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The Motherfuckers


This is not an entirely original piece the idea was given to me by a lady who wanted someone to write a story based upon her personal fantasy. For the purposes of this board, I have removed a lot of the violence in the ladies orginal fantasy.

For those who do not like forced sex fantasy this story is not for you. The story is about a woman who was abused as a child by her father, and is used again by her son. Read on.

Claudia lay on the sofa her legs wrapped under her in a semi foetal position. She hugged a large cushion into her ample bosom as the television screen played a weekend variety show. She was not in the mood for the audience laughter, she did not notice the songs the singers sang, or the magicians tricks. The programme was there to serve one purpose only to drown out the sounds coming from her son's room.

As before when her husband Josef was away, her son Karl had invited his friends around. Claudia did not like them, did not trust them, she felt as if she was a prisoner in her own home. All of the boys were tall, with short cropped hair, they had followed the fashion and had taken tattoos. She had been so angry with Karl when he too, had joined the craze. 'So easy to apply a mark, so difficult to remove'. He had said she should be pleased, be grateful, the tattoo had the words mum encircled with a heart. Where it was troubled her, marked into his abdomen, just like the others, he had embellished the design with a rope of entwined roses that sank down to his groin.

She did not want to know what kind of love he felt for. She feared it was not the kind a mother would be proud of. Since his early teens, when she began to find pornographic magazines hidden in his room, she noticed how his affection changed. He had always been an affectionate child. Now, she found him oppressive, always close to her, he watched her in the kitchen, in the garden. Claudia had taken to locking her bedroom door and the bathroom door, she had often caught him trying to look at her, catch her undressing or naked.

Most mothers would say in a growing boy this was almost natural, a mother is the first woman teenage boys come close to, have a relationship with. But there were things about Karl now he was a young man of nineteen, which stirred memories in Claudia, things she thought had gone away. As she listened to the laughter, the crude language coming from upstairs, she gave a little shudder and cursed her body for the reaction to the fear inside. Her nipples were taut and aching inside her top, she pressed the cushion harder against her, to stop the tingling in her breasts, to stop the tremors in her stomach, and the damp patch forming in her panties.

Claudia was the middle child in a family of three sisters, when she was young she had adored her father, the way he played with her, held her on his knee as they read together at night. She had not understood why her older sister had left the home as soon as she could, why she had avoided her fathers affection. Claudia soon reached puberty, and her breasts grew into those of a young woman. Then she knew why her sister had left. Her father was so like Karl, at first things appeared to be innocent, he would walk in while she was dressing. Talk to her as she was changing for bed, his hand would accidentally touch her, until the time when the pretence stopped and she learnt what he really wanted from his daughter.

For years the visits continued, till her youngest sister too developed breasts, Claudia thought her time had ended when she met Josef and she told her father she was to be married. He did not trouble her again until her wedding day, when she walked up the aisle to make her vows with her fathers cum fresh on her lips and in her mouth.

Josef proved to be a good man, a firm man, a loving man, and a devout man. Claudia never wore make up, always dressed with style but modestly, and performed her duty for the man she loved. Karl was born into a strict loving house, from the outset he learnt the difference between right and wrong, he was a pretty boy, and became a handsome young man. Claudia had not seen her father since the day she married, but he started to take an interest in the boy, teach him the things a boy ought to know. Subtley the relationship between mother and child changed to the point she had reached tonight. She was angry, she felt trapped, angry her freedom, her life was being taken away. Now she was going to make a stance, turn these vile young men out. Bring some discipline back into her son's life. This was her house, not his, he would have to learn to respect that.

Claudia rose from the sofa stepping into her slippers as she did so. She pulled herself straight, drawing her shoulders up, and sucking in her little domed belly, the mark her son had left on her for giving him life. She smoothed down the front of her dark blue cotton tee shirt, gathering the sides of her chunky knit cardigan she wrapped them tight across her chest. Her arms tightly folded over her chest she buried the shape of her bosom from the prying eyes of her son and his friends.

With her most assertive stride Claudia stepped into the hall she grasped the natural beech banister and climbed the stair. From the stair well, the noise was clearer, she could hear the boys laughing and their comments too.

'Look at them fuckers bounce.'

