tagInterracial LoveThe Mechanic's Wife Ch. 03

The Mechanic's Wife Ch. 03


Daisy combed her long blonde hair as she thought about the escapade that had happen two weeks ago with Frank. Bill had almost found out about Frank being at the house that afternoon but Silvia helped her get everything cleaned up before Billy arrived home.

If that wasn't nerve racking enough, getting a phone call from Frank's wife a few days later telling her that she knew she was screwing her husband! It completely ruined Daisy's blackmail attempt!

As a matter of fact, Mrs. Jones encouraged her to meet her husband on a weekly basis and threatened to have Billy fired if she didn't cooperate. Daisy just couldn't figure it out! Why would a wife encourage another woman to sleep with her husband?

Daisy slid the green dress around her hips and pulled it over her shoulders as she adjusted the thin material around her large boobs. Daisy would put her thong inside her purse to have something to wear back home this afternoon. She wanted to get this rendevous at the garage done as quickly as she could.

Frank thought it was so funny to fuck with Billy working right there in the garage! Daisy vowed to pay him back, one day soon!

Daisy parked the pickup near the front office and got out of the car looking for Billy inside the garage but didn't see her husband anywhere. Her little ass was swaying as she walked toward the office door. A few of the men in the parking lot gave her wolf calls all the way up to that office door.

Daisy fluffed her long blonde hair back as she walked up to the secretary. "I have an anointment with Frank this afternoon."

The secretary smirked at Daisy as she got on the phone and told Frank that his anointment was here.

"You can go right in there. Frank is waiting for you."

Daisy gave the secretary a nasty look knowing that she must be aware of why she was there to see her husband's boss. Maybe Frank had done this with other wives in the past.

"Daisy! Don't you look good enough to eat this afternoon!"

"Frank! What is this bullshit about your wife knowing that we been screwing? What kind of game are you playing with me and my husband?"

"Relax! I'll explain everything in a moment. Bring that darling little ass over here next to the window and watch your husband doing his job."

Daisy reluctantly walked next to Frank and starred out into the garage thought the one way glass. Frank began rubbing his hand on her ass while she glanced out in the garage.

"Frank. You're a bastard! Why don't you get something to cover up this window? I'm not going to allow you to fuck me on this table like you did before!"

Frank laughed as he pulled the beautiful housewife next to him and began rubbing her ass and pulling down the strap on her dress. He kissed her bare shoulder as Daisy tried to squirm out of his grip.

"Baby. Relax! . I don't intend to fuck you in here. We did that last time. I like to make things more exciting!"

Daisy pulled away and adjusted the strap on her dress. "Frank. What the fuck is your sick mind thinking about today? You want me to bring my husband in here so he can watch? Is that it Frank?"

Frank tried to grab Daisy but she backed away as he laughed and replied. "Honey. That's not what I have in mind at all today! Just give me a moment and I have a bed all fixed for us to have a little romp in the hay."

Frank dialed ths shop phone and Daisy watched her husband through the one way glass window as he answered it out in the garage.

"Billy. Go out back and help the guys unload that delivery truck for me."

Daisy watched as her husband hung up the phone and walked out back behind the garage as Frank grabbed her by her arm and pushed her out the back door of his office.

"Frank! What the hell are you doing? Where are you taking me?"

"Relax. Baby. Just follow me out here."

Frank walked Daisy out into the garage where the big semi truck Billy was working on sat and reached up and grabbed the door handle and motioned for Daisy to jump up into the cab.

"Frank! What is the matter with you? My husband is going to be back any minute and catch us in here!"

"Quick! Get up in there and crawl back into the sleeper."

Frank watched Daisy's little ass climb up onto the seat of the huge truck. He got a quick peek of her bare pussy as she climbed over the seat and crawled into the sleeper section of the truck. Frank looked around before climbing up himself and shut the door as he crawled back where Daisy was waiting.

Frank pulled the curtain shut as he began taking off his clothes. Daisy starred in disbelief at Frank as he quickly got naked.

"Frank. This is too crazy! I'm not going to fuck you out here with my husband working underneath this truck!"

Billy was back! They could hear tinkering under the truck.

Frank whispered. "Darling. Don't talk, get that dress over your pretty head for me."

Daisy was angry but pulled the dress up over her hips and wiggled the thin material over her head until her large boobs sprung free and giggled as she pushed the dress down into the mattress and starred angrily at Frank.

