tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThe Mayor's Corruption

The Mayor's Corruption


I ran on a platform to clean up the city. My city, one of the biggest and most powerful metropolitan areas in the country, had been victim to organized crime of all sorts. Growing up I had seen the worst of it, my neighborhood was full of crime and violence. When I went to bed, I heard the sound of gun shots and screams. I swore that if I ever had the chance to change things, I would.

So I went to law school and graduated at the top of my class. I got involved in politics early and quickly rose threw the ranks as an intelligent, charming, and quite good looking candidate. I went from clerk to representative to congressman to mayor. Now, in my mid-30's, I was the youngest and most popular mayor the city had ever scene. The citizens believed I was a sign of change, they believed I could rid the city of the organized crime and senseless violence that had plagued the city for so long. I stood as a beacon of hope in the dark and corrupted city. And it wasn't just political rhetoric to me, I knew I was going to be the person to turn this city around....it was my job, my duty...my destiny.

Around my 2nd month on the job, I was trying my best to fulfill my promises. I passed legislation to increase the number of cops, offered low income schools better funding, and I was trying to break up the biggest crime ring in the city.

My actions did not come without consequences. You don't just waltz in and put the crime families out of business....I heard death threats and had my tires slashed a few times a week.

One night, a middle-aged man in a low-hat and trench coat approached me with a bribe worth several dozen times my yearly salary. I, obviously, refused point blank and told him I better not see him again. He muttered something about every man having his price and walking away.

The following week, I received a call from a women claiming to be the lawyer representing the largest crime syndicate in the city. She spoke to me softly on the phone, almost seductively, introducing herself as Ms. Sarah Davis. She told me she wished to set up a meeting in the upcoming week to discuss terms. I thought the mob must have finally lost their nerve, they were ready to send a lawyer in to work out a plea deal! My quest for cleaning up the city would take a big move forward, and I would be guaranteed to be elected for another few years if I broke this crime ring up. I agreed to meet with her, and we set an appointment in my office for the following Tuesday.

My secretary called into me "There is a Ms. Sarah Davis here to see you." I smiled and responded "send her in."

My desk was covered in every file and piece of evidence I had to put these guys away. I couldn't be more confident when I heard the knock at the door of my office.

"Come in." I yelled from my desk.

Whatever I had been expecting, I certainly wasn't prepared for what I saw.

Sarah Davis looked like she walked out of my sexual fantasies and into my office. I starred at her, taking her in. She was gorgeous! She was brunette and curvy, tall and amazon like. She was wearing a short black skirt, far too short to be worn by any respectable lawyer, which showed off acres of creamy thigh above her black thigh-high stockings. Her white blouse had several of the top buttons undone, showing off the most spectacular set of tits I had ever seen. They weren't just large, they were HUGE! She reminded me of Carmella Bing, but her face was much softer and more inviting. She wore her hair back in a bun and had large gold hoop earing hanging from her ears. She didn't carry any briefcase or folder, which I thought was odd for a lawyer coming into such a big meeting. She only smiled, a beautiful white toothy smile, as I continued to stare.

"Well hello" She said sweetly, "My name is Sarah Davis."

I blinked and remembered where we were. I pulled my eyes away from her often tits and tried to regain my composure. "Yes....Yes of course, I'm sorry." I was blushing and I think she caught me starring because she started to giggle. Her laughter sounded more like a ditsy schoolgirl then a powerful lawyer. "My name is-"

She cut me off. "There is no need to introduce yourself." She sat down across from me at my desk, maintaining direct eye contact which made it hard to look away from her dark green eyes. "I know who you are. Everyone in this town knows the popular, intelligent, young man who is running this city. But I must admit, my clients didn't mention how cute you were."

This certainly didn't sound very professional, but I only blushed and looked away, almost giggling myself. It took me a moment to realize why she was here and I tried to pull myself together.

"Uhhh yes. You're clients." I started shuffling some papers around. "I believe I have enough evidence here to put you're clients away for a long time."

"Oh, I don't doubt it." She leaned back, squaring her shoulders to me.

"I can prove that they are involved in the largest organized crime ring in the entire city, probably the heads of it." I slid her a folder containing some of the most incriminating statements and photographs. She opened it and flipped through the mounds of evidence almost lazily, smiling the whole time. The incriminating material seemingly concerned her very little.

