The Missing Dragon


After hearing his muffled urgent cries for air, she looked down and parted her legs immediately again to reveal a slightly dishevelled but very pleased looking Gregory looking up at her. He stood up then as she laid back, spread eagle, looking upon him like he was a god that had just given her a lifetime supply of ambrosia. She was gorgeous, flushed with the waves of her climax her skin took on an emerald gleam with sweat and heat. Her bare breasts were seen properly for the first time and he couldn't wait to get his hands and his mouth upon them. They stood proudly as perfect round globes that lifted and fell with each breath and were plenty more than a handful. He didn't know whoever said more than that was a waste but he was sure as hell about to do his damnedest to prove them wrong.

Wasting no time, he grabbed his old hoodie and the t-shirt beneath and lifted them above his head in one smooth motion. Algra let out a soft moan of approval. Gregory didn't have the frame of a bodybuilder but he was extraordinarily fit. Hitting the gym for an hour every day combined with a number of press ups and sit ups in the mornings had certainly shaped him into something lithe, strong and firm. The ripples of his muscle moved with each of his breaths and he soon kicked away his boots and socks before tugging his pants down over his legs.

Algra was both pleasantly surprised by his body and impatient for him to lie with her. The glimpse of his cock jutting up from between her legs brought a low growl from the female. Thankfully she didn't need to wait long to feel the swollen tip of his length slide up against her juicy lower lips. Then, with a sudden sharp thrust, he claimed her and she felt him spread her to her depths. A lusty look of approval was cast up at him, he was certainly not lacking in the necessary equipment.

Gregory was admittedly an amateur at this but he soon fell into a steady rhythm, savouring the feeling of her wet cunt sliding around his cock. She moved with him, rolling her hips in an effort to increase his pace for she was not accustomed to the slowly burning heat he was stirring inside of her. Orc's didn't make love, they rutted and slammed against each other. This human was doing something else entirely and it was making her lose her mind.

Her arms lifted to grab the sides of her head, her fingers sliding through the tousled locks of her own black hair. As she lifted her arms she presented her breasts to him in such a way that he could no longer hold back. His hands reached out to grasp the soft fleshy tits and his fingers squeezed and groped their delights. The magnificent curves felt as good as they looked and she felt him quicken his pace as their bodies slapped together loudly in the tent.

Male orcs tended to view female breasts as little more than a decent place to hold on to as they pummelled away at them from behind. Having her tits teased in such a way with his gentle strokes and the firm squeezes was enough to make her scream with pleasure. Tight slick pussy walls clamped around his cock and attempted to suck him deeper inside her as she bucked her hips wildly against him and felt the explosion of pleasure that left her trembling against his body.

Having a woman so undeniably ferocious and of such a bestial beauty climaxing beneath him was definitely a high point in what had thus far been a difficult life for Gregory. Without thinking, he moved his hands to steady himself in amidst the furs on either side of her writhing figure and descended upon her. His mouth locked upon her open lips and he felt the taste and texture of his first kiss. This time it was Algra who seemed unsure of herself for orcs never expressed desire in such a way. She kept her mouth open and found herself pleasantly surprised at the feeling of his tongue touching hers. It oddly complemented the way his cock continued to pound inside her at a pace that could now be considered to be truly orcish. She definitely approved and lowered her arms from above her head to wrap around his body. Slim, firm, tight...he felt good beneath her fingers.

Kissing an orc was a strange experience. The touch of her smooth tusks at the corners of his mouth was a constant reminder of her nature and yet between them she was velvety soft and openly ravenous. Yet then, as their bodies moved together, their mouths linked and their tongues duelled, her breasts meshed against his hard chest and her juicy cunt milking his cock, he simply could not last another moment.

The first thick gushes of his hot seed splattered deep inside her slick folds sending her over the edge once more. For a long moment their furious pace ceased and their bodies locked together, shuddering with the might of the pleasure coursing through them. Her enflamed pussy squeezed his cock as it pulsed again and again to fill her with his hot sticky cream. She felt the warmth of his seed and enjoyed the sensation of that heat as it seemed to pass through her entire body. A pleasant relaxing glow of desire that allowed her to fall back a few moments later and lay exhausted and spent beneath him.

