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The Meteor Ch. 01
























Maple Creek is a small rural town with a population of 12,500. Its residents had heard the news that a meteor shower would be clearly visible for them to see during the night hours. It was a festive occasion and the people gathered with their drinks and cameras to watch the rare event.

Only a handful saw the meteor fragment land in the park that was in the middle of town, leaving a four foot deep hole. Within moments, the fragment's parasites were burrowing into the soil. The park was closed while the impact was investigated and reopened 24 hours later when no danger to the citizens were detected.

As the parasites spread outward, they came in contact with earthworms and in two weeks, a new species of worm was evolving and adapting to their earthen environment. The newly formed colony became sensitive to the noise and vibrations generated by the towns businesses and traffic, causing them to migrate toward the quieter suburban areas. Communication between the worms were on the telepathic level allowing information to be rapidly passed throughout the colony. This level of communication could be passed to humans in the form of a 'suggestion'. Their vision could be tuned to the entire light spectrum, infrared through ultra-violet.

It was a warm summer's night and some of the worms had risen to the grassy surface in the backyard of a house. A couple were having sex and were unaware that they were being studied. When they finished they went into the house and the worms began analyzing the fluids that were on the grass. Within seconds internal chemical changes were remapping the worm's DNA and biological makeup. The need for more of these fluids became a priority. All returned to the soil and began passing the enhanced DNA to the rest of the colony.

They needed to know more about the human anatomy and the colony entered several single homes where they observed the mating practices of males with females, males with males and females/females. A group of worms returned to the town's center and came upon a fertility clinic. Here, they learned all they needed to know about the human anatomy and its sexual organs.

A The colony selected two homes where a female and a male lived by themselves. The male was chosen because he was observed having sex with another male. The worms watched as the humans undressed each other. They saw the human's hands and mouths arouse each other's bodies and ultimately witnessed their orgasms. They saw the unassisted forceful ejaculation of the male that was being mounted by another male.

The colony was now ready to acquire and store the valued fluids that the humans could produce for them. They selected two homes where a female and a male lived by themselves. The male was chosen because he had mated with another male.


The four worms entered the crawl space under Ellie's house. Guided by their infrared vision, they made their way into her bedroom. The worms crawled onto the bed and observed their sleeping target.

Ellie was resting on her right side and one of the worms 'suggested' that she roll over onto her back and Ellie unconsciously did so.

Two 8" x 2" worms made their way toward the sides of Ellie's body. As they neared her body, the color and texture of the worms changed to a clear transparent color and their physical shape became circular. The rounded worm masses made their way upward onto Ellie's chest and slowly formed two massaging pouches over her firm breasts. Two internal mouth-like depressions formed and descended onto her nipples, gently sucking them into their warm 'mouths'.

At the same time, two worms were making their way from the foot of the bed toward the junction of her thighs. One was long and thick, 12" x 2" and the other was small, 3" x 1/2".

The smaller one reached its destination first. It also, changed its from color to a clear, transparent color. The leading 'end' formed into a suckling 'mouth' and slithered into the soft confines of her clitoral hood and became dormant when it nestled onto her clitoris.

The larger worm was now inches from Ellie's labia and its leading 'end' formed into two thick 'lips' and molded itself over the closed folds of her labia, just under the smaller worm. It secreted a chemical that would put Ellie into a dream state.

The encasing pouches on her breasts began a sensuous massaging and kneading action and the suckling 'mouths' now had her nipples fully erect. The new sensations rippled across her chest and flowed downward toward her aroused sex. As the pouches and 'mouths' intensified their actions she began pushing her aching breasts and erect nipples into the worm's silky pouches.


Ellie was dreaming that her Lover was laying beside her and his hands, tongue and lips that were exploring body. A long soft moan escaped her sleeping mouth and she unconsciously bent her legs and spread her thighs wide apart. As her bent thighs spread apart, her Lover moved between them. At the same time, the thick worm attached to the folds of labia nestled further inward as her thighs widened. Her arousal slowly grew and radiated across her loins. Cilia-like tubes formed within the lips and massaged their way between the swelling folds with a delicious suckling action. The smaller worm felt Ellie's clitoris harden within its rippling 'throat'. The more it expanded, the more the worm had to suck and suckle on. Ellie moaned as her rigid clitoris began spasming within the clenching 'throat' of the worm's body.


