotter and wetter all the time. I'm almost ready to cum when you tell me to stop. I take it out immediately. You walk over to the bed and tell me to lay face-down; which I do of course. You tie my arms to the top of the bed, telling me not to turn my head to look at you, but to keep my eyes straight ahead. I then feel your hands touching my legs, back, and ass. The touch of my Master feels SO wonderful! You brush your hands against my skin lightly, then suddenly I feel your palm come down hard across my ass. I moan and raise my ass higher, toward you.

"Do you enjoy that, Slave?" you ask me.

I tell you that Yes, I enjoy it very much, Master. Your hand stings against my ass several more times... each blow making my pussy wetter. Next, you slip one of my toys into my soaked pussy, moving it in and out a few times before taking it back out. I try to move further down on the bed, toward you. You smack my ass hard and tell me not to move any more.

"Spread your legs wider, Slave" you tell me. As I do, I can feel you pressing my vibrator against my ass until it begins to slide deep inside. I moan again, in pleasure... it feels good. As you bury it deep in my ass, you ask me if I like it in my ass.

I say "Yes Sir, I do. Very much." You quickly move up so that you are kneeling over me on the bed and my head is jerked backwards as you pull my hair. "Do you really? Then why is it, Slave, that you sometimes try to resist when your Master wishes to fuck your ass?" you ask. I have no answer for this. Your slave is so overcome with shame at having failed you. You pull my hair harder, saying "Answer your Master!"

"I do not know, Master. Your slave is so very sorry for having failed to please you" I answer quietly, tears welling up in my eyes. It causes your slave so much pain to displease you. You let go of my hair and I feel you take the vibrator out.

"Then perhaps I should get my unworthy slave more used to the feeling of being ass-fucked" you say, each word said very carefully. Without thinking, the peculiar tone of your voice causes me to try to turn and look at you. You smack my ass very hard then, and tell me to keep my eyes forward.

"Do you truly want to please me, slave; or are you just telling me that?" you ask. "No Master; your slave truly wants to please you" I answer honestly. "You have displeased me greatly, slave. You must now make yourself the perfect willing slave to make your Master pleased with you again. Do you understand me, slave?"

"Yes Master" I answer.

"Good," you say. I feel my master begin to push another of my toys into my ass... and I know without looking which one it is. It's huge... probably at least 12 inches long, and massively thick. I panic for a moment... fearing that I can't take it.

"Will you take this in your ass for your Master?" you ask softly, almost threateningly.

"I will, Sir." I answer. And I say that knowing that it is true. Knowing that no matter how much pain it causes me, I will do anything that my Master asks to please him and make him want his slave again. You continue to press it deeper into my ass; it hurts so bad. But I won't complain; I want my Master to be pleased more than anything. When it is halfway in, I feel a second one slide into my pussy. Although that one feels good, it makes less room for the other one, making it even more painful... which is what my Master intended. I bite my lip as you finally push it completely in, spreading my ass painfully. I make no noise... accepting my Master's punishment willingly. I let out a breath, glad that it is finally over. But I'm wrong.

As I feel it start to slide slowly in and out of my aching ass, I realize that it is only beginning. I force myself to relax, knowing that that will make it a little easier. "Spread your legs, slave; wider. Your Master wants to be able to punish your tight little ass good" you say. I do, fearing that I know what's coming next, but wanting more than anything to please you. You move faster now, pounding my tight ass hard. The more you fuck my ass, the more pleasurable it becomes. Until I am thrusting my ass back to meet your incoming strokes. You take one vibrator in each hand and don't move them, simply hold them in place, saying "Show me, Slave... show me how much you love to fuck."

And I do... moving my hips back and forth, sliding both toys in and out at the same time, cumming over and over again. Finally, you tell me to stop. I feel both of them slide out of me. Your cock slips into my ass; so easy now. When you are fully inside, I have to stop myself from moving... wanting to pound my hips against you and feel your hot, hard cock deep up my ass. It feels wonderful. Then... I feel something else... you slip one of my smaller, thinner vibrators along your cock and deep in my ass. I think to myself that two in my ass should hurt, but they don't. I hear you laugh softly. You hold it in place while your cock fucks my ass so hard.

After a while, you slip out and your cock slides gently into my drenched pussy. That feels good. As you begin to stroke my wet pussy slowly with your rock-hard cock, you shove the big vibrator back into my ass. It goes in with no problem now. You leave it buried deep inside while you fuck my pussy, making me cum so many times. After what seems like hours (maybe it is?), your sweet, hot cum exploded deep inside me. You reach up and untie my hands from the bed. I lay down on the bed and reach behind me to take the toy out of my ass, but you stop me.

"No slave," you say, grabbing my hand. "You will leave it there. Your Master wishes to fuck you many more times today. And you will spend this day, and every other day that we are together like this, teaching your body to enjoy having a cock buried in your ass. So that when your Master wishes to fuck that tight ass of yours, you will not only accept it more willingly, but also enjoy it more."

I answer you "Thank you Master. For patiently teaching your unworthy slave to please you. I Love You, Master."

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