The Morrisons Ch. 15


Terri said, "Beth, take your mom and dad up to Hanna's room; Hanna and I are going to share my bed for this weekend. You can take Carrie and Fred to your room and we'll put an air bed in there later today."

Terri continued with, "Jenna will have an air bed in her room for Lisa, Becky and Kevin. We have plenty of air beds and we can set up extra air beds for anyone who needs one, later this afternoon."

Beth took her family upstairs and she showed her parents where they would be staying in Hanna's room. Jake and Kathy put their small bags at the foot of the bed. Beth and her family walked down to Beth's room and once they were inside the room, her mom and sister marveled at the size of Beth's bed. Then Kathy and Carrie walked into the bathroom and looked around and were impressed at the size of the room. Beth told her mom and Carrie that each bathroom upstairs had a bidet. Next they walked over to Beth's walk in closet and Beth explained she was still in the process of moving in so most of her suits were still in her apartment. Beth also explained to her mom and Carrie that she had a walk in closet in her new office and she had some suits, leisure clothes, lingerie and shoes in that closet as well because the company would require us to fly out on short notice, so she had to keep clothes in the office.

Carrie and Fred put their bags in Beth's closet. Beth said, "Well, let's get undressed and get downstairs and I'll show you around and introduce you to everyone. There are a lot of people here and even more will be here later for the party. I hope all of you will enjoy yourselves today."

Everyone started taking off their clothes and Beth's mom and dad asked her, "Can we leave our clothes in your closet?"

Beth said, "Of course you can."

When Beth and her family came back downstairs everyone welcomed them again. After the light conversation died down Beth said, "I'm going to take them out on the deck and show them the pool and hot tub."

I asked, "Does anyone, beside me, want a cold bottle of water?"

Everyone accepted my offer so I handed out bottles of water until everyone had one. We walked out on the deck and we saw the tent was set up and there were people moving around under it setting up a portable dance floor, tables and chairs.

I asked Kim, "Where's Shelly, Ted and Hanna?"

Kim said, "Shelly and Ted took Hanna to her apartment so she could pick up a few things and get her passport. They left shortly after you left this morning and I thought they would be back by now."

I replied, "I hope everything is alright."

Mary spoke up saying, "There's been nothing on the radio so I wouldn't worry if I were you."

Kathy asked me, "Dan, how is it working out for you and your family to have an all nude staff?"

Kim smiled and said, "Kathy, the best one to answer that question is Terri. Dan and I hired her as our housekeeper and gave her complete charge of our home. After that, she interviewed all the other staff and hired them."

Terri was just walking out on the deck when Kim said, "Terri, can you come over here for a few minutes?"

Kathy asked Terri, "Did you find it hard to interview people for the other staff who work here?"

Terri said, "Oh no. I was very up front in what I was looking for, just like Dan and Kim were when they did my interview. Everyone I interviewed was informed I was looking to fill the positions with people who were nudists or people who were interested enough in nudism that they would be willing to work nude. Each person or group of people, were given the opportunity to do their interview in two parts. The first part was filling out the application and learning what I expected from them in each position. The second part is where they would come back and actually be nude during that part of the interview process. If they didn't want to be nude, more than likely they weren't interested in working nude."

Kathy asked, "Did anyone give you a hard time because you were looking for a nudist instead of someone wearing clothes."

Terri replied, "No, not really. However, I had one woman and her husband come to the house to pick up an application and when I answered the door nude she was a little upset, I think because her husband's eyes were locked on my body and not hers. I went over the application with her and asked her if she wanted to schedule an interview where everyone from her company could be present, she seemed to get upset and wanted to know why everyone had to come for the interview. I explained to her that we have a confidentiality statement for everyone who comes here or works here to sign before I would talk more about the job. To make a long story short, I ended up having her and her husband sign a statement and then told them that the reason I wanted everyone in the company to come for the interview is because I was going to fill the cleaning position with people who were nudists. I explained they would have to be nude when they worked and I wanted to make sure everyone was agreeable with that."

