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The Meet and Greet


Jack and Ellen Howard were a young couple. They were both 25 years old and had been married for a little over two years. Their lives revolved around work, each other and their church. Especially their church. It was a non denominational fellowship with emotional worship services and a close knit community of believers.

Jack and Ellen were quite the couple. He was six one, brown eyed with curly brown hair, brown eyes, a, broad chested and in shape. His job involved lots of physical labor at a lumber yard and when not at work he was mountain biking and rock climbing. Ellen, his wife, stood five foot seven. Her bone straight brown hair fell past her shoulders. A real gym rat, she was a lean and trim 110 pounds with long legs and firm medium breasts. Her jaw was a bit large but other than that her blue eyed countenance was flawless. Her upturned nose and naturally rosy cheeks made her look much younger than her real age.

Always eager to make new converts for their version of Christianity they had been focusing for the last several weeks on an older couple who had been visiting their church. They were Richard and Blair Hart. Ellen and Jack assumed that they were in their mid thirties. Richard was huge, he towered over Jack by a good six inches, He was built like a professional wrestler or the world's heaviest basketball forward. He was blond with closely cropped hair. Ellen had once confessed to Jack that she found Richard to be rather handsome. Jack did not confess that he admired Blair's face and figure a great deal.

She was five foot five without an ounce of fat on her frame. With lovely gams and full breasts, alabaster skin, and stunning copper colored collar length hair. Her green eyes flashed with a surprising intensity.

Jack. being a good Christian, forced dirty thoughts out of his mind every time he saw Blair.

The Harts had been attending their church for about a two months when Ellen invited them over for dinner one Friday night. Jack had had some talks with Richard after church and learned that he was a pharmacist and that Blair, his wife, was a patent attorney. He seemed like a real nice guy and both of them gave an impression that they were looking for a new church home. They both came across as a bit skeptical, however, and Jack and Ellen both looked forward to a quite dinner to win the couple for the Lord. The Friday meet and greet which their church called these couple on couple meetings would be the perfect opportunity yo do just that.

The Friday evening was like so any other. Jack finished work at six P.M. and came home to Ellen in the rented townhouse they shared. Her day ended at five when her preschool closed for the day. The Hart's were scheduled to arrive at eight P.M. Jack showered and put on nice, but casual clothes. Ellen dressed herself in a blue blouse and a calf length blue skirt and dressy flats for her feet.

Jack was actually a better cook than Ellen was and he made the meal of rice and marinated chicken breasts while Ellen vacuumed the house and set the kitchen table. The Harts arrived right on schedule.

They arrived in a huge panel van. Jack went out to greet them and shepherd them into the foyer. He was surprised at the vehicle they pulled up in. In his head Jack had anticipated the sporty sedan which the Hart's always drove to church.

As if reading his mind, Richard greeted him with, "Our regular car is in the shop."

Jack had to catch his breath when he saw Blair exit the van. She was wearing a shimmering white dress that revealed a great deal of leg and was cut to maximize her bust. She wore charcoal stockings.

Richard was dressed pretty much as Jack was, khakis and a polo shirt.

"We brought the wine!" announced Blair.

Dinner went rather well as the Hart's complimented Jack's cooking and Ellen's sense of decor. After the house tour they exchanged small talk for a short while. Richard asked for corkscrew and opened the wine. Jack remembered the first glass of wine...

Jack woke up with a start. He found himself in his bed, Ellen next to him, Then he realized they were

both naked. Ellen was a very conservative woman, she NEVER spent the entire night naked. Jack realized that he had no recollection of getting ready for bed or even most of the previous evening. Gently her nudged Ellen. She awoke with a gasp.

"Jack what happened last night?" a second later she asked, "Did you take off my pajamas?"

"Not that I remember."

Suddenly Ellen screamed and pulled down the covers.

"Jack you pervert!" she yelled,

"Look at this!"

Ellen pointed to her crotch. Her pubic hair was missing!

Jack pulled down the covers and noticed that he had been depilated as well!

"I'm shaved as well. What's going on here?"

Almost together they said, "The Harts!" and "The wine!"

"My wedding and engagement ring they are gone!" said Ellen. Jack noticed that his wedding band was missing as well.