'She's going to feel it when that monster enters her ass.'

'Look at that slut just gobbling it down. Still can't get Anna to do more than lick my dick.'

'Keep your hand on the back of her head, and push it down. If she starts to complain give her a good slap. Least that's what Grand Pa tells me. Certainly worked with that fat slut Sarah up at the café. She told me she wouldn't take it in the ass. A good spanking on those flabby buttocks, and I was driving it home bouncing off that rippling ass. It sounded so good all that slapping flesh and her squealing like a stuck pig'

'You are so gross. Popping your cock up flabby Sarah's shithole. She has been round the clock so many times, she needs a rebore. She is so fucking ugly!'

'Yeah and so grateful too. Where else could you get your hands on tits like that. They have to be 38F, when you bang her in the back they swing around just like that cunt's there. Fuck she has them swinging in different directions at once.'

Claudia had heard enough or was that too much. She felt sick deep into her stomach. She hated porn, she hated the degradation and humiliation the girls depicted. Karl knew it was banned from the house, she had lectured him so many times, about respect and how he should treat people and women in particular. It sounded like he had heard and deliberately done the opposite to spite her.

Claudia was only 5ft 5in tall, the boys were all over 6foot but she was not going to allow this to continue. They were going out the door and if he didn't like it Karl would be with them too. She checked herself in the mirror. Her face was red already, and the freckles on her skin had flared into big angry blotches. She hated being fair skinned, particularly in the summer but it did mean she stayed covered, no bare flesh to encourage men into thinking she was anything other than a loyal wife. She tried to wear baggy jeans, but because of her size the legs tended to mould around her thighs, the high waist was always tight over hips and ass. She wore brief shorts under them so there was no visible panty line. Her red hair was cut in a short bob that framed her face, leaving her neck exposed. Her tee shirts were always round neck so her cleavage was never visible and she wore a small crucifix given to her by Josef on their wedding day.

At times of stress like this she would toy with the chain, counting to ten before climbing up the stairs. Having made up her mind she did not stop to knock she just pushed straight into Karl's bedroom. The boys were grouped around the video screen, Karl was lying on his bed, whilst Ralf was sat in the dressing chair, Peter on the office chair by the little computer desk, whilst Max was sat on the floor. They were all drinking beer from the bottle. Some had their hands gripping the crotch of their straining jeans, whilst Karl lay back with his big fat erection tenting up the front of his jeans. They were watching two naked women being gang banged. Every orifice was filled, their faces were distorted, their bodies contorted, to accommodate the erect demanding phalluses.

Claudia was disgusted, but found it hard to take her eyes from the screen. She could not imagine how it would feel to be that stretched to be that used.

'Turn that filth off and get out of my house now. I have told you before Karl, if this is how you think of women, how you treat women, you are not a son of mine. You have abused my home for too long. I will discuss this with your father when he is home. I know he will be disappointed in you. Just as I am.'

Ralph and Peter looked up from the film with the sullen disdain only teenage males can achieve. Peter swung from side to side on the office chair. His eyes studied the full curves of Claudia's mature body. She shivered as he mentally appraised her shape, as if comparing it to the women on the screen. His face flicked into a smile and he gripped his crotch jerking his erection towards Claudia.

'Want some Mrs Hausman? We could make you some money. Make you a porn star, you look just as good as these sluts. In fact I bet you would look even better with your clothes off.'

Karl from the bed leant over to slap his mother's tense buttocks.

'Don't! Get out all of you get out. Don't you ever come into my house with this vile filth.'

Claudia's bottom was stinging slightly from the smack of her son's hand. Her face was burning with rage, frustration, and something else. The lips of her pussy fluttered inside of her panties. She felt the spasm of damp. She hoped they wouldn't smell her bodies unwanted reaction. She could feel the tiny prickles of tears forming at the corner of her eyes. She stepped further into the room and reached down to turn the television off. She heard the bedroom door slam shut behind her. She heard the sound of her son moving on his bed. She would drive them out. They would not rule her.

Max from the floor grasped Claudia's ankle and she began to over balance, Ralf and Peter, stepped forward from their chairs, it was Peter who caught her fall, pressing her face into the soft cotton of his tee shirt. She could feel the taut muscle across his chest, hard against her face. Ralf held her left wrist as Peter gripped her right, pulling her hand flat against his body.