Terri continued by saying, "The woman told me her company was made up of her and her husband, three daughters, one of which was married and currently pregnant and two guys who weren't related to them. She became very adamant that she didn't want the two guys and her husband to see her nude daughters. She especially didn't want her married daughter, who was pregnant; to be nude around the guy she worked with because they weren't married to each other. They never called back for the second part of the interview."

Terri's eyes brightened when she said, "Right after that lady and her husband left, three other people showed up at the door wanting an application for the cleaning position. Each of their cleaning services had only three people in each service. In one service there are a brother and sister and a friend in the other service there is a father and daughter and the daughter's boyfriend. Again, to make a long story shorter, you will be meeting the members of the two cleaning services later today at the party. The three who came for the applications agreed to join forces for this account and each cleaning service has one of the girls come here daily to clean and the rest of the cleaning service members are in reserve in case we need them."

Kathy asked, "So you have family members working together nude?"

Terri said, "Oh yes, we have Tony and his wife Patty along with Tony's two sisters Beth and Barbie who do the landscaping and lawn care. Then we have Ashley, Paul and Sarah who are from one of the cleaning services. Ashley and Paul are brother and sister and Sarah is Paul's girlfriend. The other cleaning service is made up of Debbie, her father Gus, Debbie's boyfriend Joe, and Debbie's cousin, Abby. Ashley and Debbie are the two who come here each day to clean while the other members of each service clean other homes. So you see we have really capitalized on having family businesses work here for us."

Kathy said, "I'm impressed that you were able to find so many nudist families."

Terri smiled and said, "Oh, we didn't find so many nudist families. What we did was inform those family businesses who applied for one of our advertised positions that we were going to fill each position with nudists or people who were willing to work nude, then it was up to them to decide what they wanted to do. Like me, when I came here to interview for the housekeeper position Dan and Kim let me know up front they wanted to fill the position with a nudist. I wasn't a nudist at the time but I was interested enough in the position I took my clothes off and we finished the interview with all of us nude. I am here today because I didn't mind converting my textiles for a more natural state. I find it hard to leave the estate now because I have to get dressed. I love my new lifestyle and won't trade it for anything."

Kathy laughed and said to everyone sitting around the table, "I'm sure Beth has told you Jake and I raised our family as nudists but when we are working outside on the farm we wear clothes. I never thought to interview for farm help who would work nude. Also I'm not sure it would be a good idea to be nude working around farm equipment unless one was riding in a tractor."

I smiled and said, "Kim and I raised our daughter in a nudist family setting and when we had the opportunity to purchase this place, we had a vision to fill all the positions we needed with people who were nudists or interested enough in the position to work nude. We thought it would be very difficult for us to continue to enjoy our nudist lifestyle with a staff of people in and around our home who were wearing clothes."

I continued to say, "When we advertised for the house keeping position and Terri showed up first, by the time we told her what we were looking for she stood up and took off her clothes and Kim and I did the same thing. She was nervous at first but the interview went well and we hired her on the spot. Terri took over advertising and hiring our other staff and today, many of the people who will be attending the party will be members of our staff. Kathy, you can talk to any of them and you will find out they are very happy to have the opportunity to work here nude."

Kathy smiled at me and said, "I just may do that because we can only be nude in our house or out in the back and I'd really like the freedom of wandering the farm without having to wear anything. I'd love to walk down to the barn nude."

Jake said, "I like your idea of riding the tractor nude. I've never done that before but I spend hours in the cab of my tractor plowing, harrowing or doing something in the fields. I'm not opposed to working nude if I have the opportunity."

I suggested, "There's nothing for us to do right now so if all of you are up for a stroll, I'll take you for a tour around the property. We have a nice trail over there in the back and it leads out to a nice spring fed water hole big enough to sit in and enjoy, but not big enough to dive in."

