tagBDSMThe Mysterious Mrs Sang A Start

The Mysterious Mrs Sang A Start


An Arrangement


In real life there was no "Mrs. Sang'. While my landlady, at one time, was oriental, any similarities between her and my fictional character are purely coincidental.

On the other hand, it would have been very exciting to have met a "Mrs. Sang"(of any race) when I was single. Alas, I had to wait...until I got married a second time. Since then, I've been so busy; it's hard to keep up (but easy to keep it up).

Chapter One

Diabolical Dilemma

The ex had finally left. There were the usual tribulations that come with the upheavals of divorce but I was settling into a routine once again.

Now I was free to concentrate all my efforts on my business. After the preceding several months of marital discord, my business was in sad shape indeed. If the ex had not been so well employed when she left, things would have looked bleak indeed. However, being too stiff necked to ask her for anything did leave me in a tight spot, financially.

So I found myself at the doorstep of my landlady for my business premises, on the second day of the month. Mrs. Sang was what I called a 'hands on' landlady. If there was a problem, it was she who dealt with it.

I knew that her husband had passed on some years previously. He had been much older than she and I hadn't seen a lot of him anyway.

She was my age, which was in her mid thirties. Tall and slim with jet black hair and almond shaped brown eyes, I had always found her extraordinarily beautiful. She went to great lengths to see to her appearance. Being very conscious of my health and my appearance, as well, I appreciated seeing it in someone else.

While she was a beautiful woman, whenever we had done any business together she was very businesslike. Very formal, she was unfailingly polite. She always seemed to be quite reserved and somewhat mysterious to me.

Mrs. Sang answered my knock and smiled graciously at me. She had given me her home address a few days earlier on the assumption I would be paying my rent on time and in cash.

I looked worried and her smile grew cool. I asked if I might have a word with her. Her smile disappeared altogether but she asked me in anyway. There, in her lobby, I told her of my recent marital difficulties. I also told her that I had three quarters of the rent money and in a couple of days, I'd have the rest.

"I have been most tolerant of your tardiness." She said calmly, with only a slight trace of annoyance in her lightly accented voice, "But this is really getting to be more trouble than it is worth. I could rent out your space to many others, as you well know."

Her eyes flashed as she spoke and while I might feel guilty for being late, my business had been a good tenant for a number of years and would be one again in the future.

"I appreciate what you are doing here Mrs. Sang." I said with as much dignity as I could manage, "I really do but it's the only way I know how to make this work."

She appeared to mull over my proposal for a minute before ushering me through her house and into her kitchen.

"Alright." She said with a quiet but slightly menacing authority that I had not heard from her before, "I am willing to grant you the time you need in exchange for a few activities I need you to perform for me."

A feeling of anticipation filled with dread came over me as I responded, "What, exactly do you mean?"

"As you know, I have been on my own for some years now. The men I have met are not at all the type I wish to associate with. They seem to think that because I am a woman, I am somehow less than they are." She spoke calmly but with a trace of near regret in her voice, "Perhaps I have simply been in North America too long. I do not know or care. I do know that I am unwilling to go back to the role of the subservient wife nor will I parade myself about as though I am some man hungry harlot!"

I looked down awkwardly at this display of personal information and when I spoke it was with downcast eyes, "I have always found you to be both beautiful and powerful Mrs. Sang. If there is someway I can assist, you have but to ask."

"Indeed." She spoke to my downcast head and said, "There might be a way to do just that."

A moment passed, an eternity really; finally I looked up to find her studying me with a detached but determined stare.

She stepped back to the cupboard and took something down from it.

She pointed down the stairs from her kitchen to her basement. I walked with as much dignity as I could muster. If I had not been through a divorce and my self esteem so low, I doubt I would have considered her offer seriously.

When I had reached the bottom of her stairs, I looked around in the semi darkness at what was, essentially, a dungeon. There were many contraptions I had only seen in movies. The ceiling and walls held ropes, hooks and various fastenings. One entire wall held whips on the top half with a low shelf containing various things that ran the length of the wall. I was rather stunned and would have never guessed, in my wildest dreams that this existed here.

