tagGroup SexThe Motor Home Trip Ch. 06

The Motor Home Trip Ch. 06


"Tonight turned out even better than we had hoped" Tracy said as we headed to their rig. "Mike and I hoped that things would happen between the four of us but we sure weren't prepared for the rest of it"

"Thank God I saw that smile on your face when she asked Connie that question. I had no idea you knew anything about it. Poor Mike, he was totally clueless. The look on his face when Connie gave them that ultimatum was worth a million bucks. I thought those guys were going to have heart failure right then and there." I laughed.

The interior of their coach was pure elegance. Tracy flipped a few switches and the mood was set. I slipped into the shower to freshen up while Tracy poured a couple of drinks. As I toweled off, she showered. She jumped out of the shower and slipped into the bedroom. I was sipping my drink when she appeared in the doorway. What I saw took my breath away.

Tracy was backlit, which gave her the impression of having a full body aura. Her dark hair hung invitingly over her shoulder. Her silhouette dramatically emphasizing her luscious curves. She had slipped on a pair of black lace topped thigh high nylons and very high heels. The lighting in the coach could not have been better to create the effect that highlighted the shape of her hips and the curves of her legs. She floated down the aisle toward me with slow, deliberate, sensuous steps. The directional lighting fell first on her face. As she moved forward, her breasts were illuminated briefly; another couple of steps and her triangle topped mound shone invitingly. My cock had stirred as she stepped into the doorway and by the time she was in front of me, I was rock hard.

Tracy reached over and turned on the stereo. I heard the soft, sexy sound of Barry White filling the air. She stood just out of reach and threw her head back and started to dance. Her body moved gracefully and it was oh, so seductive. As she swayed, her hands caressed the sides of her hips, up over her stomach and onto her breasts. She toyed with the fullness of her firm breasts, offering them and pulling back. Her hands moved to her neck and up onto her face. Her fingers began teasing her lips as her tongue flicked at those sleek digits. The effect was dramatic. Barry sang as she stepped closer to me and straddled my legs. Her hips began gyrating as she lowered herself onto my lap. With her breasts caressing my face and her fingers running through my hair, she lowered herself onto my lap. Our lips touched with total passion as she slid forward and brought her silky slit up to my very erect cock. Her fingernails stroked my neck. Her hips moved to the rhythm of the song as the wetness of her hot pussy coated my shaft. Totally into the music, she worked her hot box hard against my aching rod. Tracy's body massaged me deliciously, which was driving me wild. My hands roamed freely as did our lips. She dropped her hands to my hardness and held it tight to her as she rocked along it. I had to be inside her.

She rose from my lap, stepped back and knelt in front of me. She looked deep into my eyes as she held my cock in her hands. Her tongue caressed my balls then moved up along the underside of my cock. Her tongue knew where a man derived his pleasure and she orchestrated the perfect blowjob. Her lips formed an erotic oval as she covered the head and sank down on me. I was trying desperately to determine which was better. Was it the touch and feel of her hot, wet mouth or was it the sight of her beautiful face devouring my rigid tool? Her eyes were locked on mine and her lips glided over me as her cheeks pulled me deeper. She used her tongue along my shaft as it sank deeper into her perfect face. Put that all together and it was beyond description.

Tracy stood and reached above my chair. I saw her grab something but I wasn't sure what she had in her hands. "Put your legs together baby. Let me do everything. I know you are going to like this" she purred. I realized that she had two straps in her hands. With my legs together and my cock standing tall, Tracy lowered her hot pussy onto my cock. The only part of our bodies that touched was her velvet slit and my hard cock. She supported herself with the straps that were attached from the ceiling as she sank onto me. What a total erotic experience this was. Her legs were spread wide, not touching mine at all as she rose and fell onto my cock. I watched as her breasts bounced only inches from my face and chest yet we did not touch. Her slippery sheath inhaled me, grinding as her muscles pulsated against me. Her pussy was alive with sensations, which she teasingly transferred to me. I had never had a woman do anything like that before and the erotic effect was enormous. I felt the walls of her vagina constrict on me, squeezing and releasing, rising and lowering, pulsating passionately.

I was throbbing but she was not yet ready. She leaned in and kissed me. She let go of the straps and fell fully onto my hardness. She began to rock herself on me furiously. Our bodies became one as she yelped and began a crushing orgasm that brought the release we both craved. Her tight, hot hips were flying all over my cock as wave after wave of bliss washed over us. I came so hard I was close to passing out. As we clung together in the afterglow, our bodies twitched as each nerve ending relaxed. Tracy put her head on my shoulder and gently kissed my neck as we were spent. It truly had been a wonderful night.

