tagSci-Fi & FantasyThe Moebius Strip Ch. 02

The Moebius Strip Ch. 02


Aathan was asleep. Floating. Dreaming. He hung motionless in the zero-g inside the padded chamber that was his bedroom on the Moebius. He could have slept in a bed, strapped in by a blanket like cargo, but he preferred to float free. His dreams were a jumble of cell biology experiments and being sexually ravaged by an alien woman with six hands. She looked strangely like his co-worker Aiko, but her mouth was differently configured. And when she opened it to suck his cock her tongue went all the way around her mouth, like a hollow tube. Her skin was an aqua blue color, like the ocean on a clear day, and her breasts were perfect, with darker round jutting nipples. She had a narrow waist, and full, luscious ass. She had six arms, with six hands and they were all touching his body, teasing him, arousing his need. It was at her mouth, her lips and her circular tongue that he couldn't stop staring.

The six-handed alien with a mouth like the upgraded version of a snatch smiled at him with a wicked glint in her eye. Then the mouth pulled his cock in and began to suck. He was in ecstasy. Never had his cock been so perfectly sucked. The alien mouth tugged, massaged, and teased. This was better than any blowjob; this was better than sex. As the dexterous muscles of the alien tongue rippled, torqued and sucked he discovered sensations he didn't know were possible. He felt like he would explode. But he didn't. The expert ministrations of this alien tongue kept him coasting, floating at the edge of rapture. Finally, when the pleasure was becoming pain, and the dream was distorted by swirling colors, he came. The orgasm tore through him, stretched him, and woke him up. He blinked.

He was awake staring at the neutral cream-colored blank walls of his room, and his cock was still hard and throbbing. The nanofiber space suit was molded to the shape of his hard cock. It was also clean and dry, having carried away the jism in the same way it carried away his sweat and urine. He was tempted to jerk off, remembering the dream. But he decided it would be a waste of time. It couldn't possible compare to what he'd experienced while sleeping.

As he contemplated the dream, floating in space, before deciding to get "up", he felt an echo of the concentric ripples of sucking. His whole body spasmed. But now he was awake, and he decided he must have imagined it. Being sex-starved on a space station clearly does something to you, he thought. He had never in his life had a wet dream that felt so real, or made him come so hard.

When his cock finally returned to its dormant state, and the suit remolded around his crotch to form a kind of jock strap pouch he decided it was time to get "up". Getting up wasn't really so much a matter of "up", since the direction up didn't really exist on the space station, but it meant a shower, 30 seconds of nano-toothbrushing solution in his mouth, and quick comb of the hair. The shower wasn't really necessary, since the suit kept his body clean, but it felt good. When he was done, the suit took only a minute to dry itself. The suits never came off. They didn't have zippers, buttons or even seams. But they were comfortable, almost like being naked, but without the embarrassment.

When he left his room Aathan was feeling great. At breakfast, he was so overwhelmingly happy he was tempted to tell his coworkers about the dream. He decided against it in mixed company, but considered telling Matthaias and James later. He spent the day puttering with his cell cultures, watching them divide, watching the different agents altering the cultures in various ways. Days like this, when he was in the right kind of mood, watching the cells divide made him horny.

A few of the agents in the cell cultures were nano-assembled proteins and other compounds. As he was contemplating his ongoing experiments, he got to wondering exactly how the nano stuff worked. Of course he knew the basics. He had an undergraduate course in nanotechnology, but that didn't explain the dynamics, or the programming involved in each individually created and designed nano-machine. He knew that his space suit was a combination of a large variety of different nanoparticles woven in a fiber. He wondered what kind of programming was involved when the suit re-shaped itself around his hard cock.

That morning was not the first time the suit had done that. He frequently woke up with morning wood, and found the suit comfortably re-shaped around his member. But still the sensations of the dream, and the momentary sensation while awake had him wondering. It felt like this time, the suit might have pushed back.