"We never had children and Mr. Sang was always quite strict with me." She looked around the room and then back at me directly and continued, "All that you see here I have experienced at the hands of Master."

"So it was 'Master' instead of Mr. Sang." I thought to myself.

Before I could formulate a response she continued, "I find I want to be in charge now."

"This is beyond my wildest dreams." I thought but on the outside, I tried to show nothing but a calm demeanor. I had experience with bondage and discipline but never on this scale before.

None the less, I took a deep breath, looked directly into her almond shaped brown eyes and said, "I will submit to you on two conditions. One that you stop when I indicate stop and two, that you make this as fun for me as it will be for you."

My heart was racing and I thought it would burst from my chest but I was also determined to show nothing.

She smiled coldly as I met her gaze and said, "Agreed, I will meet your conditions but if you are not able to keep up, I will negate our arrangement."

"Agreed." I said simply and we shook on it, as though it were a business deal.

"Put this on." She said imperiously as she handed me the item from the cupboard.

It was a ragged cotton undershirt and a torn pair of light cotton pants that had obviously seen better days. They had been rolled up into a ball and were smeared with sweat and stained despite being laundered. I stripped naked before her now hot stare and stepped into these ragged garments. They had obviously seen much use and if I hadn't been both slim and very fit, I couldn't have gotten into them.

We walked under the largest of the beams in her basement. A rope hung from a hook with another hook attached to it. She walked over to the shelving unit on the wall and picked up a pair of leather cuffs.

She looked at me questioning and I nodded my agreement. She proceeded to place leather cuffs on my wrists. Attaching the hook to both wrist cuffs, she pulled on the rope they were attached to until I was standing on tip toe and lashed it off to a hook in the wall. At that point, she bound my ankles together. She finished off the arrangement by gagging me and then, blindfolding me.

"I shall return in a few minutes to see what you are made of." She said with that tone of quiet menace again. I heard her leave the basement.

There I stood, bound helplessly, gagged and blindfolded. No one knew where I was. In a few moments, a beautiful woman was coming back to torment me sexually.

I don't think I have ever been so turned on in my life.

Chapter Two

An Endurance Test

My cock made a stand in the light cotton pants as I waited for Mrs. Sang's return. Finally, I heard her high heels clip across the ceiling and down the steps into the basement. As she walked up to me, I could smell her perfume and hear the fabric of her clothing rub. My blindfold obviously had the effect of heightening my other senses.

She ran her hands freely over my helpless body, murmuring approvingly of my musculature. She grabbed my very apparent cock through the fabric and whispered quietly but with thick aggression into my ear, "This is mine, now! Do you understand? I will make you understand!"

I gasped and involuntarily flinched. My heart was racing and my dick was so hard, it was all I could do to not come right there.

She laughed quietly and began to rhythmically squeeze and release my cock. Mrs. Sang did this so hard it hurt and made it impossible for me to come. I groaned around the ball gag against the painful pleasure she was putting me through.

Gone now was the business woman who never seemed to have a thought in her head other than business. In her stead was this cruel hellcat whose only desires seemed to be causing me discomfort.

She continued this torment for several minutes. Laughing slightly at my discomfort and partially, I think, from stress.

Mrs. Sang mocked me slightly, "Oh, is this too hard? Perhaps you have a suggestion or two you'd like to make?"

When I started to respond, she snapped, "Silence! When I want you to speak, I'll tell you what to say!"

And all I could do was endure or leave. That she could understand me through the gag was quite apparent. It, along with the blindfold was more to heighten my sense of feel than to inhibit my sight or speech.

After several minutes, she stopped and stepped away. I could hear her move over to the wall where the whips hung. She got one down and I heard her high heels click to a stop behind me. My blood ran cold.

"I'm going to whip you now." She said this as calmly as if she were telling me she was going to call me on the phone in the morning.

I found I was gasping and holding myself tightly in anticipation of the lash. It wasn't long in coming.

The whip whispered through the air before landing with a loud smack on my upper back. I flinched and gasped.

