The Mother-in-Law


Three times he took her to the edge, the juices sliding from her body, her stomach tensing, obscenities littering the air. Jason looked up along the woman's writhing body. He saw the mounds of her breasts shivering and trembling with her movements, noticed how thick and taut and long her nipples were.

He ceased the oral attention at her sex, instead tracing a line with his tongue upwards. Over her stomach and the jewel at her navel, tasting her skin, pausing to suck at each elongated teat before continuing the journey north. He licked the concavity just below her throat, nibbling at the side of the woman's neck and eliciting a long, drawn out sigh as her fingers brushed the stubble of his crew-cut. Elaine gasped, eyes opening wide when, as he pushed his tongue into her mouth, Jason's fingers curled inside her again.

I'm going to ...' she blurted.

Jason was forced to bodily restrain his mother-in-law as her climax broke. He struggled to restrain her as she clawed at him, her nails scoring rents along any exposed skin.

'Fucking hell, Elaine,' he gasped, holding the woman's hands above her head, pinning her wrists to the pillow.

'Put it in,' the woman snarled, her face twisted. 'Fuck me. Fuck me now. Put it in and fuck me. Quickly, before it stops ...'

Jason hissed through his teeth, swearing as, for the first time, he slid balls deep into that woman's body. Her insides clenched around his girth, her legs moving around his waist.

'Fuck,' he gasped. 'You're so hot down there.'

'I'm always hot, Jason; always on fire between my legs. Sometimes I think I'm a nympho, my cunt gets so itchy for cock ...'

Who was this woman? How could he not have seen her for what she really was? Maybe that's why he'd wanted her from the beginning; he'd sensed that smouldering sexuality. Perhaps he'd smelt her desire? Ingrid was no slouch in bed. In fact, sometimes, he struggled to keep pace with her. Is this what his wife would become -- a spitting, clawing, snarling cougar? As he eased slowly out of his mother-in-law's body Jason, in a blur of whirling images, considered the future. Elaine had said he could do this with her again ... Did he want that? Sure he did, who wouldn't? Could he live life with Ingrid like her parents' lived? Could he bear to watch her with another man? Could he stand to watch her with several men?

'Hard,' the woman growled, her thighs squeezing Jason's waist. 'Give me that cock hard and fast. Fuck me, you lovely bastard. Come on ... Fuck me ... Bring me off. Fill me with your love. Spunk inside me.'

With lust raging inside him Jason resolved to see his estranged wife as soon as he could. He was keen to explore this new, fascinating and exciting realm. Swinging with Ingrid ... The possibilities ... He swallowed and, with his arms extended, resting his weight on his palms, he looked down at Elaine's body. He saw her labia, sticky with desire, clinging to the glistening shaft of his cock.

Her eyes, glazed and heavy-lidded, implored him. 'Hard,' Elaine moaned.

The man stabbed into Elaine, thrusting savagely. 'You can have it as hard as you want,' Jason babbled. He looked at her big breasts, trembling like jellies as the woman panted up at him, nipples thick and long inside the puckered saucers of their areola.

Then, as Elaine's final comment drove him to lust-crazed madness, Jason snarled, his body slamming down against the woman's upthrust pubic bone. 'Fuck me,' Elaine had muttered. 'I'm your wife's mother ...'

Several deep, probing thrusts later and Jason felt the inevitable rush of his climax. The goo surged through his cock, the sensation making him gasp and cry out at the pleasure of it. His mother-in-law locked her ankles around his back, held him tight within her embrace, squealing delightedly as the hot stuff squirted into her body.

'Oh you dirty boy,' Elaine groaned. 'Taking advantage of me and fucking me.' She laughed, still holding the young man deep inside her, legs clamped around him when she saw the expression on his face. 'It's OK,' she chuckled, 'I'm only teasing, you didn't take advantage, Jason; I wanted it. I wanted you to do it to me just like that. Hard and fast and intense. Now we can cool down.' The vice grip of her legs relaxed. 'We can shower, chat about things, and then ...' Elaine's eyes sparkled at the suggestion. 'Then we can make love, nice and slowly next time. I want to savour your hard body, Jason; I want you to linger over me; taste me; experience me.' Elaine pushed Jason's bulk away. She rolled across the bed, her legs falling open as she continued to speak. 'I was thinking,' the woman purred as she idly fingered her sex. 'That I could call Sean ... Perhaps have him join us ...' She groaned, two fingers stirring the gloop that dribbled from her body. 'But,' she continued, 'that might be a bit weird for you.' Elaine shrugged and Jason's eyes moved to the trembling of the woman's breasts at the movement. 'Maybe it would be best if I kept you and Sean compartmentalised,' Elaine suggested. 'Just like I don't want details about my daughter.' She then closed her eyes and surrendered to the orgasm brought on by her own insistent, probing, sticky fingers.

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