Gregory felt the last of himself pouring into her waiting chalice before he released her lips from their constant desperate kiss and rolled off of her shapely frame with the last of his strength. She practically purred as she felt him slide out of her, the heated drops of his rich cum beginning to seep out from between her swollen labia.

Looking up at the roof of the tent, Gregory felt the oddly comforting sensation of Algra turning on her side to nestle her body up against his. A few moments after that he heard her breathing become slower and deeper as she fell into slumber. He might have spent more time marvelling at the bizarrely incredible nature of his first time but within the space of five minutes he too was comfortably snoozing.

When they awoke it was still light outside. In his sleep Gregory had slipped a possessive arm around Algra's waist and held her tightly against him. In turn, she had draped an arm and a leg across his body and pressed herself to his frame. Awakening to feel the immaculately sculpted feminine figure lying with him was definitely a high point of his life up until that moment. Slowly, he stirred and felt the movement of her body in time with his.

"Well that was...unexpected." He came to sit upright as she shifted to settle down straddling his lap.

The position gave him a very close up and intimate view of her gorgeous green breasts. He certainly wasn't about to complain.

"You fuck very well human." The compliment she gave him carried the first words that weren't spoken in a sulky grunt.

"It was my first time." Gregory self consciously looked up to her face and found her watching him keenly.

"If that was your practice I will be very happy as your slave." She commended him whilst running her fingers through his tousled black hair.

"I'll be happy to have you." He replied, not quite knowing what else to say.

Feeling that response was something less than appropriate to the moment he tilted his head back and pulled her into a kiss. Algra's only experience at kissing was an extremely pleasurable one in the height of their passion. She was surprised and equally pleased to find that the act wasn't limited to intense tongue locking. His lips brushed softly against hers, teasing and enjoying the silken surface of her mouth. Then the seam gently parted and she felt his tongue slowly mesh against her own. The duel of before was forgotten in favour of a slow dance that allowed them to savour the tastes of each other.

Finding this experience to be wonderfully enlightening, Algra shifted upon his lap to brush her hard nipples across the taut muscle of his chest before squeezing her soft tits against him and holding him tightly against her. Gregory's own arms encircled the perfectly honed figure of the orc as one hand lifted to rest between her shoulders and the other slipped down to grope her bare bottom.

The closeness was certainly not lost upon him and soon enough she felt him begin to rise between her legs. All it took was a small squirm of her bottom and she felt him settled upon her slippery pussy. The steadily simmering kiss had certainly had its effect for he slid inside her effortlessly despite the tightness of her wet flesh around his cock. The intense sensations pulsing through their bodies were enough to make their lips part as they gasped for air. The corners of Gregory's mouth turned up into a breathless smile which was met with a thoroughly pleased grin from Algra.

The first moments were taken as they savoured a slow grind against each other. Gregory's thick cock spread the emerald skinned female wide and she loved the short sharp jolts of pleasure as she moved her hips in a slow circle upon his lap. Her fingertips raked over the hard rippling muscle along his back and as she began to slowly ride him her large round tits shifted back before his face, bouncing and jiggling before his eyes.

Not knowing where to begin, Gregory threw caution to the wind and plunged his face between the two bouncing green globes and kissed his way slowly up between the gorgeous mammaries. The action made Algra move faster, her powerful legs lifting her up until only the swollen tip was spreading her cunt before slamming herself down and plunging every inch of him deep inside her over and over again.

Gregory moved his mouth across the jiggling flesh of her right breast, letting his tongue slowly lick over her skin and tasting a salty bead of sweat that had trickled down from her neck. His mouth settled around her hardened nipple and he lightly tugged at the fleshy nub with his teeth. The sudden sharp sensation made Algra yelp with surprise and she fucked her body against his harder and harder. He switched nipples, this time slowly swirling his tongue across the pebbled flesh and sucking lightly.