Mrs. Sang said warningly and with a trace of amusement in her voice, "We haven't even gotten warmed up yet."

The whip sang through the air again and landed on my back. Again, I flinched and grunted but she did not say anything to this.

She whipped me for real then and whatever she was using did not break the skin but it did hurt like the devil. The tired clothing offered no protection from her cruel lash.

Mrs. Sang started out softly and gradually increased in both speed and intensity. She eventually whipped me harder than I have ever thought I could stand. The sound and feel of the whip were really quite overwhelming.

The lash found my back, my chest, arms, legs and taut stomach. I tried my best to refrain from moving or crying out but it was very difficult. Only my pride stopped me from begging her to stop. All sexual arousal was gone and only my pride and the pain remained.

It seemed like a long and painful eternity but was more likely just several minutes. I had finally reached my breaking point and could no longer contain myself. I began to flinch and cry out rather dramatically and without holding anything back. I begged through the gag and hung helplessly in my restraints,

"If only she'd give me time to recover!" I thought to myself, "I'd be able to handle this better!"

"You have not been given permission to make noises or movements." She said imperiously, "These things must be punished. You are going to learn discipline!"

The whip began to land harder and faster. I jerked and cried out even louder but to no avail. I did not indicate I wanted her to stop, merely that what she was doing was very painful and hard to deal with. The gag made my cries very hard to understand but I knew that she knew exactly what I was trying to say.

In point of fact, I thought my display rather fueled her desire to beat me harder. And she did just that. Soon my cries around the ball gag and my jerks against the unyielding restraints were added to by her harsh breathing.

Suddenly she stopped but I heard her gasp and moan quite erotically. The sound of her breath seemed to catch for a moment before resuming at a more sedate pace. I listened as she put the whip back on the wall.

Her high heels clipped as she walked up in front of me and she spoke softly into my ear, "I needed that. Oh...and don't worry, when I return, you'll be getting yours!"

She quickly lifted the undershirt up until it was over my head and tangled around my arms. I felt her undo the waistband of the worn cotton pants before she briskly yanked them down until they were in a pool around my ankles.

Her cool hand touched my vulnerable and now very flaccid dick directly without any clothing in the way, for the first time. She squeezed it again a few times. The thing had a mind of its own, sure enough and it came quickly back to life. It assumed an iron hardness and rose stiff upright against my belly.

She murmured approvingly and stood. Mrs. Sang rubbed her clothed body tightly against my nude and bound front. Her hands ran freely over my tender and well whipped flesh.

I groaned involuntarily and tried to rub back. She laughed and stepped behind me.

She removed the gag but not the blindfold and said menacingly, "Do not speak."

I heard her leave the basement and go upstairs. I stood, nude bound and well whipped. I was at the tender mercies of a cruel woman and there was almost nothing I could do about it.

Just the thought of her return kept me aroused.

"You'll be getting yours!" she had said.

I could hardly wait!

Chapter Three

Getting Mine

As I stood, nude bound and blindfolded, I heard the plumbing rattle and whoosh in Mrs. Sang's home. First there was the running of water, then the whoosh of the toilet and then the running of water again.

From this and her erotic moans a few minutes before, I surmised (and rather hoped) that she had brought herself to climax while whipping me. She had gone upstairs to wash her hands, use the toilet (after her climax) and then wash her hands again.

"How wild is that?" I thought to myself, "To get off on whipping me...quite a change from being by myself or worse, with someone I couldn't trust."

I hope she would honor her word and be as good to me as she was to herself.

I listened as she made her way back down the stairs, her high heels clipping along as she walked.

She walked up to me and I heard the rustle of her clothing as she bent down in front of my nude and bound body.

Untying my ankles, she told me to spread my legs. I told her I couldn't as I was already on tip toe.

She informed me that there were footholds to my left and right. I reached out blindly. Tentatively searching for them, first with one leg and then with the other. There were, indeed, footholds on what felt like poles.

She quickly lashed my legs to these poles. I heard her sigh and she took off the blindfold.

I squinted against the light even in this semi dark basement.