Hours later the smell of freshly brewed coffee filled the air. Tracy opened her eyes and smiled. "Well, you two look like you had fun. Wake up sleepyheads" Connie giggled as she handed us our coffee. "Mike and I have been busy but you've got some work to do" she said as she threw me a pair of shorts. "You and Mike are going grocery shopping and Tracy and I will have breakfast ready when you get back. The girls called and they are coming back so we need more steaks."

I threw on my shorts and saw my rig parked in the space next door. Mike was pulling out his lawn furniture as I stumbled out the door. "Morning" I mumbled. "You look like hell."

"And you look like you were rode hard and put away wet." he laughed.

"Let's get this over with, I really need breakfast."

When we returned, I pulled in forward onto the site. The park was fairly empty and these sites were quite secluded. The gals were just putting the food onto the picnic table. We literally attacked it. I commented on the little extras he had in his coach. He did order it from the factory and they did a very nice job of installing the lighting and the straps. "You may not have noticed but there are more than one set of straps" he grinned.

"Straps, what straps?" Connie asked.

"I'll show you when we are finished breakfast" Tracy giggled.

"Just out of curiosity Tracy, is there a brass pole in your background somewhere?" I asked. Mike almost choked on his coffee when I asked her. He was coughing and laughing and nodding his head.

"You betcha there is. I was on a business trip to Dallas and I went into this club and there she is. She was working her way through school and it was lust at first sight. I went back every night and I just couldn't get her out of my mind. Here I am, a cowboy from Kentucky in my late twenties with not a lot of experience with women in general and absolutely no experience with a girl who looked like her. I know I came across as a bumbling idiot but I didn't care. I asked her out for coffee one night and she accepted. Best thing I ever did."

The girls cleared the dishes and we put out the awnings and the rest of the chairs. We carried our picnic table over so we would have enough seating for dinner. I heard Connie yell from inside the coach that she didn't care, she wanted us to get straps like those. We both roared.

"Wait till she sees the lighting. This could get expensive," I said as two cars pulled in and the rest of the gang arrived. The girls had gone in with Tracy and Connie and the guys helped us get everything finished outside. Mike asked them if they had a good time last night.

"Who would have thought that running out of gas could be a good thing? Damn, this has been the best trip ever. We had heard about this stuff but we never thought we'd ever be involved with it ourselves." Bob said. "Last night was incredible. You guys are so lucky."

"I'm not so sure we're the only lucky ones here. You were definitely right when you said those girls were hot. I'd hang on to them if you can. What did they think about everything," I asked.

"They couldn't wait to get back here, they had a great time."

"Okay guys, its margaritas time, " Tracy announced as the girls came out of the motorhome. "Mike, why don't you set up the volleyball net. We can play a little and then go down to the pool. Everyone bring their swim suits?"

That sounded like fun so we put it up and the girls went in to change. When they came out, there was a cacophony of catcalls as they all had on really skimpy suits, which hid very little of their nice figures. We sat and had a few drinks and then decided to play. We split into two teams and started playing. We weren't very good but it was fun.

"Damn, if you girls don't stop all this jiggling, I'm going to get horny again." Mike said. The words were no sooner out of his mouth when all six women started jumping up and down. "Too late, that worked, " he said as he grabbed Tammy who was closest to him and kissed her sweetly. She threw her arms around his neck and crushed her slender body against him.

Connie grabbed Bob and disappeared into our coach. We all paired off and the fun began. About an hour later, we headed to the pool. We had the pool all to ourselves and we all dove in. It seemed everyone enjoyed their appetizers and once they hit the water it really heated up. I was standing chest deep in the pool when two mermaids swam up. Connie threw her arms around me as Tracy surfaced beside her. "Honey, I want straps like that in our rig. Can I have them hon, can I?" she giggled as she grabbed my cock. I laughed and then realized she had both arms wrapped around my neck. Tracy had me royally and was grinning wickedly. What else could I do but agree.

"There are a few more improvements inside there that neither of you have seen yet. We'll have to show you before we go home." Tracy told us as Mike swam up behind Connie. Tracy was stroking me and Mike took Connie from behind. Connie still had her arms around my neck and Tracy was kissing her neck. Mike moved back into the pool a bit and Connie floated up to give him better access. Tracy toyed with her body and she slid her hand into Connie's pussy while her husbands' cock slid in and out deliciously. Tracy had both hands full as I jumped up onto the edge of the pool. From out of nowhere, little Maria swam up between us and immediately began kissing my very erect dick. It seemed that Tracy was getting busy herself when one of the guys grabbed her from behind while his girlfriend was playing with those beaded nipples through the thin fabric of her bikini top.

