tagGroup SexThe Morning After

The Morning After


Marilee groaned softly as she woke up. Her head hurt and her back hurt. She opened her eyes in stages to a sunlit view of her hands and a white wrinkled sheet. There was an empty wine bottle just past her left hand and her right hand had a fist full of sheet. She groaned again as she realized that just her arms, head, and shoulders were on the bed. She was on her knees next to the bed, with her back dipped down.

Now she had some idea of why her back hurt. She looked farther than her hands and saw a jumble of pillows and an unfamiliar wall. Looking across the bed, it looked well used, the top sheet was all tangled up, and the bottom fitted one partially off the mattress. Then her eyes locked onto a second bed in much the same shape as the one she was resting against.

She groaned even louder than before as she pushed up on her elbows. The wine bottle explained the pain in her head. It was the mother of all hangovers. She did not drink much and this was the very reason why. Her hangovers always hurt too much. She lowered her forehead back to the bed and sighed as the stretch on her neck muscles seemed to push the pain away some.

Marilee held her head still and flexed her back up and down. Her eyes popped open and she looked at the bare breasts pointing down by the side of the bed. Where was her red party dress? She had bought it special for New Years Eve. Between her breasts, she could see her panties down around her knees. She shifted her hips from side to side and groaned as she realized two things. One, she was naked and two she had that very well fucked feeling between her thighs.

Slowly she moved backwards, her eyes locked on the gauzy panties stretched between her knees. Then a red high heel by her left knee distracted her as she wondered where the other one was. Those had been expensive shoes for her. Then as she moved farther back, she felt the toe of a high heel move on her right foot. She whimpered softly as the shoe put pressure on her toes. She turned her foot outward like the other one and raised her head and upper body a little higher.

Her eyes moved back to the panties and then came up to her sex. The outer lips looked red and swollen and her clit was well above her inner lips and looked swollen and raw. She groaned as she tried to remember what she had done and who she had done for that matter. Then she remembered the older man she had met at the club around the corner from her apartment.

She had been sitting at the corner of the bar with a glass of wine when he came in. He was tall, dark, and very handsome in an older sort of way. That he wore a tuxedo in that little corner bar that rarely ever saw a suit was enough to make her smile. He had sat down on the stool next to her with a smile and a nod.

Marilee ran a hand over her breasts. Her nipples were sore. She shivered as she rolled one around with her fingertip. They felt like they had been licked and sucked for hours. There was even the start of a finger bruise here and there she realized as she watched her hand move over them a moment later.

Her eyes darted to one hip and then the other. There were finger bruises there also. She groaned and then shivered. Yeah, she had been well fucked for sure, hard and deep from the looks of those marks. There were also shiny streaks running down the inside of her thighs. Hers or his, she wondered suddenly and shivered hard as she leaned back over to rest her elbows and head on the bed.

When Marilee licked her dry lips, her eyes flew open in surprise. She licked her lips again and the licked down toward her chin. She groaned and then whimpered as she licked her lips again. She could taste her pussy and the salty taste of semen mixed on her lips and just pussy down toward her chin. What the hell had she done and with whom?

There was a soft groan from across the room and Marilee looked that way. A moment later, a tousled blonde head appeared on the far side of the other bed. Then arms appeared and naked boobs as the blonde crawled halfway up on the bed. She collapsed there and sighed deeply. A moment later, she whispered loud enough for Marilee to hear, "What a way to start a New Year."

"Hangovers are a bitch," Marilee replied in a hoarse whisper.

The blonde pushed up on her elbows and looked at Marilee. "What hangover? I was referring to all the orgasms I had last night. I lost count early and then I ended up in the middle of the bed with a mouth on each nipple, a tongue on my clit and a big dick up my ass. After that, it was just one big orgasm that never seemed to end."

Marilee groaned and laid her forehead against the cool sheet. "I... uh... don't remember much about last night. An older man early and that's about it."

"Oh hey, you're the new girl with Roy. You're the one that stuffed her pussy in my face when I started yelling as I came." She paused to chuckle. "A mighty fine tasting pussy it was. It sure made me quit yelling. Of course, once I started licking, someone had to stuff a dick in your mouth to shut you up."

Marilee's head jerked up and her eyes were wide as she stammered, "I... uh... you... uh...."

