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The Mother-in-Law


I wasn't sure in which category this belonged, so ...

In this one recently estranged Jason meets his sexy mother-in-law for a drink - Elaine is attempting, in a very unconventional way, to reconcile Jason with her daughter.

Anyway, as usual, I hope you enjoy it. feedback, of the constructive criticism kind, is welcome; either in public comments below, PM on Lit, or email. If you want a response then email is best.

I apologise, as ever, for any errors in the text. If there are howlers in it all I can say is 'oops'.

GA - Antigua, Guatemala. 10 May 2012.

He couldn't deny it; she had a point, and the truth of it made him squirm.

They sat in the bar, corner table away from flapping ears. The woman, Elaine Thomas, his mother-in-law, swept blonde tendrils away from her face with long, well-manicured fingers, and Jason caught a flash of early evening sunlight reflected from the platinum wedding band. Elaine reclined against the seat cushion, crossing her legs in a sweeping, typically elegant manner. She settled, palms smoothing the black cotton skirt over her crossed legs, an elbow against the chair arm, forefinger touching one cheek bone. She regarded her son-in-law seriously.

The man, late twenties, blushed, even his head beneath the fuzz of blond crew-cut reddened. He felt like he was at an interview, so intently did Elaine study him. Then the woman smirked, her face taking on that knowing, expression that fascinated Jason, as though she knew a deep, dark, embarrassing secret. He found himself staring at Elaine, mouth hanging slightly unhinged. Realising he appeared moronic and, uncomfortable at being cornered by Elaine's succinct revelation, anger flashed swift and hot.

He wasn't the one in the wrong, Jason was the injured party; Elaine's daughter was the one to blame. Why did I agree to this meeting?

'That isn't the point, Elaine,' Jason snapped. 'It might be true, but I never acted. You can't accuse me of ever making a move.' He leaned forward in his seat, almost spitting the words but keeping his voice low, he didn't want everyone in the hotel bar to know his business. A finger stabbed the air for emphasis. 'Your daughter,' he snapped, 'is the guilty one in all this.' Anger spent, Jason slumped back into the seat.

The woman's smirk broadened to a grin, she enjoyed teasing her son-in-law, even in these trying circumstances. 'It wasn't an accusation, Jay,' she said, her voice even. 'I'm trying to help. I want you and Ingrid to make it up.' She shrugged, her mouth tightening. 'I know you're hurt. What she did was stupid. She betrayed your trust and—'

'She slept with someone else, Elaine,' Jason interrupted, anger, reignited, flared in his chest.

The blonde winced. 'And for which she's absolutely, to the point of devastation, sorry for, Jason. But,' Elaine held up a palm when her son-in-law's mouth opened, 'I'm not here to argue Ingrid's side, I asked you to meet here so we could perhaps study the possibility of opening dialogue; which might, hopefully, lead to reconciliation.'

'You sound like a United Nations diplomat, Elaine,' Jason scoffed. His eyes rolled. 'Reconciliation ... Right ...' He turned his head away from the woman, pretending to be distracted by a group of travellers straight in from the airport.

Elaine sighed. 'Please, Jason,' she implored. The man turned at her touch on his knee. 'All I want is for you and Ingrid to be happy. Like we are, Sean and me, happy together.'

Her mother would defend her, Jason thought. The three of them, the Thomas family, Elaine, Sean and Ingrid, so thick with each other, so smug inside their little bubble, united. With the wound of his wife's adultery eight weeks fresh Jason lashed out verbally. 'How do you know Sean hasn't been as deceitful as your darling daughter?' he spat.

'Because he has no reason to deceive me,' Elaine responded coolly. 'We understand each other. Which,' she added shifting her position. Her legs, uncrossing and re-crossing distracted Jason momentarily. 'Which is why there wasn't any problem when I told him, a few years ago this was, Jason, not long after Ingrid brought you home, that you fancied me.'

She was back to that again, Jason thought. So what? He wouldn't be the first bloke to find his wife's mother attractive. It certainly wasn't a crime, and as he'd pointed out when the subject had first come up a few moments earlier, he'd never made a move.

'What the hell has any of this got to do with Ingrid and me?' The tourists at the bar looked up from the menu they were studying at this outburst.

Elaine's head tilted, her lips pursing. 'Directly with Ingrid?' Her shoulders shrugged. 'Not much perhaps, but if I can explain how Sean and I work together ...' She shrugged again. 'Well,' she went on, 'it might give you something to think about with Ingrid.'

Jason lifted his hands in a sceptical gesture. Go on then, his expression said as he folded his arms.