After lunch he decided he would start asking Aiko about the suits and their programming. Just out of curiosity. He had done a bit of programming in college. And he was considering the possibility of writing a bit of code that he could use to make the suit replicate the experience of the dream.

The more he thought about coding that little bit of software, the harder he got. The idea of a customized yet automated masturbation that felt that good was enough to make him go back to his room. He wasn't ready to code it yet, but he could imagine it, and jerk off. Imagining the dream, the code that would get him there, and also the tangled bodies of his co-workers, Aiko and Chloe, two pairs of nipples grazing each other, fingers fucking and mouths sucking, and he was coming again. It wasn't as explosive as the morning, but it was satisfying and he hoped it would be enough to get him through the rest of his work for the day.

As dinner was ending, and the other crew members were leaving to go back to their rooms and do whatever it was they did, Aathan caught Aiko.

"Hey, can I ask you something?" He asked.

"Sure, what do want to know?" Aiko answered, almost coyly.

"I'm thinking about some new experiments, and they're going to require some coding for nano-structures. I know you're the expert, I was hoping you could show me a few things." Aathan responded, also being coy.

"Yeah, I can do that. When's a good time for you?" Aiko smiled and the distance between them seemed to narrow. Of course that could be the product of floating bodies in space.

"How about tomorrow, after breakfast?" Aathan asked. He was planning on reading up tonight to brush up on the basics he already knew. He didn't want to look like a total noob.

"Sure thing. Why don't you come by my station after breakfast and I'll see if I can't get you started." Aiko smiled again when she said this, and Aathan noticed the suit had reshaped itself around her nipples, hard and protruding. Her pert b-cup breasts had always looked delicious in the silvery-grey space suit material, but they looked even more so when the suit showed her nipples standing at attention.

"Ok. Good night. See you in the morning." Aathan said, smiled quickly, and pushed himself from the wall into the hallway and pulled the zip-cord that retracted, drawing him back to his quarters.

He sat, down in the chair, buckled himself in, and began browsing first the internet, and then, out of curiosity, the Moebius' intranet. The code for many of the suits functions was open source, including moving fluids away from your skin, converting them into harmless substances, and then vaporizing them to be caught in the ventilator systems. The article about the fluid waste, and the code itself were fascinating. It was a complex system, and he wasn't sure he could have written it himself. It wasn't until he read through to the end that he realized it was Aiko who had written it.

It was late when Aathan decided to stop reading and go to sleep. He floated into the bedchamber, and the door closed softly behind him. He stretched out, his arms above his head, his toes pointed, and then relaxed and fell asleep.

In the dream this time, there was something covering his face, preventing him from seeing at first. Hands roamed over his body, but they were not the hands of the six-handed alien of the previous dream. These felt like two pairs of hands belonging to two different people. They seemed to be different sizes, have different textures, and different amounts of warmth. The hands stroked his chest, tweaked his nipples, nails clawed at his back and shoulders. A third set of hands, also different, started at his feet, gently massaging his arches, tracing the curve of his calf, trailing over his inner thighs. Of this set of hands one started massaging and rubbing his cock, the other gently holding his balls, teasing the skin in between.

He decided he needed to see the faces and bodies attached to the hands, and he pushed the fabric away from his eyes. There were Aiko, Chloe and Sourania. Sourania was holding his cock in her hands, Aiko was teasing his nipples, and Chloe was behind him touching his back, grabbing his ass. He willed them to come closer and touch him with not just their hands. But they did not come closer. He longed to feel the contact of their bodies on his, but it didn't come. Instead Sourania leaned in and began to suck his cock, while Aiko and Chloe continued to tease the rest of his skin. In the dream, Sourania's tongue looked like a normal tongue, but the sensation was the same as the previous dream. The sensation of a tongue teasing, pulling, deep-throating, concentric ripples of pleasure coursing up and down the length of his dick. Only this time the dream seemed to last all night.

He woke up the same way, when the dream ended and he exploded in orgasm. Coming back to consciousness he could still feel the contractions of the muscles at the base of his cock that shot (or would have shot) his sperm rocketing out of him.