"Are you ready?" She asked with anticipation, her face exotic and wild looking.

She wore a formal dark blue Chinese silk gown with a colorful dragon print of some sort that seemed slit up the side as high as her hip. Whenever she moved, I caught glimpses of her taut golden thigh and naked flank.

"Yes, Mrs. Sang." I said with a formality I did not really feel. I mean, after all, if I was right, then she had just come while whipping me and here she was, about to torment me to orgasm. Still, her dress indicated that formality did seem to be called for, as I was in the position of submission.

Her hands had been held formally behind her back. Now she brought them forward and showed me the naughty device she held. It seemed like a pair of leather underwear with phallus shaped object that was on the inside of the device.

She smiled and asked if I knew where it was going. I gasped and tightened my grip on the unyielding restraints. I could not tear my eyes off of the object in her hands.

"Oh, don't worry." She cooed with eyes that were hot and bright as she stared into mine, "I'll be gentle."

The leather phallus seemed to glint in the semi dark as she moved to my side and wrapped the leather object around my nude hips. There was an opening in front for my cock and balls.

When it came time to insert the phallus up my ass, she was gentle but insistent and in the end, the well lubricated object made the journey it was built for.

Eventually, having worked it into place, she buckled the leather together.

I was now bound with hands together above my head and my feet wide apart. I was being violated anally by leather and in the hands of a cruel woman who was seriously aroused by my suffering.

To my utmost shame, I was so hard, my cock oozed precum. It pulsed in time to my heartbeat and I was sure I wouldn't be able to hold back for more than a minute.

"Oh, oh!" Looking down at my aroused state, she said, as if I had accidentally spilled a glass of fine brandy, "Not yet. Here let me help you with that."

Walking briskly over to the, now hated, wall of whips off to my side, I watched in mounting horror as she took down a short stiff piece of leather and walked back to stand beside me. Letting her left hand hold me in place, she brought up the whip in her right hand and made ready to lash me down there.

I found myself panting with fear and desire, as a looked into her eyes and she looked back.

"This is every bit as good as I imagined." She breathed with a hot stare.

The whip lashed down upon my hard cock and I gasped in pain and shock. She did this several more times. Her eyes roved between mine and my now very tender genitals.

Because of her obvious reaction, I'd have sworn she was becoming sexually aroused again.

My dick softened and slowly lowered.

She stopped her assault and proffered the whip to my mouth. I open up and then held the hated whip in my teeth.

She walked over to the wall of whips and took a bottle of lubricant from the low shelf that ran the length of the wall.

Walking back until she stood in front of me, she looked directly into my eyes with her hot and wild stare, "Do not climax until I give you permission!"

She did not ask if I understood. She simply squatted down and went to work on my dick with her skilled hands and a lustful smile on her beautiful face.

Within a minute, the pleasure she prompted in me was so powerful, I was once again groaning, jerking and on the edge of a powerful climax.

Without preamble, she suddenly stopped and wiped her hands on the soiled pants that lay in a pool at my feet. Standing she took the whip from between my teeth.

I shook my head no, to indicate I didn't want to be whipped 'there' again but she nodded her assertion and smiled. Then she brought the leather down on my hard and tender unit again and again.

I screamed but the strikes had the effect she wanted and I was now less than fully aroused. She offered the whip again to my mouth and I dared not refuse her. She smiled slightly as she watched my teeth clamp down on the whip.

Lifting her eyes until they met mine, she said, "I'm going to make you come now and I'm not going to give you permission!"

Before I could fully grasp the enormity of that she added, "Where are my manners?"

She turned and walked quickly over to the low shelf and returned with a phallus shaped vibrator. Holding it up before my horrified gaze, she turned it on and slowly but firmly inserted into the hollow center of the leather phallus that was already inside my butt.

I hadn't known this was going to happen and that made the entire activity much more intense. I groaned erotically and humped slightly against the insistent buzz in my butt.

She smiled and looked me over like I was a new toy she couldn't get enough of.

"Remember, do not come without permission!" She reiterated (even though she was going to do her best to make me come).

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