'I'm not telling you anything my daughter doesn't know already. And I'm quite surprised she didn't ever mention anything to you.' She peered at the man slumped petulantly in his seat opposite. 'Ingrid didn't say anything, did she? She couldn't have.' Elaine shook her head. 'If she had done perhaps you and she wouldn't have come to this.'

'I don't have a clue what you're babbling about Elaine,' Jason sighed. He checked his watch. 'And, if you don't mind, I've had a busy day and I'd like to get back to the flat to unwind, so ...' Despite his arched eyebrows and impatient manner, Jason found he was intrigued. What was this thing his mother-in-law was hinting at?

'I know my husband has never been unfaithful,' Elaine began, 'because we have a little arrangement.'

Jason was surprised to see Elaine, usually so cool and composed, look a little uncomfortable. Arrangement? he wondered. And then his jaw dropped when realisation slapped his face. A sudden cocktail of emotions swirled within him -- excitement, arousal, even jealousy swelled in his chest, tingled in his gonads, and twisted in his guts. Elaine and Sean ... An open relationship ...

'What do you mean?' he croaked. 'Just exactly does that mean? And what the hell does it have to do with me and Ingrid?'

The woman rolled her eyes as though the young man were an idiot. 'It means, darling,' she said slowly, sarcastically, 'that Sean and I fuck other people.' Jason's mouth gaped again, never before had he heard his mother-in-law utter a profanity, perhaps a 'bugger' or a 'damn', but never the F-word. 'There are conditions of course, rules if you like. There are dangers in that lifestyle, Jason, especially in the early days.' She nodded, perhaps reliving some debacle from the past.

'Huh ...' Jason cleared his throat. 'How long have you ... Uh ...' His hands flapped innefectually.

'Since the very outset.' Elaine grinned. 'Our wedding night was unusual, Jason.'

This was too much to process. What was the woman doing? Why tell him this? He remembered a detail; 'And Ingrid knows all this? That you and Sean are ... are ... swingers?'

'That's such an uncouth expression, darling,' Elaine sniffed. 'But I suppose that's exactly right. Although,' she said, a finger raised to emphasise the point, 'there are certain rules that we've adopted over the years. It isn't just an indiscriminate gang-bang.'

The image of this elegant woman, perfectly mannered and poised, taking on all-comers twisted the blade of jealousy in Jason's vitals. 'Jesus,' he muttered. 'Elaine ...'

'What I'm trying to get across,' Elaine said, ignoring the man's gape-mouthed, bug-eyed surprise, 'is that perhaps ...' She paused, shifting in her seat to cross and recross her legs again, '... if you and Ingrid adopted a similar ... attitude ...'

'Your daughter?' Jason blurted, aghast. 'You'd condone Ingrid doing ...' The sentence spluttered to a stop on his lips.

'It would be rather hypocritical of me to disapprove, wouldn't it?' Elaine looked about the bar, an addition to the hotel attractively laid out in an Olde English cottage theme. 'I've entertained and been entertained in this very hotel,' she revealed. 'I like this chain,' she nodded, adding, 'a little down-market perhaps, but very reasonably priced. One in just about every town and city in the country, always with a convenient bar attached.' She regarded her son-in-law pointedly. 'Very handy for breaking the ice. Especially, Elaine added sagely, 'with a couple of young newbies. Some of the girls can be very skittish. But Sean's got such a lovely way with them ...'

'Stop! For fu— For pity's sake. Elaine ...' Jason gasped. '... Stop.'

'Ooh, sorry, too much info, darling?' Elaine chuckled. 'I was getting carried away.' A sly expression crossed her face and her eyes narrowed. She leaned forward in her chair and, in a conspiratorial tone, said, 'I've booked a room.' Her hand indicated a laptop case by her feet. 'I thought I might just set up my computer, buy some wifi ... Perhaps see if anyone on my favourite site wants to ...' She offered her stunned son-in-law a long, lascivious wink of theatrical exaggeration. 'Or,' she added, sliding a purple key-card onto the low table in front of her, 'I could leave you a key. Let you think about things.' Elaine paused then rose to her feet. She smoothed the skirt over her hips and picked up the computer bag. 'It's half-six,' Elaine said, consulting the clock behind the bar. 'At seven I'll log-on to the site ...' And with a toss of her hair, a cheery smile as though nothing in the world was amiss, with the inference clear, she left the room.

Jason's eyes followed his mother-in-law's derriere in the tight skirt as she hip-swayed across the room to the exit. She didn't even glance back.