Ellie's sleeping hips jerked and a gasp escaped her mouth as jolts of pleasure exploded across her loins. A thick mass pushed through the center of worm's suckling lips and pressed between her swollen folds, pushing them further apart. She felt an exquisite pressure as her inner lips and vaginal opening stretched to accommodate the flexing thickness of her dream Lover's erection, then felt unbelievable sensations exploding within her as the worm's twisting cilia nubs teased and tantalized the sensitive flesh of her vaginal walls.

As the worm slithered inward it began circling the sensitive lining of her enflamed passage. Suddenly, Ellie arched up from the bed and her hips began franticly grinding her seething sex in the air. The worm had found her illusive 'G' spot and Ellie screeched ecstatically as the excited tissues exploded with jolts of joy. Ellie began twisting her hips in a desperate attempt to get her Lover's erection to deeply penetrate her vagina. She wanted it all, she needed it all. She thrust her sex upward, forcing the worm's body to lunge into the depths of her sexual being.


The worm rested for a few seconds while Ellie cooed and gurgled with joy. Then, it slowly withdrew and plunged back into her seething vaginal sheath. The worm's mass was now expanding to 3" as it flexed deep within her body. Her dream Lover pulled out and twisted his way inward, again and again and again. Ellie's body was catapulted into a sexual frenzy.

"Ohhhhhhh!! Yessssssss!!"

The worm-like phallic expanded and contracted, twisted and turned as it burrowed into Ellie's enflamed passage then slithered back out. Her frenzied body was now totally controlled by the ravenous worm. Ellie instinctively fell into the same rhythm. She began urgent counter thrusts with her thrashing hips, her thick vaginal juices were being sucked up by the thousands of cilia-like tubes that were ecstatically tormenting her seething vagina.

All the while, the worm's pouches continued to massage and knead her aching breasts and suckle on her bullet-like nipples. The purring 'mouth' and 'throat' that encased her rigid organ of joy now joined in on the ecstatic assault on Ellie's body. Her rigid clitoris exploded sending ecstatic jolts of ecstasy roaring through her body like a series of freight trains.

The worm knew that Ellie was at her orgasmic point of no return and it intensified its assault on her sexuality. Her clasping and clenching vaginal muscles tightly gripped the worm's flexing body. Her mouth opened wide but no sound was heard, Her glassy eyes opened wide but saw nothing. Her entire body arched upward and froze as her orgasm was unleashed.

With a deep intake of breath, Ellie's orgasmic wail echoed around the room as her body finally exploded with its total orgasm and the worm feasted on her gushing nectar.


Ellie slumped down onto the bed, gasping and panting. A low moan escaped Ellie's unconscious body as the worm slowly withdrew from her reluctant vagina with a loud slurping sound. The slick 'mouth' slipped away from her engorged clitoris and her rigid pink organ popped into the air.


The suckling pouches lifted from her breasts and nipples and slipped down the sides of her body onto the bed. Ellie drifted back to sleep as her 'wet dream' and her Lover faded.

The worms pooled their information with each other and drew up the requirements to arouse a female and bring her to full orgasm. They also had the information needed for a female's sexual enhancements. They left the way they had arrived and returned to the colony.


The five worms entered the crawl space under Owen's house. Guided by their infrared vision, they made their way into his bedroom. The worms crawled onto the bed and observed their sleeping target.

Owen was sleeping in the nude with the sheet partially covering his body. He was dreaming of his Lover Stanley and his penis was half erect. The two smaller worms, 2" x 1/16", made their way toward the sides of his body. As they neared his body, the color and texture of the worms changed to a clear transparent color and their physical shape became circular. The rounded worm masses made their way upward onto Owen's chest and slowly formed over each of his areolas. Within each mass, internal mouth-like depressions formed and descended onto each nipple with a gentle suckling motion.

