tagExhibitionist & VoyeurThe Meadows - Catching Up

The Meadows - Catching Up


This is an email I received from Jan, the female half of a couple I have known for years and been very close to. Jan and her husband Mack are in their late fifties and they remain some of the most interesting and well-rounded folks I have ever known.

Dear Gus,

Thank you so much for the pictures of your grandchildren. They grow so fast and we are positive we would not recognize them. Mack says you need to get little Ted junior into basketball right away, he has grown so fast!

No need to tell you, but we miss you a lot since you moved out to Texas.

Anyway, Mack said I needed to tell you about what has been going on lately here in Yuma.

We met a cool couple recently. Jake and Tina are our age and, as a couple, they are the perfect combination of similarities and opposites to us as a couple. We met at a city mentoring group sponsored by the Chamber of Commerce and hit it off so well, we became fast friends. We meet at one home or the other about every 3 or 4 weeks. Almost every time, we would have dinner, wine, hot tub (naked, of course), trade massages, play cards, and sometimes watch a movie.

Last week we had a barbecue and then opened a new bottle of wine and stripped to climb in the hot tub. We sat in the bubbles and stewed until the sun set.

Then we got out and sat on the deck by candle light. Naked is one of the ways we contrast as couples. As much as I am tall and thin at 5-10 and about 145, Tina is short and very curvy. I have short, light hair, hers is shoulder length, full and dark. Jake at 5-9 is shorter than Mack at 5-11 and Jake is thin where Mack is husky. Jake has a receding hairline, Mack still has a full head of hair, short and very gray. Mack and I are both very fair skinned and Tina and Jake have a very beautiful Mediterranean, olive skin tone.

Continuing comparisons, Tina has large breasts that do sag, but very gracefully, while mine are still the same tiny but firm ones you saw last visit. I know you don't care so much about this part, but Jake has a longer penis than Mack while Mack has the girth over Jake. Yes, we are a study in contrasts. Jake and I are the ones with small, trimmed patches of pubic hair while Tina and Mack are 'baby-butt' smooth.

After we sat for an hour or so, we decided to go give massages and we decided it was 'Ladies Night.' For the first time, we also let the guys play paper-rock-scissors to decide which guy gave a massage to which gal. I guess we would all 'win' regardless. And this night, I was to be massaged by Jake and Tina would get Mack's handiwork. As a foursome, we had discussed the ground rules of mixing the couples up. Basically, no intercourse or oral sex would be permitted and everything anyone did would be in the presence of all four. The guys had big-talked that they were going to rock our worlds and we gals had talked about them writing checks their asses couldn't cover.

Anyway, half buzzed, we went upstairs into the family room where we had the tables set up and ready to go. The tables were set up about 5 feet apart; the head-end of each was at the foot-end of the other. Tina picked the farthest table and I got the closer one. We each climbed on our table and lay face down.

We had all talked about how this might work and the men were to start the massage in positions where they would each see what the other was doing and the goal was for each to exactly mirror the other's movements. They would decide on the fly how far they would go and exactly what they would be doing to each other's wife. Each would be a mirror of what the other was doing to his own wife. And part of the magic was that both of us would know that what we felt happening, our husband was doing to our friend at that same moment. I was sopping wet and when we talked later, I found that Tina was as well. Almost as soon as we started, both men got wonderful erections. Because I was laying with my head turned to the left, I could see that Mack's normally large, low hanging balls were drawn up into smaller walnut shapes close to his groin. Mack gets this way when he is extra turned on! As he moved around, I could feel Jake's cock rub against my arm or foot. He felt as hot as hell and I know we were all close to exploding.

You've given me a massage before, so I won't describe that. (Gosh I loved your great hands, though!) But it was very erotic to be laying face down and look over and see Mack working his fingers between Tina's legs and on her ass while I felt Jake doing the exact same thing to me. He teased my labia and tempted my anus so exquisitely that I thought I would yell! As always, we had all agreed on a rule of no penis in vagina - except between spouses, of course.