She could feel Karl's hands resting on her hips.

'Careful mum. You could hurt yourself. You need to relax a little wait for the film to end. Be sociable have a beer. You have never seen one of my films before. You may enjoy it. It may even bring back some fond memories for you. Grand Pa says, you always needed a little time to calm, enjoyed a little discipline before.....'

'Stop it! Stop it! Stop it Karl! Stop it all of you. What happened with my father is in the past. It is none of your business or anyone else's. It happened. I did not want it to. I would not want a child of mine to go through what I endured with your Grand father. I know how he used me. I know how made me do it. I did not enjoy it. Just leave me alone and go away. All of you go away.'

Karl was standing now behind Claudia. She could feel the heat of his cock pressing through his jeans, resting on the cleft between her trembling taut buttocks. In front of her was a wall of young male flesh. Peter and Ralf stood blocking her from going forward, their breath was rustling the top of her hair. She could feel Max's hand travelling up her leg. He was stroking her calf, her knee, now her inner thigh. She pressed her legs together trapping his hand onto her thigh. She had to make him stop. She had to make him stop. She tried to release her wrists, but she was held.

Karl's hands slipped under her tee shirt. He was stroking the round trembling dome of her belly.

'It's alright mum. We won't tell Dad. I won't even tell Grand Pa, although I am sure he would like to know how his favourite fuck is. He tells me you were the best. You have to be really good. Auntie Hesta was really amazing. You didn't know I met Auntie Hesta did you?'

Hesta was the youngest of the three sisters and had remained closest to their father after their mother died and he took a new wife, approximately the same age as Claudia.

The press of the bodies against Claudia was oppressive, she could feel the breath of the boys upon her now prickly, sweating flesh. She twisted and turned in the grip the two boys had on her. Her one hand broke free and she slapped Peter hard across the face, catching his nose. She kicked at Max's hand grasping her leg. The strike made her wince as she caught her own ankle and shin. Like an eel she wriggled, stumbling she crawled for the door. Hands lifted her from the floor, her limbs trapped and held, she found herself face down into the cover of Karl's bed, as the recorded orgasms from the DVD filled the room. Claudia tried to call out to her son, but her shouts were lost into the warm blanket on the bed. Her mouth filled with the dry dust held in the wool, as the grunts and slaps of flesh against flesh subsided on the DVD, she could hear the male actors sighing their satisfaction.

'Yeah baby. You liked that slut didn't you.?'

'Suck my cock, lick it, lick it clean.'

Pressed close to her ear the voices of her sons friends began to drown out the sounds of the recorded sex.

'You are so fucking sexy Mrs Hausman.'

'The way you squirm makes me feel so damn horny. I just want to squeeze and bite your butt.'

'You have a real nice ass Mrs Hausman. You know we all really want to fuck your butt Mrs Hausman. Feel those big mommy tits you have been covering up. Hey Karl when you were a kid did you suck on those tits. Did you milk your mummies tits?'

'Did she taste good Karl? Does your mom taste as good as she smells. All sweet and honey dew.'

Trapped beneath the press of bodies Claudia could no longer escape, as firstly noses sniffed into her hair, her neck, between her splayed thighs. She could not tell whose lips were kissing her neck, whose hands were pushing up her tee shirt, so a tongue could lick along her spine. All she knew was the hands were gradually exploring her body and reaching towards the damp secret spreading inside of her pants.

Peter placed his hand into her hair, his initial gentle touch, becoming suddenly forceful pulling her face off the bed. He bent forward to kiss her mouth.

'No! No! NO! Karl stop this. Make them stop this. Stop this now or...'

Karl's hand clamped her jaw stopping the flow of words.

'Or what sweet mother? You'll call the police? Tell my dad? What will you tell them, you would want them to know, the neighbours to know, the folks you meet at the church to know? I fucked with my son, just like I fucked with my father. Gee mom Dad is going to be so pleased to hear all of that? Is he really going to want to know he was not the first to fuck you on your wedding day. Just how wet you get, how turned on you are right now fooling around with us boys. You are just fooling, teasing mom, telling us we can't have what you so desperately want us to take from you. Grand Pa says you have the creamiest pussy he has ever known. If you aren't enjoying this game, if you don't want us to fuck you, then your panties are going to be bone dry and your pussy as tight as a ducks ass. Max put your hand inside mom's jeans.'

