The Morrisons Ch. 12


I smiled before saying, "I never turn down an offer like that."

Mary followed me into my room and into my closet where I put the bags containing the new hand guns on the shelf. Mary attacked me and soon I was down to my boxers. While I was hanging up my suit, Mary fell to her knees in front of me and yanked my boxers down my legs. The mere fact that a female was on her knees in front of me was enough to make my cock hard and bounce upward once it was freed from its restraint. Mary stroked me a few times then stood up saying, "Hey mister...... mister..... my panties are too tight, could you help me?"

I looked at Mary and she was doing her best little girl look with her lower lip pushed out and drooping on one side. Her eye lips were closed half way and she was looking up at me with her head bowed a little. I couldn't hold back and burst out laughing and Mary started again saying, "Please help me mister ...... my lil cunny is hurtin' from my panties being too tight. Please take them off me mister......"

In almost a whisper Mary continued, "I'll do anything for you if you help me, mister."

I stopped laughing as I sunk to my knees and immediately went to work on Mary's belt, the snap on her pants then pulled down her zipper ever so slowly. I looked up at Mary and smiled then looked down again and hooked my thumbs into the waist band of her pants. Mary automatically did the side to side hip action that most all females do to put on or take off their pants, which aided me in pulling her pants down over her hips. While her pants were pooled at her feet my eyes stared at Mary's white lace boy shorts panties pulled tight enough to give her a camel toe. I looked up at Mary and smiled saying, "Oh, I can see what's causing you to hurt and I can only fix it if I remove your panties."

In that same little girl voice Mary asked, "Please mister, will you take off my lil lace panties so they won't hurt me anymore?"

Playing along with Mary's game I said, "Sure, little girl, I'd love to see your bald lil pussy. Hold still, I'm going to pull your panties down now."

I hooked my fingers into Mary's panties and pulled on them and baring her hip bones on the sides then slowly I saw the top of her pubic mound come into view. With steady downward pressure I pulled until I could see the top of her bald pussy before I paused and leaned forward and kissed the top of her slit. I heard Mary gasp and felt her legs wobble as I extended my tongue and licked the small portion of her slit visible to me. Mary exhaled loudly saying, "OHHHH, that feels so good."

I continued to pull down her panties while my tongue searched for Mary's clit. When I had Mary's pussy completely bared, the gusset of her panties stuck in place and I had to put my finger between her legs and push it down. I immediately felt the wetness on that cotton panel and I couldn't wait to smell it. I pulled the panties the rest of the way down swiftly and Mary instinctively stepped out of them. She looked down at me as I raised her panties to my nose and rotated them until that damp cotton gusset was under my nostrils. With our eyes locked, I breathed deeply several times. Mary watched me then finally said, "Oh Dan, you are a very special man. You know how to make a woman feel special."

I slowly stood up and as I did before I moved my face next to Mary's face then brought her panties up to our noses and simply said, "Breathe."

Both of us took several deep breaths, smelling the wonderful scent of Mary's feminine juices. I looked at Mary saying, "This is such a heavenly scent. I am so happy you want to share this with me. Thank you."

Mary said, "On the contrary Dan, you are the man who knows how to really treat a woman and make her feel on top of the world. You always say and do the right things. I only wish you would teach other males how to act and behave."

Mary wrapped her arms around me and was kissing me passionately when Kim and Beth walked into our bedroom and Kim called out, "Dan, are you still in here?"

Mary stopped kissing me and peeked around the door of my closet into the room saying with her girlish giggle, "I captured him. He's in here with me. Come in, it's nice and cozy in here."

Suddenly, both Kim and Beth appeared at the open doorway of my closet and Kim said with a huge smile on her face, "Mary, didn't I tell you we have to share him. You can't capture him and whisk him off to a secluded closet and keep him all to yourself."

Mary broke out laughing as she reached out and pulled Kim and Beth into the closet then closed the door saying, "OK ladies, I'll share but only with a select few, if you get my drift."

I looked around saying, "But don't I have a say in these matters?"

Kim turned to me saying, "Hush up, you, this is woman business. We'll let you know when you can talk."