No way, he thought five minutes later as he strode across the car park. Oblivious to the calm summer evening -- one made for cheerful pints of beer in pub gardens, or trysts with voluptuous, attractive middle-aged women in hotel rooms -- Jason pointed the fob at the door of the Ford Focus. The lock thunked open and he climbed into the car. He unhooked his tie as he settled behind the steering wheel and then manoeuvred the vehicle mindlessly through traffic on the A23. He remained oblivious to the snarling, weaving traffic, his mind focussed on his mother-in-law, her husband, and the mind-boggling revelations.

The invitation had been there. Elaine, ripe and gorgeous, a living image of his wife's potential in twenty years. Jason wondered, unmindful of the roundabouts and junctions, if Ingrid knew of her mother's intention to meet him that evening. And, if she did, was she aware that Elaine planned to invite him to her room?

He parked the car in an empty bay. He'd known in the bar, when he'd sat there reeling from Elaine's offer, as the key sat between them burning a hole in the table, what he was going to do. A few moments later, remembering the number of the room, he slid the purple key card into the slot. The lock clicked open heavily, with the corresponding green light glowing to indicate that access was granted.

'You've come after all,' Elaine purred. 'How delightful.' She rose to her feet, laptop open on the long utility counter next to the television and kettle. 'I'd given up on you. I saw you drive out of the car park,' her hand swept towards the curtained window, 'and I was just about to arrange for some company and have a shower ...' She took a pace towards her son-in-law. 'But here you are.'

Jason had blurted the question because it was uppermost in his mind: 'Does Ingrid know about this?' It was out before he could think. And then, realising the woman's state of undress, he forgot his estranged wife.

What Jason saw made his balls tingle. He felt a jolt, a visceral gripe of lust for the woman that caused his penis to stiffen instantly. She moved towards him, bare from the waist down except for hold-up stockings and the heeled shoes she preferred. He took in the arousing aspect of her legs, well-proportioned and shapely, an aesthetically pleasing tension in the calf muscles from almost being on tip-toe in the shoes. Her pudenda, he noticed, his eyes gleaming, was plump, smooth around the labia, but with a hint of fair pubic fuzz smoking low on her tummy. As she came to him Elaine began to unbutton the pristine white blouse she'd worn at their meeting. Jason gasped when the blouse gaped open and Elaine's breasts, full and lightly tanned spilled over the cups of her bra.

'Ingrid knows,' Elaine whispered as the blouse slid over her shoulders. 'Sean knows,' as she unclasped the bra. 'Everybody's happy,' the woman added, her arms encircling Jason's neck, breasts squashing against his shirt. 'We can discuss all that later,' Elaine said, dismissing the questions forming in her son-in-law's mouth. She halted his embryonic queries with her lips. 'Kiss me,' Elaine murmured as her breath wafted across Jason's face. 'Kiss me like you've wanted to. Like I've always wanted you to.'

Jason's hands, of their own accord, clasped the woman's waist. He returned the kiss, pushing his tongue into his mother-in-law's mouth. He groaned, his erection straining against the confines of his trousers. 'Elaine, he sighed when, after a prolonged, tongue-sliding kiss, the couple parted.

'What do you think?' Elaine asked, stepping away from Jason two paces. 'Am I what you imagined?' The sly smirk crossed her face again. Hands on hips, head tilted, Elaine added: 'You must have fantasised about it, Jason. Tell me, did you masturbate picturing me in the nude? I hope you did ...' She paused, her gaze intense as she studied her daughter's husband for a reaction. 'I've role-played with Sean about it.' Elaine chuckled. 'My husband grew rather ... ardent as he acted out your part. I think it really turned him on. But he's always been a dirty bastard.' Her hands went to her breasts, palms cupping the mounds. Elaine examined her tits critically. 'Not bad for an old girl am I, Jason? It takes a lot of effort, but to see the look on men's faces when I take my clothes off ... especially some of the young ones with pretty wives or partners ... It's so gratifying when they look at me with such hunger on their faces.' The woman performed a slow, deliberate pirouette, pausing to look over one shoulder coquettishly while allowing the young man to feast his eyes on her backside. 'So, Jason,' she repeated, completing the turn. 'What do you think?'

She was all he hoped his wife would become. Ingrid and her mother shared the same voluptuous curves, both richly proportioned, and the years stood well on Elaine. Her breasts were fuller than her daughter's, hips wider, but whereas Ingrid may have youth, Elaine possessed the sexiness that came with maturity and confidence. She knew she looked good, and she wanted to flaunt what she had. Elaine knew how to turn a man on with a glance, a suggestion behind the eyes, could inflame them with a smile, and she'd instinctively known her son-in-law would be a certainty for heels and a pair of hold-ups.