"You've certainly done your research on my clients.... But did it ever occur to you that they've done their research on you?"

"I'm not sure what you mean." I was starting to get a little suspicious, where was this going?

"Well, they tried to bribe you, like they do with every other government official, but you were too noble for that, weren't you? You were different, you could actually clean up the city like so many had promised before. My clients started getting scarred."

"They should be scarred, I have enough evidence to bring them to trial tomorrow if I choose to."

"But you won't" She was looking directly into my eyes again, leaning forward. I caught myself starring at those awesome tits again. "That's why I'm here" She said seductively.

"I don't doubt your talent as a lawyer, but there is no way you can get them out of this."

She giggled again and changed the subject. "My clients knew they would have to find another way to get to you. They set out to find you're weakness."

"I'm not sure I follo-" Again, she cut me off.

"How is it that the most popular, successful, and powerful man in the city doesn't have a women in his life? Especially a man as young and yummy as you are. There must be scores of women lining up to become Mrs. Mayor, no?"

"That's neither here nor there."

"Oh, you don't realize how 'here' it is." She giggled some more. "My clients sent out female spies to try and find their way into your bedroom. Young, slim, smart ladies were sent out to meet your every demand. You turned them all away. However, the spies did notice that when you were out at bars, particularly after a few drinks, you would stare at the big curvy women. You would bring them home discreetly and send them away in the morning."

"I'm sorry, If you plan on blackmailing me its not going to work! There's nothing illegal about what I did!"

"No no no, we have something much more fun in mind then blackmail. My clients are smart. The figured maybe big tough mayor wasn't so big and tough in the bedroom. Maybe you didn't want a slender classy women to be your well-behaved domesticated housewife. Maybe you wanted a big curvy women to give you all the dominating sex you ever craved."

I swallowed hard. I was starting to feel trapped. Yes, that was my sexual fantasy but I was careful to keep it private. I was scarred to think what this information could do in the hands of my enemies. It wasn't illegal, but it would certainly be embarrassing if they went to the press telling stories of how the mayor was secretly craving dominating sex from curvy women.

"Listen." I said after some deep thinking. "I don't care if you go public with this information. It will ruin my reputation but I will not cave to threats. I still plan on putting your clients away for a long time!"

She giggled again. "Go public?! Why on Earth would we want to do that? We are going to keep this our little secret."

Now I was really confused. I looked at her for further explanation.

"You're still not getting this? Wow, for the sexiest smartest mayor in the history of this town you sure all thick. Have you not been starring at my luscious soft tits since I first walked in your office?"

My face turned beet red. Even as she said it, I was glancing at those soft tits. The line of cleavage that divided the two plump breasts was cut short by the white blouse, but the way she filled out the white blouse had me constantly hoping for a better view.

I tried to stammer out some apologies "I'm...so...I mean, I'm very sorry. I didn't-" She cut me off with a glance.

"It's ok baby. My big titties do that to a man. It's not you're fault...it's mine. Plus, I came in with a couple buttons undone, giving you a nice view, but you want to see more don't you?" She unbuttoned the top few buttons of her blouse, giving me a better look. I knew this was wrong but I couldn't look away. She unbuttoned her blouse down to her belly button, reveling a black bra that pushed her tits together and up, making them look round and volumptious. I had always loved big tits and curves, she was right when she had said it was my weakness. Curves were my obsession, and with my expertise I would estimate that she was working with at least DDD, maybe larger. The didn't sag, but rather looked quite round pushed up in the tight bra. I was starring again, feeling my jaw lower. I was speechless.

"That is baby, just keep looking at my big round titties." Her shirt was now completely unbuttoned and she stood up. She took the open blouse off, and turned away. She walked towards my door, slowly, putting extra swing in her hips so I noticed that swaying ass. God, I don't know how I hadn't noticed her ass! It was so round, a nice fat booty then jiggled just a little as she walked. My dick was hard as rock! She reached my door and locked it with a click.

I was trapped in my office with a raging hard on and my sexual fantasy! It was getting hard to think about anything, especially my vow to clean up the city, but I had to regain control. I knew she was trying to seduce me but I couldn't let her get in the way of my duty to the city. As she walked back towards me, I decided it was time to take control of this situation. I stood up from my desk chair quickly, wrestling my eyes away from those plump tits.

