tagInterracial LoveThe Mechanic's Wife Ch. 02

The Mechanic's Wife Ch. 02


Daisy had never felt so humiliated in her life. She had been unfaithful to her husband. She finished squirting the last ounce of water from the little nozzle into her sore pussy and placed the douche bag back under the sink.

She didn't care if Frank said that he had a vasectomy, just the thought of having his little black seed floating around in there gave her chills. Daisy loved her husband and would anything for him, even if it meant screwing the boss to keep him working.

She brushed her long hair in the mirror and starred at her naked boobs as she put the comb on the counter. Daisy had a body that most women would die for. Her mind drifted back to her days in high school when her best friend Silvia was dating one of the football players on the high school team.

His name was Jerome and he was a tall husky black guy. Daisy remembered how Silvia would come to school on Monday's and tell her everything that happened that weekend. Silvia would brag about how big a dick Jerome had and she would go on and explain to her exactly how it felt.

Silvia had the hide the fact that she was going out with a black guy to her parents. They would have sent her off to a private school if they had known at the time. What scared Daisy the most is that she allowed her friend to talk her into going on a double date with one of Jerome's friends who happened to be black as well.

Daisy had gotten a new dress for that evening and they were going to go to a dance in another town so they wouldn't get noticed. Daisy remembered how nervous she had been that night as they drove the car over to Jerome's house. Daisy could remember her heart beating so fast as they waited for the guys to come out of the house.

Well, she was stood up! Jerome had said that his buddy's parents got wind that he was going out with a white girl and kept him in the house that night. They ended up driving out into the country that night, down a dark dead end road where they parked.

Silvia acted as if she were in heat that night and maybe showing off with her boyfriend for Daisy. Daisy switched seats with them so they could jump in the back and Daisy saw Silvia's dress being lifted up as she straddled Jerome's legs and mounted his big fat black cock that night.

Silva was moaning and yelling out for Jerome to fuck her harder. Daisy was starring over the back of the seat watching Jerome sucking on Silvia's big white boobs as she rode his cock. The slap of their skin and the sound of their passion made Daisy really horny that night. She was a virgin but she saw pictures of men in books that her Daddy kept hidden in his closet.

Daisy had found her mother's dildo and would sneak it into her room at night and play with it and pretends she had a boyfriend. She learned how to have her first orgasm with that little toy. Thankfully her mother never found out about it.

Jerome had finished shooting his load of cum into Silvia and they were still going at it as she watched Silvia as she climbed off Jerome and suck on his wet cock. Silvia labored until she was able to bring Jerome off again with her mouth.

"Daisy. Quick! Give me your panty's so I can wipe Jerome's cum off my legs."

"Silvia. Why don't you use your own? I won't have anything to wear?"

"Daisy. Come on. I didn't wear any panty's."

Daisy lifted up off the seat of the car and gave them to Silvia so she could wipe her legs off and saw her dabbing it around Jerome's big cock. Silva put her dress back on and they switched places again. Daisy remembers having to sit in the back seat next to cum stains on the material of the car seat.

That was as close to screwing a guy that Daisy had got while in high school. Her first lover was almost a black guy and maybe it was a good thing for her that she got stood up that night because Silvia ended up getting pregnant with Jerome's baby. Silvia had to drop out of high school and moved to the big city with Jerome.

Daisy ran into Silva a couple years later and Silvia had two little black buys with her and was pregnant with her third child. The children were very dark like their father. Jerome was doing really well in New York City with a new job so it wasn't that bad for her.

Daisy let the water splash in her face. She wanted to wash off as much of the smell of sex from her body before Billy got home that evening. Daisy took the wash cloth and wiped her pussy with the soap. She leaned over and saw how gaped and puffy her pussy lips appeared. She turned so the water rinsed off the soap sods.

Daisy's mind drifted back to Frank for a minute. Frank was larger than Jerome. Frank was a full-grown man and Jerome was only a teenager at that time but he was much thicker than Daisy could remember seeing. Everything happened so fast this afternoon. Daisy admitted to herself that seeing the contrast of Jerome's skin against Silvia's pale white skin that night got her excited and very curious.

Daisy had been holding those curious thoughts about black men for all those years until this afternoon. She didn't want to admit the fact that she felt fulfilled knowing that she finally sampled a black man herself. What was bothering her now was the fact she wanted to do it again only she couldn't because she was a married woman.