'Oh, God ... Elaine ...' Jason devoured the woman with his eyes, his gaze sliding all over her body. 'Beautiful ...'

The heat of the younger man's stare burned and itched between Elaine's legs. Thank God for my wonderful husband, she thought, then said: 'Take your clothes off, darling. Strip and then come to me on the bed.' The woman climbed onto the purple cover. She watched her daughter's husband disrobe, her stare intent, expectant. 'I think I'll start by sucking your cock,' she purred when Jason's erection sprang into view. 'Come here and let me kiss that big thing.'

'This can't be happening,' Jason muttered.

Elaine's palm cupped his scrotum, her mouth opening. 'It's happening, you gorgeous man. Elaine's going to lick you from balls to tip, and then she's going to suck you. Don't come,' she admonished. 'No coming until you've kissed my pussy ... No spunking until you've fucked my tight cunt ...'

'Fuck ...' Jason swore in response to the obscenity. That word! On Elaine's lips. 'Elaine ...' he groaned, 'to hear you say that ... You never swear.' Jason's eyes closed as the heat of his mother-in-law's mouth engulfed him.

Elaine, positioned on hands and knees, faced the foot of the bed to slobber and drool over her son-in-law's erection. He stood in front of her, his cock stretching her lips, and she moaned around the mouthful of male appendage, sucking and wanking the thick, gnarled root.

Jason sighed, running his fingers through blonde hair, tangling the previously immaculate arrangement. He leaned forward, sliding his palms along the woman's slender back, taking a firm hold of her buttocks as his erection wedged deeper in her mouth and she gagged.

'You're going to fucking choke me with your big cock,' Elaine spluttered, a strand of drool looping like a hawser from her chin to the bulging dome of Jason's cock-head.

'You deserve to choke, you filthy old slut,' Jason growled as he slapped at his mother-in-law's buttocks. 'God, Elaine,' he added as he took a step back to savour the sight of the mature woman kneeling on the bed. 'You're so sexy. Even hotter than I ever imagined.'

'Did you ever wank and think about fucking me?' Elaine asked, rolling across the bed onto her back. She opened her legs, heels digging into the bedcover. 'Did you?'

'Of course I did,' Jason confessed. He stroked his length, staring avidly at his mother-in-law's fingers as the woman fingered her own sex. 'I thought about what it would be like to see you nude. I imagined us on a beach holiday, me spying ion you as you sunbathed nude. You catching me but not minding. Seducing me under a shower ...'

'When I role-played with Sean ...' There was a pause while Elaine groaned, her fingertip sliding across the nub of her clitoris. 'We pretended you were in our house, in the spare room, and I was spying on you as you wanked.' Her eyes shone at the recollection. 'It was so hot, Jason ... My husband fucked me twice that night, one after the other. He pulled out of me, spunked all over the front of my body, and then just plugged it back in and fucked me until he squirted inside me.' The woman's fingers traced lazy, swirling patterns around her labia. 'I came and came and came ...' she added, holding herself wide open. The opening, scarlet and bubbling, taunted Jason. 'Come and lick me,' Elaine sighed.

Jason lay belly down on the bed. He crawled like a soldier to the place between the woman's thighs. 'Your daughter pisses juice too,' he smirked.

'I don't need details like that, Jason,' Elaine scolded. 'Just concentrate on satisfying me. I'm a lady with high expectations. If you're going to be one of my lovers, you need to prove yourself.' She reached between her legs and pulled the man's face to her body. 'Suck my clit,' she growled.

This isn't going to be a one-off, Jason had time to think before his mother-in-law smeared her slippery vulva against his mouth. How would that arrangement work? And then all thoughts of the future left him as he struggled to breathe through his ears, his tongue busy against the woman's flesh.

Elaine writhed and rolled on the bed as she gasped her pleasure. 'Oh, fuck ...' she sighed, her voice curdling with pleasure. 'Lick my sopping cunt, you beautiful man. Finger me there. Curl your fingers inside me ... Rub just there. Oh yes ...' Elaine gave a yelp of appreciation when, as Jason's fingers twisted against the sensitive spot inside her body, his tongue slid low and squirmed into her anus. 'My dirty-hole,' she squealed. 'Oh that's filthy ... But I love it. Lick my sphincter, Jason.

Using every technique in his repertoire, Jason coaxed his mother-in-law towards her climax. When he felt she was close to the brink, when her thighs began that convulsive tremor and her body closed around his probing fingers, he'd pause and allow the moaning blonde to calm a little.

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