This hot little Latino was an adorable twenty-three year old with the face of an angel. Her smile would melt granite and her eyes were never ending pools of passion. Her lips had the softest touch, which lead to an insatiable appetite. Her mouth was exquisite in the pleasure she so freely gave. I slid back into the pool and pushed the bottom of her suit aside. She glided her tight hot body onto me and we kissed deeply. I could taste my cock on her lips and tongue. She wrapped her legs around me and ground her silky pussy hard onto my cock. Maria had a very prominent clit and I could feel it riding along the top of my cock. The water gave her the buoyancy to get into just the right position for maximum effect. "Gary, oh God you have no idea how good this is. Keep doing this and I'm going to cum so hard, " she whispered. "Don't stop, please oh please don't stop, fuck me, oh yes fuck me, I'm cumming, Oh Gawd, I'm cumming Oh Gawd, yessss." I held her tightly, watched as her lips began quivering. Her eyes glassed over as she met my every thrust. Her eyes rolled up and she came hard. Her entire body vibrated as the walls of her pussy clamped me tight. She rode that hard pole squeezing and rocking deeper and deeper. Her fingernails left marks on my neck but I didn't care. I held her slim body against mine as she came down. Gradually her breathing returned to normal as she nuzzled my neck. "I never knew sex could be this good. If you and Connie hadn't stopped to help the guys, none of us would ever have known just how truly wonderful things could be. We were all talking about it when we went back to the motel last night and all of us agreed you two are the best. We all love you guys."

"That's great, we feel the same way but you have to promise me something. We didn't plan this, it just happened. Those guys adore you and it sure seems you feel the same about them. Whatever you do, don't lose them. They are terrific catches."

"We won't, they are nice, kind, funny and they learned their lessons very well. Plus, they weren't shocked that we were bisexual. That is what really had us worried. We've been friends since before we were old enough to cross the street alone. The girls will always be together and the guys are good with that. It couldn't get any better than that."

"They still have much to learn," I said. She looked at me with a questioning look on her face. "Patience dear goddess, patience." I smiled and kissed her passionately.

I looked around and found that Maria and I were the only ones left in the pool. We headed back to camp where Mike was getting the coals going on the barbecue. The guys were shucking the corn and the girls were getting the salads ready. Maria and I poured everyone a drink and we relaxed until the fire was ready for the steaks.

Connie came out of the coach and told us the girls had a surprise for us after we ate. She leaned over and whispered to me that I had better put some cash away cause we had some remodeling to do. Mike heard her and I looked at him and he just shrugged. "I think I know what is going on but I guess we'll just have to wait and see what those two are up to, " he said.

We set up our tiki torches and the campsite looked great. Dinner was delicious and we cleared everything away. We sat and watched the last amber and violet rays of daylight fade away. What a perfect day this had been.

"Girls, come with me, I've got a couple of things to show you, " Tracy said and headed into her coach. A couple of minutes later we heard roaring laughter from inside. The comments coming out of the rig were pretty provocative to say the least.

Mike looked at me sheepishly and said, "Gary, obviously, we're friends so I want you to promise that you won't shoot me. I just figured out what they have up their sleeves. I know what she's doing and I have a feeling its going to cost you but, for what it is worth, I can get you a deal."

I didn't have a lot of time to process that when Tammy appeared at the door of the coach and informed us that our presence was requested immediately, if not sooner. So, totally confused, we all headed inside the coach. As I walked up the steps, little Maria gave me a playful slap on my butt and grinned.

The girls were sitting on the sofa and in the front seats that they had swiveled around to face into the coach. Connie was seated in one of the tub chairs and I was directed to re-occupy the chair I had enjoyed so much the night before. These chairs were thickly padded and so comfortable. I particularly liked the narrow headrests that really felt good on my neck.

