tagBDSMThe Master's Seduction

The Master's Seduction


The night was crisp, the scent of jasmine flitted in the wind, tickling her out of her thoughts. She shook her head and continued on the walk to the car.

Speaking quietly to herself she said "I have got to quit this, how can a fantasy turn me this inside out?"

Finally reaching the sports car, she unlocked the door and slipped in; sinking into the leather she closed her eyes and tried to clear her mind. When had it started? When had she utterly lost all sense of control? Thinking back she realized it has only been a few weeks but the torment deep within her had gone on for what seemed an eternity.

Straightening up and muttering, "This is ridiculous you dumb bitch you really need to pull your shit together", as she placed the key into the ignition, she was suddenly jerked violently back in her seat, finding herself choking on the caustic fumes before the black licking at the edges of her senses engulfed her world.

Opening her eyes, she was disoriented. Unsure for a moment, she tried to move, but couldn't. Panic rose as she realized the cool air of the room was licking her body. Her mind whirled, "Naked, oh my god I am naked". She tried to thrash and found she was held stead fast to a cool metal table. She tried to lift her head, but found she couldn't. Panic, raw and intense.....closing her eyes she breathed, trying to asses. Bonds, she felt them on her...forehead, across her shoulders, belly wrists, hips, each thigh, stretched very wide, knees, ankles, bound, open and utterly exposed. Her mind was brilliant with panic; her heart was racing as she pondered. How did she get there, why had this happened to her? Her mind cries. Noise...a noise did she hear it? A scraping...no, a boot, that's it she heard boots slowly moving across the floor above her, mind wild she breathed, knowing she must keep the modicum of control she possessed. He could do what he wanted, but she would not fear him, would not cry, and would not give that power to him.

His hands in her hair, his breath odorless...only the raw musk of man in the air, feeling the hot tendrils of his voice lick her ears she heard:

"Aw is the little slut comfy tonight?"

Recognition...Where had she heard that voice? It skirted her conscious but it lay like a deflated balloon in her mind as she could not place it. Something covered her eyes, cool and slick as it pressed tight, his fingers slipping a band to the back of her bound head.

"Now slut all you can do is feel....and oh how I intend to make you feel."

Shivering at the words, she quelled a panicked squeal. Her body, however, responded in a way that made her mind swirl. She felt her breasts go taut, and that tingle she got when she was aware of a man. Sickened, she thought, how could this happen? Why was her body responding like that? She battled to control herself and found as he touched her she was losing miserably.

He moved around her, admiring every curve. He had waited 4 long weeks. As difficult as it was, he had waited. He had first seen her when she was in the coffee house and something about her had tapped him, deep within his core. He had to have her, he needed to posses her, but more than that he needed her to want him to posses her and that would prove more difficult. The strength, her posture....everything about her screamed utter control but somehow beneath the surface he saw her. She was missing that piece and she had no idea it was missing. Well at least yet, he thought to himself.


His opportunity, she had dropped a business card in that stupid fish bowl. WIN A FREE LUNCH!!! He had always hated that stupid sign, but now he was thankful for it. Slipping up to the counter to order another latte, his hand picked the card out of the bowl and slipped it into his pants pocket. Smiling nicely at the girl behind the counter, he paid for the latte and left the store, the untouched latte dropped into the first trash receptacle on his way to his car. Whistling he slipped the card from his pocket and smiled when he saw the email address.

"Perfect" he whispered into the day as he slipped into his car.

Over the next 4 weeks they communicated through email. First she responded professionally, next with annoyance. However, he was able to keep her enthralled. Little by little he made demands of her; little tasks to complete that he could monitor to ensure what he thought he saw in her was there. She fought the urge but still she came back. She didn't want to read them, but she couldn't help herself. She had put all the mail from "Your Master" in her spam folder, only to replace it into her incoming box. A day went by with no word and she found herself miserable. Then the tests began. Little things: a day without a bra, a time to go to her local coffee shop and purchase a certain type of beverage, a torrid assignment to test her writing. Silly things excited her. Always wondering if the man on the street was her Master, it began to consume her. The emotions that swirl around this fantasy kept her on edge, testing her control and leaving her breathless.