Gus, after they finished with our backs, we both rolled over and they continued with our fronts as we lay on our backs. I always love it when Mack lets another man touch me. I thank him so often for his generosity and he gets paid back in sex, blow jobs, and fantasy nights, so I know he loves it too! Again, the massage was wonderful as massages are, but both Tina and I have sensitive nipples. As you know, mine are perpetually erect and hers become very large and erect with stimulation, so the guys just love to play with our breasts. Both guys paid great attention to our chest with the massage and to our nipples with their tongues and lips, sucking them to beat the band! Tina is lucky in that she actually has small orgasms from nipple play, I love the feelings, but was getting desperate to cum when finally the boys got down to business. From what I could see, both guys did the same to both of us, but I was now concentrating on me. Jake gently, but firmly, opened my legs and bent my knees. We had set out regular massage oils, but the fellows also some warmed lube for those internal massages.

Jake used both hands to drive me over the edge. His left hand stimulated my outer lips and inner labia with his thumb and fingers while one finger gently teased my anus. He didn't 'push in' on any of my openings; he just caressed them and kept them lubed. His right hand, though, began working on my clit.

With his thumb and forefinger he gently teased the hood over my shaft, sort of rolling it between the fingers. I could feel it stiffen and engorge. From knowing my body well, I knew it was growing to its excited size, about double its length and girth when calm. As I became more excited, my clit grew to almost resemble a miniature penis. It no longer fit under its hood and my hip movements encouraged Jake to stroke it lengthwise, like a cock. The hip movements had an added effect of causing my pussy and ass to both start 'sucking' Jake's fingers inward. With his slight pressure, he was soon knuckle deep in both holes and now stroking my clit. My desperate desire for a strong cum was becoming a full-fledged need. I held my breath, sweat broke out on my forehead, and I could feel a flush of heat flow over my chest and up my neck.

As my body became totally focused on my pelvis, I screamed and bucked in abandon. Jake eased his fingers deeper into me and I could feel my muscles squeezing him, holding him hostage. Spasms shook me and my own hands were holding my tits tight against my chest, nipples squeezed between my fingers and rolled almost painfully. I probably scared the shit out of Jake with my convulsions, but this was much more powerful than I normally orgasm, and it scared me! I don't often squirt, but my upper thighs, Jake's hands, and the sheets were sopping.

It was only after my senses came back to me that I heard Tina crying. She had told me that she often had orgasms so strong that she cried, not in pain, but in floods of emotion. Neither of the guys was ready for how the orgasms had happened or the intensity and they looked at each other and I saw Jake mouth the word "Shit!" to Mack. I knew that they had both appreciated the depth of feelings they had witnessed. Each bent over and comforted the woman they had pleasured and with no signal, they stood and traded back to their own mate.

Mack held me and whispered that that was one of the most intense moments he could remember, ever! He thanked me for being who I was and I whispered back that I loved that we were who we were, together!

Tina and I lay still for a few moments. We asked the guys to go get back into the hot tub and promised we would be there shortly. The guys retreated and we relished the silence for several seconds, then turned on our sides and talked.

"We stayed within our boundaries, but we did stuff I never dreamed of, Jan" Tina observed.

I responded slowly "Yes, same here. We have 'played' before, but never to this extent. I don't regret it, but I also don't really know how to handle it or how to go on from here, do you?"

Tina said, "I think the guys are going to want to take what they would call 'the next logical step' and I can't fault them, this was magnificent, but it still scares me."

I managed to slowly answer "I know - same here. I think I'd like that next step, but it does scare me, what about you?"

After a pause where I thought I had ruined it, Tina came back "I really want it too, but I'm frightened. I'm afraid it could lead to, or seem to lead to, something like affairs and I never want it to lose the togetherness of the four of us. Do you understand how I'm feeling, Jan?"

"Yes, I do." For a minute or so, it was silent, and I offered "I think I have an idea about that. We could make and enforce the rule that everything is always four-at-a-time. And we could also add a feature that would make them

sort of sacrifice or compromise their testosterone drive a bit. I have always had a fantasy of wanting to see two men together and Mack has play-acted when we are doing fantasies, but has no desire to make it reality. I bet that even though it is not what he might choose, it might be something he might be willing to do for me. So, what I am suggesting is that we expect that and other fantasies of ours to make them really slow down and view the whole thing as not just a one-way street. Does that make any sense?"