Frank reached out and cupped one of her boobs as he leaned forward and gently kissed the nipple. Frank then kissed Daisy on her lips probing his tongue deep inside her mouth. He then scooted back on the bed and laid his head down expecting Daisy to suck him.

She was angry and gave him a nasty look before positioning herself between his legs and rested her arm on his leg as she took his huge black cock in her hand. His cock was already hard as she began to stoke it until she put her mouth down and gave the huge purple head a gentle lick causing him to moan.

Frank put his hand on top of her head wanting her to put it into her mouth. She obliged him by opening her mouth as wide as she could and slowly lowered her head on the large shaft. Daisy was an expert cock sucker and loved to suck her husband's cock.

Daisy took pride in knowing how well she could deep throat a big cock and moved her head up, only to sink back down until the huge head touched the back of her throat. Her mouth was filled with saliva as she continued to suck him.

Daisy would spit her saliva out along the shaft, and then she would lick it back up then slowly lower her face down on the thick black shaft again. Daisy was dropping her face down onto the black cock again when the door of the truck opened.

Daisy froze with Frank's huge shaft stuck in her throat and heard Billy fumbling at the wheel of the truck. She slowly raised her head before she choked on the huge shaft and kept her lips against the big mushroom head as they listened to Billy in the front seat.

Daisy's heart beat faster as the black curtain began moving. Billy must have bumped it with his elbow or something. If Bill were to open that curtain, he would surely get the shock of his life seeing his wife with a huge back cock stuck to her lips.

Frank was trying to encourage Daisy to keep sucking his cock. He was getting his jollies knowing Billy was behind that curtain. Daisy engulfed the shaft once again as Frank raised his hips off the mattress.

The truck engine started but Daisy kept sucking on Frank until he grabbed her arm and pulled her on top of his legs. Daisy straddled his cock and positioned herself above his shaft and slowly guided him inside her wet pussy and slowly slipped herself down.

The truck was moving now as Billy put it in gear and backed out of the space inside the garage and pulled forward as Daisy held onto the edge of the padded wall. Frank started to fuck Daisy as he held onto her ass and bounced her up and down his thick shaft as Billy drove out of the parking lot.

Daisy's boobs were swinging back and forth as the truck rolled out onto the road. Frank grabbed the opportunity to catch one of her huge tits in his mouth and gently sucked and bit on the nipple as she moved up and down on his cock.

Frank began to force, Daisy's ass down on his cock with force now as he kept pushing his hips up to meet her downward thrusts. The roar of the truck was loud as Billy took it onto the expressway for a test drive as Daisy began to cum.

She opened her mouth as if she were going to scream but Frank held the palm of his hand against her lips keeping any noise from escaping from her mouth. Daisy's body was shaking as she rode Frank's cock and bucked like a wild bronco as she came.

Billy turned on the radio as Frank labored with Daisy in the back as Daisy reached her second orgasm within seconds of the first one. Billy turned the radio off and they quickly stopped cold on the bed. Billy must have thought he heard something and was trying to listen. The radio got turned back on again and they started to fuck where they left off.

Frank was working his face back and forth between the two large tits as Daisy pushed her boobs down so he could have better access to suck on them. He was bitting the nipples as Daisy squeezed her pussy around Frank's big cock.

The truck turned a corner causing Daisy to lose her balance and for a split second, her hand popped through the black curtain. Luckily that Billy was watching the road and didn't see it. Frank began pumping into Daisy much harder causing her to squeal but Billy thought it was coming from the country song he was playing and singing along to.

Daisy was pushing herself down so hard that the noise of their skin slapping together was getting much louder. Daisy's boobs were swaying back and forth as Frank pushed into her a few last times before sending his hot load of seed deep inside her belly.

Daisy cam one last time as Frank began shooting that hot load into her pussy. She lost her balance again and hit the wall between the driver's seat and the sleeping compartment.

Billy pulled the truck back into the parking lot and pulled it around front of the building. Daisy lay on top of Frank trying to catch her breath as Billy turned off the radio and got out of the truck leaving the engine running.

"Baby. I better get dressed and go and see what that silly husband of yours is up too out there!"

Frank pushed Daisy off and she lay next to him on the mattress as he pulled his pants on. Daisy laid there with her hands covering her eyes thinking about how they almost got caught.

"Frank. You can't go out there now! What if Billy catches you leaving the truck?"

"I have to go see what he's doing out there."

Frank slipped on his shoes and pulled the shirt around his shoulders and got up and walked into the front of the truck and looked around but didn't see Billy anywhere. He turned and peeked back behind the curtain.