Both of his hands had long since settled on her ass, exploring the taut curves and squeezing the bouncing cheeks encouragingly with each thrust up inside her. With her mouth free Algra let out a feminine bestial cry of obscene pleasure as her pussy began convulsing around his cock. Their bodies slapped rudely together in the tent, taking her through two more thunderous orgasms before he finally relented with a powerful eruption of his hot thick cum right into her waiting womb.

The orc was delighted to find that kissing was just as pleasant after sex as it was before and during. She felt Gregory's hard, thick length slip out of her to land with a wet plop against his inner thigh.

He was certainly pleased to find her lightly trembling against him, an occasional small shudder running through her as she enjoyed the afterglow of her lover's work.

"Aren't you supposed to ask my permission before riding me like that?" Gregory smirked after their mouths finally parted long enough to speak.

"I am. Will you punish me master?" The glint in Algra's eyes was playfully naughty.

A loud smack was heard throughout the tent and the gorgeous orc jumped in his lap before feeling her bottom beginning to sting slightly.

"Consider yourself punished." Gregory kissed the tops of her breasts once more.

"Punish more or I might stray again." She advised whilst wiggling her hips in his lap in a very distracting manner.

"You promise?"

This drew the first full throated laugh from her, a hearty and oddly melodic noise that he instantly took a liking to.

"You are odd. Even for human." Her thighs squeezed him affectionately.

"I am." The reality of his situation suddenly crashed down on him again. "Wait, so there are other humans around here?"

Algra nodded, her expression turned into a frown of concern.

"What's the matter?" Gregory asked.

"Where you come from, master?" She asked finally.

"What makes you ask that?"

"You not know of this world. You not know orc, elf, dwarf...I thought you were slow but you are not. I see this now. But you do not even know of your own kin here. Where else you from if not Arolius?" It seemed this orc certainly had a rather keen mind of her own.

"I'm from a place called Earth. We don't have orcs, goblins, elves or anything like that there...just humans and some animals. I came here after..." His words trailed off before a sudden dawning realisation came over him. Freddie and Janette! If he got transported here then surely they did too. "Algra," His tone took on a note of urgency. "did you see any other humans on the road before me?"

"There were humans. A caravan of traders had humans with them." Algra lifted her leg to slip off of his lap and settled into the furs beside him.

"Where does the road lead?" Gregory turned to look at her as she lounged. He found himself wondering how the hell something with tusks could be quite as stunning as she was.

"The camp of my people. We stay out the summer here in forest and move to mountains in winter." Her fingers idly twiddled with the strands of fur under her fingertips as she spoke. She seemed bored by his questioning but certainly not as grumpy as she had been prior to their screwing like rabbits.

"Algra I need to go there. People came with me from my world and I think they have the way to get back." Though he wasn't exactly thrilled at the idea of running into a camp full of orcs.

"You stay here. I feed you. You fuck me." The counter offer definitely wasn't without its appeal.

"I have to go Algra. I have a mother, a father and a little brother. I can't just vanish." The trace of reluctance in his voice made her look up at him from where her fingers poked and pulled at the fur.

"I take you." She finally said after a long moment of silence.

"Thanks. Really. You have no idea how much you..." He paused and instead of telling her, he showed her by leaning down and kissing her once again. The touch stirred her from her languid pose and her lips followed his as they pulled away. "Algra, is there anywhere to wash up around here? I'm feeling a little gooey."

She looked between his bare thighs to see that she certainly had enjoyed herself. Her clear juices were still trickling slowly down his inner thighs. There was a stream five minutes from their tent that he could wash up in and she was about to tell him about it before her mind turned to his previous attentions to her. He had licked her to a climax. It certainly wasn't a sensation she was accustomed to. She had enjoyed it immensely. Perhaps it was time to return the favour.

Gregory watched as a passing glance turned into something far more sultry and his orc lifted herself up to crawl around him. He watched with near disbelief as she lowered her head tentatively and gave their mixed juices a cautious sniff. Finding nothing offensive in the scent Gregory watches as she lowered her head between his legs and began dutifully licking her long thick tongue over his inner thighs. This hadn't been what he'd meant but he sure as hell wasn't about to complain as she slowly and meticulously lapped up her own juices mixed with his cum.