"That's enough!" I tried to sound forceful even if I was feeling extremely vulnerable on the inside. I realized too late that standing up gave her a direct view of the tent in my slacks.

"Ohh wow, you are enjoying this aren't you?!" She smiled at the size of my cock. "JESUS ARE YOU REALLY THAT BIG?! Ohhh....this is too good! My clients told me they had a very special assignment for me, they even paid me well do it, but GOD I had no idea how much I would enjoy making you my fucktoy. I get to have the most successful, powerful, and sexy man in the city under me, completely pussy-whipped!"

"This is ridiculous, you don't control me!" I stuttered a little, feeling very scarred now. She sensed weakness and pressed forward.

"Well, not yet maybe. But I will! Once you have my special kind of sex you will crave it like a drug, even more then you do now." She giggled again, rounding my desk. She was standing right in front of my now, and once again I couldn't keep my eyes off her tits! She put her hands on my shoulders and lightly pushed me back into a sitting position in my desk chair. Now, her tits was just inches above my face as I was forced to look up at her. I tried to look her in the face as she talked, but from my vantage point I had to look right passed the massive hanging breasts. She smiled seeing how easy it was to position me.

"Why are you doing this? I'm trying to make this city a better place!"

"HA! Why am I doing this? God, either you're not as smart as they say you are or my big titties are making it hard for you to think. Why am I accepting boatloads of money to shack up with the most eligible bachelor in the city? My clients told me how to tame you, how to make you a slave to my pussy, but I could hardly believe my luck! Soon I will move into the governor's mansion and eventually we will make lots of babies! I will be the first lady of this city! All your money and power will go towards satisfying my every whim, and from the look of your cock you will more then satisfy my need for sex!"

"'But....but...." I could only stammer. I was so turned on by her description I couldn't think straight.

"It's OK baby. Reeellllllaaaaaaxxxxxx. Don't worry about your job or your motives. Don't stress over my clients or the city's crime problem. Forget who I am or why I'm here." She reached behind her and undid her bra, sliding her arms out and releasing those massive tits. They spilled over the top of the falling bra as she pressed her jugs together with her arms, making them look even more luscious. Her nipples were large and pink, her areolas big and dark. "Forget about everything except for my tits baby. Just concentrate on how horny you are, and how sexy I am. You're drowning in a sea of desire. You crave sex from a dominating curvy women but you've never known where to find it. Well, now its found you. Just relax and let me do all the work. Take my titties baby. Grab them, suck them....feel how nice and soft they are. Show me how much you love them!"

This was crazy! I had an obligation to the city, I couldn't let this happen. I opened my mouth to protest but no words came out. As I struggled to find my voice, my mouth hung open uselessly. Taking advantage of my position beneath here and my momentary weakness, Sarah leaned forward and pressed her tit into my open mouth. "Suck!"

I couldn't help myself. Against my will I slurped on her tit, expecting to stop after one little suck. Instead, I felt my hands rise and start to grope them, pressing my mouth into them even deeper. Soon, I was slobbering all over her tits like an animal, getting my mouth on every inch of her beautiful soft tit flesh.

At first she giggled happily, but soon her giggles turned into unfeigned moans of pleasure. "Oooo baby, you really love my titties huh? Mmmmm....you are really doing a number on my tits! You're turning me on soooo much. Here baby, let me help you."

She reached down and unzipped my fly, releasing my cock which was straining against my slacks. She pulled my girthy cock out through my fly hole and started stroking me. "Ohhh baby, I had no idea how big you would be down here! This cock is huge! I'm going to take such good care of you!"

She pulled her tits away from my mouth, leaving me momentarily stunned. I opened my eyes to see her lowering her skirt, showing me a lacy black thong which looked great with the stockings and heels. She looked at me seductively, the way a lion looks at a gazelle. She stepped out of her skirt and kneeled in front of me. Looking up at me with big doey eyes she asked "Let me show you what I can do for you baby. What I will do for you! You want me to show you how I will suck your cock? I'm an expert cocksucker and anytime you want my mouth, its all yours baby. All you have to do is obey me and I will satisfy your every sexual urge." She took off my belt and pulled my pants and shorts off. My hard dick was pointing straight at her, throbbing madly. She lowered her head so it was just inches from my cock, she never stopped stroking my length and cupping my balls. My eyes were closed as I let the waves of pleasure wash over me.