Then he smelled the aroma of frying eggs and bacon.

"They are still here and they are cooking in our kitchen!"

Jack got up to put on some clothes

Presently they heard someone walking up the stairs. Richard''s huge face lunged into the bedroom doorway.

"Ah I see you're up. Won't you come down and have some breakfast?"

"You!" shouted Jack and he launched himself at Richard.

Richard caught Jack and put him in a choke hold. Despite the fact that Jack was in excellent shape, Richard tossed him around like he was a toy. Richard pinned Jack's hands behind his back with one hand and simultaneously yanked off the boxer shorts Jack had put on when he got out of bed.

Jack was in excruciating pain begging to be released.


"Breakfast is served and is come as you are dining."

Ellen cowered beneath the sheet and blankets.

"Get out of bed honey and make no effort to cover yourself or I will break both of your husband's arms."

Knowing by the look in Richard's eyes that he was dead serious Ellen swallowed her embarrassment and slid out of bed. Until that moment, aside from a few doctors, Jack was the only man who had ever seen her naked.

"Go downstairs to the kitchen." Ordered Richard .

With dread Ellen made her way down the staircase while Jack was dragged along behind her.

In the kitchen Ellen found Blair, clad in totally different outfit than the one she had worn the night before, setting out portions for breakfast. Her dress was a black mini dress with a gold accessory belt and black high heels. There were four place settings.

"Ah, good morning Ellen and Jack. Richard and I will sit at the ends of the table. You and Jack will sit on opposite sides. I'm sure you have lots of questions."

Richard forced Jack to sit in one seat and threatened. "Do anything stupid pretty boy and I'll rip you apart!" He released Jack who began rubbing his arms to soothe away the pain.

Ellen took the seat opposite of him.

Blair announced, "Once everyone has eaten you two get to play seven questions with us. Will will answer just seven and ONLY seven of your questions. After that you are ours for the rest of the day. Eat every bite."

"Now see here!" jack said forcefully.

Richard got a very dangerous look on his face and said. "Eat curly. Anymore lip from you and I'll knock your teeth out. If you haven't guessed by now Blair and I are in charge here. You two eat in total silence or I'll slap you around again!"

It was all the prompting that Jack and Ellen needed to begin eating. The meal was eggs, bacon, cereal, coffee and fruit. Jack recognized the food as coming from his own kitchen and pantry.

While eating Jack noticed a soreness in his ass. He suddenly realized that the previous evening, probably something really freaky had been done to himself and his wife.

As Blair and Richard ate they exchanged small talk while Jack and Ellen ate in stony silence almost like the naked couple wasn't there at all. To Jack it was very surreal. Ellen ate while gently sobbing, one arm trying to shield her breasts but failing miserably.

Once they were finished eating, Blair gathered up the plates and utensils and set them in the sink.

"You two go into the living room and sit next to each other on the couch," said Blair. "Yes I have drawn the curtains and the shades. Now go!"

Like stunned automatons Jack and Ellen meekly did as instructed. Jack put his arm around Ellen's shoulder and they waited for what seemed like a long time but was probably only five minuets or so.

At last Richard and Blair entered carrying chairs from the kitchen they placed these opposite of the couple on the couch.

Richard said. "Its seven question time."

Jack asked, "What happened to us last night?"

Blair giggled and said "The answer to that question is not a simple one, however you will shortly be shown exactly how well the two of your preformed last night."

"Preformed?" said Ellen.

Oh I am sorry honey, that is not quite a question." Said Richard. 'But you both were very good."

"Who shaved us? Ellen sobbed.

"Honey, you weren't shaved. Its a chemical depilatory. " said Richard.

" It should keep you hairless for several weeks at least." finished Blair "I denuded your husband's manhood and Richard had the pleasure of clearing your sacred grounds. Just between me and you Ellen, you really should not have let yourself get so unkempt down there."

Ellen began to cry loudly. "Where are our wedding rings?" She wailed.

"Obviously we have them honey. " said Richard. "If are well behaved children you can earn the right to wear them again, But you no longer belong to each other you belong to us now."

"Belong to you ... What the hell are you talking about? said Jack.