Yes. Frank wanted her to be there on Thursday but she figured she could talk her way out of it before that day arrived. Daisy had just got her thong on when the phone rang and ran out to answer it.

"Daisy. This is your old friend Silvia. How are you doing?"

"Hi. I never would have expected you to call. I was just thinking about you in the shower."

"Oh my God. Girl! I hope you're not going that way!"

Daisy laughed. "Silvia. You still have your good sense of humor. Don't you?"

"Listen. I'm in town for a couple weeks visiting my parents and all. Jerome has the kids in New York so I thought maybe we could get together, just like the old days. What do you say?"

"Don't be silly. When can we get together?"

"I thought I'd come by tomorrow afternoon and maybe go somewhere."

"Honey. That sounds great. I'll see you tomorrow at one."

Daisy was surprised that her old best friend was in town again. It will be nice spending time with her and not having to take care of her three kids. It was nice of Jerome to let her come back for a little vacation.

Silvia and Daisy were spending the next afternoon having lunch together bowsing through Silvia's little picture book looking at her children. Daisy was amazed because the kids were as black as coal for being mixed with a white mother.

"Honey. I don't want to hurt your feelings but they all like their daddy!"

The women both laughed.

After talking about old times in high school, Daisy starting talking about Billy and his job. It was really hard for Daisy to keep a good secret and with Silvia being her best friend she finally told her what happened with Billy's job.

"Billy's boss called me down to the garage and we had a little discussion about Billy. Mr. Jones pointed out to me that Billy lacked having the right education and was going to fire my husband. Can you imagine firing Billy? Billy is a very good mechanic and maybe the best in the whole dam state"

"What did you do? Were you able to talk him out of firing your husband or what?"

"Well. Silvia. I let that man have his way with me right there in the office yesterday. Billy was right in the garage working on a truck and I could see him through the window the whole time we did it!"

Silvia sat with her hands covering her mouth in disbelief.

"Daisy. Did you say this man's name is Mr. Jones?"

"Yes. That's the guy. Frank Jones."

"Oh my God! You screwed a black man!"

Daisy gasped. "Oh shit. How did you know he was black?"

Silvia choked up and wiped her mouth with her trembling hand.

"He's Jerome's uncle."

Daisy was in a complete state of shock as she covered her face with her hands.

"Oh my God. Silvia. I don't know what I'm I going to do?"

"Honey. Settle down. We'll think of something."

"Silvia. I only did it to save my husband's job! He wants to see me again this Thursday. I was going to call and tell him something came up."

"Honey. He's not going to let you off the hook that easily. I've met Frank and he's a very sly business man. He can be very nice when he wants to be too."

"Silvia. He wanted to fire Billy! You call that being nice?"

"Honey. Old Frank just wants a little of that white pussy of yours. I bet her never had any intentions of really firing Billy. Billy is to dam well a mechanic down there at the garage."

"Silvia. I don't know how I'm going to get out of meeting him again?"

Silvia sipped her coffee as she thought how to answer Daisy's question.

"Daisy. Listen to me. Do you remember back in high school when we were supposed to go out on that double date with Jerome's buddy? Do you remember what you said to me?"

"Silvia. Yes I remember but I'm a married woman now. I can't be going out and screwing other men behind my husband's back! It just isn't right."

"Honey. You need to use this to your advantage. This is your opportunity to get Billy a big raise and maybe a promotion. There might even be little perks in it for you along the way."

"I think you're crazy. What kind of perk would be in screwing my husband's boss?"

"That's it! You'll have the best of both worlds. You have a wonderful hard-working husband who you have an obligation as a good wife to help him along a little bit. You get a chance to sample a little black dick. Daisy. Didn't you write and tell me that Billy was having problems keeping his dam dick hard when he is screwing you?"

"Honey. Don't talk so loud. The whole restaurant will hear you."

"Daisy. Fuck the whole restaurant. This is your chance to have your cake and eat it too. Drink up. We're going to go shopping for a new dress and a few accessory's that will drive old Frank wild when you see him."

"Silvia. I just don't get your point here. I thought you were going to help me?"

"Honey. Frank is a married man. Do you really think he wants her to know that he's messing around with one of his employee's wives? Oh. Did I mention a wife that is extremely attractive and white?"