'Roll her over so we can all see, if his finger is wet, or blue from the cold.'

Claudia was lifted and pressed down onto her back. She looked up into the hungry, wide lust filled faces of the boys. She looked into her son's eyes and saw her father's staring back. She tried desperately to keep her legs closed, she pleaded looking from face to face.

'You don't want me. You don't want to do this. I am Karl's mother. I am a woman, not a girl. You wouldn't fuck your own mother's would.....'

The gleeful look on their faces told her the answer to the question. The button on her jeans popped open between Max's fumbling fingers. She felt the zipper pull down. The boys attention had turned to her fluctuating belly, the thin cotton of her white panties. She felt the boys fingers slide under the cloth, working down her abdomen probing searching for the parting of her labia.

'Man your mum is hot. She is fucking soaking Karl. Whoa, you are one fucking dirty slut Mrs Hausman. One juicy cunt, oh wow! Look fellas, one finger!'



'No! No more. Let me go. Please let me go. Let me.....'

Claudia's words were stifled, as Peter still gripping her hair closed his mouth over hers. His serpent like tongue probed deep into her startled mouth. As she struggled for breath, the boys cheered loudly as Max's fingers started to jerk inside of her panties, pushing deeper and harder into her pussy. Her hips arched to meet his thrust, a tear trickling down her cheek for the betrayal by her body.

'Come on you fuckers let's get her clothes off, so we can get this party started.'

'What fucking party? All I have down here is a foot and a piece of her ankle. A view of Max's butt and the sound of his fingers squelching inside mommies pussy aint exactly my idea of fun. No we need more room. I want a piece of this action. All of the action, is there somewhere else we can go Karl?'

Karl kneeling over his mother the stiff pole of his erection almost punching a hole in his jeans, cast a conspiratorial smile across the group. He reached down squeezing his mother's breasts through her tee shirt.

'That feel good for you mom? I think it does. I can feel your nipples pushing up against your bra. You can't stop me this time from squeezing your tits. Remember when I was a kid you use to cradle me against these soft pillows. I used to go to sleep at night dreaming about your soft breasts against my face, your nipple up close to my mouth. Grand Pa says you have always been a cock tease. Just need a strong man to get the best from you. Well I am strong now mom. We are all strong now and we are going to fuck you all night. We are going to fuck you like you have always needed to be fucked. We are going to fuck you till are balls are dry.

Take her down the corridor to the bed she shares with my dad. That is a nice king size bed, plenty of room for all us to watch and fuck.'

Peter broke off from his prolonged kiss. Claudia tried to scream as she was carried aloft down the corridor to her bedroom. She bumped her head on the door frame as they hurriedly scrambled into the room. She barely noticed the knock, all she could feel was the persistent probing, groping hands of the young males as they searched for the intimate secrets of her body.

They attempted to stand her up, to strip away her clothes. Claudia dropped to her knees, eyes closed not wanting to see the powerful erect cocks surrounding her. The boys dragged the cardigan down her arms, tossing the lumpy garment into the corner. Ralf reached for the edge of her tee shirt, Claudia tried to cross her arms across her body, again they gripped her wrists, lifting her arms over her head. Her tee shirt was pulled up to reveal her white cotton bra, the brown circles of her aureola showing clearly through the thin fabric and the pert pinnacle of her nipples.

They did not wait for her tee shirt to come off, Ralf and Max reached out dragging aside the soft cups to release the firm swell of her breasts. Peter dropped onto his knees and immediately suckled one of the bare nipples as Max pulled and pinched her other.

Karl at last could feel the soft round flesh he had fantasised about, his Grand father's stories were coming to life for him. Claudia did have a round hour glass figure, with breasts you could bury your face into. It was possible to run your fingers over the freckled flesh of her chest, playing an imaginary game of join the dots, making erotic images with each play. Now he could have the one thing that he had never touched. Her pussy.

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