tagNonHumanThe Moon that Called to Me

The Moon that Called to Me


This is my first attempt at writing in the first person, so please forgive any mistakes (for I am sure there are at least some!) I hope you enjoy, and as always, let me know what you think, where I can improve.

Regards, Sacrificedangel.xx


The moon that called to me.

Last night was beautiful, the stars shone bright against a pitch black sky, the light of the rising full moon illuminating the streets of Paris as I walked quickly back to my hotel room. I knew I should not have been out there so late, it had long passed curfew, and the streets were deserted.

I held on tightly to my coat with one hand, and saw the light of my hotel up ahead and quickened my pace. It would do no good to be caught out there, by the police, nor by the hundreds of creatures that had free reign to roam that late at night. It had been that way for many years, no matter where you went; since the realisation that most myths were in fact true almost seventy years ago, anywhere I had lived had been this way, humans being under curfew, restricted to their own homes or abodes at night, while the creatures roamed freely since their discovery.

Their immortality had been quickly discovered when the governments of 2012 had launched attacks on all things immortal, realising too late that it was futile. All talk of treaties, agreements over the last seventy years never resulted in anything useful, and so this remained the situation, humans lived the daylight hours, and the myths roamed the nights. And anyone caught in between either had a morbid death wish or were acting with just plain stupidity.

I was acting under the influence of stupidity.

Last night I had been at a party, some friends in Paris had organised it, we would all stay under the one roof till morning, and could still have the fun that we had all witnessed on the movies from years before; outrageous funnies like Animal House were my friend's staple viewing.

One of the guests, was a man I did not wish to see, I did not wish to encounter, and so avoided him, for most of the night anyway. I drank shots with my friends, and too soon felt the effects of the alcohol in my system, so unused to imbibing I was! I stumbled to the bathroom and relieved myself, washed my hands and cooled my face before opening the door. Jonathon.

I had asked him to move, well, that is the polite version of what I asked him last night. Get the Fuck out of my way, is more how I put it, as he leered at me from his impressive height. He flashed me a smile, one of those smiles that had won me over the first time I had met him, the smile that wooed my virginity from me in an unpleasing tryst in the back of his ford mondeo while he had taken me out in London.

I glared at him then, when he had not moved back, but instead backed me back up into the bathroom, his quick actions took advantage of my slight intoxication as he slipped his hands up my legs, and brought my skirt up over my hips. I was so angry!! How dare he touch me again, is what I thought!

Just as his fowl mouth came down to kiss me; the door behind us had crashed open, revealing us to the two identical males standing there. I had then felt so dizzy, I honestly thought I would crash to the floor, and I would probably have if one of the dark haired Adonis' had not jumped across to me and scooped me up into his arms.

The last thing I heard from that bathroom, was screaming, the terrified sounds of a man soiling himself in terror. And as the god put me on my feet, and whispered in my ear to wait for him at the foot of the stairs, I felt sure that terror was the lesser of the inflictions those two wanted to bestow upon Jonathon. The growl he had emitted against my skin flared me red hot, right there in my friend's hallway, it had sent shivers all over me; it was only as I heard Jonathon's screams turn muted that any form of panic or fear flitted through me.

I turned then, and grabbed my coat, uncaring of the curfew or the moon lit night, I ran from her house, ran from the terror of Jonathon, and ran from my twin saviours.

And I freely admit now, that I hoped to god they followed...I wanted them to chase, I wanted them to catch, and I wanted them to punish.

Although I sure as hell did not understand those feelings at the time, no, last night none of that made sense, last night my adrenaline pumped me into flight, all while my pussy throbbed deliciously at the memory of those two males highlighted in the bathroom doorway.

So there I was, still clutching my coat to me as I quickened my pace, wishing I had my nanobite music player, anything to eclipse the sounds of scurrying that had echoed in my ears as I followed the light of my hotel like a beacon.

I did not feel their approach until they were upon me.

I felt hard muscle through jeans and wool force up against me from behind, as one of the twins ploughed me down an alley and into a wall, the other standing guard at the edge, just back in the shadows with us, as a horde of the myths descended on the area I had been in only moments before. Their black essence swept as though it were a dark mist creeping slowly by, looking for the human displaying about as much intelligence as burnt toast by being out so freely past curfew.