Daisy sat thinking.

"Honey. Your going to turn this around and have old Frank eating out of your hand."

Silvia laughed. "Well. It won't hurt to have him eating a little white pussy too."

Daisy and Silvia shopped that afternoon but it wasn't a new dress they picked out.

"Silvia. I thought we were going to a dress shop. How do you expect me to wear this skimpy little thing?"

She was holding a black garter belt that Silva picked out and a matching black stockings a frilly lace bra.

"Honey. Your going to give old Frank a call and meet him at your house this Thursday. It'll be a whole lot better bringing him into your territory than on his turf."

"Silvia. Your one crazy bitch!"

Daisy had called Frank and made arrangements to meet him Thursday morning. She was slipping the nylons up her smooth legs and clasping the tiny hooks on the garter belt. Daisy than slipped on a new pair of spike black heels.

Silvia picked out bright red lipstick and nail polish and told Daisy that turned most black men on. Earlier. Daisy had shaven her pussy and used a new perfume. She slipped on a transparent black scarf and tied it around her tiny waist.

"Honey. You better keep these handy near the bed. I don't want you to end up a few months from now with a big belly."

Silva was holding several condoms in her hand and tossed them on the night stand.

"Frank told me he had a vasectomy so I won't worry about using those things."

"I hope he was telling you the truth. Jerome told me that a few of his friends would go on dates with white women and tell them that so they wouldn't have to use a rubber. You get yourself knocked-up with a black kid than don't come crying to me later on." It was almost time. Frank would be there any minute.

"I better go hide in the spare bedroom. Remember what we talked about? Honey. Make everything work for you."

The doorbell rang. Daisy looked back to see if the spare bedroom door was shut.

"Wow. I didn't expect this."

Daisy opened the door for Fran as he walked in eyeing her from head to toe. Her long blonde hair flowed down over the black scarf. Her tits were visible and her pussy was exposed leaving nothing for the imagination.

"Frank. Can I get you something, maybe a drink?"

"Turn around and let me see that ass."

Daisy smiled and spun herself around allowing the scarf to fly up. She had the body of Marilyn Monroe. Daisy kept smiling as she put her hands on Frank's shoulders and gave him a kiss.

"You know Frank. We have a lot to talk about before we get started. I have a little favor to ask of you."

Frank's dick was hard as he put his hands on her bare ass. He couldn't believe his good fortune on how Daisy was reacting to him.

"Tell me what you would like."

"Well. It's about my husband."

"Can't it wait until we finish?"

"No. Frank. We need to talk about it now."

Daisy was unzipping Frank's pants and put her fingers through the opening and grabbed his cock. Frank's eyes were closed as he moaned when she gave it a stiff squeeze.

"Frank. I want you to promise me you'll take good care of my husband from now on. Billy has been working hard for you for a long time. Don't you think he deserves a raise and maybe a promotion?"

Frank was in heaven at the moment as she toyed with his cock. She kissed his cheek and than planted a long kiss on his lips and waited for his reply.

"What is it you want. How can I help Billy?"

"Frank. I want you to give my husband a raise as soon as you get back to the garage. Lets go over here and I'll write down what I would like you to do and have you sign it."

Frank was taken by Daisy's beauty and Silvia's plan seemed to be working so far as she started writing out the note she wanted him to sign.

"Frank. Sign this."

Frank read the note as Daisy rubbed his back. He looked a little reluctant when he saw the amount of money she wanted him to agree on.

"I couldn't possibly give Billy this much money. We're going to have to work something else out here. How about half that amount?"

"Um. Frank. We wouldn't want Mrs. Jones to find out about our little meeting the other day. Would we? If she found out we were meeting like this, it might cost you much more than what I'm asking for my husband."

"It says here that you also want me to put him in charge of the garage."

"That's right. I don't think that's too much to ask for considering what your going to get now is it?"

Frank bickered with Daisy but she won the battle and had his signature and put it away for safe keeping.

Daisy took Frank into the bedroom where she started kissing him as he ran his fingers all over her body. He felt like a kid in a candy store. Daisy removed the scarf she was wearing and Frank leaned over to suck on one of her breasts.

"Oh God. Yeah. Frank. Suck my titty's baby."