All three women broke out laughing hysterically, giving high fives to each other. I finally interrupted them saying, "I feel so used, just like I'm a piece of meat or something."

Shy bashful Beth patted my hard cock saying, "Don't worry we won't make you wait too long. Will next year fit into your schedule alright?"

Once again hysterical laughter resounded off the walls of my closet and all three females were slapping high fives. I looked at them saying, "Later, all of you will be begging for a piece of me, you'll just have to sit and watch as I give it to those who can appreciate a fine male stud like me."

Kim said, "OK stud, let's go down stairs and take an opinion poll. My bet is once the other girls find out we cut you off, they won't be giving you a chance either."

I walked out of the closet leaving all three females in there, congratulating themselves. Suddenly there was a rush of activity behind me and Kim was the first to come up behind me saying, "Oh please forgive me master for forgetting my place. Please allow me to bow and worship you." Then she started laughing hysterically all over again sparking the other two to join her.

I turned and looked at the three of them then waved my hand and saying, "That's it; all of you are cut off. No more for any of you."

Kim was quick to say, "Dan, honey, you can't cut us off, you don't know where we're getting it from." Once again the three females exploded in laughter as I walked towards the bedroom door with them following close behind me.

We walked down stairs and Jenna asked what all the noise was about. While Kim was explaining, I went to the refrigerator and got a cold bottle of water and sucked about half of it down before stopping. I listened as the girls ranting and raving but I didn't say anything. I garnered some sympathy from Jenna, Terry, Hanna and Marion but they still giggled right along with Mary, Shelly, Kim and Beth.

In an attempt to change the subject I asked, "Does anyone want to take a swim before dinner?" Terri rushed to my side followed closely by Hanna, then Jenna and the four of us turned and walked out on the deck headed for the pool. We ran the last few steps to the pool and all of us jumped up in the air and cannon balled into the water. We came up laughing and playfully splashing water at each other. The three girls shrieked as they splashed water at me and at each other. Jenna was the first to dive under water and swim towards me then between my legs while stroking my cock twice on the way through. I looked down and saw her lovely slim body but best of all, when she kicked to propel herself the rest of the way through my legs, I saw her lovely bald pussy nestled between the top of her thighs.

Both Hanna and Terri saw me looking down then realized Jenna wasn't splashing water with them anymore. Jenna surfaced on the other side of me then reached around my shoulders and said in my ear, "I love you, dad."

Jenna said to Terri and Hanna, "I swam through daddy's legs and his cock got in the way so I had to stroke it a few times to get it out of my way."

Terri and Hanna swam over to Jenna and me and I held out my arms to them. Each of them chose a side and moved right in and hugged against me. I looked at each of them then said, "I love all of you. Thank you for being who you are."

We stood together in the water up to our necks and Jenna moved around to the front of me in between Terri and Hanna and wrapped am arm around each of their shoulders before saying, "I am so lucky to have a dad who has room in his heart to care and love the way you do. A short while ago none of us knew each other and now we are family and I love sharing my daddy with Terri and Hanna."

Jenna turned her face towards Terri and kissed her lips them turned her face towards Hanna and kissed her lips before she leaned in and kissed my lips. We hugged and exchanged I love you, with each other. Instead of swimming we remained locked in our four way embrace and I was the only one who have his feet on the bottom of the pool. We talked quietly amongst ourselves and I truly enjoyed having the nude bodies of the three girls pressed against me.

All too soon Kim came out on the deck and yelled to us, "Dinner is ready, come on in, before it gets cold."

Hesitantly, we un-wrapped our arms from around each other and walked slowly towards the steps leading out of the pool. Terri went ahead of us up the steps and to the towel cabinet and pulled out four towels and handed one to each of us. We dried our bodies and walked towards the house and the wonderful aroma of dinner drifting through the air to our nostrils. Suddenly, I was very hungry.

Inside, the table was set and the hot steaming food was meticulously placed on the table. Ted came walking in from the living room and we greeted each other. We took our seats and enjoyed a fabulous meal topped off with a wonderful desert. The conversation flowed well during our meal with everyone contributing something. I marveled at the fact everyone was so comfortable and seemed to accept each other almost as if they were all family.