I felt it then, his tongue tasting my neck, running its rough length over my tender skin, pressing its bulge against my ass. He turned around swiftly, his back against the wall, his brother moving up to cover my front as he did the same, extended that rough tongue and licked up the other side of my neck, slow, precise, and incredibly erotic. I felt myself press back against the twin behind me, even before the twin in front had leaned into my body, pinning me between their tall frames, and hardening cocks, as the one in front lowered his lips to mine.

I can tell you, that male tasted just beautiful, I welcomed his tongue into my mouth as his taste enveloped me, and groaned when he bent slightly at his knees and pressed more firmly against my pussy as he lifted my short skirt. He had stopped then, looking past me to his brother and he nodded, speaking a language I did not understand, before they simultaneously bit down on either side of my neck, and licked over the wounds. I was still in shock, the pain and intimate pleasure of their bites had happened so quickly, I had wondered whether it had happened at all.

I groaned with frustration as they released me from their warmth, and led me round the corner into the lobby of my hotel, pushing me straight passed the receptionist without her noticing with two myths with the human woman.

I wanted to shout at her, get her sacked for her lack of observation, not out of wanting sanctuary from the twins, but out of the thought that if it was that horde in the mist that had me, I may well be a bit pissed off that she had not fucking noticed and had been more interested in her nails and finding out who Nancy had fucked the night before!

I felt one of the twins take the key from my coat pocket, and we took the stairs rather than the elevator, obviously they did not want the receptionist to glimpse them. I let myself be led, I found myself wanting to follow them, and there was no internal struggle, no concern of...for fucks sake Simone. You are entering a hotel room with strangers, creatures of the myths, nope, fuck all, and nothing.

Although it did confuse me at the time, I know now why I felt at peace, why it felt so right that I was with them. It did not take long for my body to begin its delicious throb once more, I had noticed since their intimate bite my body had begun to throb all over; delicious tingles beginning at my toes and creeping all over me, flaring in magnificent heat between my legs, and over the wounds at my neck.

I felt myself being lifted, settled over one of their laps while the other undressed me, almost reverently, as if he were savouring each inch of skin he revealed, the other began sucking on my neck, trailing kisses over it, while his other hand roamed the expanse of flesh his brother was revealing of me, my eyes shuttered closed then, their warm hands felt amazing against my skin, rough in texture drawing a squeak from my lips as one tweaked my hardening nipples.

When I felt skin brush my own, my eyes forced themselves open, as the twin behind me bit into my neck, and the twin in front settled naked on his knees in front of me, running his equally rough hands up my bared thighs, swirling circles with his thumbs as he massaged up further, and higher to my pussy, landing light flicks of his thumbs against my already pulsing clit.

The twin behind me still held fast onto my neck as he pulled at my nipples, still twisting before skimming his rough hands over them gently, making them strive to meet his touch; my hips bucked against his erection, still covered by his jeans as his brother's mouth connected with my pussy with a firework of sensation as his tongue buried deeper, lapping at my arousal.

I felt him pull me back, felt him and his still clothed brother lower me to the floor, his mouth still connected to my pussy as he licked and nipped, the fire from their bites spreading like molten lava through my veins, begging him to stroke deeper with his tongue, his fingers, his cock, hell anything, as long as it was theirs!

When I felt his brother naked at my side, only one nano of sanity returned, it was only then I asked for their names...my mind demanded to know, needed to know the name of my lovers, and my voice sounded like a taut whisper as I asked them, and relaxed into the pleasures they were inflicting upon me as their deep Scottish burr began to whisper in my head.

The male at my pussy was Thomas, the male now hovering next to me, his teeth nipping at my stomach, his hands upon my breasts, and his thick cock lying proud next to my head, was Ben.