Tina fairly bubbled "I have had that same fantasy as well! I'd love to kind of make them negotiate what they want by having them give us what we want." Tina then added tentatively "Jan, have you ever thought of using a strap-on to do a man?"

"I never have, but it doesn't turn me off. Would you like to get together on some of these things and work up a plan?" And to not keep the guys too anxious downstairs, "We ought to go down and join the men before they bring hard-ons up here looking for us. I suggest we go give them blow jobs they won't soon forget?"

"Yes, we need to keep a plan going between us." Tina went on "I think blow jobs sounds fun. We ought to suggest that we try something special and trade hubbies for this?" After another pause, Tina went on "Jake really likes me to swallow, are you okay with that?"

"Great, we stay one step ahead of them with our plan and don't worry; I love to swallow, too, so neither of them will be disappointed. It is scientifically impossible for a man to be disappointed when he is cumming in a woman's mouth!"

And with my response, we rose, hugged each other and went down stairs.

We each joined our own spouse in the hot tub. It was clear that they had been talking (Hey, we had also!) and we had interrupted. We let them twist in the wind for a minute, as thought we had no idea what they had been discussing.

But, soon enough, Jake cleared his throat and tested the waters with "Did you ladies enjoy our massages tonight?"

"They were fine, but I imagine you guys were tired out a bit." I teased them by playing disinterested.

Mack ventured "We enjoyed it just fine, but weren't sure if you ladies liked it."

Tina left them dangling for awhile and then finally eased the tension my saying "Guys, we loved it. We were blown away! And we know you have been talking and we can be pretty sure about what . . . So we want to put your minds at ease, and we want to actually blow you away by both of us giving our hubbie a blow job for starters - so guys, sit up on the edge of the tub."

They looked at each other and got on the edge of the tub. I leaned over in front of Mack and took his magnificent cock head between my lips and slowly sucked him into my mouth while my right hand ringed the base of his cock and my left hand held his balls. My tongue circled his head and played with his pee-hole until I heard him begin to moan.

I know that both men were thinking blow jobs are fantastic, but the girls must not have really known what we were actually discussing. How ever, they weren't about to bring up anything that would interrupt the current event! And then I suddenly pulled Mack out of my mouth and kneeled back in the hot water. I tapped Tina on the shoulder and as we traded sides, I said "As Tina was saying, that was for starters . . . But we know what you were really talking about" and I lowered my head to Jake's penis. Tina smiled at Mack and slowly took him into her mouth.

It didn't take long for the moaning to resume and intensify. Jake had a slightly longer shaft than Mack, but it was somewhat thinner and I was thoroughly enjoying how it filled my mouth. I took my left hand and while not letting go of his balls, pushed further under him and tickled the area directly behind his balls. Jake was not going to take much more than that to throw him over the edge. I also heard Mack making his characteristic "Yessss, yesssss . . ." that signaled that he would soon unleash a load for Tina.

Indeed, Mack was first and I heard his breathing change and saw from the corner of my eye that Tina was totally involved in swallowing as Mack held on to her shoulders for dear life. Just as Mack told Tina "That is too sensitive now" and guided her head off his deflating cock, Jake stiffened like a statue and with meaningless babbling he began to tap my head in warning. But, I didn't pull off and he came what must have been a couple of days worth. I swallowed all I could and the rest flowed down my chin. Jake, too, was soon guiding me off the sensitive head of his cock.

Soon, we were all back down in the bubbling water and after a few minutes of cuddling with our friends, we returned to our own mate and relaxed in the silence of post-orgasm.

Jake broke the silence by offering "I won a voucher at work for a weekend lake house stay. The place can hold all of us easily, would you like me to try and book it in the next couple of weeks and we can all go out there?"

'Yes'es and nods went around amongst us and Tina and I winked, knowing that the guys had already schemed this. We knew what they wanted and hoped for, but they didn't know what we would expect in order to make it happen.

"Yes, that sounds great," Tina and I responded in near unison "just great."

Well, Gus, there is our recent adventure. Since you have always been so important to us, I wanted you to know about this huge step. I will write to you about the lake house if we are able to pull the trip together. Mack says to say hello and we need to get out to see you or you to see us real soon! Love you, Hun. Jan and Mack

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