tagSci-Fi & FantasyThe Model Ch. 12

The Model Ch. 12


"They will be here in fifteen minutes, Master," Toy Euler tells her owner Crassius Cornu.

"Excellent!" Crassius responds. "It will be good to see the gynoid in Levi Strauss blue jeans, T-shirt, tennis shoes, blonde hair, and blue eyes again." Crassius is referring to the fact that his gynoid, Toy, has an Asian skin. She put on the skin to blend into the fantasy and delusional system of their eighteen-year-old captive, Sabrina.

"Maybe Bob will take that silly bitch out of my basement!" Crassius exclaims. Sabrina has been kept caged, often naked and never allowed out of her cage untethered for over a month now. Toy Euler has been serving her as well as keeping her company. Toy ensures that Sabrina has at least two or three multi-orgasms each and every day.

"If Master desires," Toy interjects, "this girl could change skins."

"No need girl," Crassius extrapolates, "best to indulge Sabrina. The last thing we need is a sick girl. While she dwells in a fantasy we are buying time."

"A girl does not understand 'buying time,' Master," Toy reflects. "Time is an entity that cannot be marketed this girl thinks."

"True," Crassius retorts, "We keep Sabrina sane and sanitary until Bob Huddlestone can arrange her transport to some detention facility where her body will be for sale---to those who cannot afford a gynoid."

Toy hugs and kisses Crassius. "A girl is so happy that her Master affords her," Toy exclaims eagerly, bouncing up and down.

"Enough for now, girl," Crassius states. "We have company arriving."

Bob Huddlestone and Toy's clone, Toy1, arrive. The men dispatch Toy to tend to Sabrina and Toy1 to prepare lunch. On the big screen Toy is arousing a bound Sabrina with her long, slippery tongue in her vagina.

Toy1 enters with a tray of food and drink. The two are in Crassius's study. "Lunch is served, Masters," she announces. "Would Masters dine here or in the dining room?"

"Here is fine girl," Crassius replies. Settling down, Bob begins to think about Sabrina.

"I need to transport Sabrina to a cybersex prison," he announces. Crassius looks up from lunch and nods. Sabrina has taken quality time from Crassius and he misses the attention. Crassius turns to Toy1 and poses a question.

"What is a cybersex prison, anyway?" Crassius asks. He knows Sabrina will be sold into some kind of white slavery.

"Master," Toy1 begins, "it is a prison where girls are kept. They have sensors attached to their body parts as well as other devices. Their body metrics are recorded and displayed. They may suffer or enjoy pleasure, pain, pleasure with pain, or any manner of physical use, abuse, or discomfiture. They have no privacy and all their physiological actions are recorded, monitored, metered, and constrained."

Bob Huddlestone smiles at the thought of Sabrina enduring the daily ritual of tubes being inserted into her vagina, rectum, and urethra. Crassius nibbles some toast and speaks: "Do continue girl."

"What would Master like to know?" Toy1 responds. "Girls may be forced to run on treadmills until exhausted then made to endure sexual advances. Girls may have forced sleep deprivation and then be humiliated and raped. The possibilities are endless. Only two things are certain: First, there is no escape; and, second, there is no privacy. Even their brain activity is monitored and controlled. They may be forced to climax or prevented from having an orgasm."

"And men pay for these on-line experiences?" Crassius asks.

"They sure do," Bob answers.

"My clients pay me for Carbon credits in 'Cap-and-Trade.'" Crassius retorts. "Energy is the name of the game. What irritates me is the paucity, dearth even, of ideas to market. The last thing I had was some high school science fair project where nuclear fission was used to totally burn fossil fuel. [It is] a 'hybrid' nuclear reactor of sorts. Kinda like the fusion of two imperfect worlds to a profitable amalgam." Bob is eating like a starved pig. Crassius never skimps on quality selections of eats. Bob look up and nods, expecting more comments from Crassius.

"Hence the need for more energy ideas!" Crassius admonishes. Bob nearly chokes realizing the need for "The Model" of Faustus Mortal, which he had failed to purloin.

Their attention turns to the big screen where Sabrina is moaning and groaning as her orgasm approaches. Bob smiles. He loves to hear the sounds of arousal from some spoiled, selfish, silly eighteen-year-old girl.

"Well, tell me more of these cybersex prisons," Crassius asks Toy1.

"I can only relate to the one this girl has knowledge of, Master," Toy1 answers. "Will it suffice?"

"Do tell," Crassius commands.

"A girl has her hair shorn, both head hair and bush," Toy1 begins. "But she has hairy armpits and legs. Only the matrons are allowed head hair and shaved underarms. Fingernails and toenails are also trimmed to the quick."

"So they have shaved heads?" Crassius asks.

"No, Master," Toy1 answers. "The hair is sheared away by clippers, leaving an unsightly stubble. This is done once a week usually. Each morning there is the body cavity search. Most often the girl must display her hirsute armpits so the matron can sniff her scent. And, as these are caged girls, they generally have an odor. Then their mouth is checked. The matron will insert a speculum into the girl's vagina. I have observed some matrons dilate the vulva and twist the speculum so as to bruise or irritate the girl's cervix. A girl must not cry out or complain."

Crassius frowns. Bob is aroused by the perverse nature of the matrons.

"Shall this girl continue?" Toy1 asks.

"Please," Crassius requests.

"Of course there is the anal examination," Toy1 responds. "Most often the male guards do the rectal examination because it is more humiliating. The girl is more embarrassed at men seeing her asshole than her pussy."

"Hmm," Crassius observes, "interesting."

"The morning body cavity search is every day, seven days a week and 365 days a year," Toy1 explains. "It is designed to ensure submissiveness. Even during her period the speculum is inserted and her vagina dilated. Following the body cavity search the girl is cuffed and taken to the game grids, or whatever event is planned for her."

The men are momentarily distracted as Sabrina cries out in an earth-shattering orgasm.

"There are many details of the cybersex prison, Master," Toy1 states. "It should be enough to say that the internet user can buy whatever he desires. Usually it's from the girl's avatar, but some men enjoy seeing the inmate in a Virtual Reality (VR) helmet and tubes sticking out of every orifice."

20 Jun 2010 Taunus Trumbo.

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