Richard stared right into Jacks eyes with an alarming intensity. He looked deadly dangerous. Jack broke the stare by looking away. He knew he was no match for Richard and any attempts at heroics on his part would end very badly.

"Just what we said. You are both our property for as long as we like. Have no fear it is not permanent we generally tire of our slaves after a year or so." Said Richard.

"Its not a bad life really," Said Blair. "You live your normal lives. Go to work, Go to supervise the preschool, even limited socializing but you are done having sex with each other. Oh for a special occasion we may let you do the nasty but from today on until we tire of you you will only be permitted sexual release with us. BOTH of us!"

"This is crazy!" Said Ellen..

"That's not a question Ellen," said Blair, "but rather an opinion. You have two question left. You better make them count."

"There's a soreness in my behind." said Jack. "How come?"

Richard looked right at Jack and winked. "I popped your cherry last night. Your wife's too!"

Jack reared up in anger and lunged at Richard. The larger man caught him easily and batted him away as though he were a tin soldier. Richard grabbed Jack's testicles and gave a powerful squeeze. Jack was instantly writing on the floor in pain.

"Try that again curly and next time I'll rip em right off. Don't think I won't or I can't."

Blair looked at Ellen and said, "Since Jack is incapacitated you get to ask the last question."

"Are you going to kill us?" a terrified Ellen asked.

"You no," said Blair. "BUT If your husband doesn't learn to behave himself and remains his rebellious self we may have to put him down as one would a mad dog or a recalcitrant horse. IF it comes to that we will give you the option of joining your husband in the next world."

Ellen felt an icy chill creep down her spine.

"Question time is over." Said Blair. "Now we will illuminate what happened to you last night."

Richard left the room carrying the kitchen chairs, Jack found the strength to return to the couch and Blair turned on the television set.

The van is part of our lifestyle," she said,. "It is crammed with all kinds of cameras and electronic dodads. We could probably make a full blown Hollywood movie just using what is in our van. The wine was drugged, as you no doubt figured out, when you weren't looking. As a pharmacist my husband has access to some very interesting drugs He is also aware of formulations that the government and the big pharmaceutical companies don't want you to know about. He is VERY good at his job."

Richard returned to the living room and from a large canvas bag on the floor Blair produced a DVD.

"You two turned to putty with the first glass of wine. Richard guessed the dosages for both of you perfectly."

"Its what I DO dear." Bragged Richard.

Blair slid the DVD into the player and a title card appeared. It read "Ellen and Jack : Their Surrender" it read.

"We decided to start with the little woman." Stated Richard.

From the title card the screen faded to black and then opened with a scene of Ellen in the living room while hymns from their church played on the stereo. She was slowly moving and dancing in time to the music. She did not looked drugged but when Jack studied the scene he realized that his wife was in her body but her mind was somewhere else, but Jack knew that only because he knew his wife so well. To a casual observer, Jack realized it looked like she was perfectly normal.

Off screen came Richard's voice. "Honey ... its warm in here why don't you take off your clothes. All of them."

To Jacks horror he heard his own voice echoing that of Richard's! Unmistakably that was his voice saying "Take it off Ellen!"

Then slowly, deliberately Ellen undid each button on her blouse and slid it off. Next she took off her bra exposing her stunning milky breasts. In short order her skirt. slip, shoes and conservatively cut panties joined her blouse, piled on the floor.

Blair skipped ahead on the video and the next scene was Ellen on her knees giving Richard a blow job. Richard was wearing a mask in the video. Jack realized that the scene was shot in such a way as to make Richard unidentifiable yet captured every aspect of Ellen's face and demeanor during the performance. She swallowed Richards seed, something she never did for Jack. Ellen wouldn't even let Jack come in her mouth!

Ellen and Jack watched in stunned silence at the rest of the video. Jack stripped and serviced a masked Blair and then Jack felt sick as he watched himself preforming fellatio on Richard! After He finished with Richard. The film showed Ellen eating out Blair's pussy. Jack could scarcely believe that. While their church preached against "The homosexual lifestyle" Jack had no problems with gay people. Ellen However was practically a homophobe and thought that lesbianism was the grossest thing on the planet.

"Eewww" She kept saying over and over again while watching herself lick pussy.