The blonde laughed. "I think every woman here last night ended up with a pussy on her face at one time or another and several different dicks in her mouth. I know I had at least a half dozen in mine. I have an oral fetish that goes both ways."

"But... but... but...." Marilee sputtered. "I don't do women, I only do men, and I'm very selective about that."

The blonde giggled and shook her head. "Not anymore. The last I remember see of you, you were about where you are now. Old Roy was pounding you from the back and your face was planted in Connie's sweet little treat. You must have been doing something right because I had to sit on her face to shut her up."

"No fucking way!" Marilee protested hotly.

The blonde giggled again. "That tongue of yours was dancing over her clit like you had done it all your life. And then when her hips rose up as she came, you unrolled one of the longest tongues I had ever seen and jammed it as far up her pussy as you could get it. Connie went to yelling even with my pussy on her face."

Marilee looked at the woman with her mouth open. She had a long tongue but she had never--.

"I even considered giving it a try myself but I got distracted by David's long skinny dick getting stuff down my throat."

Marilee moaned and whispered, "I don't remember a damned thing."

"Oh don't worry, John and his bunch were here filming everything. I'll get you a copy. I'm pretty sure Roy has your address. He's good about things like that."

Marilee stared at the blonde with her mouth open and her eyes wide. Someone had filmed everything, kept running in a loop around and around in her mind.

Finally the loop was interrupted as she blonde asked, "Hey, do you want something for that hangover. I'm pretty sure there are aspirins in the bathroom. If Roy is still around, he makes one mean hangover remedy."

"Around?" Marilee asked. "Exactly where am I?"

The blonde giggled. "New Orleans, silly."

"What!" Marilee yelled and then groaned as the top of her head tried to come off.

"Where did you think you were?" The blonde asked with a serious expression.

"Uh, not New Orleans. Uh, farther north and west," Marilee said cryptically.

"Yeah, that big old plane of Roy's does get around. Last year we had the New Years Eve party in Paris. He flew about fifteen or twenty of us over there."

"How did you all get home?"

"Roy flew us all back. That is except Connie. She was the new girl last year. She missed the plane so he sent her a boat ticket."

"A boat ticket?" Marilee asked in surprise.

"Yeah, it was an around the world cruise, all expenses paid. If I had known that, I would have missed the plane also."

"No shit!" Marilee whispered and then looked around as she heard footsteps behind her. The older man was approaching her. She assumed he was Roy. He had her red dress over one arm and her purse in that hand. In the other hand, he had a tall glass with what looked like tomato juice in it.

"I have a feeling you're going to need this," he said in a deep voice as he held the glass out toward her.

Marilee turned sideways and nearly fell over. She righted herself and then crawled farther up on the bed. Her panties limited the distance she could move her knees.

"Hey, there's where your panties went and your shoes too. I was looking all over for them."

With a groan, Marilee turned a little sideways and reached for the glass he still held out. She had a million questions but she was suddenly thirsty beyond belief. She chugged down about half the glass and then lowered.

"Drink it all," Roy said. "Otherwise you don't get the full effect."

Marilee was looking at the blonde as he spoke and she nodded. "Do as he says."

"Good Morning to you, Frenchie," Roy said with a nod in her direction. "How's your head?"

Frenchie giggled and replied, "My heads fine but the rest of me feels like it was run over by a truck."

"Good sex and lots of it has that effect," Roy said with a grin. "And from what I saw, you got your fair share and then some."

With a grin, she nodded and replied, "I was doing good until I ended up in the middle of the bed. Then all bets were off. Too many hands, lips, mouths, tongues, pussies, and dicks. I went up in flames, as the saying goes."

Roy chuckled. "Yeah, I saw part of that. Our little newbie here was riding your face like a pro."

Marilee groaned and Frenchie laughed. "She doesn't remember much about last night. Maybe you should show here the movies on the flight home."

With a frown, Marilee rolled over so she could see Roy and held out the empty glass. "You brought me to an orgy?" She asked accusingly.

Roy laid her purse and dress on the end of the bed. "You agreed to come after I made the invitation."

"You just picked out any girl in a bar and invited her to an orgy in New Orleans of all places and she accepted just like that?"