She helped him remove his pant's and shirt and climbed onto the bed as he moved between her legs. Frank began kissing her bare pussy mound. Daisy lifted her legs back giving him better access to her pussy as he parted her pussy lips with his tongue.

Frank was good with his tongue and Daisy was enjoying the pleasure she was getting but Frank twisted around until his cock dangled in her face and she knew what to do. Her tongue felt like butter as she slurped and sucked on his cock. Frank was working hard to bring her to her first orgasm with his tongue as her hips bucked up to meet his lips on her wet pussy.

Daisy began to yell out. "God. Frank. I'm going to cum. That's it. Use your tongue on me. Eat my pussy."

Daisy was grinding her hips and her body began shaking as she reached her first orgasm and almost bucked Frank off the bed. He turned around and slipped his cock between her wet pussy lips and moved the big head along the slit as she lifted her hips trying to lodge him inside.

Frank was teasing her until he caused her to beg.

"Please. Frank. Give it to me. I need it inside me."

"Tell me what you need inside you?"

"You're cock. Frank. You're big cock. I want it inside me. Now!"

"I think you can do better than that! I want to hear you tell me exactly what you want."

"Oh God. Frank. Please. I want to feel that big black dick of yours inside my pussy. My white pussy. Please put it in me now."

Frank didn't wait any longer. He couldn't otherwise he would have shot his load right than as he plunged forward sending his black shaft into her tight pussy in one long stoke. Daisy stiffened up as Frank pushed inside but she soon put her hands on his ass trying to pull him inside deeper.

Frank remained there for a few seconds until he regained his control so he wouldn't cum prematurely. He started pushing himself into her in long smooth strokes as she wrapped her pretty legs around his ass and held onto his shoulders.

The wet sounds of her pussy filled the room as Frank drove himself into her pussy. She was stretched and her pussy lips clung to his thick cock like a tight rubber band. Daisy's pussy lips contracted inside and out with each stroke of his cock. It was if she was trying to hold him tight with her pussy because he was moaning and telling her how it felt.

Frank kissed her lips as she dug her finger nails into his back. He couldn't hold out any longer as he grunted and shot a huge load of potent seed deep inside her womb. Daisy seemed a little disappointed that Frank had cum so quick but he kept screwing her just as hard after he finished emptying his load into her belly. Frank was sweating like a pig so he grabbed hold of her ass and twisted around until she was now riding his cock. Daisy reached over on the night stand and grabbed a towel to wipe off his face.

Daisy felt that he was just as hard now as he had been when he first started screwing her. Her tits dangled in his face and he started sucking on them and moved his head back and forth until they were covered with bit marks. Daisy was turned on having him bit her tits. She always loved it when Billy payed a lot of attention to them.

Daisy kept riding his cock as she reached her second orgasm. Frank kept her sitting on his legs as she finally relaxed. Frank could feel how wet Daisy's pussy had gotten. She was full of his cum and she had just cum a second time. He kept arching his hips up into Daisy until he shot another load into her pussy.

Frank twisted around again and began screwing her hard until she wrapped her legs around the back of his thighs and locked her feet and pushed her ass up to meet his strokes. Frank pumped a third load of seed into her womb and kept his cock deep inside against her cervix until he caught his breath.

Frank lifted himself enough to let her breath and glanced at the night stand where Silvia had put the condoms.

"Baby. Was I supposed to use those?"

"Frank! You told me you had a vasectomy!"

Frank just looked into her eyes knowing he got caught in a lie.

"Frank. You. Bastard! You lied to me!"

"Baby. Come on now. Don't you feel what I feel? I just promised your husband a nice raise and promotion. It's more than enough to manage a new baby in the house."

Frank was still lodged deep inside her pussy and had her writs pinned to the bed. She was bucking her hips, trying to get up.

"Frank. Please let me get up."

"Hush. I said I would take care of everything. I'll stand by you if anything happens."

Frank tried to kiss Daisy but she was worried too much as she struggled to lift herself off the bed but Frank's weight kept her pinned down. He started grinding his hips again as his cock remained hard.

Frank was screwing Daisy again and she was responding to his cock. He even managed to lift her legs back against her chest as he screwed her in an even rhythm as his balls slapped against her ass. She was panting and got the wind knocked out of her lungs each time he lunged forward. Daisy was holding him tight inside her as he finally shot another load into her well-stretched pussy making it the forth time that he cum inside her womb.

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