tagLoving WivesThe Morning After

The Morning After


The bright sun streaming through the windows of our bedroom and the billowing of the sheers covering the sliding doors to our patio outside the bedroom awakes me. As I stretch lazily, I turn to seek your beautiful face on the pillow beside me but you are gone.

The smell of freshly brewed coffee approaches the room and you enter carrying a tray with two cups, the carafe thermos keeping the coffee warm and some delicious croissants fresh out the oven.

"How long have you been up, my darling?" I ask

"Only about an hour; I heard the babe and went to change and feed her and she fell right back to sleep again so I brought us some breakfast in bed as well as the Sunday paper"

You handed me the tray to steady and slipped out of your robe; you were wearing my favourite sheer nightgown. As you slipped under the sheets after fluffing up your pillows, you grinned at me saying, "Food and the crossword puzzle first, my beautiful husband. Then we will talk" You laughed your throaty sound I adore so much at this last word as I placed the tray over both our closely cozied hips.

We spread butter on the croissants and took turns feeding each other, never missing the chance to kiss the fallen crumbs from each other's mouth and chests. The coffee was pure ambrosia and as we sipped it, we whispered quietly (so as not to waken babe) about our plans for today and our glowing future together. We often share our hopes and dreams with each other especially as we lay in bed after a long satisfying session of lovemaking or the morning after such as this one.

The night before, we had gone out for dinner as a family. It is always a joy to see other patrons in a restaurant compliment us on our beautiful baby. And she was so good; she as usual charmed everyone around us and we were so much the proud parents. After dinner, we went for a stroll along the path circling the lake in the nearby park – it was a balmy night after several weeks of hot and humid nights; a very welcome change.

As we neared home, the baby fell asleep so I bundled her into my arms and carried her up to her room. While you drew yourself a hot bubble bath, I undressed our sweet one, put on her PJ's and tucked with a kiss into bed for the night. I closed her door after ensuring that the baby monitor was turned on and followed the sound of your humming down the hall. I had stopped in the kitchen for a glass of ice water to put beside our bed, as is our custom since we often wake in the night after a session of loving thirsty and parched.

As I glanced into the steamy bathroom, I spied you now naked and standing with one foot up on the vanity while you shaved your legs and clipped the longer hairs on your pussy. From the rear, I could admire the flawless taut outline of your butt through the steam and then watched fascinated as you wiped the shaving cream from the engorged lips of your pussy – so full in fact that I could see them peeking through your spread legs!

You dropped the facecloth into the sink and ran your fingers lightly along your almost completely smooth mons and into your wet slit. Drops of your juices were running down your thighs as your fingers brushed your clit lightly. As I listened to your moans of self-induced pleasure, I could only wish that it were my tongue and not your fingers that were so wonderfully buried in your now streaming cunt. You thrust your hips against your hand as your orgasmed in ripples and cries.

As you let your foot fall to the floor, your eyes opened enough to see me reflected in the mirror standing at the bathroom door in a pile of my clothes holding the glass of ice water in one hand. You looked down to my rampant cock and the fist stroking it as I gazed into your eyes. Precum dripped to the tile floor between my legs as I approached you next to the sink. Putting the glass of water on the end of the counter, I gripped your slim waist and hefted you up onto the wide and deep vanity next to the sink. I lifted your feet until they were resting on the rounded edge of the counter and the pulled over the chair we keep in the large bathroom.

First shutting the door to keep our noise from waking the baby, I drew the chair almost to the counter top and sat down. I reached your knees and spread them wide until they were over your spread feet. As I leaned to rest my head on your warm thigh, I blew lightly across those ruby red stretched labia; the coolness of my breath – having just sipped some of the ice water – as it struck your steaming hot pussy, sent shivers through your body.

I reached over to the glass and withdrew an ice cube and ran it slowly over your taut nipples causing them to pucker and grow even harder and longer. In the heat of the bathroom, the ice quickly melted and the cool water ran between your breasts, across your tight tummy and through your gaping pussy. By the time it reached those most sensitive spots, it had warmed on your skin so the shock wasn't that great.

Reaching for yet another ice cube, I put this one in my mouth before leaning down to run my cold tongue inside your burning pussy. This time, you cried out as your hips arched high off the counter in a body thrashing orgasm. When that had passed I fished out the remaining three ice cubes and, one at time, fed them into your heated pussy. The effect of the intrusion of such cold into an area that was so hot set you off over and over again as I attacked your inflamed clit, sucking and rolling it around between my lips.

The ice quickly melted inside you and you gushed a burst of cum and water over the edge of the counter and into my waiting mouth. I stood and pushed the chair back across the floor and, wrapping your legs around my waist, drove my rigid cock all the way into your flowing pussy! God, my darling! I love to feel your velvet pussy grip me in its loving grasp!

Fully imbedded in you I placed your arms tightly around my neck and with you fixed to me at neck and groin with my hands supporting your ass, I stepped into the hot bubble filled tub and carefully sank us into the soothing water. As I leaned back against the sloped end of the tub, your freed your legs from around my waist and knelt on either side of me. With one dropping motion, your pussy – so open and hot – dropped down onto my cock and you started to ride me like a stallion. Lucky for us we have an old-fashioned claw foot tub that is very deep else we would had flooded the whole floor of the bathroom (and the kitchen below). As it was, water and bubbles did splash over the edge of the tub each time you sunk deep onto me and very soon, I could feel you starting to shake and tremble as you felt the start of another orgasm.

"I'm cumming!" you screamed before biting down on my shoulder to muffle the sounds. "Oh my god!"

As you collapsed against my chest almost sobbing with relief, I shot my pent up load over and over filling you totally and you shook with a series of mini orgasms as you felt me bathe your insides with my cum.

You slipped off me and lay at my side as we cuddled in the still hot water. We slowly kissed each other and stroked one another's tender privates until we almost drifted off. We climbed out of the tub, and after towelling each other off, I drained the tub, turned out the lights and we walked arm in arm to crawl into our cozy bed.

This was the night that preceded our breakfast in bed. That morning, the crossword puzzle was forgotten as I lifted your gossamer nightie over your head and feasted once more on the most beautiful body in the world.

You are my wife and I love you to the end of time!

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