Owen sighed as his dream Lover lowered his mouth and his lips paid homage to his stiffening nipples. At the same time, the other three worms were making their way toward the junction of his thighs. One was long and thick, 12" x 2" and the second was smaller, 8" x 3/4". They also changed their color to a transparent clearness as they neared his body. The last worm, 10" x 1/4", made its way toward his waist. The 8" x 3/4" worm reached Owen's body first and pressed between the spread cheeks of his buttocks, nudging against the tight opening to his rectum.

The larger worm slithered under his testicles and upward onto his half erect member. An opening appeared under Owen's testicles and his balls slipped into a warm, silky, massaging pouch. It secreted a chemical that would keep Owen in his dream state. Owen sighed and his penis grew harder as the hands of his Lover lifted and massaged his testicles.

The portion of the worm that lay over his erection now formed a opening and Owen's sigh became a moan as his hardness was manipulated into a warm velvety sheath. As the worm closed around Owen's erection, its sheath began to caress and squeeze his engorged member. The long, thin worm slithered onto Owen's lower abdomen and became dormant.


Owen was dreaming that Stanley's hands, tongue and lips that were exploring every erogenous zone on his body. He unconsciously bent his legs and spread his thighs wide apart allowing his Lover to lay between them. The worm that was snuggled against his rectal area nestled deeper into his anal lips. His breathing quickened as an exquisite tingling grew within each nipple as his Lover's lips and tongue adorned his nipples. The feelings intensified as his dormant male nipples tingled and grew erect within the suckling 'mouths'.

The thick head of the worm that was nestled between his anal lips began to ooze a muscle relaxing chemical. The warm liquid caused his anus and rectal sheath to ripple with pleasure as the fingers of his Lover caressed the treasured opening to his 'womanhood'.

"Uhh!! Uhh!! Uhh!!"

The worm's mass slipped inward twisting and turning and Owen's hips squirmed as the slick length nudged its way into his rectum. He moaned with pleasure as the 'fingers' began to massage the sensitive lining of his rectal sheath.

"Ohhhhhh!! Stanley!!"

The tip of the exploring worm began circling the walls of his rectal sheath as if were searching for something ... and then it found it, Owen's prostate. The worm incased the sensitive tissues forming a soft, warm 'mouth' and began a delicious sucking motion.

Owen arched up and gasped at the incredible contact. His erection jerked as ripples of joy rushed from his prostate to the thick, sensitive gland of his erection.


The worm's slow, soft massaging motion was constant and never faltered. Within 30 seconds small explosions of ecstasy ricocheted across his loins. Preseminal fluid seeped out of the opening slit on the excited crown and was eagerly swallowed by the worm's thirsty 'mouth'. Within a minute the small explosions intensified and Owen was moaning and gasping. As his body quaked with minor orgasms, the hips of his sleeping body thrust his engorged member into the worm's 'vaginal' sheath in a frantic attempt to ejaculate.

The worm suddenly stopped its exquisite massaging of Owen's prostate. The worm lay dormant within Owen's spasming passage. Owen moaned in disappointment and kept thrusting his erection into squeezing sheath.

The top of the worm's sheath opened and the head of Owen's glistening erection popped into the air. The dormant fifth worm that was laying on Owen's abdomen, came to life and slithered up his companion toward the bared gland. Its body oozed a clear thick liquid as it arched upward and then downward into Owen's urethra. A long sigh escaped his lips as the worm slipped deep into his manhood.

The worm reached the valves that controlled the flow of semen and sperm into the urethra. Not knowing which was which, it opened the first valve and slithered downward into Owen's testicles. It began analyzing the fluids and its sperm content. The worm then returned to the valve, closed it, and moved to the second valve. It communicated with the rectal worm as it slipped into the fleshy tissues of Owen's prostate and seminal vesicles. Owen gasped loudly as they worked in unison to stimulate the sensitive organ. The seminal fluids were analyzed as the spurted past the body of the long worm as it flowed toward the straining head of his erection. Owen's engorged member jerked wildly and the worm's exposed length whipped back and forth in the air. The worm now had the information of a male's internal sexual makeup and withdrew. Owen sighed as it slipped out of his oozing urethra and once again became dormant on his abdomen. The open sheath closed around Owen's erection.