"You like those chairs don't you? There are a few more things you haven't seen. Lift up on the right arm hon, " Tracy said. A gentle tug opened a small compartment that held a series of four toggle switches and a small joystick. "Pull the left switch toward you baby." As instructed, I pulled and the chair started to recline. As the chair was moving back, the split footrests came up simultaneously. Tracy swiveled the chair on an angle to avoid the outer wall as the chair went totally flat. "We have a buddy who designed them. They do the trick. Pull the second switch toward you." I did and the chair rose up. I pushed it back and the chair sank down again. "Put the chair back up in the regular position." I did. "Connie put your chair back like Gary did." She did. "Pull the third switch toward you." With her chair fully back she pulled the switch and the headrest dropped about four inches, extending her neck.

"This is so sweet. We've got to get this baby." Connie purred.

"It gets even better. Push the joystick to the right." She did and the footrest split and opened wide taking her legs with it. "You can tilt the chair by pushing forward and back on the joystick." She tried it and I just sat there trying to figure how I was going to pay for this. "The fourth switch has three positions. Go to the first one Connie."

"Oh my God, it vibrates." She moved to the second and it vibrated harder. The third position was teeth chattering. "I'll sell a kidney to get these."

Tracy showed how the velcro straps worked. They were part of the upholstered ceiling and unless you knew they were there, you just thought they were part of the décor. "I want to know how you did that trick with the lighting last night." I said.

"I had a series of sensors put down at the floor level. Each sensor activates a separate tiny spotlight on the ceiling. Pretty neat huh? Show them sweetie, " Mike said to Tracy.

I got out of the chair and told Jim to sit in it. Connie came and stood beside me so she could see the total effect. The lights dimmed. "Hold on Tracy, Jim still has his clothes on." I yelled.

"Well that just won't do. Everyone get naked." She giggled as the lights dimmed and the stereo came on with some nice R&B playing. All eyes were on the bedroom door when she appeared. There was a collective gasp as she slowly walked towards Jim. The result was a nice hard boner sprouting from his lap. She danced for him as she had for me and she flipped the chair down flat. She motioned Connie to the head of the chair and released the straps. Connie grabbed her set and Tracy grabbed the other ones. Jim lay there as Tracy straddled his shaft while Connie lowered her soft sweet lips onto his eager tongue. We watched as these two ravished him by riding his face and cock with total abandon. The straps held their arms above their head as their gorgeous bodies were exposed fully while concentrating on the erotic sensations they were feeling.

Maria jumped into the other chair and started working the controls. She flattened it out, spread the footrests and dropped the headrest. She was ready for action. Instantly, her needs were met and with a few small adjustments, she had it exactly how she wanted it. A pistoning cock filled her tight sweet pussy and the angle allowed her to take a pile driving deep into her throat. This woman had an enormous capacity for pleasure.

Within a few minutes, everyone got into the act with hands touching, cradling, cupping, and teasing those naked bodies. Male and female hands caressed hard bodies, hard cocks, soft skin and erect nipples. Tongues flicked those hard protruding nipples while hands caressed rock hard cocks and soaking wet pussies.

Mike got into the chair and pulled Connie down on top of him. Her pussy slid eagerly onto him. He adjusted the chair and tilted it with the head down which raised her ass invitingly. He then spread the footrests, opening Connie up wide. He dropped his feet to the floor while she kept her knees on the footrests. Mike's cock stroked in and out of her wet pussy gleefully. The visual effect of her being that wide opened was stimulating to say the least. You could watch every ridge of his cock as it stabbed into her. She was lost with lust as I walked up behind and ran my cock over her tight wanton asshole. I pushed into her and she pushed back. I entered her and she clamped down on me hungrily. Mike and I got into a good rhythm when Tracy walked to the front of the chair. She grabbed the straps and Mike adjusted the headrest. She lowered her killer ass onto Mike's face. His tongue started swirling her sweet rosebud. Connie stuck out her tongue and tasted Tracy's sweet clit immediately. "Oh yes Mike, that's it baby, lick my ass, stick your tongue right up inside me. Oh yes Connie, flick my clit baby, suck it, wrap your hot lips around my clit, oh that feels so good, oh yes, fuck her tight pussy Mike, stab her hot ass Gary, oh fuck, yes this is so good. Oh yes, hard, fuck her hard. Stretch her hot ass, deeper, fuck that cunt Mike, Harder, faster, deeper, make her cum, make me cum, Oh yes, keep going don't stop, whatever you do don't stop." Tracy cried. Mike hit a switch and everything started vibrating. I could feel Mikes cock vibrating against mine as we plowed Connie deeply. Tracy started shaking uncontrollably and she flooded their lips with her sweetness. I exploded as did Mike. I really don't know what planet Connie saw but it wasn't this one. I've never seen her climax like that before.

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