Blair fast forwarded to scenes of their depilation and then of Jack and then Ellen servicing Richard and then Blair at the same time. The camera lingered on the shot of Richard's huge phallus entering their anuses.

The last scenes were of Ellen getting a bath from Richard and Blair bathing Jack before they were dried and led to bed. The very last shot was of Jack and Ellen's wedding rings being slid off.

As the film faded to black Jack and Ellen tried to gather their wits and dignity

"I must say that you two preformed admirably well. We can't wait to try the two of you out when you're stone cold sober." Said Blair.

"Make no mistake", said Richard, "you both will be used a great deal by both of us. Here is why you will obey us and why you won't go to the police or anything other than willingly submit to being our slaves. This video is waiting to be e-mailed to every member of your church. You see in our visits to your church scouting for slaves we made a copy of your church directory. It is a lovely list of e-mails and postal addresses. If you obey us no one will ever learn of the existence of this video. If you disobey, this video gets e-mailed and snail mailed to every member of your congregation.

Do you honestly believe that no one will watch it? Even if your pastors tell everyone to not open the video or to not play the DVD do you actually think that no one will watch it?

Imagine Ellen, all the men at church from the teenage boys to the senior citizens watching you get naked and getting fucked. Imagine what they will say about your excursion into lesbianism. Jack imagine all the men in your church seeing you suck my cock and taking it up the ass, How well do you think that will go down. Your marital infidelity caught on film for posterity how do you think your conservative pastor will like that? No one will believe you are drugged because only the best medical detectives on the planet are even familiar with the drug combination I gave you. I intend to e-mail your co-workers and your places of employment as well. Imagine all those macho dudes at work knowing that Jack has a taste for the cock. I also found your personal address book in the desk by the computer while you two were out. I'm sure mom and dad will just LOVE seeing this side of you.

No no matter how you slice it, total obedience to us is your only salvation. Not even Jesus can get you out of this pickle."

"We'll let that sink in for a while." Said Blair. The two of them left the room.

Ellen and jack sat in stony silence on the sofa. Even thought the room was warm both of them broke out in goosebumps.

"He's totally serious Jack!" Cried Ellen.

"If anyone sees that film...." Said Jack.

Both of them realized that the video would ruin their lives. church, parents, friends, co-workers, they would never be able to show their faces anywhere ever again.

"We CAN"T do what they want us to." said Ellen.

"What choice do we have?"

Ten minuets later Blair and Richard reentered the living room.

"So what will it be kids? Do we ruin your lives or spoil you sexually." As Richard said this he had the biggest smirk on his face that Jack had ever seen.

"We don't make much money", began Jack, "but whatever we have we will give to you in exchange for the video."

Both Blair and Richard broke into laughter.

"Do you have any idea how much money I make as a patent attorney?" Mocked Blair.

Richard said, "Unless you're sitting on millions you two could never come up with a sum that is more attractive to us than exploring and using your bodies for as long as we want. I have a very good idea as to what both of you make. I suppose as a joke though your question has some merit."

"What would be expected of us? Ellen finally asked.

"Ahh coming around at last." stated Blair. "You will be our sexual playthings. You will be permitted only to have sex with us. Later today both of you will be locked into chastity devices. We control access to you sexual organs from this day forward. You will be expected to be interchangeable in bed. You will learn to eat pussy and get good at it. You will become experts in fellatio. You will be introduced to the joys of anal sex, butt plugs and dildos. Your bodies will be kept hairless and you will wear the hair on your heads in styles we choose. Ellen is getting a new wardrobe and Jack is getting an expansion of his wardrobe. We may take you on trips either as a foursome or some combination of two. You may not say no to any of our orders. Disobedience will result in punishment. Punishment can be anything from denial of orgasm to public humiliation. The choice is ours and will be situational. You should also be aware that even a minor infraction may result in the mailing of your video."

"Do you have all that honey?" Asked Richard

"Why us?" whined Jack.

"That should be obvious curly.' said Richard, "You are a handsome guy and your wife, despite her dowdy wardrobe is a hot piece of ass. You two are a new horizon for us to conquer, you are young and teachable. Who knows. years from now you may look back on your time with us and consider this time to be the best years of your marriage."

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