After a few initial long slow licks that cleaned his thighs she took her tongue to gently and methodically roll his balls across the warm wet flesh. The muffled groan of approval coming from Gregory encouraged her and she slowly began to lick up and down his cock, finally taking the semi-limp organ in between her lips and instinctively giving it a light suck. As she did, she felt him swell between her lips and eagerly sucked him into the back of her throat.

Completely shocked by this behaviour, Gregory grew understandably nervous when he felt the tusks at the corners of her mouth against the sides of his swollen cock. Yet her tusks were only sharp at the points and the sensation of the smooth wet ivory sliding along his cock as her tongue gently massaged him and she sucked him with glee was incredible. An orc maiden, a gorgeous green female with the most incredible body he'd ever seen was knelt between his legs giving him a blowjob.

This world was definitely a marked improvement over Earth as far as he was concerned.

Algra was happily content to continue sucking, the taste of him was far from unpleasant and she certainly enjoyed having the boy so obviously in her thrall. Then she saw him close his eyes tightly and clamp his teeth together. The expression on his face was a warning of his impending release and Algra quickly sucked as much of his length as she could into her mouth. The first thick splatter of his cum against her throat was a pleasing shock. It had never occurred to her to do this before and the perverse delight she found in swallowing spurt after spurt of him was a wonderful feeling.

When she was finished she carefully gave his cock a few final quick sucks before lifting herself up and licking her lips. Gregory looked at her through half lidded eyes that soon blinked their way fully open as he found his wits once again.

"Well I was thinking you could point me to a river but I like your way better." He admitted through a series of deep breaths.

"I do too." She grinned at him, delighted at his response.

"Do you want to get cleaned up?" He reached over to grab his underwear.

"I am content." The look of disappointment that he clearly didn't intend to return the favour was obvious.

"I'm not. If you're going to be my slave you need to be clean." His voice took on a stern tone that didn't quite reach the playful glint in his eyes.

"I wash yesterday. Every week." She defended her hygiene standards.

"Well let's close that down to every day if you can. Is there a place nearby?"

"Stream." She pointed in the vague direction of it grumpily.

"Alright. Well let's go then." Gregory pulled on his pants and got to work getting the rest of his clothes in place.

"Fine." Algra gruffed before she grabbed her own small garments and sandals.

They dressed in silence before Algra slipped out of the tent and Gregory soon followed. She led him on that short walk toward the stream. He heard the water running over the stones before he saw it. It was small indeed but it suited his purposes well enough. The green skinned beauty stepped toward the running water, stripping off her little fur top and letting her breasts bounce free.

"Wait." He called out, bringing her to a halt.

She waited, not turning to look at him. If he wanted her to turn around he could damn well order her to. Instead , she felt him step up behind her. His hands lifted to cup her breasts eliciting a surprised little moan from the woman in the process. She felt his lips on her bare shoulder before they trailed tiny kisses up to her neck and made her melt back against his chest.

"Lie down here." He commanded.

Reluctant to move out of his grip and yet eager to see what he had in mind, she obeyed by sinking down to stretch out over the cool stones that rested alongside the stream.

She was certainly a feast for the eyes, her large breasts lifting and falling with each breath, legs slightly bent at the knee. He didn't waste time in crouching down between her and the stream and rolling up the sleeves of his sweater. She closed her eyes and soon felt his fingers slip beneath the hem of her little skirt and smoothly tugging it down over her toned legs. Playing along, she kicked off her sandals and found herself lying naked over the smooth stones. It was late summer and the air still carried enough heat to keep her comfortable despite the occasional breeze that soon perked up her nipples and pleasantly swept across her skin.

Gregory cupped his hands in the flowing water beside them and lifted out a great scoop of the cool liquid. She felt the slow trickles of that clear water drip across her breasts and sharply breathed in a lungful of air. Her eyes popped open straight away as he splashed the water across her bare midriff and she felt the droplets trickle down between her legs. The chill of the water was soon warmed as his hands fell to rest upon her. His touch gently passed over her collar bone before sweeping down to grope and tease at her plentiful tits, rubbing in the water and cleaning her by hand.

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