As she lay on the cold table he touched her, running a finger here and there....a probe, a lick. Nothing painful, but it was all very strange. She felt like a specimen, an object, but somehow in this fog of confusion and fear she felt aroused, her body alert to him, reactive. Her mind protested as her body ached for more. Suddenly a sharp sting - a searing pain - was felt by her right nipple and then her left. They felt pinched. That was it, she felt as though clamps had been placed rudely on each nipple and the thing that scared her most was her heart raced, her pussy reacted with need and her breasts tightened with a want she had never felt. Here she was...captive, bound, and unable to move. Out of control, prisoner of some lunatic and all she could think of was him, her Master. She suddenly felt her body begin to spin. It took a second to realize it was not her body but the table. Now she found herself obviously suspended upside down. Her heavy breasts hung and she felt the pull from the clamps as they swung - a slight jingle was heard and she realized the clamps were hooked together with what she assumed was a chain.

Again he moved around her, reveling in what was happening thus far. He knew he was right, he knew she wanted more than she probably realized. Now he had to push her to want him more than anything else. He removed the metal plate above her buttocks, now exposing her beautiful behind, down her legs to the first set of straps. He walked over to the wall and took the long whip over to her, moving the coiled leather near her cheek as he whispered in her ear.

"Now slut, feel"

With this he stood and uncoiled the whip. With a flick of the wrist he unleashed a lash across her silky white bottom causing a brilliant red streak to form instantly on contact. Nine more welts were laid across her exposed flesh, causing a torrid pattern of crosses to kiss her flesh.

She felt something brush her cheek, and the words whispered. She was afraid but excited. This wreaked hell with her senses, causing her to be off balance as the first lash stunned her body, a sharp scream of protest torn from her throat, and at the same time her cunt sparked with a flame of desire. Trying to gain control she took each additional blow without a whimper, the pain red hot and searing in her brain and the arousal of her sex shameful and decadent all at the same time. When the lashes finally stopped she realized how wet she was, her scent thick in the air, and she cried silently in shame and fear. Desperate for this to end yet fearful it would all too soon. He came to the top of the table and removed the part of the table behind her head. All of a sudden she could move. Well, only her neck, but that was something. A dark, menacing whisper:

"Now take this like a good slut and I won't have to punish you. Be sure to make the right decision bitch, or you will pay."

With this, she felt the clamps move on her tits, a burning jolt of pain igniting her belly causing her to moan, although she was not sure if it was in fear or of need. She felt her head jerk back and the tit chain attached to something before he grunted out.

"Bite me slut and I will make you pay, and it won't be in a way that makes that pretty little cunt leak like it is now."

He muttered the word as his dick jerked; knowing what he would do to her, attaching the chain of her clamp to the ring on his scrotum he moved his hard cock to her lips. Pressing them forward he yelled

"Open up and eat me bitch"

She did as she was told. A thought of biting him slipped through her mind but she thought better of it. What would he do to her when he recovered? As much as it made her tremble, it was more than that. She wanted to taste him, the shame of wanting to taste her rapist, yes that was it, he was raping her and she was responding like a slut in heat. The shame of it all colored her cheeks in a brilliant blush of shame. As his cock slipped past her lips she licked him feverishly. He forced himself down her throat, yet she gobbled him, wanton, a slut indeed. As he fucked her face she felt the tug of the chain, the sting of her nipples made her act more desperately to eat him.

He loved fucking this gorgeous creature's face. He felt the cum build, his sac tighten as his first load shot in heavy hot streams down her throat. She loved it. He didn't have to tell her not to spill a drop. She gobbled his seed as though her life depended on it. As he unhooked the chain he found he was still hard, so flipping the table quickly he moved around her, bending her legs up so she was in the position of a female exam he smacked her ass before cradling it. Her heart raced with the slap. She was still reeling from how she had greedily eaten him like a starved child. Her mind awash in a mixture of emotions, the fear was there but the need and unbridled desire to surrender to him kept her off kilter. As his thick cock penetrated her ass she screamed, screamed in pain, screamed in horror, but mostly screamed as her body clung to him. Her anus was actually milking him, pulling at his cock as he rammed into her. Her cunt overflowed with the honey of need, her plight lost in a wave of sadistic pleasure as she willingly and wantonly gave her body to his needs. He fucked her ass till it was raw and she cried, not tears of pain but tears of surrender. After hours of fucking, serving him, relaxing as he took from her everything she had and then pushing for more, he released her. He unleashed her used body and wiped her almost lovingly with warm towels. He then picked her up and moved her to the bed in the corner of the room.

The cool sheets seemed to caress her tortured yet somehow released body. As she sank into the covers she whimpered,

"What will you do with me my Master?"

He placed his lips on hers and smiled once he removed the blindfold and her eyes had adjusted to the light.

He whispered, "Cherish you my slut for now and always for you are truly mine."

A tear slipped from her eye as she realized who he was, that man from the coffee shop who seemed to always be there and she knew in an instant.

"Your slut is happy, my Master, to finally be in your arms."

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