As he lay there awake, and recovering, his member returning to its resting state, he thought he felt the suit give him a gentle squeeze. He still figured he must be imagining it, but he was again contemplating how to code this, how to replicate this experience.

He showered and got ready, and went to breakfast. Oatmeal, again.

Breakfast was usually silent. These were not morning geeks. Aathan was rearing and ready to go, but he sat patiently sucking the oatmeal pouch and the maple syrup pouch alternately, trying to enjoy his favorite condiment with his least favorite food.

After breakfast, after everyone else had left, he followed Aiko out of the breakfast room and into the corridor. And rather than wait for the zip cord to return, when Aiko grabbed on and started zipping away, he reached out and grabbed her ankle, to catch a ride.

When they reached Aiko's workstation she turned to him, and pulled him by the hand inside the room. After the door slid shut, she said: "I have something to show you. Something I've been working on that I think might help you in that experiment of yours."

She activated the terminal display, the cursor blinking. She typed something so quickly that Aathan didn't actually see what it was before she hit enter.

Suddenly the code was on the screen, and it looked similar to what Aathan had read on the intranet the night before. But this code was flying by, each line executing, processing, she had not put this code up for him to read.

Then, as the suit started at his clavicle with what felt like a wet sensuous kiss, he realized this was a demonstration. The suit continued to knead and kiss his skin, to suck his nipples. Fingertips were drawing upwards on his back, making him shiver. And there was Aiko, in front of him watching. She smiled devilishly, reached over to the terminal, typed another quick command, and there it was, the sensation of that amazing mouth, that alien mouth sucking on his instantly hard and throbbing cock.

His mouth fell open. There, standing in front of him was Aiko, petit, long black hair held in a floating braid, her cheeks just a bit flushed, and her nipples hard.

He closed his eyes for a moment, trying just to enjoy the sensations of the suit on his cock. The sucking, vibrating, pulling strength of a powerful alien tongue. When he opened his eyes Aiko was still there, hand on her hip, watching him moan and twitch. He tried to move toward her, to kiss her, to feel her. But she moved away.

"No. No touching. At least not now. I know this is the code you were looking for. You wanted to code this yourself. Well let me tell you, Aathan, there is no way with just a few undergrad courses in computer science and nano-tech, could ever have written this code." She smiled a superior smile, and watched him writhe.

But the writhing was not agony over being a less talented hacker or programmer. The writhing resulted from the slippery feeling yet firm grip the suit had on his cock as it worked with micro-harmonic vibrations up and down, sucking.

Aathan did not mind at all being a less capable programmer, as long as there was someone like Aiko around to do it for him. The last remnant of his rational mind realized that this was exactly what had been happening, only she had been running the program while he was sleeping, and his brain had converted the sensations in to images, transformed the physical sensations in to the fulfillment of his fantasies.

He was breathing hard, moaning, and almost drooling, as the suit expertly sucked his cock. The sensation was like sucking more than fucking, the sense of movement was of pulling away, stretching, and drawing him out. His eyes were glazed, but he watched Aiko's every move as she maneuvered around her workstation, checking cables, doing her routine startup. She almost appeared to be ignoring him. So he just stayed, floating, reaching that plateau of pleasure, ready to come but holding back. Then Aiko came around behind him, she leaned in, her face by his ear.

"It's good, isn't it?" She purred.

"Yes," Was all he could manage to say.

"You know the suit can fuck too, not just suck. Tomorrow maybe we'll demo that code." She breathed the words in his ear. The feel of her behind him, her breath in his ear, and the idea of both fucking and sucking finally put him over the edge, and he came again, and again. He felt almost pulled apart, but it was so good.

"Next time I want to see it do you too. I want see you hack your own suit. I want to see you come." Aathan said finally.

"Only if you're lucky. Very lucky." Aiko replied, hands on her hips, looking like the dominatrix it seemed she really was.

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