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The Mentor


I am an accountant with in the Trust Department of a large bank in my city. It is and has been my only job since I graduated from college and I enjoy it. I know you are thinking that accountants are never considered the life of a party which is true; in fact we are grateful just to be invited. People tend to generalize certain professionals like engineers, accountants and other nerdy types. Unfortunately or fortunately you aren't sought out at a party for professional advice or opinion.

There came a day at the office that completely changed my personal life. I was working on the quarterly reports when Jack, my VP, came to my desk with a woman a few years my junior in tow.

"Janet Kelly, I want you to meet Larry Perkins. Larry, this is Janet your new protégé. Before you ask, I will tell you. I am heading up a new products group that will be launched next year and I want you on the team. So I need you to teach Janet your job. This way she can work with you for all the routine reports and more especially the year end reporting. I'll have you help her get started for the tax season too but by April I want you spending more time in your new job. OK?" What could I do but say, "yes sir."

Janet sat down and I fetched us some coffee. We talked about her education and much to my delight we attended the same college and even had many of the same professors. Reminiscing about those days and the shared school history made it easy for both of us to relax and just talk. Just looking at Janet and I hate to type cast but she typified the image of an accountant. She was conservatively dressed, very little make up, glasses that didn't draw any attention, about 5' 5" in an average body, and really just a plain looking face. Unbelievably and much to my surprise and delight, I was immediately attracted to her. If 'love at first sight' is real, the 'I'm a believer.'

In the Trust department we are driven by three things: tax code, forms, and deadlines. There are always plenty of each or sometimes all three at the same time. I really enjoyed working with Janet and fortunately she proved to be an excellent student. We kept everything on a professional level and only went to lunch together when it was the occasional Friday outing. She thought it was quite normal that we always went to the same restaurant and soon had the menu memorized just like the rest of us.

We had worked three months together and it was time for her first quarterly filings. It is tedious, and given the number of clients involved, it requires several long days. After a long week, we finished late Saturday afternoon and breaking a bit of accountant decorum, we actually high fived. I suggested we celebrate and go out to dinner. She agreed but only if we go Dutch. We both enjoy Italian so the selection of the restaurant was easy and since Janet takes the bus to and from work, I drove.

We settled in a quiet booth and I ordered a bottle of wine. Janet confided with me that she is uncomfortable with ordering wine because she doesn't know what to order. I laughed and told her I was pretty much a novice at a lot of things myself. "Sometimes," I said, "you have to break out of your cocoon, and try something new. Scary as it may seem."

We toasted to long week, quarterly reporting, and to the Trust Department. I said, "I want to give a toast to you Janet, for going from student to co-worker in a very short time. You are a joy to work with."

She blushed and said how much she enjoyed working with me and was sorry that soon I'll be leaving the department. I reached over and put my hand on hers and said, "At least we have a few more months."

She didn't remove her hand but instead smiled, took the wine glass and said, "To working long days and reports."

After the first glass of wine, we both began to loosen up more. When I asked her what was her biggest regret she looked at me and said in a very serious voice, "if I tell you, you must promise never to tell a soul." I nodded and said I would never betray a confidence. "Well," she said, "I've never much of a social life. Nerds like me don't get invited to join a sorority, and especially when you are not pretty. I'm 22; I've never been on a real date, and never been kissed like a woman wants to be kissed." She paused and there were tears in her eyes.

I took her hand in mine and kissed it. "If I were Cary Grant I would say something witty in a moment like this but all I can say is that you are and have been the best part of my day. Words fail me to express how much I enjoy being with you." I took my handkerchief and dried her eyes. "I want you to know that I care about you very much."

"Oh Larry, so many times I wanted to reach out and touch you but I was afraid too."

I leaned over and kissed her lips. "Well my dear, we need to stay professional at work but after hours, it is just you and me."

She kissed me and with a smile said, "I am so happy."

I drove her home and we shared a passionate kiss that seemed to last forever. I think we both were making up for lost time in the kissing department. Finally I said it has been a very long day for both of us and I need to head home. Janet pointed out that since tomorrow was Sunday there is pro football on TV. She suggested she make dinner and I should come over with some wine.

I gave her a parting kiss and said, "Sweet dreams sweetheart."