"OK. Billy's gone, you can come out now."

Frank stepped down off the truck and walked around the front and saw Billy's legs sticking out from under the truck.

"Billy! What are you doing under there?"

"Oh. Hi, Mr. Jones. I got a squeak under here somewhere."

"Well. Billy. You find that squeak and take care of it!"

Frank walked back into the building and forgot that he just told Daisy that Billy was gone. Billy slid out from under the truck and wiped off his pants and walked around to the cab door and found Daisy starring back down at him from the doorway of the truck.

"Honey! What are you doing out here?"

"Oh. Billy. There you are. I thought this might be the truck you were working on."

Billy climbed up on the truck and gave Daisy a kiss.

"What are you doing over here so late?"

"I was just out shopping and saw the truck out here and thought I'd stop by and talk to you for a minute. That's all!"

Billy pushed on his wife's ass and pushed her back into the cab of the truck.

"Billy. What are you doing? I better get out of here before Mr. Jones catches us."

"Oh. Fuck, Mr. Jones!"

Daisy felt so guilty when her husband said those words but slid up between the seats as Billy got into the truck behind her. Billy pushed the curtain open.

"Honey. Go back there for a minute. I want to show you how this truck is all decked out!"

Daisy got into the sleeping compartment as Billy slid through the curtain.

"Oh. Boy. The guy who owns this truck must use it to pick up hookers or something! It smells like sex back here!"

Billy grabbed Daisy's shoulders and began kissing her.

"Billy. I better get going before we get caught out here."

"Don't worry about it. Mr. Jones usually has a meeting with his secretary around this time of the day. I think he is screwing the woman, myself!"

Billy started getting his clothes off as Daisy watched him toss his pants between the curtain. He grabbed a hold of Daisy's tight dress and began trying to slip it up her thighs.

"Honey. I haven't taken a shower today! I might smell really bad!"

Billy didn't pay her much attention as he quickly slipped her dress over her head and leaned forward and began sucking on her tits. Daisy held his face against her boobs as Billy licked her nipples.

He started to fumble with the thong that Daisy had brought with her. It was the only thing that was keeping Frank's seed from dripping down all over the place. Daisy didn't put up much resistance as Billy slipped the thong off his wife's legs and began kissing his way down to her belly and the neatly trimmed pussy mound.

"Billy. I think you better stop. I haven't showered and it's hot. I know I must smell!"

Daisy felt as if she had been talking to the truck because Billy kept going until he positioned himself between her legs and began licking her wet pussy.

Daisy leaned back as she listened to Billy slurping on her pussy. She starred down between her legs waiting for Billy to make some sort of remark about her pussy but he just kept lapping at her.

Daisy pulled her legs back and enjoyed her husband's tongue in her pussy and began humping her ass off the mattress giving him better access to her pussy. Billy was slurping at her like a mad dog in heat until he finally raised up and planted a huge wet passionate kiss on her lips.

Daisy could clearly taste Frank's seed on his tongue and wondered why Billy hadn't noticed the strong smell himself. Billy didn't waste any time as he slipped his cock head between her wet pussy lips and pushed forward as she wrapped her long beautiful legs around her husband.

She was so wet and stretched out from screwing Frank that she just figured Billy would mention it but he just kept ramming himself deep inside her pussy. She was still horny from screwing Frank that she just felt like she was going a second round again and started to lift her hips to match her husband's strokes.

She was completely out of energy and was having a difficult time trying to have another orgasm but she concentrated until she finally had another orgasm. This only sent Billy into a higher rage as he screwed Daisy as hard as he could until her buttocks were bouncing off the mattress and finally shot his load of hot seed deep inside his wife's belly.

Billy was completely out of breath as he rolled over next to his wife leaving a thin trail of cum across her thigh.

Billy put his hand on his wife. "Honey. You must have been really horny! I think that was as wet as I ever saw your pussy!"

Daisy slipped her dress back on and shoved the thong inside her purse and fluffed her hair as Billy tied his shoes. She got down from the truck and waited for Billy to climb down and kissed him one last time before leaving.

"Honey. I always wanted to fuck you in one of these trucks!"

Daisy smiled at her husband and gave him another kiss. "I'll see you later tonight!"

"OK. Honey. I'll be home around five! I have to crawl back under this thing and see where that squeak was coming from."

Daisy got back to her car with a shy of relief and started the engine and waived at Billy as she drove out of the parking lot.

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