Roy looked from her to Frenchie and then back. "You really don't remember anything do you?"

"What should I remember?" Marilee said hotly. "Should I remember a bunch of strangers screwing me silly or maybe some woman I don't even know stuffing her pussy in my face."

"Uh, honey, Connie didn't stuff her pussy in your face. You stuffed your face in her pussy," Frenchie said slowly.

"Connie was sitting on the side of the bed where you are now, twisted around watching the couple behind her when you came in the room. You had your panties down around your knees like you had had them most of the night and your heels back on. That's when I noticed the Champaign bottle in your hand. I went to take it away from you but you tossed it on the bed next to Connie and dived head first between her thighs," Roy said.

Frenchie giggled. "Talk about your shocked looks. Connie had one for sure. Then she kind of melted back on the bed."

Roy chuckled. "And later you did your duty in keep in the noise level down."

"Well, I'm greedy that way," Frenchie said with a wink. "You didn't waste any time taking advantage of someone's upturned ass, as I remember correctly."

Roy laughed. "What can I say, I'm a sucker for a well turned ass." Looking at Marilee he added, "And you do have one fine ass."

Marilee groaned and lay back down on the bed.

Roy laid her purse and dress down on the foot of the bed, and walked behind Marilee to place the glass on the bedside table. His eyes were on Marilee's ass as he passed by. "Yes, one very fine ass," he whispered.

He walked around the ends of the beds and leaned over to kiss Frenchie gently on the lips. "You two need to hit the shower. Everyone else is about ready to head home."

Frenchie slowly got to her feet and groaned as she worked her shoulders, hips, and back. "Make that two trucks," she said with another groan.

Roy laughed and slapped her lightly on the ass. "Like I said, it's your own fault for being so greedy."

Frenchie looked at Marilee and grinned. "Want to share a shower with me? I give great back rubs."

Marilee looked at Roy and shook her head. "I've still got some unanswered questions and I intend to get the answers."

Roy looked at Frenchie and said, "You go on. I think I need to dig myself out of a hole."

Frenchie grinned and shifted her hips subtly. "I feel a little used and abused but if you need another one to crawl into, I'll give it a shot."

Roy chuckled. "I'll keep that in mind."

Still grinning, she turned and walked toward the bathroom door, her hips swiveling and swaying provocatively. Roy and Marilee both watched her until she was out of sight.

Roy sighed and turned toward Marilee. "You were not picked up at random," he said as he sat down on the foot of the bed she was laying on. "I explained it all that night at the bar."

"That night? It wasn't last night?" Marilee asked with a start.

"No, it was night before last." He replied and then went on, "I had seen you several times where you work when I came in to see the owner."

Marilee studied the man sitting in front of her. She did not remember seeing him at work and she was the secretary for the owner of the company. "I don't remember you and I make all of Paul's appointments."

"That's because I only do business with the CEO's and the chairmen of the board. Paul runs the company but his dad Peter owns it and Peter handles all my business personally."

Marilee's eyes grew wide. She had only seen Peter one time as he walked directly into Paul's office. She had protested as he did but he waved her away and then Paul had waved her away. Later, Paul had explained who Peter was and apologized for not forewarning her.

Roy smiled. "So you have encountered Peter. He's not that nice of a guy but when you spend the money I do, he gets real nice in a hurry."

Marilee's eyes narrowed. "So you're a rich man who thinks he can have anything and anyone he wants," she said sharply.

"Yes, I'm rich and yes, I wanted you, but the choice was yours. I told you about the party and gave you the invitation with your name on it dated several months ago so you would know it was not just a pickup line. I even told you that there would be an even more intimate party later on but you did not have to attend unless you wanted to."

He paused and reached for her purse. He opened it, pulled out an engraved envelope, and handed it to her. "Here is the invitation," he said as he held it out to her.

Marilee took the envelope and opened it. It was just what he said, a three day invitation to a party in New Orleans. It had her name on it, her full name.

When she looked at him, Roy smiles and said, "I asked some questions of Paul. I also arranged for you to have some time off with pay if you needed it after the party."

"Uh, why is that?" Marilee asked with a confused look.

"After I drop everyone off, I have some business in Australia. It's summer down there and I thought you might enjoy the trip and being able to wear a bikini in January. Denver will be snowed in and freezing."