The body of the rectal worm now lengthened and thickened to 8" x 2.50" as the clenching sheath began to ripple up and down his manhood. Owen's dream Lover began slow inward and outward thrusts into his excited, slick rectal sheath. The phallic shaped worm bored deeply into Owen's 'womanhood' and his chest arched up pushing his rigid nipples into the worm's suckling mouths.

Owen was catapulted into a sexual frenzy. His body thrust his hardness upward into the worm's loving sheath and then plunged his enflamed rectal sheath downward onto the worm's flexing phallic shaped body. The room was filled with gasps and pants as Owen's dream Lover pushed him toward his orgasmic trip point.

UHH!! UHH!! UHH!!"

His convulsing body heaved and bucked on the bed, his head thrashed from side to side. He gasped and wailed. His huge, thick erection was jerking wildly within the clenching and squeezing sheath as the rectal phallus lunged into the depths of his spasming rectal sheath. His thick gland twitched with a sense of urgency as his rectal muscles milked his Lover's stroking erection.

Owen's whole body went on hold as his hot thick load of semen entered the base of his erection. The thick stream surged its way upward and seemed to stall and play with the most sensitive of male glands, the crown of his penis. The liquid joy swirled around the head and then jettisoned into the worm's feasting mouth.

His legs kicked outward in a wide 'V', cycling frantically in the air over the bed as his orgasm exploded across his body. Owen slumped down onto the bed moaning as the delicious aftershocks rippled throughout his body. The moans and sighs slowly ebbed and he drifted back to sleep as his Lover and 'wet dream' faded.

The worm disengaged itself from his softening, slick penis and it plopped onto his abdomen oozing the remnants of his ejaculation. A soft moan was heard as the fullness slipped out of his rectal sheath with a loud slurping sound.


Finally, the two worms that were attached to his nipples and areolas withdrew from his chest.

The worms pooled their information with each other and drew up the requirements to arouse a male and bring him to full orgasm. They also had the information needed for a male's sexual enhancements. They left the way they had arrived and returned to the colony.


The information gathered from Ellie and Owen was distributed throughout the colony.

For the female, the three major erogenous zones were the nipples, clitoris and vagina. Enhancing these areas would result in a greater orgasm and more production of the orgasmic fluids.

For the male, the four major erogenous zones of a male were the penis, anal area, prostate and nipples. Enhancing these areas would result in greater volumes of semen and sperm, along with more forceful ejaculations.

The colony was now divided into two groups. One would be assigned to males and the other to females. The female group consisted of four worms and the male group with five worms. Each had its assigned target on the human body. Included in the worm's mix of chemicals, were aphrodisiacs, sedation and acceptance drugs. The leader of each group would select the target and if required, use its telepathic 'suggestion' to have the target undress.

The worms spread silently outward in the soil below the suburban areas of the town. They would apply their 'magic' day or night whenever they found a male or female alone. The worm's bodies had evolved so they could maneuver out of the soil into the open air as well as into water.


Lisa and Aron are 18 year old twins. Lisa is sexually mature, internet savvy, strong willed and has dreams of seducing her brother. Aron on the other hand is not as sexually mature as his sister. He has masturbated occasionally but is quite content to play with his friends or lose himself in his Xbox, playing video games.

Lisa had learned from her friend next door that the previous owner had installed hidden wireless HD cameras in all the rooms as part of a home security system. After much searching, she found the system and with help from the internet, she activated it in her laptop. She smiled when she saw the multiple views of each bedroom, including the bathroom showers. Much to her delight, she found out that her brother sleeps in the nude and her breath always quickens when she sees his hard morning erection twitching above his abdomen.

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