I felt my climax near, my body begin to shake under their ministrations as I lay prone on the soft carpet of my hotel room. The swirls of sensation grew tighter, my screams more urgent until I finally splintered apart, the sensation of a wrist pressed against my mouth was there, the scent emanating from him was too delicious to ignore, even as I felt the first drops of blood enter my system, I felt it then, I felt the electricity that pulsed through me in a painful flash of intense pleasure; fangs emerged from where there had been none, enticed by the taste of Ben, as I sank them deep into the flesh he offered.

I had wondered then, how I had know it was Ben, when my eyesight was still mostly blind from my orgasm. And yet I knew him, I recognised his taste, something deep inside recognised him, and I know now that it was the call from the moon; its influence calling me to my mates, I could taste his scent on my tongue, I could taste Thomas' too, the scent of their arousal clung to the late night air, their love for their mate.


I did not fully understand those emotions, those small inkling of emotions, until his blood hit my system, but when it did, when it hit my stomach, the flare of fire grew brighter, and out of control as I felt Thomas thrust deeply within me, felt the urgency in the twin as he bottomed out at my womb, his thrusting deep, my pussy accepted him eagerly, tightening around him, attempting to refuse his exit even though I knew it would result in his return.

I wanted him hard, I wanted him deeper, the blood was calling to me, the moon was calling to me, the effect of them both coursed through my veins as the onslaught of the change hit full force, their memories, their knowledge, their search for their mate. I knew it all at that moment as their life forces joined my own, I grew stronger, my body processing the initial change, the change to prepare me for mating, changing my fertile organs to accept my mates.

And fuck, it was painful, the screams that tore from my throat before Ben could silence them with his kiss, should have woken the entire city of Paris, but as Thomas thrust faster, and as Ben toyed with my body, caressing it, stoking it higher with his hands, and with his kiss, I felt the pain subside, I felt the pleasure approaching, cresting, as I tightened around Thomas' and cried out with pleasure, I felt him stiffen and empty his release deep inside of me.

Lowering my trembling body back to the carpet, Ben got up and fetched a bottle of water, tentatively lifting my head to drink the ice cool liquid, I smiled at him, my throat dry from the pain and pleasure that had affected my body, and desperate for that little moisture.

I felt Thomas pull from my pussy then, his copious seed spilling from me, running down the crack of my ass and coating the clearly expensive carpet beneath me; Thomas stood then, moving to the sofa and lay upon it, as Ben gave me another small drink of the refreshing water, before he took it away, and spilt some over my heated breasts.

I swore then, the contrast in temperature, the shock of it made me jump, even as he held me still, coating his finger in water, and holding it over my nipple. I watched in abstract fascination as the drop fell, almost in slow motion to land directly on my nipple, enticing a whimper from my mouth, before it made its way down my side and the tingling flesh there.

I tried to squirm away from Ben as he poised to do the same to the second, but did not get far before his beautiful mouth descended around my puckered areola and laved intense heat over it. Christ, my back bowed as if it would snap in two, my head ground into the carpet with the pleasure that shot from my nipple to my pussy, and bent harder when he repeated his torture on my left nipple, keening softly when he finally let his hot mouth descend over it, drawing it up and into his mouth as he swirled his tongue around it, nipping gently with his teeth.

It was then the heat grew to extremes, the burning deep inside me was a searing agony that needed soothing, I actually mewled, then begged for their attention, for my mates to take me, fuck me, make me theirs, my body was demanding it, the need for their stake to be claimed, as I writhed beneath Ben's mouth, my hands buried in his hair as I tried to position my own uncoordinated body to get him to enter me.

He must have sensed my distress, as all human mates feel under the pull of the moon, his thoughts told me, even as his human mouth gently 'shhhhhhh-ed' me, soothing me, whispering my name as he lifted me into his arms and brought me to Thomas, the twin was stroking his cock back to a healthy erection, just for me. Ben positioned me then, having me kneel over Thomas' knees, his hand moving over his shaft just inches from my face, I could not resist taking him into my mouth.

My head bobbed up and down over Thomas's cock, sucking and flicking with my tongue as my hand was all that stopped him from thrusting up and down into my throat. Swirling my tongue over the swollen head, I gasped when I felt Ben thrust into me from behind. Knelt over Thomas' legs I was bucked forward by the force of Ben's cock pounding in and out of my already soaked pussy, as Thomas took hold of my hair and forced my open mouth back over his cock, forcing himself deeper; the bulbous head hitting my tonsils and beyond as my mouth desperately tried to accommodate his twitching girth while feeling the tension in my belly tighten.