Kathy and Jake each said that they'd love to take a walk so I offered anyone who was low on water an additional water bottle before we left. We walked along slowly and I held Kim's hand on one side and Beth's hand on the other. Kathy and Jake pared up, as well as Carrie and Fred. I talked as we walked along and once we got into the woods near the pine trees Kathy said, "Oh Kim, I love this type of setting. This is beautiful back here."

I told Jake and Kathy that my lawyer was in the process of closing the deal on the property bordering my property and once the process was finished, I was going to build another house near the old spring fed pond.

As we strolled along Kathy had a lot of questions to ask and Jake was kind of quiet. We made it to the old pond and both Kathy and Jake loved the area. I told them there were some large rocks to sit on and decided to sit down and rest.

Carrie looked at her mom and said, "Fred and I are going to keep walking and we'll meet back up with you in a little while."

Kathy smiled and said, "Go ahead dear, I know you and Fred probably want some time alone. Have fun and enjoy yourselves."

Kathy turned to Beth and said, "Sometimes I wish your sister would be more like you were when you were growing up."

Beth smiled and said, "Mom, I had boyfriends too. It's just that I didn't get overly excited about them because I couldn't find one who would accept me for who I am and the lifestyle I love. You and daddy taught me I shouldn't compromise my values for anyone and I didn't."

Kathy looked right at me and asked, "Dan, when was the last time you made love to my daughter?"

I looked at Beth and she was all smiles so I looked at Kathy then at Jake before saying, "The night before last when Kim and I enjoyed her company in our bed. However, I want to tell you both that we have maintained a supervisor/employee relationship for six years without doing anything. It was only a short while ago, after both of us were promoted to our new positions, that we learned how much we have in common. That only happened when the Chairman of the Board's secretary advised Beth she would be responsible for packing my suit case some times when we had to leave the office on a trip without much notice. It was then Beth and I had to sit down and talk about what we wore for clothes so she would know what to put in my garment bag and travel bag. When we got to the part about pajamas, I told her I didn't wear any and she told me she didn't either. That was the day we discovered both of us were nudists. So, to be very straight forward with both of you, your daughter Beth, achieved her status as my executive secretary by the hard work she has produced for me as my secretary, not because she was providing any sexual favors for me. To tell you both how important Beth is to me, my accepting the promotion to CEO was contingent on Beth being advanced as my executive secretary. I told Tom it was both of us or nothing. He accepted both of us and little did I know they knew in advance I wouldn't move up without Beth so they had already created her new office when they were building mine."

Kim spoke up when I paused for a moment and said, "I will verify everything that Dan has told you. In our house there are no secrets of any kind and I do mean any kind, not even personal ones. You will find out during your stay that we don't close any doors and if someone wants to watch what's going on in a particular room, we have always expressed to everyone our open door policy."

Kathy sat looking at Kim and I before saying, "I've noticed a change in Beth and I knew it had to be something big. I can't put my finger on it, but for one thing she seems to be happier. Neither Jake or I are going to pass judgment on what happens here, but I want to say, don't hurt my baby."

Beth stood up and walked over to her mom and said, "I love you mom, more that you can guess. But there's more. Since we are alone, Kim would you please tell them. You can explain it better than I can."

Kim looked at me, then at Beth before she looked at Kathy and Jake. After a pause Kim said, "We want Beth to be a part of our family and I think Dan will be able to explain it better though."

Kathy looked at Beth and said, "Are you still taking the birth control shots?"

Beth smiled and said, "Yes, but the three months run out soon."

Kathy looked at me straight in the eye and said, "Don't hurt my baby in any way."

I stared back at Kathy and said, "I want to make your daughter pregnant and for her to have my baby. My wife can't have any more children due to complications when Jenna was born. Kim and I have talked to Beth about the possibility of her having my children. I will care for your daughter as if she were my own. I am more than financially set to the point she will never have to spend any of the money she makes. I will have her live and love with us, as a family. Beth told us she won't make a decision on our proposal until we have a family meeting to discuss her becoming a mother to my children. Your daughter is to be congratulated for being brave and smart wanting to make sure from the other family members that she will be accepted into the family before she steps forward. Kim and I both love Beth and there will be hell to pay if anyone hurts her."