"Look at me baby, watch as I suck your fat dick!" I opened my eyes and looked down obediently. She giggled again. "Good boy."

Her eyes locked onto mine. Her lips were at the top of my dick, kissing the head lightly. I felt her tongue lick the tip of my cock as her lips moved further down. It was heaven. Her eyes never left mine, and I could only stare as she gave me the best blowjob of my life. Her left hand juggled my balls while her right hand stroked whatever portion of my cock her mouth couldn't reach. I was breathing very hard. When she could tell I was close to cumming she would slow down, or remove her mouth all together. During these times, she would just run her tongue down the length of my shaft or suck on my balls, actions that created unbelievable pleasure but didn't stimulate me toward orgasm. My dick was very wet with her cum. I reached forward with my hand and aggressively grabbed her breast, squeezing it. She pushed my hand away and wagged her finger at me. She removed her mouth from my dick to speak.

"Relax baby, I'm in control now." She stood up, leaving my dick feeling cold from the wetness. She sat on my desk in front of me, slowly pulling her panties down. She spread her legs, showing me her beautiful bald pussy. It was a cute pussy, soft pink lips forming a perfectly symmetrical slit. I was just sitting there, my arms at my side, my mouth open stupidly, starring at her with a dumb look on my face.

"Now baby, your first "taste" of obedience training." She giggled at her pun. "Your sooo horny from that blowjob aren't you baby. Sucking on my tits got you so aroused and my mouth drove you wild with lust. Don't worry, I'm going to give you the best orgasm of your life.....eventually." She squeezed her tits with one hand, playing with her wet erect nipples. Her other hand was rubbing the top of her pussy slowly. My hand found its way to my erect cock and I unconsciously starting masturbating.

"It's time to submit baby. You want me to fuck you, but first you have to do something for me." She looked around my desk and found the folder that contained the swore statements of our secret witnesses, top-secret surveillance photos of the crime ring in action, and every other bit of evidence I had in the case. "First, If you want me to fuck you.....I'm taking this."

"Fine, I don't care....I just need you to fuck me!" What a terrible time to find my voice! I felt embarrassed as she started giggling again.

"Good." She set the folder back down. "That's a good first step. My clients will be pleased. But lets how you can please me. I want to see how good you are going to serve me." She looked down at her pussy, biting her lower lip. "I'm a very sexual girl, and nothing makes me feel better sexier then having a powerful man eating out of my hand, and more importantly my pussy! Come here baby, eat my pussy." She leaned forward and grabbed my hair, pulling my wheeling office chair right up to the desk. She pushed my face between her thighs.

I knew I shouldn't! It was one thing to abandon the case but now it seemed that I was losing my free will. But her body and words had reduced my brain function to a reptilian level. I needed her to dominate me the way she promised!

The first lick was slow and gentle, as I ran my tongue from the bottom of her pussy to the top. She giggled in delight and squirmed with pleasure as my next licks became more vigorous. Her pussy, the taste of defeat and domination, tasted so sweet. I found her clit with my tongue and targeted it. I felt her cum hard and her pussy juiced up to reward my hard work. I lapped up every bit of pussy juice that oozed out of her. "FUCK! You are soooo good at eating me! I'm going to keep your tongue busy with my snatch for the rests of our lives! Would you like that baby?"

I could only grunt as I sucked every inch of her sweet pussy. I wouldn't just like it, I would LOVE it! All my sexual urges and fantasies, which I had taken so much effort to keep hidden, were all coming true. I didn't care about being mayor anymore or cleaning up the city.....all I cared about was this big beautiful woman and her sweet pussy. I wordless ate her to two more orgasms before she pulled me away by the hair aggressively. Still holding me by the hair, she planted a deep kiss on my mouth, which was still slick with her pussy juice. She stood up and turned around, leaning forward on my desk. Her big ass was right in front of me, looking more doughy and delicious then ever. I thought she wanted me to fuck her right then and their so I stepped forward, positioning my dick at the entrance to her pussy.

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