As Ben withdrew from my pussy, I moaned with the loss, until I felt the blunt end of him press at my ass. Well lubricated from my juices, and Thomas' first spending inside me, I felt the small unused opening begin to give way to him, feeling the tension snap back around his shaft as the huge tip of him had worked its way in. Moaning deep in my throat at the odd feeling of him slowly sinking into my bowels, the vibration ran through Thomas and I found myself more willing to take him deeper, keeping the suction hard around him, my tongue flat as his hips began to lift more fervently, pounding again and again into my throat, the pull he had on my hair was almost beyond pain as he aided my descent on his cock.

Ben was sinking deeper, every straining vein on his shaft slid deliciously in my ass, back and forth, short controlled thrusts as he slowly tried to work his full length inside me. His fingers held me at my hips, the tips digging in painfully as he fought, shaking, not to just impale me in one go.

Thomas' thrusts into my mouth were becoming frantic, violent movements; each thrust up pushed me back a little more onto Ben, each thrust up brought him closer to his edge. With one violent movement, Ben snapped and buried himself to the hilt in my ass, the slap of his balls against my pussy was almost too much and I screamed, as much as anyone can scream with seven inches of cock in their mouth, and promptly gagged as Thomas hit his climax and his hot cum hit the back of my throat while it had vibrated with my scream.

Stream after stream of his cum pulsed into my mouth, and I hungrily swallowed it down, a relatively salty taste by any standards, yet this tasted as though it were ambrosia to a dying woman.

Free falling, I was free falling back to earth, my orgasm had been taken up concentrating on not drowning in Thomas' semen; I had climaxed, but fuck I wanted more. Sucking Thomas' softening member back into my mouth, I sucked hard around it, feeling the blood begin to pool in him. Moving my hand from its balance on the sofa arm, I trusted Ben not to let me fall as he began to slowly withdraw and thrust in the depths of my ass, and I cupped Thomas' balls, massaging them; then rubbing gently up his shaft, sucking him back to some semblance of life.

Ben withdrew completely from me then, plunging back into my pussy in heated thrusts, before denying me release from that growing tightening deep inside me, then plunging back into my ass, spreading my juices, lubricating himself further. He repeated this, hard thrusts; denying me, then buggering me once more. All the while my mouth was occupied with Thomas' rapidly hardening cock; I could taste his pre-come once more and moaned with delight.

I felt Ben shift from my arse once more as he disengaged me from pleasuring Thomas and flipped me to my back between Thomas' legs before thrusting back into my pussy. He buried himself deep, refusing to move, refusing to sate my itch. I cursed him then, begged him, pleaded, and then cursed some more as he still refused to move that magnificent shaft, and teased my nipples with his teeth instead.

The sting of his bite, replaced by the laving of his tongue spread chills throughout. My hips began to undulate of their own accord, using the softness of the sofa to bow into and back up to meet his cock. He was quick though, halting my actions with a firm hand to my hip, holding my in place before grabbing me harshly and twisting over onto his back on the sofa, with me spread on top.

I took my chance, I sat straight, and began to ride him, crushing my clit against his pubic bone, anything to allow me some relief from the internal torment the sensations he was causing me to feel were inflicting. It was not long before he grabbed my arms and dragged me across his chest, nipping and licking at my neck, withdrawing from my pussy, I felt his cock lie upon his belly, hard and glistening with my own juice, I rubbed my clit against the smooth skin encasing a shaft of pure steel, just as a similar cock shoved home in my cunt.

I screamed then, not close enough for an orgasm, though wishing it was, the twisting in my belly was desperate now, the tingling on my clit felt like an inferno against my private flesh that even the copious juice of my arousal could not quench, as I felt Thomas thrust slowly, back and forth, pushing my body up and down over Ben's as he went. Allowing me the sensation of his cock stretching me, and my clit being wonderfully rubbed similarly, it was the closest to heaven I had ever been.

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