Jake had been silent but now, he was ready to speak when he said, "Dan, I only met you hours ago but I've heard about you for some time now. Beth has always spoken highly of you on the phone or when she was at home. We raised our children to be thinkers and not followers. I know there is an age difference and I also realize you are married to Kim, so I'm not even going to ask what arrangements have been made to ensure all things remain equal. I will say, however, if you make my daughter pregnant, I'm sure you will care for my grandchild. I'm not sure if it's needed but I will give you, Kim, and Beth my blessings. Beth is an intelligent girl and I have no doubt in my mind she will make a decision based on fact and what is best for her."

I looked at Jake for a moment and then stood up and stepped towards him. Jake stood up and we shook hands first then I pulled him into a hug and said, "Thank you so much."

As we stepped apart, Kim, Kathy, and Beth stepped together in a three way hug. Then Kathy hugged me and Jake hugged Kim first, then Beth. Beth stepped over to me and pulled me close and kissed me passionately with everyone watching and when our kiss was over she pulled her upper body back and said, "I love you in a special way, Dan Morrison."

Kim stepped up and hugged both of us and said, "I love you, Beth Thompson, and I love you too, Dan Morrison."

I smiled and said, "I love it when a family comes together. I love both of you."

Jake waited for us to part then said, "Kathy told me when we were at home she thought you and Beth were involved in a relationship, just by the way Beth sounded. I told her I didn't think so, but you know women, they get these things called premonitions and many times they're right."

I smiled at Jake and said, "I know what you mean. I have been the single male in a female dominated house since Jenna was born. It's been tough at times and I'm always overruled."

Jake slapped me on the back and said, "Me and my sons are outnumbered too, but since there's more of us we just tell the women folk to go do what they do best, SHOP, and leave us alone."

I laughed and said, "By the way, the girls have a shopping trip planned for tomorrow so they can buy more stuff before we leave for Germany on Monday morning."

Kathy said, "Oh I wish I could go with you on that trip. I'd love to see Germany."

I looked at Beth and said, "Do you have the phone number for the place we are staying?"

Beth got a huge smile on her face and said, "I have the phone number in my stuff at the house. Dan Morrison is this another one of your......"

Beth didn't get a chance to finish what she was saying when I turned to Jake and Kathy and said, "If you can take a week away from the farm, I will pay for your room and meals and because my company is providing the plane, there will be no expense for you if you want to go with us on Monday. The only thing that would hold you back is if you don't have a passport. You should know by now I don't make idle suggestions."

Both Kathy and Jake were standing and looking at us with their mouths hanging wide open and not saying a word. Finally Beth asked, "Mom, dad, do both of you have passports?"

Kathy was the first to recover from her shock and said, "Yes, both of us have passports, but they're at home."

I told Kathy, "I have to pay Jack for flying whether he has passengers or not. If you want to fly home get your passports and grab a few clothes, I can talk to Jack and have him wait for you and bring you back with him."

Kathy said, "We can't impose on you like that. I was just expressing an idea."

I looked at both Jake and Kathy and said, "We are going to be flying to Germany on an Airbus A350 XWB which normally seat almost 300 people. My company bought it new and ordered it with some seats, a lounge area, a bar and it even has some bedrooms and also a full galley. So adding two more people won't be a problem. I can have Beth call and confirm the number of passengers this afternoon."

Jake said, "Kathy, if you want to go, we can get the boys to take care of the farm and Carrie can help them. I'll leave it up to you to decide."

I said, "Beth and I will be attending to business and will have to eat some meals with company officials, but when we are away you will still have your meals with Kim. I know they are going to go shopping, so you might want to take some extra money for that. You won't find a cheaper vacation anywhere."

Beth came over to me and put her arm around my waist and said, "Mom is analyzing so it will take her a few minutes."

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