Kim asked, "Is anyone interested in moving out to the pool where we can float around and still enjoy great conversation?"

Everyone stood up and headed out the door towards the pool. This time most of us walked into the water while Hanna, Terri and Jenna once again entered the water via cannon ball. I asked if anyone wanted to play water volleyball and everyone cheered. I got out of the pool and got the net and we stretched it across the pool then I tossed the ball into the water. We chose sides with Ted, Kim, Mary, Beth and Jenna on one team and Marion, Shelly, Terri, Hanna and I on the other. The game started and the score stayed even for a long time without one team holding a major lead over the other. Each side was providing good natured banter towards and against the other side. The first game ended with Ted's team winning. My team went into a huddle and we decided we wanted a re-match so we challenged them with the stipulation that we kept the same teams. During the second game my team played hard and we beat them by four points. Ted's team cried foul saying they weren't ready for the last point serve. We agreed that two out of three games would decide the champions for the evening. Suddenly Kim piped up saying, "Let's make this last game more interesting. The losers have to cook and serve dinner for all of us tomorrow then do the dishes when it's over. What do you say?"

Once again my team gathered in a huddle and we talked and finally I stood up saying, "We accept your challenge."

Kim was quick to add, "I can't wait to see what you're going to make me for dinner, tomorrow."

Shelly joined the friendly banter by saying, "Kim, we'll be handing you our menu in the morning so you'll have plenty of time to get dinner ready."

I spoke up saying, "Ok, let's put your asses on the line and play this game."

We played hard and the lead jig sawed back and forth, not more than two points apart at any time. When we were down to the last couple of points, Terri said, "Ok, let's put them away so they can start planning what they'll be cooking for us."

I was next to the net and spiked a good one which wasn't returned. Terri served the next ball with Marion next to the net and when the ball came to her she jumped up and slam dunked the ball which wasn't returned. I called out, "One more point, come on we can do it."

Terri served again and this time Ted jumped up and spiked the ball and after three attempts on our side to return the ball we disheartenly watched it drop into the water on our side of the net. I tossed the ball over to their server and turned to my team saying, "We can still do this, we are up by one point and if we sink this one, we win. Let's get that ball!"

The ball came sailing over the net and Hanna popped it up towards the front, Shelly was under it and sent it flying over the net and we watched as the other team swatted the ball a few times before successfully sending it back to us. I was under it this time and I popped it up towards Marion who gave it a swat towards Terri, who made a right handed hit sending the ball back to the other team. This time, Beth was right there to smack the ball and send it back toward Shelly who jumped up and we all heard a loud crack as she spanked that ball and sent it flying towards the center of the pool and the hole where no one was standing. Ted dove forward, Kim threw herself sideways, Beth reached out, Mary and Jenna tried to move forward fast enough to put the ball back up in the air, but in the end, the ball splashed untouched into the water. There was a brief moment before the girls on my team realized we had won and then all hell broke loose with them rushing towards each other screaming and jumping up and down. Then they attacked me and continued to scream and jump. I smiled at them saying, "IF you think you are excited now, wait until we are enjoying our meal tomorrow night."

I looked towards the other side of the net and saw Ted had his team in a huddle. When they broke their huddle they all yelled, "WE WON!"

Suddenly the girls on my side of the net got quiet and stared at the people on the other side of the net. Finally Marion said, "You didn't win, we did."

Ted smiled at us saying, "We only let you score that last point because we know if all of you cooked for us, we would have starved to death."

The good natured teasing continued as everyone moved to the shallow end of the pool, shook hands and congratulated each other on a great game. Everyone was bubbling with emotions and even the losing team was happy.

Standing in the shallow end of the pool some people in the group sort of levitated towards others as we talked. I noticed Terri and Hanna moved close together and were holding hands while I saw Beth was sandwiched between Mary and Shelly. Ted and Marion were standing together holding hands while Kim, Jenna and I were standing next to each other, but without any body contact. About five minutes after the game ended we decided to get out of the water and have a drink. The small groups walked up the steps out of the pool together and after drying off we moved over the chairs. Everyone spread out their towel to sit on and Kim asked, "What does everyone want to drink?"