"Oh believe me, I will."

I arrived the next day wearing my more casual clothes: jeans and my college sweatshirt; and Janet was wearing the very same outfit. We both shared a laugh and I took her in my arms and gave her a deep kiss. I held her close as we cuddled in front of the TV. My hand was under her arm just beneath her breast. I could swear that every time I kissed her she did some maneuvering to get more of my hand on her breast. Finally when we were kissing I moved my hand enough to cop a feel. Her response was immediate. She kissed me passionately and moved to give me more access. "Oh yes," she sighed. I slid my hand under her sweatshirt and fondled both breast and Janet was eager for me to continue. She moved to straddle me and I lifted her sweatshirt to put both hands her breast. I licked the skin across the top of her bra and she ran her fingers through my hair. With one hand I quickly unclasped her bra and freed her lovely breast and her nipples became a playground for my tongue and fingers. They were erect and hard and she was eager for them to be touched.

"Oh Larry, I have dreamed about this for a long time. Take me all the way"

I carried her to her bedroom and laid her the bed. I pulled off her sweatshirt, and bra, and slowly removed her jeans. She had on white bikini panties and I slipped my fingers under them to gently rub her swollen pussy lips. She was very wet and my cock was very hard. This is a moment I have been looking forward to for a very long time. I slid her panties down and gave her lovely pussy a kiss. I knelt down and put my tongue into her hot cunt. She squirmed and pulled my head in tighter. I was delighted in how tasty her pussy juice was and inserted my tongue as far as I could. I slid my tongue up between her pussy lips to her swollen and eager clit. Her breath quickened and after a few moments of licking and sucking on her clit her whole body shuddered as her orgasm flowed thru her body. I smiled, kissed her and said, "How very lovely you are Janet."

"Turnabout is fair play; I want to remove your clothes."

She stood up and quickly removed my sweatshirt. She kissed and ran her tongue all over my nipples. Wow, that was great. I'd never had that done but then again, I've never been naked with a woman before either. I helped her with the button on the jeans and then she took it from there, literally. As she pulled my jeans down my erection was quite obvious thru my shorts. She carefully pulled my shorts down and my cock was right in front of her face. "I've never experienced this before," she said.

"Me neither," I said, "And I am happy it is with you."

"You mean this is the first time for both of us?"

"Yes it is, so enjoy and do whatever you have longed to do."

She ran her hands up and down my cock then she cupped my balls and kissed the top of my cock.

She gave me a smile and then placed her lips around my cock and slowly took it into her mouth. I can't describe how incredible that felt. If this kind of pleasure is what sex is all about, I want it and more.

"One day soon I want you to teach me how to bring you off with my mouth but right now we have some unfinished business to attend."

She held my cock in her hand as she climbed onto the bed. As she lay on her back she guided my cock to her pussy lips. She ran my hard cock up and down between her wet pussy lips. She teased her hot love hole and then moved it up to circle a swollen clit. I loved having her hold my cock but this was incredible. I closed my eyes and savored the wonderful sensation. Finally she held my cock to her cunt and said, "Fuck me Larry, I want to feel you inside of me."

I kissed her and slowly inserted the head of my cock into her eager cunt. She held her breath and I stopped to let her relax. Slowly I entered as far as I could go and stayed there to enjoy the total warmth, and tightness surrounding my rod. The sensation of a wet, hot, and tight cunt was wonderful and I prayed that I would not cum too quickly. Janet smiled at me and whispered, "You feel so wonderful inside me Larry; please fill me with your cum." I pull out enough to just have the tip of my cock in her cunt, and then I would drive in as far as I could. After a few strokes like this, she began to relax and met my own thrusting with her own. She squeezed her nipples and moaned as her orgasm flowed thru her. I continued my thrusting and soon her body shook with another orgasm. That put me over the edge and I filled her cunt with my load.

I lay on top of her, totally spent, and she tightened her legs to hold me inside.

"I feel so wonderful," she whispered, "Thank you very much."

"Thank you Janet. I think we should do this a lot more. In fact I want to get really good at making love with you. Do you think you could stand a life time of it?"

"I love you Larry."

As soon as I moved to my new department, we were married.

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