Marilee shivered. That was the main thing she hated about Denver. She was from South Georgia and they got very little in the way of snow. She was always freezing during the winter in Denver. "That sounds, uh, interesting," she whispered.

"Take him up on his offer," Frenchie said from the bathroom doorway. "You're only the second person I've ever heard of him inviting anywhere other than our get-togethers."

"Hey, I needed a good pilot and John is one of the best," Roy said looking around at Frenchie.

"Are you going to offer her a job?" Frenchie asked with a grin.

"Maybe," Roy replied and then looked at Marilee. "My personal secretary got married and retired a few months ago. I had not been looking for a replacement until I heard about you. Paul might be sorry for opening his big mouth and bragging on you like he did."

Marilee's mouth dropped open and Frenchie laughed. "Shocker huh."

"I... uh... I...." Marilee stammered as she looked at Roy. Finally, she got out, "I do my best but...."

"Your butt don't hurt in a job interview with Roy, he loves it. I can see it in his eyes," Frenchie said with a grin.

Roy looked at Frenchie. "Quit doing me favors, will ya. You'll scare her away before I have a chance to see if she is a good girl Friday or not."

"Since you're the only one who made it with her, I thought it would be a done deal," Frenchie said and winked at Marilee.

"Only one?" Marilee asked with a surprised look. "I feel like I was fucked by everyone several times."

"Nope, just him," Frenchie said with a grin. "That is except for that one time you tried to jam David's long slender dick up your ass but that's nothing new. I think every woman in our group has tried that at one time or another. Some several times, like me."

Marilee groaned and laid her head down on the sheet. "I wish I could remember last night," she whispered softly.

Roy chuckled. "I'll arrange a private screening of it for you after we let everyone off the plane."

Marilee quickly looked up at Roy and asked, "Just you?"

Frenchie giggled. "Wait until you get him out of those jeans, your eyes will bug out."

Roy gave Frenchie a hard look. "Don't you have some clothes to find?"

She laughed and walked over to bend at the waist and kiss him on the cheek. "If I can't find them, I'll just ride home the way I am."

"And you nipples and ass will crack and fall off when we drop you at the airport in Toronto," Roy replied with a grin.

"Hey my long coat and over boots are still on the plane," she said with a wink. She looked at Marilee and blew her a kiss. "I'll see you later I hope."

Marilee nodded and then watched as she walked across the room and out the door. When Frenchie was out of site, she whispered, "My God that woman has the most erotic walk I think I have ever seen."

"You should see her dance. In her younger days, she was one of the top ballerinas in the world," Roy said, still looking at the doorway. Then he gave a shiver and looked at Marilee. "Your turn in the shower. We have places to go and people to deliver, so chop-chop."

Marilee chuckled and pushed up with her arms and then slowly stood up. She wiggled her knees and felt her panties hit the top of her feet. Stepping out of them, she realized that her head did not hurt anymore. She stepped back and bent at the waist to pick them up. Even straightening back up quickly did not make her head hurt.

"That hangover remedy of yours works miracles," she said as she tossed the panties on the bed. Then she asked a question that had bugged her. "Why did I keep my panties on around my knees?"

"Something about not wanting to be completely naked and something else about being able to put up the shields if you felt threatened. I think the second was some kind of Star Trek reference."

Marilee almost giggled. "I was something of a geek and Star Trek fan in my younger days."

"I figured as much," Roy said standing up.

He came around the end of the bed, took Marilee's hand, and led her over to the bathroom door. Then he stepped aside and motioned her inside with a flourish of his right hand. This time Marilee did giggle as she walked through the doorway. "Thank you, kind sir," she said formally.

Roy swatted her on the ass lightly and said, "Never call me sir. I've never been, nor will I ever be knighted."

Marilee gave him a funny look and he laughed. A moment later, he said, "I pissed off the Queen too many times in my younger days."

"Of England?" Marilee asked with big eyes.

"Do you know of another one?" He asked with a grin. Then he turned away and walked across the bedroom to the door. He blew her a kiss and walked out.

Marilee shook her head slowly as she stared at the vacant doorway. "What have I gotten myself into?" she asked as she turned around and headed for the shower. "Whatever it is, it sounds like it's going to be one hell of a ride."

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