Marion and Jenna stood up beside Kim and took drink orders then the three went into the house to get the drinks. When they returned they passed the requested beverage to each person then took their seats.

Ted broke silence by asking Beth and I about our trip. I started off by saying we had a wonderful trip. I told them about being taken right to the hangar where the company planes were kept and that I could choose which plane I wanted to use. I told everyone we flew this trip on a Lear Challenger 600 which had luxury seating in the front, a lounge and even a wet bar. I told them we had our own pilot who flew exclusively for our company and two stewardesses.

Beth talked about Joe and the others who took care of moving our bags so we didn't even have to touch them until we were in our suites. She also talked about the company's plane we took and how much room it had. She finished by saying, in general terms, how well she thought I conducted business, under pressure.

Kim hugged my arm saying, "I knew they chose the right man for the job when they chose Dan. He's always had a mind for business."

I spoke up saying, "If you like what you're doing then it really won't seem like a job."

Terri suddenly smiled saying, "Dad, that's so true."

I asked how the evening went here at the house and suddenly I heard some snickers from some of the females around the table. I looked around and Marion said, "Mr. Stud, over here, made us an offer thinking he could keep up with all of us horny women. Although he did a fairly decent job, he could have used some reinforcements to fully take care of us."

Ted smiled saying, "It was a lot of fun trying to keep all these women happy. I did my best, Dan."

I smiled and said, "Ted, as long you gave it all you had, then no one can complain. I tried to tell Kim I won't be young forever and that she needs to start lining up some boy toys to help satisfy her in her old age."

Kim smiled and said, "Jenna brought Kevin home with her and he's got the hots for this old lady."

Jenna smiled saying, "Yeah, Kevin loves coming here. He says my mom is a MILF. He's constantly begging me to invite him back out here."

Mary said, "Jenna, maybe you should invite him. All of us could gang up on him and fuck his brains out. His cock wouldn't come back up for a week."

All the females around the table laughed before Jenna added, "Mary, you have an idea. I'll invite him to come out on Saturday. We'll ride that cowboy until he can't walk. I'll order a wheelchair so we can get him home afterwards." Once again all the girls broke out laughing and I looked at Ted and we smiled but didn't say a word.

Finally Kim asked, "How did your night go, Beth? Did Dan make sure you were well taken care of?"

Beth looked at me with a surprised look on her face and I nodded my head giving her approval to tell everyone about our evening. Beth smiled sheepishly at me and then she asked, "Which part of the evening do you want me to tell them?"

I replied, "Start wherever you want and tell as much as you want. I'll wait until you finish before I add anything."

Beth said in a quiet voice, "I enjoyed last night and I'm not just talking about the exceptionally delicious dinner we enjoyed. Once we were back in the hotel suite I explained to Dan that I had a fantasy which I've never acted on because it wouldn't be safe for a single female to do. Dan promised to protect me and be with me if I chose to act out my fantasy."

Kim said, "Beth honey, all of us have fantasies and if you get a chance to turn them into a reality, then you have to go for it and just do it. That is as long as you are going to be safe and you aren't going to be hurt or arrested for it."

Beth smiled, and then started telling her story. She was very articulate about her feelings prior to making her fantasy come true, while acting out her fantasy and very descriptive after she completed her fantasy. By the time Beth finished her story, everyone was congratulating her. Beth made sure to tell everyone she was only able to turn the fantasy into reality because I was in the room to keep her safe.

Jenna sat in her seat and said, "Beth, I understand what you mean completely. Like you, I've been raised as a nudist and plenty of people have seen me nude but it's a sexual turn on as well as a sensual experience for me to be seen partially or completely naked or stripping naked for someone who isn't a nudist. My pussy gets so wet when I do something that shows off part or all my body. I love to watch the expressions on people's faces when I strip naked in front of them. I just take off my clothes and carry on a conversation with them as they watch me. The morning Tony, his wife and sisters came here to talk to Terri, I was all dressed for work but I took time to strip naked in front of them. It was great and their facial expressions were worth millions."

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